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I know I’m not the only one worried about tonight’s game.  A few bombscare moments is all it takes to crash out of Europe, think Big Dan in Sion (we don’t get to play a joker every year).  We now have four games under our belts but there are still lots of cobwebs to blow away.

On the positive side, we’ve never lost a competitive goal to Swedish opposition and this Celtic squad have the wherewithal to raise their game and see this one through.  A week ago we said Kris Commons and Georgios Samaras would be crucial, this will be even more so tonight. Georgios is the most effective ‘out ball’ in the squad, while Kris’ ability to prize open defences has, if anything, improved since the summer break.

Elfsborg are at home tonight after four games on the road. Piling away games together always taxes a team. They will be pleased to be back at the Boras Arena but fine tuning is everything in this business, and apart from the seven goal whipping of Daugava Daugavpils in the last Champions League qualifying round, they have not had a tactically-conventional home game in almost a month.

Take them, Celtic.

Ranger Charity Foundation have, unfortunately, reset the dial on what charities can get away with without consequence.  One trustee even refused to answer questions from the Office of the Scottish Charity Register (OSCR), who, incidentally, decided to take no action.  OSCR had the temerity to lay new guidelines for charities associated with other football clubs. Other football clubs charities are nothing to do with that lot and I hope this incident does nothing to dent enthusiasm for our 1254125 campaign.

Last week, Rangers International chief exec Craig Mather, demanded to know why group of clubs were fined by the SFA following financial collapse, while Hearts and Dunfermline were not. Yesterday the SFA spelled out the considerable difference in scenarios, while informing us that Rangers (sic) actually asked for a financial penalty, presumably instead of a sporting penalty.

Yes, you heard right….. Duff and Phelps, who were appointed to recover creditors money, who attempted to sign new players during their tenure, asked for a financial penalty. Consistent with creditors interests and their considerable fee?

Mather is a ‘keeper’. I don’t know about you but I feel I am getting my £500k per year’s worth of entertainment out of him.

Congratulations (again) to STV’s Peter Smith on another excellent interview with Charles Green yesterday.  It was Green’s “You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth” moment, as he appeared to suggest deviousness was a positive attribute.

There were more highlights than we have time to cover here.  I am sure Walter Smith was delighted his private view that the current Rangers (sic) team are the worst in history (yes, I am aware of the short history).

Green did his best impersonation of a statue when Peter Smith mentioned the Dallas Cowboys but the former Rangers International chief exec was clear that despite the critical financial challenge ahead, he was not going to cancel pre-contract agreements with players due to join the club in September.  That’s the thing about contracts, pre or otherwise, you can’t just cancel them unilaterally.

The eight players Rangers International have signed will join the club and there is nothing Green can do about it.  Unless, they fail their medical….  Do you think Charles has been studying the Ricky Fulton book on Rangers management? This is how they used to do it down Ibrox way…….

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  1. As I thought..


    I think it’s down to where his mistakes are made… At the edge of the 18 yard box an error causes panic…

  2. Lifted from KDS.



    Funny how somebody taking a bit of time just to be nice can really make your day. I was on a plane to New York with my wife some years ago and Andy Goram was in the seat beside me. We got to talking about football and I told him I was a Celtic fan, but it didn’t matter to him, he couldn’t have been nicer. He insisted on paying for our drinks, showed us wallet pictures of his family and said he was en route to Honduras to help build an orphanage for blind kids. I happened to mention to him that we were going to New York for the weekend to celebrate my wife’s birthday. That night a huge bunch of flowers arrived at our hotel for her. On the card it said ‘Many happy returns to a very, very special lady. Best wishes to you both for your weekend in the Big Apple and for the rest of your lives. Love will always conquer division. Yours in sport, Andy.’ Beside the message he had drawn a picture of a union jack and a tricolour intertwined with a Smiley and a heart on either side. I sent him a note of thanks c/o Rangers and every year since a bunch of flowers and a card have arrived at our house on my wife’s birthday – each time with the same special drawing on it. I would post a picture of it on here except I made it all up and Andy Goram is a complete bell-end. Liam Brady did give me a pen once, though.

  3. Does Wilson’s family like in Glasgow or are they still down south?



    I don’t get the way many professional footballers don’t move their family, I suppose that’s a sign of how mercenary they plan to be.



    I can’t see what they would hate about Glasgow so much if they are here and if they’re not then surely the answer would be to move.



    Anyway, if he goes and we get £2.5m for him then I’m sure we’ll be able to replace him. Good defensively on the deck and has improved (although did have a shaky spell) but he’s too easily out-muscled, especially for a big guy.

  4. Relaxing outside prior to going to watch match in KSC Blantyre..



    Currently 12 bees around about my lavender .



    Blantyre bee green and white….



    Nerves starting now…

  5. Bambi on ice.. Very apt.. First year wouldn’t have given him a game for the pub team. Big improvement since then, but he wants to go, smo bye bye. Efe in middle..4 behind to cover his expected lapses.



    Looking forward to the next round.




  6. I for one, if it’s true, will be sorry to see Kelvin leave.


    He gives his all for the team when playing, the odd mistake which every player has but unfortunately a mistake 18 yards from your own net usually leads to pelters whereas a mistake (losing the ball, bad tackle) in the oppositions box for one of our forwards usually leads to no more than a “should’ve been more careful” for the forward/midfielder.


    Effe, another hard working defender who gives his all but has the occasional “tebilly”.


    He IS getting better and with another run in the European spotlight can only improve.


    I don’t want to see us lose any other players in this window as I reckon the cohesion that was beginning to show in the latter stages of our Euro run last year will be lost.



    Root toot an a’m oot





    Oh, btw.


    3-0 to the Bhoys

  7. yorkbhoy



    Yes you’re right. An occupational hazard I guess. IMO the good he does, being good at moving forward especially in the SPFL etc, outweighs the mistaes which I think are vastly exaggerated.



    I’m sure I’m the same as anyone on here when he lets the ball bounce or heads it straight up in the air.

  8. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on




    Is your Lavender Blue or Green


    Dilly Dilly




  9. Milk oot the nose almost drowned time.










    15:56 on


    7 August, 2013

  10. You have to admmire the team player and gentleman that is Samaras who tried to make Kelvin feel at home with his goal celebration. Robin Hood of Sherwood impression was not enough of a home comfort to entice the big man to stay.


    I wish him well but when you consider some of our players families are a days travel by plane away you have to question the big mans desire to succeed. I’m not sure he will catch Roy Hodgson’s eye in the Championship. Hope he goes out with a bang tonight. Kelvin for 1st goal.




  11. Paul



    love the Rikki Fulton sketch.


    re: Rankers Charity. OSCR’s decision is scandalous. The nub of the matter is this – before entering into the agreement, the trustees either knew there was a conflict or they were unaware that one existed. One suggests that the trustees knowingly proceeded despite the conflict and despite an awareness that the charity would come off second best. Alternatively, they didn’t appreciate there was a conflict at all. Either way, each scenario must surely demonstrate that these persons are wholly unfit to serve as trustees. Who is this OSCR investigator/author of the report? What sort of message does this send to trustees? I thought the excuse “Oh am sorry, ah didnae realise” went out with the demise of one of Scotland’s top football clubs. That’s right 3rd Lanark.

  12. traditionalist88 on




    aye that was me who said I’d prefer Ambrose in midfield to Kayal:)



    I know what you mean about other players losing possession and to me in European away games our ball retention could often be better- but unfortunately if your the last line of defence making these mistakes the loss of a goal is all the more likely – hopefully its something he can iron out as if he does we have a quality player on board. Concentration is a major problem for him though, did you see the Tahiti goal vs Nigeria at the Confed Cup?




  13. Off oot, get the drink in and good luck to the Tic tonight! Any winning result will do me!

  14. CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on

    If (when) we get through tonight. I reckon Kelvin Wilson would be getting the boot anyway. His ability is debatable but we don’t need malcontents in the squad. The kind of player we can attract at 9pm tonight compared to 6.45pm tonight will be substantially different…if we get to group stages the net widens further.


    We need players who see the opportunity Celtic and Champion’s League can offer their career. They come in grateful, with smiles on their faces and determined to maximise their chances and value. Wilson does not fit that criteria.



    Always happy to see malcontents leave the team, particularly when they leave a hefty profit behind…

  15. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    14:52 on 7 August, 2013



    I was privileged to meet him once……. I shook his hand and said…



    ” I was proud of you the minute you arrived……I was proud of you every minute you were here, and I was proud of you the minute you left ” …..( got a wee smile..!!)



    If it’s possible, I hold John Keane and Brian Quinn in the same esteem, closely followed by Peter Lawwell …..Hail Hail to our custodians

  16. We’re quite fortunate that the NHS is a devolved responsibility since it technically no longer exists down South.



    Already there are private firms advertising that they’re the best place to go if you’ve used up your ‘care quota’.



    And of course the plasma wing has been sold off too.

  17. traditionalist88



    Ha, sorry show how good my short term memory is.



    Didn’t see much of the ConFed Cup so missed that goal, was that the only one they scored?

  18. traditionalist88 on




    aye, the benefits for Wilson moving his family up are there to see. Less travel time to domestic away fixtures and half your games at Paradise, not exactly a million miles from Nottingham.



    He’s clearly not bothered about the CL, maybe he feels he has experienced it and that is enough, but who knows he may have family issues we are not aware of which he has prioritised, in which case good luck to him. As I say replacing a CB is not as tough as replacing a 25 goal a season striker and I’m sure we have a list of priority targets to replace him.




  19. traditionalist88 on




    If I remember correctly yeah thats the only goal they scored,




  20. thanks leftclictic


    Unfortunately I can’t access the article – doesn’t seem to load

  21. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    weminger- you’re right. I don’t see eye-to-eye with the Nats on many issues[ wind farms- gggrrrrrrrrrr!!] but they have protected the NHS this side of the Border.



    As a result our Border towns are now well stocked with English people, and anything that stops us getting too inbred is to be welcomed.

  22. Blatyretim.



    I received a £50 wine voucher for Rude Wines, so I picked a 12 bottle case and hoped to use the voucher £!20.down to £70, when I placed the order they wanted £120+ postage.I halted the order and sent an mail enquiring about how to redeem the voucher value,No asnswer to my e-mail yet,I’ll give them an hour then cancel the order,if no satisfaction..

  23. Someone talked of Charles Green as hailing from Mexborough and being from an Irish Catholic background. While I wouldn’t have the least idea as to the truth of this, it is not beyond the possible. That part of Yorkshire, near Rotherham and Doncaster, is full of wee mining villages, which are often made up of 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation Irish communities. Much of Yorkshire was owned (possibly still is) by the Norfolk family, who are the most prominent Catholic family in England.

  24. I was out and about this morning and I got To reading the metro on the bus, so I popped up to my Ma’s on the way home and she reads the Daily Record and she was asking about what was that the Huns where complaining about with the £50,000 fine I said awe that’s all been sorted out those bam pots asked for a fine and never told anyone, she said ..it doesn’t say any thing about that in the Record, I looked at the SMALL article in the said paper, and you know what she was right, it said they got the fine because of rule this and rule that, not a mention that the Huns lawyer had asked for it, no wonder fat Ally wanted clarity even STILL to this day the SMSM did not clear it up, and my we Maw is 86 and she noticed it, I keep telling her not to read that daft paper, she said she likes the stories ;) god luv ur.