Low conversion rate since Killie


If you are a Celtic fan with a persistent need to worry about something, the sight of so many chances being missed in each of the last two weekends will occupy your mind. The game at Pittodrie was indistinguishable from the game at Inverness (our only domestic game which didn’t end in a win), save from the last minute chance which Inverness equalised with and Aberdeen were unable to convert.

We played five games in October, scoring more than once on only two occasions, when we hit two against Motherwell and caught Ross County with a late onslaught. For a squad with the best two strikers in the country this is a conundrum.

Statistical consistency is not to be expected, of course, teams and players will go through barren and plentiful patches, but since we destroyed Kilmarnock last month, Dundee, Motherwell, Newco, Ross County and Aberdeen have all found ways to defend against Celtic for long periods.

Tomorrow night’s Champions League game stands alone, but we might need to change the pattern of play for the visit of Inverness on Saturday.


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  1. The Battered Bunnet on

    They went to sea in a Sieve, they did,


    In a Sieve they went to sea:


    In spite of all their friends could say,


    On a winter’s morn, on a stormy day,


    In a Sieve they went to sea!



    Ring-Bo-Ree CSC

  2. Good Afternoon.



    Here are my new offerings. One about how Sevco could pay their bills:





    A little Dexys-themed song:





    And a contribution to the annual ‘poppy debate’. Read it before you take a pop at me!






  3. Paul67 – yes.



    Especially when last season one of our strikers (the shortest one) scored 40 goals for us.



    What to do??

  4. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Sitting in Tobermory eating fish n chips in the Mishnish hotel




    Mini BT has informed me that it isnae the station PC Plumb worked out off



    Wet in Mull CSC ☘️☘️

  5. TONYDONNELLY67 on 31ST OCTOBER 2016 1:13 PM


    VFR800A8 on 31ST OCTOBER 2016 10:10 AM



    tonydonnelly67 on 31st October 2016 10:05 am





    Tony, Nurse Ratched is a calling you for your medication …………………











    Short memory eh? Don’t see any :)) after that post?



    Or was that your attempt at debating?


    Naw, you where just being a fly man.

  6. PAUL67



    Not sure I agree with you that we might need to “change the pattern of play”. Why?



    Saturdays game is at home. We haven’t exactly struggled there in any domestic game.



    Same team, same tactics – no brainer!



    Ask our front men to covert a greater proportion….maybe!

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  8. The Battered Bunnet on

    Emdy else notice how little we get out of Sinclair when the ball isn’t in/around the opposition box?

  9. Woof.



    Yae go in for a nice Brown Hot Chocolate and who is all sitting there but the Clique, each to a man and woman exhausted in their attempts to buy a Brown Shirt.



    Please email






    to let us know whether we should have sticky toffee pudding with our hot Brown choclate or whether we should plump for Eton Mess since we are all uni types. The conundrum is though the old Eton Mess though. Can a Lefty eat Righty?




  10. TBB….



    Re Sinclair



    Kind of get what youre hinting at. But…



    ….have you noticed how much we get out of Sinclair when the ball is in/around the opposition box?




  11. Hi Paul



    Sad as this may be but this is one of the things I have a great interest in.



    Over the course of the season we have scored 43 goals from a total of 318 shots. 128 of those shots were on target so conversion rates are:



    13.5% of all shots are scored and 33.6% of shots on target are scored.



    Last seasons figures are relatively similar with 12.5% of all shots resulting in a goal and 29.9% of shots on target bursting the net.



    14/15 was 16.9% and 39.2% respectively;


    13/14 was 16.15% and 35.05% respectively;


    12/13 was 17.91% and 34.29% respectively;



    Off course what these figures don’t tell you is the quality of the shot, i.e. it treats a 40 yard daisy cutter than was never going in in the same way as a miss from 2 yards. There is a huge piece of work in that type of analysis if only someone would fund me to do it. :)



    Anyway, in terms of players here are stats from our most productive and 2015/16 figures in brackets as a comparison where appropriate.



    Moussa Dembélé – 14 from 51 (31 on target); 25.5% and 45.2%


    Scott Sinclair – 9 from 43 (21 on target); 20.9% and 42.9%


    Tom Rogic – 6 from 51 (17 on target); 11.8% and 35.3% (9 from 59 (27 on target); 15.3% and 33.3%)


    James Forrest – 5 from 35 (12 on target); 14.3% and 41.7% (2 from 50 (17 on target); 4% and 11.8%)


    Leigh Griffiths – 4 from 20 (12 on target; 20% and 33.3% (37 from 230 (120 on target); 16.1% and 30.8%)




  12. mullet and co 2 on

    At this stage in the season we might expect to be 3 or 4 points worse off and still be in poll.


    We can afford to lose 4 games from 28 and still have something in the tank over the current challenging teams.


    If we are going to tinker with the team then the next two months are now open for doing just that.


    Dembele continues to play a very high leading line and this pushes teams back to open space for Sinclair et al. Griffiths doesn’t do that and does not have the same physical presence. Any clamour to play both together may have some foundation but you would need to drop Rogic in order to accommodate Griffiths. Griffiths is no Tom Rogic as he doesn’t have the same ability nor would he make the same runs between midfield and attack.


    The main chance missers over the last few games have not been a Dembele it has been those behind him Sinclair,Rogic, Armstrong…


    Anyway, we need to keep Dembele in the team to pay for the roof on the stadium.


    Enjoyed McInnes squirming after the game. It’s 11 v 11. There may be a financial gap but when you get on the park everyone has the same chance. I know we can beat this team. We have beat them twice etc.


    Was Derek talking about EBTs or a fairly gained commercial advantage?


    His comments smack of too many calls to the cardigan. His in yer face tactics also tell much about the Sevco take on how the season would pan out.


    They thought we were a push over. That Lustig was light weight, Brown was done and the rest were not very good over paid etc. A few additions and a bit of coaching later and we are untouchable.


    A wee draw in Germany this week would not surprise me. The pressure is off on the league front. 3 European games to deliver a shock recovery?

  13. Paul67, it’s a case of keepers playing particularly well over the last few games IMHO; the chances are created and we are getting plenty of shots off but against Inverness, Aberdeen and Comedy FC in particular the keepers have kept the score respectable.



    I’d be worried about 1-0 results with no chances being created. It will come good I’m sure. A good result tomorrow will help.





  14. Of recent games, the only team we played that didn’t deserve to be on the end of a pasting was Ross County, and it was only a pasting on paper. Every other team we played were very fortuitous to keep the score down.

  15. MoonbeamsWD ‘Stand up on 15 for the GB’



    Yeah that’s true. I also think they look quite tight fitting and may not be flattering to all clique henchmen…

  16. tonydonnelly67 on 31st October 2016 1:15 pm



    TONYDONNELLY67 on 31ST OCTOBER 2016 1:13 PM



    VFR800A8 on 31ST OCTOBER 2016 10:10 AM



    tonydonnelly67 on 31st October 2016 10:05 am



    Tony, Nurse Ratched is a calling you for your medication …………………






    Short memory eh? Don’t see any :)) after that post?



    Or was that your attempt at debating?



    Naw, you where just being a fly man.




    That was the humour bit Tony.





  17. Paul67



    There may well be changes for the Inverness visit on Saturday. I expect kolo to come in against BMG and go back to jozo and erik on sat.I hope leigh gets a run out as sub tom night(score the winner:) and. A full game against inverness.


    Alas its easy pretendin to be boss like


    us.Brendan is the man and has my full backing



  18. Paul67



    I hope you’re not advocating the out dated two up front, to make us more of the highest scoring Celtic


    team for years, or just to get wee Leigh a game?



    With Dembele now jumped £41,500,000 in value, wee Leigh will need to wait.



    Our problem tomorrow against a higher level of opponent will be keeping them out.



    AnythingISABonus CSC

  19. As an addendum to my previous post, in the past 6 games we have scored 9 goals from 109 shots (43 on target). There will be periods in any season where conversion rates go up and down. I’m sure anyone who has seen all of those games will have seen opposition goalkeepers playing a blinder against us. As a way of comparison, if we had converted chances in the same manner we did earlier in the season we would have scored 17 goals in those games rather than 9.




  20. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Hi (Hi) Thirds63,



    I also get where you, too, are coming from.



    He was virtually invisible in a couple of recent games, but, as someone suggested, he is pretty effective in the box, recent missed one on one(s) notwithstanding.



    Perhaps he is playing to instructions, as in conserving his energy for those defence searing runs.



    However, the main problem, if there is one, is trying to put the ball in the part of the goal where the keeper isn’t standing…like the corners, high or low.

  21. 71% of the respondents to the questionnaire and if so how many ??? or 71% of the Scottish population

  22. I see there is a wee bit of the usual scaremongering about not being able to get yer paws oan a swally in Gladbach the morra due to a a public holiday.


    Who cares as long as the the Museums Galleries and Gentlemens Clubs are open

  23. Varying the play is always good. However do we need to?



    The pattern of play is creating 20 plus chances per game.



    It’s up to the players to make more of them. Now, that’s a different ask altogether.



    I’d be looking for game time for griffiths with dembele. They can both play wider or central and can switch positions- good players create with each other.



    I thin ICT could be on the end of a severe doing on Saturday. CL hangover aside.

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