King’s statement, what it told you and what it didn’t


Loved Dave King’s statement, absolutely loved it, as Kevin Keegan would say. On the positive side for Newco fans, “Rangers” beat Celtic 2-1 on the mention count. Well done, Dave, excellent result.

In short, Our New Hero confirmed five points:


The manager he appointed in 2015, Mark Warburton, was an improvement on Ally – I’ll tell the fans anything for money – McCoist, but he was not good enough when up against top-flight clubs.

He didn’t get a resignation from Warburton and his management team. There are now two club statements out there earnestly trying to convince you otherwise, but both are clear on the subject – there was no resignation.

They have burned £18m in less than two years to get into this mess.

“Our realistic expectation [for this season] was to come second”.

There will be jam tomorrow.


Warburton and his management team were sacked in the most dignified manner conceivable: informed by a journalist who read they were out of a job on the club web site.

Let the sacking sink in for a moment. Management were informed they were sacked by a journo who read an article on a web site! Years from now no one will believe such a thing could happen.

Who behaves like this? Sacking someone is never pleasant, but if you don’t have the cahonas to do the job in person, get out of the employer business. You have to wonder where their moral compass is.

The club appear to have acted after it became clear Warburton & Co. were not getting the Nottingham Forest gig and there would be no chance of a compensation payment heading to Glasgow. Forest didn’t buy the soiled merchandise, there’s no resignation letter nor even a meeting where a verbal resignation could have taken place. Not a concern if they don’t remain in business long enough for the legal process to run its course, though.

I’m pleased King made the financial facts clear: this is what overinvestment looks like at Ibrox. £18m shovelled into the furnace already, and there’s a good chance pushing that figure up to £30m will not be enough (according to King).

What “enough” is, is the question.

Their realistic expectation was to come second! Less of this “Going for 55” nonsense, please, you’re “Going for second place”, we all know it. There is no shame in this, the cold fact is that Celtic are out of reach.

Going for second place is a high watermark from now on. Pushing the £18m up to £30m or more will do nothing more than make the battle with Aberdeen and Hearts more interesting.

This season alone Celtic will earn £50m more than any other Scottish club. £30m, £50m, £70m over three or more years will still not bridge the gap at the top.

Then, when the last of these loans are made, the unpleasant business of reigning costs back to breakeven point will take place. What you didn’t read in King’s statement was any awareness that football clubs have to pay the piper. Financial responsibility is a foreign language.

Given his past football directorship, you’d think……..

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  1. !!BADA BING!! on 12TH FEBRUARY 2017 2:13 PM


    Does Fyvie wear mascara?




    Was thinking the same,was ‘Rocky Horror Show’ in Edinburgh last night an no IPOX?

  2. King’s a liar. That’s all—just a liar. Meantime the MSM won’t go near BR. Too tough and hard for them. It’s a typical Unionist mindset. They mistake forbearance for acquiesence and fear. They learned in N.I. not to poke a tiger with a stick.

  3. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    If that game really was the best thing two of our top aspiring coaches could come up with then heaven help football in this country.




  4. !!BADA BING!!



    I think you could quite easily spunk 18 mil running a club as badly as they run Sevco:)))



    I mean Joe “hotshot” Garner cost almost two mil and he’s up there with Mikael Lustig as strikers go:))




  5. The match ball will be grateful that there wasn’t 30 mins extra time at Tynecastle.



    Murder as that was to watch it will be interesting to see if the match at Ibrox provides more quality. I hear that Morton are a decent team.



    Basking in the glory of having taken Celtic and played my joker I will be watching with interest, given that 14 have taken Sevco, as they have apparently only twice this season scored more that 2.

  6. RAYMAC on 12TH FEBRUARY 2017 2:22 PM



    ‘the MSM won’t go near BR. Too tough and hard for them. It’s a typical Unionist mindset’







    My impression is that delusional fantasy is more of a nationalist mindset.

  7. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    on point p67 – thanks for getting it out there because the scottish media………..

  8. !!BADA BING!! on 12TH FEBRUARY 2017 2:39 PM


    SP- smoke and mirrors mate, will anyone ask what 18mil has been spent on? No chance.







    ‘1) “£18 million of the originally estimated £30 million investment has already been made.”



    Really? REALLY? Has £18 million really been invested? In that?’





  9. foghorn leghorn on

    i hear they are planning on a 1pm kick off for the hearts hibs replay.



    they reckon the game will be 0-0 after extra time and 1 of the teams will win 1-0 in the penalty shoot out after about 80 or 90 penalties each



    that will allow the game to finish before the champions league games start and so can be shown live on telly



    makes sense to me

  10. Paul67



    I think it goes deeper in that King personifies an attitude of mind that is self destructive.



    I just posted this at end of previous article.



    The problem we face is that football in Scotland is just part of a stage (if a large one ) for a societal issue to parade itself that will prevail unless and until some self reflection occurs. The question is: What part can Celtic play in encouraging change or indeed should they or is it only about a game?



    From previous. AULDHEID on 12TH FEBRUARY 2017 2:25 PM






    I read today’s Sunday Mail article by Gordon Waddle that refers to an important issue that is good to see getting an airing on msm (even if the source is no friend of Celtic, indeed it might carry more weight for that).




    The question is what do TRFC stand for?




    I’ll return to this later having asked the same question of G Speirs a couple of years ago.




    The more this issue is raised the greater the chance of ending a tradition that is poisonous to all whom it affects.

  11. Insolvency is coming, so the Glib one can act as he pleases, there will be no employment tribunal v an extinct clumpany(borrowed that from The Clumpany).



    There may have been £18m put into Sevco over the last couple of years, but how much of the soft loans came directly from the shameless liars pockets?



    And loans are investments as they expect a return.

  12. foghorn leghorn on

    Aiden Nesbit starts for Morton





    rab and mary doll will be delighted



    coat, exit….

  13. !!BADA BING!!



    Endless fun for us tho’



    I would like to personally thank everyone at the Mingers Cluster of Mucks for keeping a smile on my face for the last five years:))

  14. DOC on 12TH FEBRUARY 2017 2:47 PM


    ‘Insolvency is coming, so the Glib one can act as he pleases, there will be no employment tribunal v an extinct clumpany(borrowed that from The Clumpany).’







    Would that not be a football debt?



    And would whatever crawls out of the swamp not have to settle all football debts as a condition of being allowed to participate in football?

  15. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Listening to McLeish’s mumbling rambles fills me with confidence for the next leg of “the chase”.

  16. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Derek Ferguson flings Jim Duffy in for the Sevco job, Halliday & co might get a Monday off if they get Chic Charnley to put a word in for them :-)



    I never bet that mob (would rather lose) but Waghorn anytime must be a great shout the Geordie has a great record at Championship level football :-)

  17. Dear o dear level 5 Sky and Spanner manipulation in full mode.


    Spin is Warburton deserves all he gets it was was coming Hearts beat s rotten SEVCO team


    Now EBT ECK is rolled out professing his qualities as a pure Rankers man !!!


    Desperate stuff absolutely guff !!


    Wait till the Rancid truth comes out !!


    Supreme judgement in favour of HMRC Mash wins his court case and Liquidation is the Glib and shameless liars plan to rid them of debt shafting existing SEVCO shareholders !


    Third Rankers is the elephant in the room Mc Intyre and Speirs know about !!!

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