Material gap in preparedness for new season


I was pleased when the league fixtures were announced, and we learned Newco would start their season on Kilmarnock’s plastic pitch.  Already four competitive fixtures into their season, Killie present a randomness of a challenge at home.  For Newco’s sake the pitch is unlikely to be dry on Saturday.

Killie will have completed six competitive games when we face them at Rugby Park in the League Cup next month, while Celtic will have faced only Ross County and Aberdeen.  That is a material gap in preparedness and surely the rain will have stopped by then, so the pitch could be bone dry and bumpy.

For seven years now Celtic have been imperious at Hampden, only once (after extra time) leaving without the win in 24 visits.  They have what it takes to get the job done on the big stage.  Cup competitions, therefore, are about the draws we get in the earlier rounds – five games a season across two competitions.  It was a tough draw.

Preseason so far has been far from ideal, with players missing across central defence and at right back.  Carter-Vickers, Starfelt, Nawrocki, Johnston and Ralston is a concentration of missing talent that will soon start to bite.

Tomorrow’s game against Athletic Bilbao, our first at Celtic Park of the new season, takes on greater importance than it should.  We are not as ready for the new season as I would like to be.

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  1. garygillespieshamstring on

    Season ticket conditions this year state clearly that season ticket is valid for 19 league games only.




    I believe SPFL rules state that Celtic and a club playing out of Ibrox ( my words, they call them something else) are both guaranteed 19 home games a season.

  2. Speaking from the outside, it’s impossible to say how we’re getting on in preseason. The lads may be flying, or not. We’ll start to know more come lunch time on Saturday.

  3. garygillespieshamstring on

    No possibility of us getting 20 home league games no matter the make up of the top six after the split.

  4. I agree with this


    “We are not as ready for the new season as I would like to be”


    Hopefully, this comment doesn’t result in any name calling!?!

  5. bournesouprecipe on

    Team verse Ross County,……………


































  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “Newco” news is about as interesting as the Nigel Farage bank account “story”……..

  7. Brendan Rodgers sayin Celtic won’t spend £15 million on a player,? So where is the money ,which their is plenty money,being spent.

  8. garygillespieshamstring on

    I hope CCV or Mick is fit for Ross county games. Stephen Welsh tends to struggle against physical opponents.

  9. “THE HAND OF GOD on 31ST JULY 2023 10:16 AM


    Forgive my spelling I’m working outside”



    Same here. My spelling is much better indoors :-)))

  10. Paul`s article is just about as negative as those by some CQN posters.



    I fear our long domination in Scotland is leading to a Hun-like expectation of success.


    I can see why we are favourites for all Scottish competitions but I feel we could handle that with a little less of the sense of entitlement which is gradually growing.

  11. quadrophenian on

    Immense night for ‘fitba’ in Australia. Will really elevate the game’s profile and popularity esp among fem fans.


    Plucky and poised Matildas knock the Canucks out by 4-0.


    Sam Kerr is our Kyogo. Didn’t need her.


    Smashing team performance.




  12. Hot Smoked


    It’s interesting how different opinions can ve formed from the same narrative.


    I would suggest any realism/ perceived pessimism shows anything but entitlement.


    To me, the over confidence, the complacency we often see is more representative of entitlement.


    As I say, different opinions. All equally valid.

  13. Very sorry to read of David Potter’s passing. Like many I love Celtic history/nostalgia and his “On This Day” feature was fantastic especially when he uploaded match footage from a particular day in bygone years. I read several of his publications and his love and dedication to Celtic FC was very evident. RIP.

  14. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from the Brazen Head. Rained for the duration of the Glasgow fair. What’s new?🤔

  15. !!Bada Bing!! on

    World Cycling Championships at the Emirates on Saturday, so parking adjacent to the Park,on the south side,will be worse than usual.

  16. kevinlasvegas on

    Negative nonsense,



    Well coached team with well coached players, middle to front we are miles ahead of anything up here. The backline will be back in no time. Rocky ccv and ralston all back in full training, AJ not far behind.



    Fed up reading these pages at times.



    Lots of people say they don’t read the red tops but it’s funny that their opinions always seem to leak on to the pages.



    Exciting season ahead.



    Bring it..






  17. still time for Celtic to sign 2-3 more players – they need to be first team ready and preferably experience against quality opposition. Players to improve the team – as opposed to might improve or need development to improve (holm , yang, kwon, oh, etc )



    So far we are taking a gamble on the title – I’d prefer we exercised our financial muscle as a show of earned dominance. The board though will be liking being mentioned in the top 50 financially ww.

  18. I wouldn’t be too bothered about the League Cup as long as Sevco don’t win it.

  19. Timbhoy 163 12.41



    Up there with the classic ……



    What happened to the Seville money ?

  20. bigrailroadblues on

    Meeting Brian M in the Crystal Palace tomorrow at 3pm before heading to the Drovers, Wee Man’s and the Sports Bar. Please join us for wee drinkie en route to Paradise. 👍🍻

  21. JOBO BALDIE @ 10:22 AM



    Chairbhoy at 9.20am – thanks for doing that. It’s always a bit hit and miss for me trying to access CQN and obviously it was ‘hit’ for me just now! But thanks for copying that over from Sentinel Celts.



    You are welcome, a real highlight of the season now, thank you for the time and commitment to do it again for 2023/24 – appreciated.



    Hail Hail






    Do you have news on Starfelt and Welsh or are you being opTIMistic!?



    Hail Hail

  23. AN TEARMANN on 31ST JULY 2023 3:46 PM


    From Celtic supporters called the Green Brigade














    AT, I realise that this is the GB,s own ostentation.



    May I ask, do you think it reflects well on Celtic Football club and the greater support ?




  24. bournesouprecipe on

    Five players signed, four players resigned on new terms very happy with Brendan and the now regularly referred to ‘recruitment teams’ efforts, which have been very successful since he left four and a half years ago.



    Not sure who Brendan thought we’d sign at £15M to £20M, but he at least understands how we exist and sustain the wage bill we already have. Some Celtic players now on a mere 20k a week is remarkable, for a legitimate Scottish club.



    Looking forward to seeing more of Holm Kwon and Yang tomorrow in James Forrest’s curtain raiser with the promise of more to come, as per Brendan’s update.


    Expected a lull in dealings until the PL sides settle their squads , we’ve cherry picked Scandinavia and Asia, along with Poland’s best rated CB so far.



    RIP Benny Rooney

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