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  1. @CelticFC v Midtjylland



    Bain, Ralston, Murray, Welsh, Taylor, Soro, McGregor, Abada, Turnbull, Christie, Edouard



    Subs: Barkas, Doohan, Urhoghide, Shaw, Bolingoli, Rogic, Forrest, Robertson Ajeti, Montgomery

  2. timmy7_noted on

    If that team gets a positive result tonight it will be one of the best results since Brendan left, I’m serious by the way.


    No one will deserve any credit except the players and Ange, everyone else at the club seems to be on a suicide mission.

  3. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    £5m feckin’ quid. I really hope whoever sanctioned this is long gone from Celtic Park.

  4. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Club run by charlatans and hangers on. Pathetic state of affairs.



    Hope Ange can pull off a miracle.

  5. onenightinlisbon on




    Careful, your name will gon on the bad boy list……

  6. C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Pass and move and easy ball. If in doubt, row Z.



    We can win this.

  7. Por Cierto – Shameles podium chasing. :)



    You need to teach me how to do it. :)


    D :)

  8. Hope it’s not rotten in the state of Denmark tonight.



    We had this a while back –



    ‘2-3 or not 2-3’ was the best IMHO.

  9. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    While we are awaiting kick off – many many things from last season were really not funny – but the decision to let Craig Gordon go was one of the unfunniest of all, really really hope whoever it was is no longer at Celtic,



    on the upside, after tonight the team surely with new incomings can only get stronger, really hope so..

  10. ONENIGHTINLISBON on 28TH JULY 2021 5:57 PM




    “Careful, your name will gon on the bad boy list……”



    Why? Did someone take it off by mistake :)) por cierto

  11. WISHAW TIM on 28TH JULY 2021 5:40 PM



    There’s a bar in Buggiba called “Munchies” which will almost certainly have it on.



    Shamrock and Thistle just around the corner is likely too…

  12. IniquitousIV on




    “I wasn’t referring to the small gym at the bottom of John Street but to the new building above the registery office, opposite the Union which opened around 1976.”



    You must be a younger man than I, SFTB. I graduated in 1969, then again in 1972. I never had the pleasure of visiting the gym opposite the Union.

  13. GEEBEE1978! thanks very much bud , we are in st Jullianes bay , very nice place! come on the hoops

  14. The big fear is that we lose the first goal and go chasing the game – we could get picked off as against West Ham. I am not suggesting shipping six – but two, or, three could be a possibility. On the other hand if we score first, they will throw everything at us…..big big night for those youngsters at the back.



    nb. Who would have believed that Nir Bitton would ever be the most experienced central defender at our disposal……except tonight he’s not!!!

  15. JHB on 28TH JULY 2021 6:19 PM



    We might have to do a bit of “chasing” anyway simply because our back five can’t be trusted to be put under any pressure.



    A night for Welsh and/or Murray to really make a name for themselves….maybe not quite as dramatic as Tony Watt but just as important.

  16. you about Cork Celt ?



    one for you to keep an eye on for us.





    Celtic Football Club








    Flag of Ireland Barry Coffey has joined




    on loan.



    Best of luck,




    ! Four leaf clover


    Quote Tweet


    Cork City FC




    · 6h


    We are delighted to announce the signing of Barry Coffey, on loan from @CelticFC until the end of the season! ✍🏻

  17. Ange should look the young ones in the eye and tell them – you’re playing for GLASGOW CELTIC – this is fkn Mitchyland!!!

  18. Some fine stuff from Hamlet that describes the majority on CQN…..but there are others!



    “Words without thoughts never to heaven go.”



    “This above all: to thine own self be true”



    Let’s bring home the bacon!

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