Jozo, Dedryck and maturing as a footballer


Ronny Deila will see his international players begin a staggered return to Lennoxtown today as he prepares for two away games: in Motherwell and Molde. If Leigh Griffiths’ modest calf strain is the only injury the manager will have to worry about, he’ll be delighted.

The injury which occupies most fans is the sprained ankle which has kept Jozo Simunovic from playing since making his debut a month ago. Celtic’s greatest need right now is consistency of selection in defence. We need to allow a first choice central defensive pairing to become established, and that’s almost certainly going to involve Jozo, our most expensive signing 8 years.

Jozo’s partner is likely to be Dedryck Boyata. Dedryck has played 18 games this season. His career total prior to arriving at Celtic was 32 games, a low tally for a player who turns 25 next month.

The early season form Dedryck demonstrated was patchy, but with only 32 games stretching over five years, there’s lots about the game the player is still picking up, not least of all playing meaningful games in front of thousands of fans. He was caught-out by a fast bounce at Hamilton but since representing Belgium in a European Championship qualifier against Bosnia last month I think there’s been a perceptible improvement.

For some years now we’ve talked about how many games a player needs to have played for your scouts to decide he’s a genuine talent, but before the wealthy English step in. Dedryck, and Jozo, are still a dozen games short of the mark Wanyama, Hooper and van Dijk were when they became Celtic players. Which means the next few months should tell us lots.

Don’t bet against them establishing a very strong partnership.

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  1. Just a wee peek to say…..


    The only person who I have heard / seen fighting the Celtic supporters corner when it comes to tickets was…Lou Macari.


    Yeah….Sport In Question…STV…chaired by, Archie MacPherson and, Lou was joine on the panel by Donald Findlay Rangers FC – QC.


    Anyway…the up and coming O## F### game was at, Ibrokes and Celtic fans were banned.


    After a few rounds of brow-beating for LM at the hands of, AM, DF and a planted audience….Lou was asked if he thought it was unfair that Celtic fans were being banned?


    Lou answered – “We keep hearing about the Fort Knox style security at ibrox and yet, we only hear about broken seats when Celtic have a victory there.”….Macari said, with his impish-uppitty-Tim grin.


    Macari went on – “If, Celtic fans are banned then, you should be aware that there are new owners at Celtic Park now(McCann) and, they’ll probably not give you any tickets for Celtic Park next season!”


    MacPherson and, Findlay knew that Macari was not going to be kitted-out with establishment puppet-strings so….that made him be problem.


    Within the next week, there was a hastily convened SFA-Summit were, a new rule-bill was rushed through….preventing clubs from banning away fans…..aye right.


    If….Lou Macari had the players that, the late TB(RIP) had….the hun 9 in a row widny have happened….imho.

  2. lennon’s passion on 13th October 2015 9:52 am



    I figured as much, a bit of quid pro quo.



    It’s always going to be the same when tickets are limited then. Ultimately if HamiltonTim had got a ticket another supporter with an equally good attendance record would have missed out. That’s the problem with random ballots.



    Here’s what I’d do. At the start of the season you know the minimum allocation for each away ground. Therefore you can take all the people that have stated they’ll take away tickets and allocate away tickets at random, with as even a distribution as possible. Then as the full allocation becomes know the extra tickets can be given out.



    Ppl would know well in advance the games they were guaranteed a ticket for and could plan accordingly. A returns or trading system could be set up to allow supporters to easily swap tickets for games they couldn’t attend.

  3. lubo of the lamp




    So, let me get this right….we’ve to only land blows on the huns whilst wearing kid-gloves?


    Did Mr Stein fear the huns fans when he got his teams to….stick it to them for 9 years?


    Are we to be ruled by fear?


    The huns have always been animals….no amount of erse licking from DD will change that.


    Civil unrest prevented Celtic from increasing their lead in the LCSF last season.


    Chicken yellow FC….dont speak for me.



  4. Some get away tickets, some don’t, one week you get yours another guy doesent, the next game he gets his you don’t, if the allocation given to the club is low, then you are S O O L, some away games you can’t go to you don’t apply, same as the other guy, I doubt if it would be purposely done by the club, it’s called the luck of the draw, or else your a dodgy character?

  5. Anybody plan to use the standing section? Or does the CQN demographic mean that this is a lower priority than a seat close to the toilets? :-)

  6. JUNGLE JIM HOT SMOKED .@ 9 48 .



    Johansen is in the Norway squad for tonight’s game v Italy.



    He played all of last week’s 2-0 victory v Malta . . . Fitba Pink awarded him 4 / 10 and poured scorn on the quality of his corner kicks and his love of the Hollywood pass to the opposition.

  7. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    Thanks.I have no doubt Joe offers something to the team but I am not a fan of his style.


    Cheerio for now,



  8. Jo Hansen is a player of that I have no doubt, but right now to me he is playing like a player who has been tapped, I could be wrong obviously, but somethings just not right there, can’t put my finger on it?

  9. “but I am not a fan of his style.”







    And neither are the Italian meedja it seems.



    Joe Hanson was the official motm in the last game v Italy and got hammered by their experts.



    go figure.






    ps. seeing as Nir is suspended I’m guessing we only have the one playing tonight.





    One thing I didn’t expect to read on CQN was the type of article in which the headline starts along the lines of…… Ex Gers star says…………

  11. TD67 –



    I recently started posting again after a bit of a break. No real beef – just got bored with some of the repetitive posting and also – I’ve decided that the blog isn’t the best forum for conducting a grown-up debate on anything. People need to respect each other’s opinion and argue their point without getting personal for that to work. Too often the toys get thrown out the pram within a couple of minutes! :-)

  12. Think we are still trying to get sober from the Hoot.



    Bad day when you cant get a ticket for a scabie Wednesday night game at Swinecastle





  13. lennon's passion on

    CORKCELT on 13TH OCTOBER 2015 11:28 AM


    200 posts in 23 hours , an average of 1 post every six



    Compare that to site’s like Huddleboard/Kerrydale st and its very very low.

  14. The ticket allocation system isn’t perfect but, by and large, it works most of the time.




    Generally those who should get tickets get them, whether it’s directly from the TO or otherwise.



    Unless you’re some sort of social misfit, if you’re going to away games on a regular basis you’ll know people who know people, and you’ll get a ticket if you really want one.

  15. West End of East End,



    Thanks for the reply. I’ll still be there so maybe we can meet at the games. I’ll try Brendan Beehan’s Bar in meantime.



    Thanks for the reply,




  16. West end,



    As long as they charge their own fans the same as us for that one game they’ll get away with it.




  17. Some of the videos on Facebook of trouble in Palestine is truly heartbreaking.



    The zionists will not rest until they have finally crushed the Palestinian people.



    Again lots of children end up being the victims.



    Just finished a great book on the genocide that’s happening , the generals son. Written by son of famous IDF General , speaks out in support of the Palestinians as did his father before he did. Highly recommend it.

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