Legal term of the day: uttering


Since Corinthians FC gave up the good fight football has largely been a brutish game.  Even those supporters, who are unable to raise a limb with anything approaching athletic guile, often talk a brutish game.  Now, in Scotland, the accountancy geeks are having their day.

The mere mention of the word ‘taxation’ has ears pricking up while the entire corporate accountancy system is now as much of the daily lexicon of football fans as the Laws of the Game.  I reckon the law geeks will have their day soon.

I’d never heard of the crime ‘uttering’ until yesterday, now it’s all I hear from my Edinburgh sources.  Uttering can broadly be defined as using a document you know to be forged.  Don’t worry, it has nothing to do with Our Hero, just an observation for you.

On other matters, still no word from the SFA on the scope of their investigation into Rangers, or the position of their president relating to this matter.  When respected mainstream journalists are making unchallenged assertions about improper registration of players, the SFA cannot choose to ignore these events.  We know they are aware of the allegations, we know the allegations relate to the period when the SFA president was involved with Rangers.  We just don’t know if the SFA are doing anything about them.  A statement confirming that no one is immune from investigation would be a start.

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  1. celticrollercoaster says In Neil we trust on

    Art of War says:


    23 February, 2012 at 12:41



    As Dirtymac says, it is only the formal appointment of the Administrator. Google the form if you do not believe ne.




    Put the jelly and ice cream away for now, but keep posting any further updates.







  2. Of all the species of the world – I think my favourite is the octopus.


    There’s an honesty there in the suckered tentacles and the biting beak at the core.


    By the by, a late Frank Carson joke.


    It took four hours for them to cook our octopus.


    It kept turning off the gas.


    Pulpo Gallega – very tasty dish from Spain.


    The future’s bright, the future’s octopus!

  3. JinkyvJohnGreig-saysitall says:


    23 February, 2012 at 12:55






    They are confused enough already so a little more confusion is just the ticket..



    I trust you picked a name that amuses you.



    Hail Hail




  4. Looking at attendance at fir park last night ,That surely blows a hole in the MSMs myth that scottish football needs the cheats.


    One sniff of 2nd place and more than 3k extra fans turn out, Scottish football would get on just fine and dandy without them,I look forward to someone asking Keevins what he thinks of football fans turning up in their thousands when they think they may see their team prorper without cheats fc.


    On game last night again i thought Scott brown was excellent his change of direction in midfield opens up so much space, apart from GB and CMs goal when the full stadium sung SHEEEEBO to Anthony after his miss was priceless even AS laughed. HAIL HAIL

  5. hey starry


    I am going on Saturday, with several brats in tow.



    We’re gonna need our own steward!

  6. BarryBhoy says:


    23 February, 2012 at 12:49



    I believe you have hit the nail on the head with this one.



    When the FTT decision is published (we are now 26 working days since it concluded), we will find that indeed Dignity did provide the SFA with incomplete, mislaeding and untruthful documentation.



    Cups and championships should be struck from their record.



    I suspect the Lord Nimmo inquiry and its quick turn around is designed by Regan to ‘road test’ the current SFA rules and to identify likely punishments and also further inquiries, which will be initiated shortly.



    The perfect storm will start to surreound these chancers, SFA inquireis, FTT findings, rounded off by a BBC ball-busting expose of Minty , which will lay the ground for the SFA to throw the book at Dignity.



    A consequence of this will be a re-write of the regulations, as I suspect that they basically involve at present a measure of ‘trust’ between the parties.




  7. Big Chips



    I think you might be gulity of over-estimating the power of The Hun (in administration) to continue to amass points anywhere, even in Scotland’s outposts. Assuming we murder Murderwell (which you obviously hope too), The Tax Dodgers (in administration) are likely to drop points up at ICT; they will then have the prospect of facing Murderwell, Hearts, Dundee Utd. at least once each before the end of the season – I just cannot see anything other than a collapse as they (probably) shed players and the merceneries start to think about the health of their limbs, knowing that they will likely be looking for new clubs sooner rather than later.




    oh! i take it is just your sence of houmor ! not funny , just like my joke on craig whyte [administration] on a previous post


    which i was lambasted for understandbly , but me not realising kids are on this site aswell it was in bad taste ! but i still thought it quite funny

  9. celticrollercoaster says In Neil we trust says:


    23 February, 2012 at 12:57



    Sorry for any false hope there guys. Looks like the system sends out updates after the fact is established. I’ll keep a rein on my trigger finger in future.






  10. The Battered Bunnet on

    Art of War



    The form is simply the Notice of the Adminstrator’s appointment.



    Nothing new.




  11. Half Time Tombola on

    wonkyradar says:


    23 February, 2012 at 12:29



    Ego? I don’t have one – I’m really great that way.



    And never in a million years would I resort to hyperbole.




  12. Oglach:



    We should plough over every team in the club no matter what



    Let the rest – including the huns- pick at the bones we leave behind us in our trail to greener pastures…what is it with these agricultural metaphors?

  13. I wonder how this part of the huns empire is getting on?







    ”Rangers Open London Office


    Tue, Jan 17, 2012



    RANGERS Football Club today announced the opening of its first London office with the view to expanding its international brand in overseas markets.



    Misha Sher, currently Business Development Director with global football business company Soccerex, will head up the new London office from next week.



    The newly created post is part of the club’s global strategy to maximise the Rangers brand in overseas markets and provides the club with a dedicated presence in the UK capital for the first time in its 140 year history.”







    You’d need to have a heart of stone not to laugh.

  14. celticrollercoaster



    The chap has not got back to me regarding ticket , if he doesnt get back to me soon i will be going to the pub before game tollcross tavern !


    Im still worried ! these peepil know how to stach cash and bring it out at the last moment as in party poopers that they are.




  15. HECTOR - Moonbeams WD. Kano 1000 \o/ Supporting Neil Lennon 100%. Eating Jelly & Ice Cream. on

    Scottish Parliament just taken a break for Jelly & Ice Cream.




  16. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    For the Bhoys who think we have a dilema should We roll over and let Motherwell win the 3 points on Saturday ? Well its no dilema for me Celtic dont roll over for anyone who in there right mind wants to help McColl that ex hun and his mini huns?Let them look after themselves we are going for the title and the sooner we tie it up the better so come on you Bhoys in Green lets get the 3 points.H.H.

  17. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    Timabhouy 23 February, 2012 at 13:06:


    No need to worry as the SFA’s fit and proper person rules are fool proof.


    Any fool can prove that they are fit and proper.

  18. Paul67, you do run a very educational forum.



    I have never come across “uttering”, but apparently it: “usually goes along with forgery, but not necessarily. Uttering a forged instrument means the person tried to pass off a check, document, what-have-you as the real thing even though they were not the same person who forged or counterfeited the said instrument.”



    It is to be hoped that the retired Law Lord the S.F.A. have appointed, William Austin Nimmo-Smith will be on the lookout for any forged documents that may have been uttered.



    Nimmo-Smith has a difficult task ahead of him and little time to complete it. Two weeks doesn’t go far with lawmen in my experience as they need to carefully study everything and not just “take it as read”, as the S.F.A. appears to have done with contracts of certain players from a particular club.



    Hopefully, though, Nimmo-Smith will get to the bottom of it all and we will be singing his praises in a fortnight’s time and not criticising him for taking part in a whitewash.



    Criticising a judge could in theory be seen as “slandering” them. And slandering or “murmuring” judges in such circumstances can be a crime, although there is no reported prosecution for the offence since 1870, when a disgruntled coal-merchant sent letters to the Lord Chancellor and Home Secretary falsely accusing his local sheriff of corruption (Alexander Robertson (1870) 1 Couper 404).



    So let us hope that Nimmo finds utterers and we wont have to be murmerers, if you get my drift?

  19. BarryBhoy says:


    23 February, 2012 at 12:49



    If you are correct then this will not only be curtains for Rangers but also groundshaking news for both the Scottish League and the SPL.


    Imagine handing in a contract to both of these organisations that says you are paying Alan McGregor £5k per week, Steven Davis £5k per week, Steven Whittaker £4k per week, while the press are saying these players are being paid £22k, £24k and £18k. Maybe the press got it wrong.


    However if the audited accounts show a different figure from the contract and these audited accounts have been passed to gain a license each year then the League and the SPL are complicit in this action in that they have not checked these are the same. I wonder if this is in the scope of their “independent” enquiry?

  20. HECTOR - Moonbeams WD. Kano 1000 \o/ Supporting Neil Lennon 100%. Eating Jelly & Ice Cream. on

    Barrybhoy @ 12:49



    Never! Not while the current president of the SFA was acting as secretary of Rangers PLC from 2000/2005. That would never have happened under his watch. Would it?



    MWD it’s UTTER nonsense.

  21. The more the MSM squeal for OUR HERO to have his preffered creditor status took away fom him in the folorn hope of saving something.


    ME THINKS the quicker him and his advisors will liquidise them to ensure he gets his booty from Gullible FC.



  22. tigertim says:


    23 February, 2012 at 13:13



    BarryBhoy says:


    23 February, 2012 at 12:49




    That is a good question to put to Lord Nimmo-Smith by letter and he would have to take it on board.

  23. paulsatim is neil lennon says:


    23 February, 2012 at 13:05



    Paulsatim – read TBB’s response @ 13:01.



    It was the forms for the appointment of Duff & Duffer. Again apologies for false info


    as I jumped the gun at the name of the form `Liq Doc 2.11B(SC)’.




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