Leverkusen win would crack door open for Celtic


Real Betis are home to Bayer Leverkusen tonight, both having six points from two games in the Europa League group also containing Celtic and Ferencvaros.  If we can all agree that Leverkusen occupy a universe far beyond Celtic right now, catching Betis is the only realistic prospect Celtic have of qualifying for the knock out stage.

That 4-3 defeat in Seville still rankles; we played very well and deserved to go two goals ahead, before a familiar crumble.  A point, or more, was possible.  So too is a win against Betis in Glasgow, although other results are also a realistic outcome.

If Leverkusen win tonight and Celtic can beat Ferencvaros in Budapest, second place in the group could come down to what we can do against Betis in Glasgow.  Of course, there is a case to be made that third place and the Europa Conference, is a better prospect that facing a Champions League dropout team in the first Europa knock out.  It is also a lot more likely.

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  1. JIMDOM on 21ST OCTOBER 2021 4:00 PM


    Dom McKay is back in his natural habitat among the jolly chummy world of Rugby Union.




    Maybe not so simple as going back to his jolly chums in the world of rugby.



    Perhaps the personal reason may have centered on being the Celtic CEO and spokesperson during the up and coming CBC Class Action?



    Two main tenets of advice given to companies who believe they may be the subject of a Class action are as follows:



    1) Check insurance policies to ensure coverage for group(class) proceedings actions.



    1/2) The wrongdoing by those who have sullied the name of our great club took place c50 years ago. The law to allow Class Actions was passed at Holyrood on 31 July 2020 – therefore it is hard to imagine any relevant insurance being in place covering events a half a century ago.



    2) Hire a PR representative, given that group(class) proceedings are new and will attract heavy media attention.



    2/1) It is obvious that the CEO of Celtic will be expected to be the high-profile face of the club during any legal proceedings – therefore it makes complete sense to have a CEO with a legal background and experience of the law in place at this juncture – Michael Nicholson fulfils this criteria….DMcK did not.



    Dom may not have wanted that kind of “media attention” and therefore couldn’t be the “team player” that the board required



    The reason for Eddie Howe’s sudden decision to withdraw his candidacy for the manager’s job after three months of prolonged negotiation, may, or, may not, be linked to the aforementioned situation facing our club.



    There is an elephant in the room now at Celtic and it is pointless to pretend that it does not exist. Criminal Courts of Law have determined that these offences took place and have sentenced certain individuals. The upcoming Class Action civil court case will therefore look to prove that there was a link between these individuals and Celtic FC, if not in writing, but by habit and repute. It will also seek to prove that the club was aware and negligent in dealing with what transpired at that time.



    Please don’t shoot the messenger – this is something that all of us will be affected by in the near future.

  2. How do you explain that Roma score? Italian teams rarely get thrashed in Europe by teams from ‘wee’ countries.

  3. JHB on 21ST OCTOBER 2021 7:17 PM




    Would a similar claim against the huns be against the current ‘club’ or the liquidated ‘holding company’?



    The only reason I ask is you are obviously much exercised by the issue and clearly an expert.

  4. JHB



    I haven’t been across the pond for 2.5 years now because well, you know. Planning a trip soon. Fancy getting together for a pint?

  5. BSR



    She/he posts to get a reaction. She/he is an attention seeking trouble maker and a liar to boot.



    She/he has been “making it up” since she/he first started posting.



    Best ignored!

  6. squire danaher on




    Jose the pragmatist.



    They were at Juventus last Sunday night, and entertain 100% Serie A leaders Napoli this Sunday.



    He won’t give a monkeys about this game and will think they can still win the group if the club want to.

  7. What is the Stars on

    Football is a funny old game.


    Vitesse Arnhem scraped by Dundalk 4 3 over 2 legs to qualify for the much derided Europa Conference League.


    Vitesse just beat The Mighty Tottenham Hotspurs

  8. Game finishes 1-1. Not the worst for us. Both these teams are really good, so we are in a tough group.

  9. WITS



    Not sure Spurs want the distraction this minor competition brings.



    Was it a full strength Spurs side?

  10. Frimpong struggled a bit last half hour ….looked like he looked playing for us…..



    Anyone who thinks mackay left his job for any court case ….and would have known the ins and outs is seriously deluded …so deluded in fact he may even have an iron in the fire !!!!



    No player travelled who played for Spurs at the weekend. May have been the same for Roma. SQUIRE D is probably right.

  12. Aff oot, but hoping wee Brondby get a result at the Bigotdome, with the advantage of neutral referees.


    Check in later.

  13. Betis getting something tonight means we’re very much outsiders now. We’ll need a win in Budapest and at least a point in Germany to take this to the last game. We’re up against it.

  14. Tom Mc,



    your memory is not playing tricks after all.








    European Cup 1971-72


    Semi-finals, second leg (0-0 agg, Celtic lose 5-4 on penalties)



    After 210 minutes of stalemate Celtic become one of the first sides to lose a penalty shoot out in the European Cup.



    Celts lose dramatically by 5-4 on penalties.



    They miss out on the chance to play Cruyff’s Ajax in the final in Belgrade where Inter Milan lost 2-0.



    Match was shown live on the BBC whilst STV showed Rangers v Bayern.



    The cameras missed Celtic’s final penalty by Murdoch and viewers thought the score was 5-3 on penalties.




  15. More Brondby fans inside Ibrox than Celtic fans, 1800 against our 800, is that a UEFA directive, or, they haven’t sold all their tickets? por cierto

  16. glendalystonsils on







    Any excuse to return to certain pet topics . Hmmmm.