Lazio can be a stage for Edouard


Every scout reporting back on Celtic for Lazio will deliver the same message, “Don’t give Odsonne Edouard an inch.”  The France under-21 international has sailed through the season so far, for club and country, but this test will be the most difficult he has faced in current form.

Lazio started their Serie A campaign conceding only four goals in their opening seven fixtures; a feat that would be impressive in the Scottish Premiership, never mind against the likes of Roma and Inter.  The wheels fell off the bogey in their most recent two league outings, conceding two to Bologna and three to Atalanta, with the latter game still fresh in the mind, I expect Lazio to keep it very tight at the back.  Deny Celtic space in the final third and stay touch-tight to Odsonne.

The one thing we can all agree on about this Celtic team is that there is more to come from Odsonne.  He is growing as a player before our eyes.  What he needs most, is a stage.  A Serie A defence at Celtic Park tomorrow should suit him.

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  1. South of Tunis (or anyone else)



    Do you know how Celtic are generally viewed by the Lazio fans?



    Is the Right Wing v Left Wing ‘ethos’ between the two sets of fans something they recognise and therefore do you expect there to be some fans looking for trouble?

  2. I fancy Celtic to win by 2 clear goals.


    My post on the previous thread, a return for Dallas [Hugh] or Dougie Dougie as Head of Refeeing Development, keep your eyes on this.

  3. Greg Taylor will do just fine when he gets his chance.


    Regarding prioritising a trip to Pittodrie rather than the Lazio game, I think our players will hold both as equally important.


    Looking forward to Eduard overcoming any tight defensive tactics on Thursday. Making space for others to score is just as important.


    There’s no I in team . HH

  4. Dallas got the job to keep a lid on the sectarian issues with the Scotland connection. Same as David Taylor before him. SFA appeasing UEFA.




  5. South Of Tunis on




    I ‘ve been living in Italy /Sicily since 1999.I’ve met very few Lazio supporters..A small sample -but those I have met tend to know next to zilch re Celtic or Scottish football..



    I dont think you can generalise about Lazio supporters any more than you can generalise about Celtic supporters – but they tend to come from Lazio .



    The more sensationalist elements of the Italian media have attempted to big up the left v right thing but I think that’s hype.


    It s claimed that the Lazio support in Glasgow will number @ 1500.I’ll speculate that many will be ordinary men /women /children wanting to watch their team in a foreign city.I’ll also speculate that their number will include some pumped up numbnuts who are fond of football related violence.Hooligans -some of whom have far right affiliations.

  6. Just a thought.


    Does the head of referees necessarily need to be a referee?




    Surely anyone can allocate referees and observers to matches,check the associations are compliant with the rules etc.



    Or am I being to simplistic?

  7. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.





    Thank you for that info, i’ll speculate that everyone of them


    are coming over to sample the special atmosphere that is


    Celtic park on a Euro night 8-))


    H.H . Mick

  8. Weeroch


    The appointment will come from within refereeing and Scottish refereeing of that I have no doubt, any administrator familiar with the rules could run it monitor it and introduce promotion demotion for referees whose performance dont meet the standards expected, but here that wont happen.

  9. South Of Tunis on

    If the Italian fly a kite media are to believed then 2 of Lazio’s best players will not be in their starting 11- Immobile /Luiz .I think their best player is Milinkovic.Bit mercurial but on form/up for it he is wowee good.Worth the watching.Think the mercurial thing explains why such a player is still at a Club like Lazio.


    Off oot – beach /swim.Lovely day -27 degrees -way down south.

  10. Dessybhoy 1:29



    That was my thinking about a decent administrator but I was hoping that this might be an opportunity to take it out of the hands of referees and possibly leave behind the culture of refs having to appease their lodge master in the LRA

  11. Benkovic available on loan in January.



    Don’t see the point. We have a starting pairing with Bitton, Jozo and Elhamed in reserve.

  12. but please, keep in mind that UEFA’s view of racism is wide ranging, which means singing or behaviour that could bring much more serious repercussions for the club must be avoided.



    Sevco statement, which means,remember boys,ye canny be singing anti catholic or anti Irish stuff abroad,…..but it’s fine at home…

  13. Big problem for Eddy is Lazio singling him out,for some “Rough”treatment.Injuries,we don’t need.

  14. I dont know Paul, Odsonne has played a hell of a lot of football recently, for both Celtic and for France, a lot of travelling too. Might be better to give Edouard a break, let him watch the game from the stands, you can learn a lot up there. And don’t forget we have to go to Aberdeen on Sunday up against legendary manager Derek Mcinnes, we’ll need Eddy up front up there. Time to prioritise. No?

  15. DESSYBHOY on 23RD OCTOBER 2019 12:27 PM



    Interesting debate regarding the John Fleming replacement.



    I think the appointment of Dallas,or Dougie Dougie would cause a row,my bet would be on the recently retired,supposedly St Mirren fan, Craig Thomson.

  16. Were Lazio not one of the clubs reportedly interested in Edouard?



    Maybe Lenny should rest him for Sunday 😉

  17. SOUTH OF TUNIS on 23RD OCTOBER 2019 1:06 PM






    My best mate is a Lazio fan and I’ve been over there for a good few games and derbies.



    From my experience there are some scary people involved with the Ultras and they do influence some of the other fans but I’ve never got the impression that the normal punter is any more right wing than other Italian football fans. The Ultras used to threaten the owner with bad behavior if they didn’t get what they wanted, this could be racist chanting or banners. It sounds like an excuse but they have a long running dispute with Lotito, the owner, that makes the mineshafters vs board debate look like nursery stuff.



    I have seen photos of banners in the curva in support of Bobby Sands, and a while ago they associated Celtic with rebellion and Republicanism which appealed to their view of themselves as outlaws but that was a while ago. It wasn’t really a big thing for them, the ultras associate more with English teams with a history of hooligsnism, and West Ham in particular, which preceeds their hero, Di Canio’s time there.



    I’ve been to a European Final with their fans and there were a few dodgy looking types but they behaved themselves pretty well. It was 20 years ago though



    My mate told me about Immobile not starting, I’d be happy not to see him on the pitch at all. Milinkovic-Savic is indeed a superb player on his day, a joy to watch, skillful but strong as well and very good in the air. He would probably have been away to PSG, Real Madrid or Man United in the summer if the owner hadn’t been asking for ridiculous money for him.

  18. BHOYLO83 on 23RD OCTOBER 2019 2:41 PM



    He’s out of their price range now. Hopefully :).

  19. Shocking tragedy for those poor souls who perished in that container in Essex. Seems now that the lorry passed through Ireland on it’s way to Hollyhead, I find it hard to get into blogging humour at the moment but I am really looking forward to game tomorrow.


    I do hope there is a minutes silence for the victims of the tragedy.

  20. Corkcelt


    It is certainly shocking the expoitation of people in desperate situations, so very sad for all concerned.

  21. Celtic40me and South of Tunis



    Thanks Lhads



    I had an interest in Lazio growing up due to Beppe Signori who i adored.



    Interesting stuff 🙂

  22. TIMALOY29 on 23RD OCTOBER 2019 2:01 PM


    Benkovic available on loan in January.



    Don’t see the point. We have a starting pairing with Bitton, Jozo and Elhamed in reserve.





    I see the point. He’s a class act. Better than those 3 you mentioned. That’s how we build, from a position of strength. Would easily be our best CH if he arrived and stayed fit.



    Buy him in the summer, along with Elyounassi.

  23. My knowledge of Italian football, is no where near in-depth.


    The views provided by South of Tunis are well received / appreciated.



    From a far, personally I haven’t been impressed by any Italian teams this season, so far. Napoli’s victory over Liverpool being the exception.


    I include Juventus in that , as they have stuttered at times already this campaign. And yet to look fully convincing.


    Atalanta, who looked tidy enough, bordering on threatening in the first 30mins last night. Eventually folded like a pack of cards at the Etihad.


    So what next, Celtic vs Lazio … I don’t want to be dismissive or ignorant , but reckon we can get the victory we are all looking for. I’ll go 2-1 Celtic.

  24. Corkcelt couldn’t agree more.reflects on us all


    That is a shocker.


    39 humans in a lorry.


    Sad day


    Somebody’s brother sister mum dad

  25. Looks now like the Container was shipped direct from Zeebrugge in Belgium to the UK but the Lorry came through Hollyhead, presumably from Dublin.


    Hope to God they track down everyone involved particularly the shadowy figures in the background and put them away for long long time.

  26. Friesdorfer,


    If you’re around, I have found a pub in Tavira which is definitely showing the game tomorrow.





  27. It doesn’t bear thinking about An Tearmann, people watching their friends & family die knowing their going as well, an absolute nightmare.

  28. For those who asked.


    A very small sample, I know but the Lazio fan, that I’m friends with, he works in Glasgow, also has a season ticket with Celtic.


    He travels all over Europe with Lazio, guess where he was racially abused in pre season. Yip, England, in Bournemouth.


    Anyway, today,he introduced me to his 6 fellow fans, who have travelled over from Rome and they all spoke highly of Celtic and were very much looking forward to seeing Glasgow and Celtic Park.


    He did say though, that some of their ultras are right wing and team up with PSG and Real Madrid, they are pretty much an eclectic fan base, according to him.

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