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  1. Right Bhoys show us a bit of heart, commitment, dig and pride tonight. That’s all I ask.




  2. I hope we score a few goals tonight.



    I think soro will come on in the second half for broonie.

  3. Philboy am as good as can be expect stuck in ma guilded cage…for another month. Ty. Will take a 1 nil win off a 92min deflection tonight as long as we show some fighting spirit. Hope u and yer good ladies are all coping and staying safe




  4. If the stories are true about the weekend with griff, he should have been shown the door and sacked straight away.



    I no workplace is it acceptable to offer your manager a square go.



    Looking back at the RD era when the tee cake was out , he should have been shown the door then.



    The manager is the most important person at the club and should have been protected by the board at that time as well. A statement of intent.



    Reminiscent of the PLG time at der hun, when captain nay heart started to question his new regime.



    Griff you can go with my best wishes. Going all the way back to that moment, you thought you were bigger than the guy above you and it should not have been allowed to stand.



    Hail hail




    We’re all fine thanks! Fingers crossed.



    Aye, probably any win’s a good one…………..but I’d prefer 4-0!!!

  6. Has anyone on here ever worked anywhere where you knew your manager was a dick and you’da been a better option?



    Must be the same in football.

  7. In season 20/21 no forward partnerships will be allowed to develop.



    Edouard and Ajeti have been on the field together 197 mins so far this season.



    Shot assists: 0


    Secondary assists: 0






    It’s their turn…..so here’s hoping.




  8. Bet 365 odds for first player to be booked.


    Shows 11 killie players and 1 Celtic player (Brown) on the first list. 6 killie players are favourites over Broony for first card


    Bet 365 obviously know nothing about Scoddish refs

  9. is there any factual evidence of Griff having said that to Neil Lennon ?



    If he did I would not have expected to see him at all, and I would have thought he would be suspended by the club,



    So ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, is it just made up ?

  10. I honestly never thought i would say this,but couldn’t care less about this game.


    Gutted to see where we are now

  11. GENE on 2ND FEBRUARY 2021 7:48 PM


    Saint stivs





    He wasn’t fit






    Lawyer they sacked me because i put on weight because I am struggling with life ………….



    ker ching.

  12. PETERBHOY on 2ND FEBRUARY 2021 7:50 PM


    st stivs hesgoal is usually good



    aye, but got to get through the minefield of the “choice” adverts, and the mrs is in the room ………



    in like flynn

  13. Saint stivs


    Just answering your point – but an employer has a reasonable expectation that workers will be fit for their job.

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