Legal term of the day: uttering


Since Corinthians FC gave up the good fight football has largely been a brutish game.  Even those supporters, who are unable to raise a limb with anything approaching athletic guile, often talk a brutish game.  Now, in Scotland, the accountancy geeks are having their day.

The mere mention of the word ‘taxation’ has ears pricking up while the entire corporate accountancy system is now as much of the daily lexicon of football fans as the Laws of the Game.  I reckon the law geeks will have their day soon.

I’d never heard of the crime ‘uttering’ until yesterday, now it’s all I hear from my Edinburgh sources.  Uttering can broadly be defined as using a document you know to be forged.  Don’t worry, it has nothing to do with Our Hero, just an observation for you.

On other matters, still no word from the SFA on the scope of their investigation into Rangers, or the position of their president relating to this matter.  When respected mainstream journalists are making unchallenged assertions about improper registration of players, the SFA cannot choose to ignore these events.  We know they are aware of the allegations, we know the allegations relate to the period when the SFA president was involved with Rangers.  We just don’t know if the SFA are doing anything about them.  A statement confirming that no one is immune from investigation would be a start.

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  1. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy :-)



    ASonOfDan, I hear you.



    tomtheleedstim, guys, you’re trying to draw me on this one? Really?



    The Prince of Goalkeepers, absolutely, the work of the non-execs at Rangers is a serious question.



    Gordon_J, good idea.

  2. oglach



    daily record reporting they have Zero cash just now to meet wages/bills as CRAIGWHYTECSC put the lot into one of his accounts.

  3. The Prince of Goalkeepers on

    I attended my first match last night in nearly 4 months (missing due to illness), and was really heartened both by the turnout and the atmosphere. The green brigade were excellent. The football from the team was first class as well, with Ki being the standout for me. He never wasted a ball.



    What a difference 4 months makes! From trailing the Govan Dodgers by up to 15 points, to going 20 points clear, this season is going to be the most memorable for a very long time. Its great to be back! Hail! Hail!

  4. That podium snash just causes unhealthy competition



    Competition feeds ego



    Ego is the curse of the world

  5. Well done John McGarry! Great to see Ogilvie’s name being brought into this in the national press. Feels very reassuring knowing that journalists like JM are on the case – he’s a very good guy.

  6. Paul it may have been said but i am sure i read at the weekend or was it friday that Phil Mac Ghiolla Bhain tweeted that uttering was about to enter the lexicon of planet fitba any time soon

  7. ASonOfDan says:


    23 February, 2012 at 12:20




    ‘JIM BALLANTYNE believes Scottish Football would suffer financially if Rangers were to be wiped from the game’s landscape.’




    In which case the solution is obvious.



    Jim and all those who agree with him should pay off the huns’ debts.



    Otherwise shut the feck up.

  8. Mealy-mouthed sentiments from the FM and a notable backing away from his more interventionist approach last week.



    Don’t see much help coming their way from the government.

  9. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    Wee Dallyl will not only be angly at those pesky labbits but he’ll not like his comments about players contracts being employed by the faithful.

  10. Hi Paul,



    ”……………………. still no word from the SFA on the scope of their investigation into Rangers, or the position of their president relating to this matter.”



    Your diligence on all our behalf has been indefatigable – thank you.



    I have to say yesterday’s utterings from Mr Regan had me concerned;



    Regan added: “The Scottish FA will be looking at what we can do in the future to prevent situations like this happening again.”…………………..”The powers that the board has under the articles are quite wide-ranging, however there are no detailed specifics relating to the ownership of football clubs. “I know that’s one area that has been raised by a number of commentators on this particular issue. That could be one of the areas that we take a look at as we go forward.”



    In the Future, I’m a living in the present type guy!



    We don’t want the Inquiry to come up with a plethora of breaches by RFC just for the SFA to state their Articles, Rules and Regulations are not specific enough on the breaches and penalties to do anything about R@ngers allowing them to get away with a slapped wrist.




  11. Hun situation being discussed at First Minister’s Questions at Scots Parliament:



    Alex Salmond says recent #Rangers revelations “concerning” and make administrators task “very, very difficult”



    Alex Salmond says the PACE action team will be available should there be #Rangers redundancies.



    Alex Salmond makes general point that supporters ownership model may be something fans are attracted to in the longer term.



    -From Raymond Buchanan of BBC on Twitter.

  12. Owen Coyle is merely Craig Burley in drag….I feel like headbuttin’ the telly frequently when they pontificate,and at times it’s hard to believe that Hurly Burly ever played for Celtic.


    Methinks they have been dining at tables piled high with the notorious succulent.


    On the arcane crime of “uttering”,what CW & Lord Minty have been up to goes far beyond this relatively ‘minor’ offense,and is in the realm of serious organised crime.


    The Lodge must be burning the lamps late into the night in their efforts to extricate The Dynamic Duo from their ‘wee problem’!


    Do you think this’ll be made into a mini-series by STV?

  13. No taking the foot of the pedal bhoys even when the league is in the bag. Maximum points = maximum humiliation heaped on sad fat Sally and the Orcs.


    Hope we destroy Murderwell on Saturday. I had briefly flirted with the heretical idea that it might be in our interests if we were to allow Murderwell to win thereby condemning their heathen brethren to the ignominy of 3rd place in the SPL. Having reflected on this I now think – nah fecking pump em’ Celtic. Maximum points every game.



    We don’t need your stinkin’ pointsCSC

  14. Paul67 & all,



    Haven’t seen this posted yet as just in work. My mate here has been following companies house info and just got the following –



    This message has been generated in response to your request to monitor the following company:





    Company Number: SC004276



    The following form/document(s) have been filed for the above company and are


    available to order from our Companies House WebCHeck service:



    Document Type Form


    ————- —-


    Liq Doc 2.11B(SC)




    Please visit your WebCHeck account to order the above recently filed





    If you have any questions about this email, please contact the Companies House Contact Centre on 0303 1234 500.




    Any thoughts on this Paul? Surely the end is very nigh!






  15. Hearts have confirmed the signing of striker Craig Beattie until the end of the season.



    The 28-year-old former Celtic and West Brom forward was a free agent following his release by Swansea last month.



    Beattie could make his debut in Saturday’s Clydesdale Bank Premier League clash with Dundee United at Tynecastle.



    Beattie trained with Hearts at the ages of 12 and 13 under John Murray, now director of football at Tynecastle, before signing schoolboy terms at Rangers, who later released him.

  16. The Legend Johnny Doyle on

    Concerning Les Horriables horrible little kit man, it has always been a puzzle to me that he has kept his job through various owners and Managers?


    After the Jinky non applause incident and the post criticism of the little gnat, I came to the conclusion that he has more hold over them than they have over him.



    I think he is the Chief Goat holder/restrainer down the Ludge!




  17. Birmingham City have signed Norwegian striker Erik Huseklepp on loan from Portsmouth until the end of the season.



    Portsmouth went into administration last week and off-loading Huseklepp will reduce the club’s wage bill.




  18. I actually think Motherwell to finish second is a good bet (even after we gub them on Saturday), for one reason Rangers will be getting weaker after the final-salaries-exit-down-marble-staircase February payroll run, but better still, there is the distinct possibility they won’t survive the season anyway! That means they won’t even be last in the SPL!



    …then safety for Pars/Hibbies, promotion for Ross County, and erm, oh no room for anyone else!

  19. Art of War says:


    23 February, 2012 at 12:41



    I like the look of that heading that says: Liq Doc.



    Hey, surely not.



    Should I be getting the flutes (ha) oot the cupboard ?




  20. Pigalle:



    Daily record reports that adminstrators have said rangers life support machine is running out of juice- running out of pesos & euros to put in the meter…



    What the veracity of this story is i have no idea



    If true then it can only be good news for us



    Keep it comin



    Keep it comin…

  21. My suspicions about the uttering, especially if Paul says it does not involve the MBB, is that it will be related to the alleged two contracts for players with EBT’s. I’ve read that all financial payment/rewards for a player must be included in their contract which is submitted to the SFA for registration. My guess is that Rangers may have been submitting a fraudulent contract to the SFA (minus EBT info) meanwhile also issuing a fully detailed contract for the player/club. However this is just guesswork on my part.

  22. I didn’t think Salmond would continue his Tax Dodging mitigation inside the parliament building. It would have been shooty in for the opposition. So all he has really done is put his beliefs aside to look concerned about people with a diametrically opposite core belief system to his.



    Nothing wrong with that, great trait in a leader.

  23. As we continue our inexorable march to glory, we are about to face a mini dilemma…



    If we win at home to Motherwell on Saturday we will find ourselves in a situation where we will need only win the two remaining games against Rangers to put the SPL title mathematically out of their reach, even if they win and we lose every other game this season.



    So whilst a win on Saturday would stretch our lead over Scotland’s crisis club to an astonishing 23 points before we have reached the end of February, such a result would actually help Rangers in their quest to gain entry to the CL qualifiers, should they manage to blag a UEFA licence.



    A victory for Motherwell on Saturday would see them draw level on points with Rangers and it would enhance their own chances of playing in the CL qualifiers.



    So whilst I am sure we all yearn to see Celtic win every match between now and the end of this season, breaking a multitude of records along the way, such a scenario would be doing Rangers more than a small favour, in a way.



    If we win the league by more than 9 points Rangers will have effectively escaped unpunished for their years of cheating, as we would have been Champions whether or not a 10 point deduction had been applied. But I don’t want our heroes to start losing games just to make a point, so I guess we’ll just have to carry on beating everyone that is put in front of us and hope that ICT and Dundee Utd can do Motherwell a favour!



    ‘Mon the mothers!




  24. Guy in work has been keeping an eye on companies house for a year and you can ask for updates (monitor alert) on any company if you have the company number.



    SO in my opinion,yes it is real.



    There is a phone number there that you can phone and find out EXACTLY what that form is.


    Can’y do it from work just now but hopefully one of you guys can!






  25. A Lone Wolfe's Tones on

    Good Afternoon CQN.



    I have a query which i’m hoping you fine and informed gentleman can clear up for me.



    Firstly, well done to Lenny and the bhoys for another fine performance last night.


    Its magic to see us enjoying our football and playing with such variation and creativity


    at Celtic park again, now that the pressure is off. Some of our ghuys work-rate


    at the moment is phenomenal aswell, i love to see us playing that pressing game.



    To my question, for the panel, its with regards to a newco orcs.



    It’s my understanding, that in order for a newco to walk away cleanly from oldco debts (to Hector),


    that it must bear (excuse the pun) no resemblance or association to oldco.


    From the history, to the colours it plays in and the name it carries?



    Therefore, i ask, is it the case the the name of Rankers has to go completely?


    Meaning, Is Govan Rankers, Rankers Utd, Rankers 2012, or any other such variation of,


    actually plausible or will it create too much relation/resemblance to the oldco?



    Will we get to see the last of the name Rankers or is that wishful thinking on my part?






  26. JinkyvJohnGreig-saysitall on

    pigalle says:


    23 February, 2012 at 12:20





    Thanks for that, I’ve just pledged £10M.



    Can’t wait to get the emails looking for payment.



    My plan is to sell off some season tickets in advance to fund the purchase…

  27. RogueLeader says:


    23 February, 2012 at 12:50



    ‘people with a diametrically opposite core belief system to his.’




    Their core belief systems are not that different.



    Strip down a hun’s belief in what it is to be Scottish, what makes Scotland distinctive and special, and you’ll be pretty close to Salmond’s views.

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