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  1. I’m a happy camper. Ange has flexibility to make a few changes now, that won’t even weaken the team.

  2. :)))))))))))))))))))))



    I’d luv to see that goal from an obtuse angle!!!!!!!!!!!!!







  3. 34s time added on. 3 goals, Gio down and a talking to, Well player talking too?



    What watch does this ref have?

  4. What an absolute feast .



    Reo..wow, cant think of a player thats had a more immediate impact.



    Big Tam strolling around like the best player at the 5’s.



    Abada doing his best Bobby Lennox impression.



    GG battering centre halves



    Starts all ove the park

  5. Gio looked a bit pissed off there that abada doesnt set him up , after making 2-3 step in and out to receive the ball, and that after liel robbed him of a goal by putting ball in when offside,



    still, to follow on from a theme, Greg taylor proving he is not celtic class. again and again




  6. Ange has assembled some squad


    Being able to rest guys that have strains and tight muscles at any stage of the season is a real bonus and a luxury the other lot cannot afford

  7. Great first half.


    Delighted to see Taylor playing so well.


    With a bench like we have and Kyogo, Julien and Scales , we are looking good

  8. total and utter football from celtic – some world class passing and execution. Taylor and Giaka doing the hard graft when needed. We score all types of goals and i’d love to see a giaka headers.



    Maeda has been quiet but he could have had a goal or two had abada looked to his left – Abada has been sensational as has Hatate , mcgregor – the entire team is connected

  9. Abada second was a goal


    Defender touched it deliberately so attacker can’t be offside


    That’s a rules of the game error by the ref


    Very clear in the rules

  10. Owwwwww Ange its beautiful its perfect its Ange!


    “Celtic way”….” Ange ball” call it whatever you like


    Owwwwww Ange I love you I love you 💚💓


    Owwwwww Celtic I love you Owwwwww 💓💚


    🎶 🎤We shall not be moved!!! 🎶


    Owwwwww 💚💓💚💓

  11. I’d put Jota, O’Riley and Jura on at half time, and any 2 from McCarthy, Forrest, and Welsh late on. We have nothing left to learn about Biton, and I have lost faith that Johnston can ever fulfill any potential he had. I’d be glad to be wrong about the latter, as Ange has transformed Ralston, and may do the same again

  12. NICK on 6TH FEBRUARY 2022 2:20 PM


    7 shots, 5 on target, 3 goals
















    for many times during the season some tell us we dont take our chances, dominate in the first halfs, then run out of steam (except we dont, with late winners in games).



    ignoring good saves, good defending and just jamminess.





    sometimes it happens that they start to go in. today and wednesday



    if ange is building a team that peaks at the end of the season, it is going to a joy to watch,

  13. Breathtaking, oozing class, every move has danger stamped on it.What a team Ange has built. He did say that trained the house down on Friday when they came back from the day break after the Sevco game.

  14. Neil and Boyd 3 brilliant goals to analyse and all they do is focus on what motherwell should have done to stop the goals


    Hahaha ha ah love hurting huns oan the telly

  15. Ps gisgusted to see boyd still there


    How do sky allow that?


    Reminds me of Edouard coming on in the l c final


    Received ball from a throw and was battered by a blue thug


    Instead of commentator calling out the horrible foul, which didn’t bring a yellow, the sky commentator praised the thug for testing Edouard injured knee


    Same as boyd ffs


    Disgusting coverage by sky



    And Abada had to wait about 60 seconds to get a ball to take a corner. Beaton is at it.

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