More cunning than Tiger Woods at a cocktail bar


I’ve been meaning to speak to you about this for a while; thought I would wait until the new season, see if anything changed, maybe we could avoid having the chat.

There are different ways of watching football games.  There’s the way we watch World Cup games, as unpartisan observers, which is completely different to the way we watch Celtic games.  If I’m watching a game in the English lower leagues with a one-time Celtic target, I’ll watch him closely, usually paying scant regard to anyone else.  The same is true if I’m watching the likes of Wigan with Sean Maloney.

When I watch a game before writing a match report I often get a different perspective.  The game flows in the normal manner but I then have to look at my notes and compose a report.  It’s the notes that are often unexpected, they tell a story of incidents, not of what is essentially a pursuit which flows for 90 minutes.  For Celtic, the incidents overwhelmingly, often as much as 80% of the time, involve one player.

He’s not the quickest, the most industrious, or the strongest, but Kris Commons makes things happen at a level no one else at Celtic comes close to.  The evidence screams out at me every time I check my notes.

I’m sure Celtic will recognise this with a new contract but there’s reason to worry about this now.  What if he’s injured, what if opponents figure out they better stop supply to him, what if his form shades, as it did two years ago?

I like the look of the squad.  Lustig, Matthews, Izaguirre, Ambrose, Brown, Mulgrew, Johansen, Forrest, Biton, Stokes, Griffiths, Forster and van Dijk offer consistent standards of performance, most look comfortable in Champions League football, but the dependence on one creative talent feels like an unnecessary vulnerability.

As I said, football is not an incident-dependent sport, like golf, it is a flowing pursuit which requires industry, concentration and strategy, without which, the creatives would end up playing lower league football.  But to win games, you need someone to invoke six of seven incidents more cunning than Tiger Woods at a cocktail bar*.

*Kris Commons behaviour at cocktail bars is impeccable, he is capable of on-field cunning only.

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  1. Good morning from a sunny and going up to 30 deg. Marbella, suited and booted for a wedding at 4 pm today, collar and tie too, I’ll give the tie the time off the ceremony I think and then it’s offski ;)

  2. Mountblow tim on

    Good Morning CQN





    Neighbour from down the hill


    Have a great time in Benidorm love the place



    Daughter carries the baton through Duntocher to-morrow first thing in the morning


    Will have time to go and see her then a mad dash to airport to catch flight to Florida




    Will be watching return leg on Tuesday in the Lucky Leprechaun Orlando


    I have been there a few times but never on a match day


    Looking forward to that with some of the local lads


    Got loads of old Match day programmes for them



    Keep the faith



    Hail Hail




  3. goldstar10 @ 8.22



    Nice feature on the lad in the scotsman this morning.



    HH jamesgang

  4. TD



    You telling us in a quiet, roundabout way that you’re the kissogram for this gig?!?!



    Mind you can/should keep your CQN speedos ON!






    HH jamesgang

  5. lymmbhoy,



    Thanks for the reply; so, I’ve been out for a wee while. I don’t think I have any kind of smart phone. My mobile is a Samsung Galaxy Fame, if that’s any help.

  6. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on

    Thai Tims ‏@thaitims · 3h















    Well done to all involved





    Today we received an amazing donation of £7,400. A huge thanks to the Blantyre Boys Club & friends of Reamonn Gormley pic.twitter.com/Mi80gOM2XI

  7. Delaneys Dunky on




    My neighbour fae up the hill.


    Thank you bud.


    You must be very proud of your daughter. Quite an honour!


    Have a ball in Orlando.


    Bon voyage.



  8. I know that a lot of folk were somewhat, underwhelmed by the Celtic



    the other night but, I can feel that this season is going to be along the



    same lines as the Wim season.



    I know that there will be no huns to negotiate in the same way that Wim



    had to deal with, the mibbery backed huns as well also being, backed by



    the bank that liked to say yes, Wim was written off after the domestic defeats



    away to Hibs and, at home to Dunfermline. I don’t know a lot about Ronny yet



    but, I do know that Johnny Collins is one cute guy. Watch this space…..

  9. bournesouprecipe on

    ‘To hear these options again please press…………………….arrrggh




  10. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on



    06:44 on


    17 July, 201



    There have been some very very odd pieces of legislation whipped through Parliament recently.



    The DRIP legislation is a disgrace ( Paul Lewis of the BBC who has a very interesting personal blog on all sorts of issues has been highlighting it ).



    Further, there has been a very strange and sudden decision to quietly pass legislation to ensure that all papers, correspondence and information concerning currently living members of the British Monarchy shall not be made available for public scrutiny for 75 years — exactly the same period of time the papers regarding the Guildford four will be kept “hidden” for reasons one can only speculate about.



    Further, there is a suggestion that the legislation surrounding the application of the European Convention of Human Rights should be introduced in this parliament.



    The purpose of the proposed amendment to the law is that the ultimate application of the convention and its effect should be determined by Parliament rather then the European Court.



    Given that there are serious questions to be asked about the use of Parliamentary position by legal officers in the past, and that independent judicial inquiries in the past have found that the DPP, The Attorney General’s office and other people connected to parliament have suppressed evidence and mislead the British courts in the past, I would argue that the last body on earth who should get the final say on anyone’s human rights is the British Parliament.



    Such a proposal also makes a mockery of the whole idea of the convention which was designed to ensure and regulate human rights and bind all governments to sign up to a single code. If one Government is allowed to self arbitrate on when the convention will and will not apply to its actions — what was the point?

  11. Marrakesh Express on




    I take it your troops have been drying oot all week in preparation for the big day?

  12. “I like the look of the squad. Lustig, Matthews, Izaguirre, Ambrose, Brown, Mulgrew, Johansen, Forrest, Biton, Stokes, Griffiths, Forster and van Dijk offer consistent standards of performance, most look comfortable in Champions League football…”



    Paul- gotta take issue with that rosy assessment. Ambrose, Johansen, Forrest, Biton, Stokes and Griffiths all have not demonstrated comfort at CL level. By comfort I mean consistent quality performances. Forrest- odd flash of quality, but generally poor, Johansen and Biton- might ultimately do ok but haven’t demonstrated anything just yet. Efe- too scary, Stokes and Griffiths- not CL quality. Well below Hooper standard

  13. Paul


    Do like this item, well done. My bias is obvious but you are smack on the money re a creative, thinking midfielder. Lubo springs to mind, but how many Lubos do we come across in one lifetime I wonder. I would hope that somewhere in our youth system there are a couple of creative players surely and if not, why not.


    I am aware of Marc Crosas and all his perceived weaknesses but I rated the guy and he really got Celtic.




  14. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Brogan, I have just read youe excellent piece on the miscarriages of Justice.



    It shows you how much the Establishment’s self-preservation and we can’t be questioned attitude was prevalent.



    Thank you for all the research and writing about what ordinary people are up against when trying to obtain proper justice not justice Establishment style.



    I’m sure our own polis head honchos and some members of the Scottish government won’t be reading it somehow .

  15. T1 16 SWE -3 KARLSSON, Robert -3


    T1 13 USA -3 KOEPKA, Brooks -3


    T1 7 ESP -3 GARCIA, Sergio -3


    T4 14 AUS -2 LEISHMAN, Marc -2


    T4 13 USA -2 MARTIN, Ben -2


    T4 13 ITA -2 MOLINARI, Edoardo -2


    T4 11 RSA -2 GRACE, Branden -2


    T4 10 USA -2 MOORE, Ryan -2


    T4 7 USA -2 FOWLER, Rickie -2


    T4 4 KOR -2 CHOI, KJ -2


    T4 4 USA -2 SPIETH, Jordan -2


    T12 14 USA -1 COMPTON, Erik -1


    T12 12 ENG -1 CHESTERS, Ashley (A) -1


    T12 11 USA -1 CURTIS, Ben -1


    T12 10 ITA -1 MOLINARI, Francesco -1


    T12 9 ITA -1 MANASSERO, Matteo -1


    T12 9 FIN -1 ILONEN, Mikko -1


    T12 9 DEN -1 BJORN, Thomas -1


    T12 7 USA -1 FURYK, Jim -1


    T12 4 NIR -1 MCILROY, Rory -1


    T12 4 JPN -1 MATSUYAMA, Hideki -1


    T12 3 USA -1 JOHNSON, Dustin -1


    T12 2 RSA -1 OOSTHUIZEN, Louis -1

  16. dallas dallas where the heck is dallas



    10:22 on 17 July, 2014



    My fear is that they – or their security lackeys – do read it. And CQN? Who knows?



    And I’m far from the paranoid type.



    HH jamesgang

  17. Rickie Bobby(Fowler) for me in the open



    Cant do any worse than my recent world cup bets.

  18. parkheadcumsalford



    Sorry was out at my 2 bhoys training.



    Possibly could be your phone.



    Here’s the spec







    850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz




    900, 2100 MHz




    HSDPA 7.2 Mbit/s, HSUPA 5.76 Mbit/s, UMTS, EDGE, GPRS




    GPS, A-GPS, Glonass








  19. traditionalist88 on




    Crosas could not have laced Lubos boots. Never bought into the hype about him and he is not the type of player Ronny Deila is looking for. In fact, Deila was bemoaning the number of sideways passes in the first half against Reykjavik the other night – sideways passes is about all that Crosas is good for.








    Stunning article,mate.



    It always amazes me that the perpetrators of such cover-ups have,over the years,left behind evidence which comes back to haunt them.



    Arrogance,stupidity,mixture of both? I dunno.



    I look forward to reading about Oscar ‘Slater’

  21. Morning all.






    Oscar Slater indeed.



    What about Patrick Connolly Meehan?



    Or Paddy to his pals.



    Say hi to yer dad.








    Will do,mate.



    As soon as he pokes his head from under my Mum’s thumb.



    Saturday may have gone a bit too well!

  23. Geordie Munro on




    I think that is only the bottom tier and will be including all tickets issued.



    That said….fair crowd if awbdy turns up.

  24. LiviBhoy



    Only my opinion, I think they are selling tickets in the area that the tv cameras cover first.. Then, if demand is there, they will release other areas of the stadium por cierto

  25. Yes the smoke and mirror statement released by Cameron about “terrorists” was to distract attention from the 75yr royal family rule. There has been suggestions that some members of this institution have been party to child abuse and, of course, this cannot be public knowledge por cierto.



    10:46 on


    17 July, 2014




    Stunning article,mate.


    It always amazes me that the perpetrators of such cover-ups have,over the years,left behind evidence which comes back to haunt them.


    Arrogance,stupidity,mixture of both? I dunno.



    No it’s because the Truth NEVER changes por cierto.

  27. For seem reason this blog seems to have it in for Scottish golfer Mark Warren.


    I vaguely remember it may be due to his avowed hunnish sympathies



    However nobody seems to bother with the South Korean player who is the final player to tee off today, despite the fact that he appears to be quite open about his allegiances



    He tees off at 16:06


    His name is AN, BYEONG-HUN



    Strange Times




    The Onlooker



    Wastedwalk CSC

  28. Por Cierto




    UEFA Champions League


    Tue, July 22 2014


    Kick-off 19:45





    BT Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh



    This is a Season Ticket match. Season Ticket holders will automatically be sent a ticket for this match.



    Tickets are now on general sale. Adults tickets are priced £20, concessions £10 and Under 13 £5



    Tickets can be purchased online, by calling 0871 226 1888* or by visiting the Celtic Ticket Office.



    Tickets are also available from the following outlets in Edinburgh:-



    SRU Ticket Office, BT Murrayfield Stadium. Booking fees apply.



    The Hub, Castlehill, Royal Mile, Edinburgh, EH1 2NE



    Tickets can be purchased from the following Celtic retail outlets:-



    Argyle Street



    Sauchiehall Street






    East Kilbride






    Tickets can be bought at all the Celtic shops except the one nearest Edinburgh – Livingston.


    Crazy stuff.




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