Turning Ibrox to dust. Section 111


Despite Walter Smith urging “Rangers fans to get fully behind the resolutions which last week were presented to the Board and shareholders”, which include sacking chief executive, Craig Mather, he added, “Craig Mather, as I have said before is doing a good job. It is unfortunate that this has happened but when change does come I hope he’ll be allowed to continue the job he has started”.

Smith is clearly close to, but not in tandem with, those who requested an Emergency General Meeting.

As well as support for the chief exec, on the manager, Smith says, “As for Alistair McCoist, it is important that we all appreciate that no other Rangers manager has had to work with poorer or more trying circumstances. It is my fervent hope that when the dust settles and Rangers have a clearer path and future he is given the chance to manage under conditions similar to those which were afforded his predecessors.”

Here we get to the crux of the problem.  Rangers International face enormous financial challenges.  With a half decent football manager, they would be able to win promotion from the third tier of Scottish football with a football budget of around £1m, or several times that of their nearest rivals.  If, as the Herald suggested this week, there is not enough money to finish the season, the most immediate responsibility of the directors is to cut costs accordingly.

Cutting costs is not the reason anyone gets into football, and it is certainly not what Walter Smith knew in his time at the Rangers group of clubs, but at times it is absolutely necessary.  The non-executive directors of Rangers International would serve their fans interests best by telling this unpalatable truth.

Failure to do this will pale in comparison to some other potential consequences.  In setting his stall behind McCoist, Mather’s team building exercise and the EGM protagonists, Smith has almost ensured collapse if those demanding change cannot command the support of 51% of shareholders.  To succeed, Paul Murray will need to demonstrate the leadership and deal management skills which were lacking a year ago.

Meanwhile, John Brown’s warning about Green turning Ibrox to dust hangs over the place, a bit like dust.

There is one overarching concern, however.  Green is critical to fending off any impending action by Craig Whyte.  His evidence will be necessary to explain how Sevco Scotland Ltd assumed the irrevocable entitlement of Sevco 5088 Ltd.  Even with Green on-side, this looks like a challenge, but if the main protagonists in this action are separated from those who will have to defend any action, you suspect Whyte will be enormously encouraged.

When Whyte believed he was double-crossed he went nuclear.  All Green would need to do is corroborate a sliver of Whyte’s evidence to bring Whyte’s legal challenge into sharp focus.  For this reason, Green has to be part of the picture going forward.  Demonising him is tempting, and may be deserved, but it’s self-defeating – and these people know all about self-defeating.

Section 111

Two weeks ago I said “place your bets” on what would happen after Celtic issued their “final warning” over a number ongoing issues in section 111.  No one was in control of the situation, not Celtic, and not members the Green Brigade, who I believe had nothing to do with several of the issues.

Since then I’ve watched the debate.  Some, like Phil Mac Giolla Bhain, attempted to inform on the debate, interviewing handicapped supporters and independent safety experts.  Anticipating this day would come, I thought about interviewing the Council, but decided against, not wanting to draw them into making a public stance they would be unable to back down from.

Yesterday felt as inevitable as what’s going to happen next in Govan. Can the situation be rescued? Of course. Will it? Place your bets, people…

I’m not a regular newspaper buyer but the front page of one of today’s is a keeper.  Celtic have a lateral movement issue, which dominates the front page, when the utter implosion at Ibrox is relegated to a side column.  It’s a testament to our age.  We will survive.  I can’t say that with any certainty about the other lot.
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  1. Summa of Sammi….



    12:08 on 6 August, 2013






    Is Bo Derk Not travelling..?








    Naw mate. Him, VVD and Rogic didnae travel… sadly!





    /Bishop B

  2. Celbridge Celt on

    Hi lads,



    Anyone travelling to the game on Saturday?, hopefully they’ll be a good (non-firework, moshing or “lateral movement” etc.) atmosphere (celebrating our win on Wednesday too, I’d be gutted if it’s any other way) and many lads who aren’t able to make it over to see the Bhoys as often, will be there. I’m hearing they’ll be more green and white going to in attendance which is a show of strength to what it’s like in Dublin these days. EPL glory chasers everywhere!



    I wonder if anyone has any plans as to where to meet up…. I was thinking Quinns in Drumcondra, Northside Celtic pub but right beside train station any alternatives?



    FYI I see Charlie & The Bhoys are playing the Button Factory that night.



    Who cares what the Zombies do…!?





    Should you no be at work or in Goa or summat,instead of this unseemly podium-chasing?



    Many congrats-again!

  4. Bmcuw



    Just sat down to approve some purchase orders and other admin … checked cqn …. boom





    Nae luck,bud.



    Good try though. Got to be up early to beat TBJ on that kinda form!

  6. I think celtic fc have a duty to protect the future of our football club…the decision with regards the ‘green brigade’ might be harsh to many decent hardcore followers,however i have no doubt it was the CORRECT decision…..sorry but thats the way i see it

  7. It is a sad that the GB have to all intents and purposes been disbanded today. In an environment of falling attendances and closing of certain sections of the stadium what will become of Section 111?


    Will the attendances be spread even thinner?


    Will the new occupants of Section 111 pick up the baton and continue the theme?


    Will the stadium atmosphere become moribund?


    Celtic needs our youth on match days. The demographics of Scotland are working against us.


    A standing section is the only feasible answer to maintaining match atmosphere, retaining our youth and retaining the goodwill of the general support.


    Many of us have become relatively successful in life but we come from the 99% and have stood in the Jungle.


    We are all in the end NFL, Jungle, GB.


    Celtic PLC need to recognise this and accommodate everyone in the Celtic family or we will continue the downward slide in attendances.



    Just saying…….

  8. Bomber supports Walter and in doing so he says, “But what true Rangers man would want to get involved with the people who are running the club today ?



    Answer. Walter has been happy to work with them for quite a while. Ally is still doing so.

  9. Paul 67,



    Hello. Isn’t it about time that Celtic did something about the Daily Record or is that just not practical? We have already banned one man with an agenda. Why not keep the lot out. At least until they say sorry.

  10. When in my youth tae tell the truth a music man I’d be,


    Nae fiddle braw, nae heedrum haw, wad ever dae for me,


    Nae saxophone, nae slide trombone nor onything sae couth,


    The moothie’s there for ony air and aa ye need’s yer mooth.





  11. We have a match tomorow night that could shape our whole season.We need to get back to that…………..Im not so sure it is going to be as easy as some people make out.Im not convinced we wont ship a couple or three sloppy goals..I feel we need to score at least once.

  12. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    John O Neil


    IMO the board have reacted quite strongly against the GB (rightly or wrongly)


    i would be absolutely delightede if they acted as strongly against some of the irritants that are being found out nowadays, the DR being only one of them



    unfortunately i fear they dont have the stomach for that fight

  13. maestro-number8 on

    Well said Paul re the newspaper front page. It is an absolute disgrace but not surprising at all.



    The other main tabloid has a little piece about section 111 on page 50……where it should be.



    PS….. I do not buy either of these papers, I’m at my Mums for lunch and she still buys them.



    Home made soup going down great by the way!



    Hail Hail

  14. Just catching up





    09:23 on 6 August, 2013






    Scottish Charity Regulators report into the Rangers Charity Foundation and AC Milan match proceeds. Damning.






    Hail Hail to people like @corsica1968 and his mentor





    I may not be the brightest but I can soon tell when a “debate” is going nowhere and in fact turning into a divisive arguement,



    when this happens I smile talk nicley and move on leaving the other person with their own opinion that they are perfectly entitled to, It may sound quite simple but it has made my time a lot easier to get on with :))



  15. If Celtic gave the green brigade a standing area and they engaged in lateral movement the same problem would surely arise .So just cut out the lateral movement and if club are still on their case then we can assume that the movement is just a tool to attack them .

  16. I can confirm that Walter has progressed from Walking Away to Flying Away



    he was on my flight to Prague this morning



    hail Hail




  17. I know/hope things sentiment is widely shared.


    I want to see the Green Brigade together in section 111.


    I also want to see the kids who stream into the area without tickets for the area stop going there, they are not helping. I want to hear Celtic stand up for those fans who are being targeted by Focus.


    The new law is a farce and is not working, resources needed elsewhere are being spent to no effect, no crimes are being commited that existing laws could not deal with.


    I want the GB to work with Celtic and behave within the boundries the Club lays out.



    Naive, might be, but that is what it will take for this situation to resolved. IMO.



    As for the Govan cabal, its all good entertainment.




  18. Celbridge Celt,



    We’ve been told The Shipwright Bar in Ringsend is where there’ll be a good atmosphere.



    Hail! Hail!




  19. maestro-number8


    12:31 on


    6 August, 2013



    Radio snyde and the DR have commercial deals with Celtic



    You can slaughter Celtic supporters as long as you pay Celtic the privilege to do it

  20. coatbridge paper bhoy on

    BMCUWP, God loves a trier. Though not bad for being on paraffin Internet ;)



  21. I’m not a regular newspaper buyer but the front page of one of today’s is a keeper. Celtic have a lateral movement issue, which dominates the front page, when the utter implosion at Ibrox is relegated to a side column. It’s a testament to our age. We will survive. I can’t say that with any certainty about the other lot.



    This is the perfect example of why Sevco will fall.

  22. celticrollercoaster on

    So the rags front page divert away from the fact that the zombies continue to leak/lose £33k per day (£1m per month).


    Perhaps a wee cup run will help boost their coffers. wHoops, I almost for(far)got!



    Another day closer to the death of the undead :-)



    Looking forward to watching the game tomorrow. It will be interesting to see how the borg play this game. If they open up, then that will create some chances for us to hopefully capitalise on. Step forward our greek Ghod!



    Just, no early silly mistakes, please! Ledley’s box to box running for me is a must, but I would not be surprised if Lenny goes with Kayal and Brown and looks to sit in and hit them on the break.



    Will be in The Admiral with a few CQNers if anybody about.







  23. The Boy Jinky, aye, she could fair belt out a tune.



    John O Neil, in principle, I’m not in favour of banning journos or newspapers. It is a sign that you are scared of what they say. I don’t think we are in that situation anymore.



    What Celtic have to deal with is the reality that a section of the support still consume this type of media. While that remains the situation, Celtic have to deal with it.



    maestro-number8, enjoy the soup.




    12:34 on


    6 August, 2013


    I can confirm that Walter has progressed from Walking Away to Flying Away



    he was on my flight to Prague this morning



    hail Hail





    don’t want to piss on your parade palomine but have you seen the weather report from PRAHA.10khomes without lecky hailstanes the size of golfballs falling.say a wee prayer for me and my family if you visit the church with the BAMBINO DE PRAHA STATUE.as for WATTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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