Managerial appointments


Middlesbrough finished a point off the play-offs in the English Championship last season, which was not enough to save manager, Tony Pulis, from the sack.  Pulis is an experienced hand with teams fighting relegation from the Premiership or looking for promotion to it, having worked at Stoke, Crystal Palace and West Brom.

A month after the sacking, Middlesbrough gave rookie, Jonathan Woodgate, the job, with former Celtic striker, Robbie Keane his assistant.

Football teams have a tendency to overcompensate for their last perceived mistakes when appointing a manager.  Pulis was taken from a regular, if uninspiring, stock.  They have not made that ‘mistake’ with Woodgate.

The former Real Madrid defender will bring colour and excitement to the Riverside, at least in the short-term, but his chances of out-performing Pulis next season are open to debate.  Middlesbrough have the resources to attract managerial talent from most leagues in Europe or South America.  While these territories have worked well for others seeking improvement in England, there are significant risks.

Like Sunderland, who appointed St Mirren manager, Jack Ross, a year ago, they could have looked to less-risky Scotland, but can you name an appropriate candidate who would be up for this one?

Appointing a rookie is a big roll of the dice, to be avoided if possible.  But anyone who tells you appointing a sure-fire success is easy doesn’t know what he’s talking about.  All you can hope to do is avoid sure-fire failures.

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  1. traditionalist88 on

    David Turnbull completes Celtic medical



    ‘MOTHERWELL midfielder David Turnbull has cut short his holiday in order to complete a medical for Celtic.



    The 19-year-old was on holiday with some of his Motherwell team-mates but flew to Glasgow to undergo a medical with the Scottish champions.’




  2. prestonpans bhoys on

    Does anyone know if there’s a dress code on the Celtic tour and Lunch option, going tomorrow and thought “smart and casual” would be appropriate.

  3. Jamesgang



    My picture only got as big as the valid – ‘We’d rather spend our limited money on a new hire”.



    That’s as big as it needed in this instance.

  4. Struggling to see much of a connection between the article and Celtic. Nobody wanted a rookie and we all know there is no such thing as a sure fire success.


    We just want(ed) the best possible manager that we can get.


    And I’m sure that’s what Middlesborough fans would have wanted to.

  5. ‘MOTHERWELL midfielder David Turnbull has cut short his holiday in order to complete a medical for Celtic.





    A worthy addition to BSR’s list:



    We make people ‘cut short holidays..’



    Sevco have stars jetting in from overseas….

  6. Big wavy. I know. I was gently pulling your leg.



    P67 – I too see this as an article, not an arTICle



    HH jg

  7. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    A few candles lit here in Lanzarote for those CQNrs in need of same and one done to welcome in the newest granddaughter.

  8. A days leave to head into town and watch Scotland v Japan. Who’d a thunk it!


    This post is about as relevant as Paul’s leader. Maybe he plans another one later today?



    @ ERNIE LYNCH on 14TH JUNE 2019 9:19 AM







    ‘I’ve always thought the Celtic directors were playing a dangerous game with the RES 12 issue, but I don’t think there will be scope for them to be liable in these circumstances if the authorities (albeit in their own time) come to the correct conclusion.’










    But, given their failure to act, it would at the very least be rather embarrassing for the Celtic Board if the outcome of the Res 12 issue is as those pursuing it would like.



    Ask yourself this: what is the the Board’s preferred outcome?

  10. Had a look at the long range weather forecast for Aberdour next week and it’s going to be dry with a bit of sunshine, but not very warm, so it will be fine for a Pub Crawl while the golfers are out slapping a wee baw around 18 holes.



    Heading out to the Blane Valley to get some practice for next Friday.

  11. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on





    My point was not about the money he is/was on but the keeping him in limbo and his future on hold until they can be bothered sorting it out.


    Mind you another point was/is raised regarding how much he is now worth per week?


    I’d have thought this would have been agreed during the negotiation around the extension or are the goal posts being moved?


    Either way, ML does not appear too enamoured with strategy being used by the Plc.


    While I agree the Plc have every right to, and should assess how much they are willing to pay for a years extension, there is nothing stopping the offer being made on a take it or leave it basis on the understanding that if it is leave it, they will be parting ways when the existing contract expires.


    This will allow ML to make his plans for the future and the Plc to concentrate on finding a replacement, if they cant find a replacement then they can always go back with an offer.



    I must say I am a bit confused as to why the extension option remuneration details were left open and I do not blame the Plc for this, that is 100% down to ML’s agent.

  12. traditionalist88 on

    BIG WAVY on 14TH JUNE 2019 12:54 PM



    Ha, we made him fly Ryanair as well apparently ;)




  13. Breaking News



    Benidorm man witnesses a half-drunken pint left at the bar by teenager.



    He took a call and just left. Not a word. People were left shocked.



    Unconfirmed reports believe Celtic FC are responsible for this unfortunate incident.



    Developing story



    The Record Reports

  14. GER57 on 14TH JUNE 2019 12:32 PM









    ‘Rory Stewart







    Don’t be kidded, this guy is a dyed in the wool Tory. Uber establishment. He knows fine he has no chance of winning, so he spouts all this “compassionate Tory” stuff to get himself noticed. He faithfully trotted out the Govt line on the tv and made himself look a bit of a tit. This is him boosting himself outside parliament.’







    He’s a former member of the Labour Party, who, up until he was selected by the Tories to stand in Penrith, had always voted Labour. When word went round that he was standing for Parliament, those who knew him assumed it would be for Labour. So whilst he is a Tory (the fact that he’s standing for the party leadership makes that kind of obvious) he’s not a dyed in the wool one.



    He’s an old fashioned one nation Conservative, with a varied and interesting hinterland.



    I very much doubt he’ll win this time (though it’s not impossible) but might well do next time, which I suspect is his game plan..



    As a Labour supporter I’d much rather contest an election against the Tories with Johnson as leader than with Stewart as leader.

  15. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Teenager raises security alert running through Spanish airport

  16. traditionalist88 on




    Yes, and Sinclair could have been in the same boat but for the fact we are several bodies down in the squad as he had the same clause inserted.



    From the players point of view if they get an extra year, great.



    But it can leave them in limbo if they’re not given early notification. This is probably furthest from their minds when signing the deal initially.



    It allows us a get out clause if a player is not performing – instead of a 3 year deal, here a 2 year deal with option of a 3rd year.



    But going forward I’m sure agents will insist on decisions being made earlier.




  17. Bundoran Bhoy - TEAM OSCAR FOREVER on

    OLDTIM67 on 14TH JUNE 2019 1:10 PM



    I might pop in for a beer after work , be great to see you

  18. lets all do the huddle ? on




    who are this ‘stock’ that P67 mentions not once but twice in his article?



    makes him sound like a right coke

  19. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    It may be the furthest from the players mind but that is exactly why they have agents.

  20. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    In terms of new signings LW must surely be a position we are looking to strengthen. At present we have MJ, Sinclair and Hayes (I think Shved plays off the right wing).



    Sinclair signed an extension but I wouldn’t be surprised if he left (also, the fact that MJ and Hayes both started at LW in the last two Glasgow derbies should spell the end of Sinclair’s time at the club).



    Hayes can;’t be faulted for effort but doesn’t have the quality.



    MJ has potential but is still a while away from being the starting LW (plus he has also played as a striker, so his future might be there).

  21. MadMitch



    I think DE is GG and could be SG but maybe GM


    or as good as DF



    JJ was better than BA and BM put together and even he was a bit FD If GF DD TA IJ or BD hit the ground running then DU VM and possibly VV will come good.




  22. David Turnbull will be the highest fee paid for a player between two Scottish clubs since Celtic signed Scott Brown. The fee will also be the highest fee ever paid for an under 20 between two Scots clubs.



    All Celtic signings are payed for with money that belongs to Celtic, and for players that we can and not could not otherwise afford.

  23. CELTIC BY NUMBERS on 14TH JUNE 2019 12:55 PM





    Simunovic ended the season as first choice centre half. There have been a few false dawns but is this the season he cements his first team place





    Simunovic has been excellent under Neil. Of course, he doesn’t or can’t play on plastic surfaces and has a long history of injuries. Hopefully he stays injury free and we only lose him on the artificial stuff.

  24. weebobbycollins on

    Ernie…Ger57…I really was promoting a very good read by a guy who, in spite of his politics, has had an incredible journey through 46 years. To travel alone through some real bandit country requires a certain amount of courage and determination…add to that an eye for detail of his surroundings…excellent reading…


    His politics I find intriguing as he is not a typical tory….and I agree Ernie, maybe not this time …


    However, the man has put down a marker…

  25. traditionalist88 on




    It may be the furthest from the players mind but that is exactly why they have agents.





    Aye, and they didn’t seem too concerned at the time either, so here we are!




  26. weebobbycollins on

    A lot of talk about RBs, CBs and now LWs (sorry BSR)…BSR?


    Anyway…we really need to strengthen our striking department. The defence did ok last season but we sometimes just needed a wee bit extra up front. I know Leigh is coming back but will he be the same Leigh? And Eddie, if he stays, is not the tip of the spear…we need a number nine…feet, head, knee, bum…it doesn’t matter how, we need someone who will put the ball in the net on a very regular basis…now go get him Lawwell or else!




    Lots of guys have been writing leigh g off, ffs 21 centuary and still the stigma goes on. Bayo ruptured his hammy early into Nfl’s arrival, thought that was common knowledge.



    We have 4 centreback but only 2 are good enought, 1 more is needed.



    We have gutman (nov), church and kt for left back, hayes can fill in there and if connell signs be can covered there Also.



    We have perez (nov), ralston as Rightback back so need a 1st team starter



    Lw/ rw- we have sinclair, johnson, hayes, azairi, morgan, oxo-flex, forrest, shved, dembele are all are pushing for a place.



    We have similair high numbers in central midfielders.



    We have 3 forwards, if we go for 2 up top next season we could do with a forward too.

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