Motherwell v Celtic, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 14:00 BST.

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  1. Jobo Baldie on 22 April, 2012 at 13:14 said:


    “Who thinks that Motherwell will clap us onto the park today?”



    Not sure about that but they are likely to kick us off it, if referee obliges.

  2. The Token Tim on




    its Jennings i’d be more concerned about. Watch how many fouls he commits before he is booked (if indeed at all!).



    Last season at the coo park he committed more fouls against us ALONE, than his WHOLE TEAM did against the huns at Ibrokes a few weeks later!






  3. Did i hear that right



    Spanner just said on Sky that the SPL meet on Tuesday to decide if Rangers should have a licence to play in Europe next season?



    I thought it was the SFA who decided such matters?

  4. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Surely if the hun players got agreed release clauses then D&P have not been acting in the creditors interest. Those 9 players could have been sold for more than Miller is offering ?



    I know they have to reach a compromise with regards keeping the company running as a going concern but this must be a step too far.



    I can see Ibrox being converted into a jail soon for blue collared workers.




  5. Going Roon tae Ma Big Pal’s Hoose.


    tae watch the Game.. and join the Gang.



    Pick ye up .. Latah..






    Still. Laughin..

  6. Celtic XI:



    :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Zaluska ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::



    Cha ::::::::::::::::: Rogne :::::::::::::::: Mulgrew ::::::::::: Izaguirre



    ::::::::::::: Ki :::::::::::::::::: Wanyama :::::::::::::: Ledley :::::::::::::



    :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Commons :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::



    :::::::::::::::::::: Hooper ::::::::::::::::::::::: Brozek ::::::::::::::::::::::::



    Subs: Forster, Lustig, Blackman, McCourt, Bangura, Stokes, Tony Watt



    There are a number of players – Rogne, Mulgrew, Ki, Commons and Hooper – who don’t have a



    good history at Fir Park, but interestingly the manager has kept to the successful 4-3-1-2



    formation that has characterised the tail-end of the season.



    Zaluska hasn’t played since th Peterhead game, but his early season performances indicated



    a vast improvement on 2010/11, and I’m looking forward to seeing how he does.



    In defence, I have maintained that Cha is our best RB in this formation – think he’ll play



    well, although he hasn’t started for a while. Mulgrew has a horrendous record at this



    ground, but the partnership with Rogne is a steady one, and should help. Izzy isn’t our



    best ‘solo’ LB imo – that would be Charlie – but he likes this ground. The big question



    mark over him is his current level of fitness.



    These three haven’t started together before in this formation. Wanyama will be solid in the



    middle, although I wonder whether Ki’s influence will again be subdued with him playing on



    the right. This is a more defensive position, as he will have to cover for Cha’s runs,



    which isn’t a natural part of his game. Ledley is in great form and thrives at Fir Park –



    he will be important today. Commons, however, is the key man. His performances behind and around the strikers are imo the reason Lenny has kept to this shape.



    I’d have to say attack has the most uncertain look about it. Hooper seems to have recaptured his form of late, while little can be said of Brozek, who has only had two 20 minute appearances late in games which were already won.



    All in all, not the best but very good for an experimental line-up. I’ll stick my neck out and say we’ll win today.



    Of the subs, I’d really like to see McCourt play, not just because I love him – that’s a given – but for the way he influenced the game last time out.

  7. Rogne and Mulgrew is our best centre back pairing, also think Cha is better than some make out, happy with this team.

  8. Πού είναι Sammi ( Where is Sammi!)


    FFS not Commons again how long is Lenny going to stick with KC – Just my opnion!

  9. Man U take the lead with another controversial goal. Everton player down injured. In a similar moment in the 1st half when a Utd player was injured, he stopped play when Everton were attacking



    In terms of refs favouring them, they really are the Huns of England

  10. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Ten Men Won The League on 22 April, 2012 at 13:28 said:



    “I believe D+P are trying to get TBK to increase their ‘offer’ knowing Millers bid is a no goer



    “The end is nigh imo”



    I agree. I think they’ll fold this week. The Barron Knights have been dithering in the hope that the tax case will be settled before they are seen to make any move.



    They are totally exposed now because, not only do they know how much they have to bid to be in pole position but, they simply have to put their offer on the table now or they will be publically exposed as the charlatans we know they are.



    Despite that, I expect TBK to concoct some half-assed excuse to exit stage far right. Mingwall let it slip in one of his televised interviews last week that they don’t want to be seen to liquidate the club. And as we all know liquidation is inevitable.

  11. Hopefully Paddy will get more than 10 minutes today. Also lets see what the big Polish bhoy can do, a hybrid between Jackie D and Magic would just be the ticket.

  12. Good morning from an overcast and cool eastern seaboard.


    3 inches of rain in forecast so it could be an interesting day all round.


    I guess Brown and Sammi are suffering from knocks and being wrapped in cotton wool before next week’s visit from Satan’s Siblings?


    No doubt McAll will have his guys softening us up for his first loves.


    Let’s get right into them and put this game away by HT Celtic.

  13. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice will always prevail on

    Why is NEIL not talking to us ……..’cause you’re a shower of FUDS



    Asks Johann if he thinks NEIL will leave ……..FUDS

  14. The huns can’t be liquidated before the season ends. If the Blue Knights can’t be named as preferred bidders on Monday there will be an announcement that both their and Miller’s bids needs further discussion and yet another deadline will be set.

  15. Interesting line-up. I’d like to see Paddy get a run at them. This is his sort of weather. He seems to thrive in the Spring.

  16. Right Bhoys, win today then we can win the league (again) next Sunday even ignoring their 10 point deduction. Enjoy the game.

  17. Just watched Feillanni’s goal. Cracking finish, but he looks like someone put a hand-grenade in his barnet.

  18. What about this one from one of the main radio stations in Norn Iron; “Celtic are playing today and as the Hoops season is over, as they were knocked out of the cup by Hearts last weekend,they are…………………”

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