Moussa’s Target Practice Torags, slump must end soon


You and I will miss our football this weekend but the winter break came at an excellent time for Celtic. They get to rest after an arduous nine game December on the back of handing Newco a lesson on their own pitch. Having to sit for three weeks, unable to get a defeat out your system, would have been torture.

Celtic have already played 36 competitive games this season (only one against lower league opposition). That’s close to a full league programme concertinaed into a little over five months. Add in the fact that almost the entire squad is involved in some form of international football and you realise the players have been on match duty twice a week since preseason.

This is exceptional and not conducive to delivering top performances. By comparison, Aberdeen have played 30 games (two against lower league teams) and Newco have played 28 (five against lower league sides). That’s eight and 10 times we’ve played two challenging games a week more than our direct opponents – neither of whom are particularly burdened by international football.

The second half of the season will be more balanced. We only have three midweek games scheduled, including our game in hand – so you can be reasonably confident our “slump” will end soon………..

We all remember the days when someone talking about putting in a £20m offer for a Celtic player would be held in a locked room until a deal was signed. We’ve been on a long road since, but the financial stability we’ve earned through many tough years affords us the ability to keep players who have several years to run on their contracts.

As for Moussa, I hear if we can arrange for him to play against the Target Practice Torags every week, he’d extend his contract until 2027.

Really enjoying the dissonance in some places over the anticipated approval of Kouassi Eboue’s work permit. Play by the rules, work inside areas you are allowed to and pay your dues. It’s not difficult.

By now you should be aware of The Road to Lisbon project. 28 cyclists will set off from Celtic Park on 11 May, arriving in Lisbon in time for the 50th anniversary of the Lions’ triumph. It is an immense project which is expected to raise tens of thousands for Celtic FC Foundation, Solving Kids Cancer and Children in Crossfire.

An opportunity exists for corporate sponsorship of the project. If you would like more information, look here, or email, theroadtolisbonmay2017@gmail.com

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  1. Moussa must stay. No ifs, buts or maybes about it. The fans want him to stay, Moussa wants to stay and Brendan wants him to stay. He is staying!




    The smsm want him to leave, the team across the city and their acolytes want him to leave. More good reasons to make sure he stays.





    Oh, ………. (afterthought) ……………….. has anyone asked Wee Griff for his opinion :-))

  2. A short alert:



    This article on Glasgow Central Station Tours was hijacked by those opposed to one of the contributors (from our own community), who has previously marked the role of the Irish in building the station.






    It’s a clear attempt to inhibit showing a now well-established immigrant community in a positive light. The Scotsman have worked on cleaning up the comments section but it would be nice if you left a supportive message. Thanks.

  3. A risk worth taking imo,as for someone offering £50 million just now then that would be a no brainer



    Where would we be without hypothetical questions eh;))

  4. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    There is a French girl in the office called Manon. Every time somebody calls her name I shite myself and do a Cruyff turn




  5. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “handing Newco a lesson on their own pitch.”




    Are you absolutely sure it’s their pitch, Paul? Might be one or two others who might disagree :-)

  6. The speculation about Moussa, and that’s all it is, is good as far as I’m concerned.




    It means we are doing well and the huns are terrified of him.




    Loving every minute so I am!




    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. To be fair it’s the first time we’ve played the toe rags at iborcs, previously the club were called ……… you know the rest :¬)



    Thanks for the info on the Cycle 2 Lisbon Paul, looking forward to wearing the Celtic cycling jersey on the “rocky road 2 Lisbon”.




  8. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    I thought Torags was the name of the galactico Warbiola was trying to sign on loan?.

  9. Morning all.



    When Moussa does go, in a couple of years possibly, it won’t be to West Ham.



    It will be Real Madrid if Zidane is still there.







    Great to see you post and best of luck pedalling to Lisbon






  11. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    I remember the old low level steam trains very well. I used to go to Celtic Park with my da in the 50’s getting on at Glasgow Cross and off very near the park, Dalmarnock maybe.



    That’s on the occasions we didn’t go on the Caurs.



    Happy days.

  12. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Not sure if anyone’s mentioned this but there’s a thread on hunmedia called “who needs enemies” regarding the horrible abuse their posters meted out to Jay Beatty in the aftermath of the game last Saturday. The gist of this thread is not in denouncing the posters who abused wee Jay, but rather to further abuse the fat mess from the SOS who posted the abusive comments on his facebook page and bringing the comments into the wider public domain.



    There’s little condemnation about the original abuse and it’s mostly huns venting their anger that one of their own has “grassed up” the posters involved. Apparently the press are now running with this and P.S. are involved.



    I’m not up to speed with the law and have no clue if a criminal offence has been committed, but its such a shame that a wee handicapped boy who’s harmed nobody in his life and brings joy to others is subject to this kind of abuse simply because he loves a certain football team.



    I’ve chosen not to post a link to this as some of the original comments are still replicated and are quite frankly disgusting.



    Some of these klan members are really badly wired.




    HH to Wee Jay and his family.

  13. Extraordinary amount of games played, which is why I generally have no interest in a ‘treble’. The League Cup has always been a worthless competition, my best memory of it was a youthful team + Lubo winning I think 5 – 2 after extra time at Tynecastle. The Scottish Cup has more of a emotional pull for historical reasons, but the final is on the 27th May, Scotland play England on 10th June, and the squad will be back in preseason training circa 20th June with the CL qualifiers just over the horizon. I would give a few players a 2 week break around March / April, but the longer we stay unbeaten the less likely we are to take the foot off the gas.



    Of course winning a treble whilst staying undefeated is so historic we have to go for it, but the ‘double’ of winning the league and getting in the CL group stages is far more important.

  14. This is a fairly common question on CQN.



    What is the best way to get from Lisbon to the Nacional Stadium by public transport?



    Thanks in advance.

  15. Good Afternoon.



    I am absolutely LOVING the media circus around the transfer activity of Celtic (where the media know nothing about potential significant signings involving actual cash, and are floundering) and Sevco (where the media are all over every possible flicker of activity, but there are no genuine stories),



    Here is a new blog about one aspect of that!



  16. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    AULD TAM on 6TH JANUARY 2017 1:25 PM



    Others will have a better idea than I about buses to the Estadio Nacional but when I went 3 years ago I got a taxi from my hotel in Lisbon and it was cheap as chips Tam.

  17. 2 years is pretty much all you can hope for when a player is clearly destined for the top level. 2 years for Wanyama and VVD at Celtic, then same again at Southampton before they move on again if their good enough. It’s actually a good development path for any promising young player.



    Moussa will likely be in the France squad in March with a nice striker friendly game against Luxembourg. France have a young dynamic side and will be one of the favourites for the WC in Russia. Player fees are always inflated after a good international tournament. If he can break into that team then holding onto him until after the WC would be ideal. We get our 2 years, he develops as a player, gets in the France squad, and his big money move. And he only turns 22 in July 2018.

  18. Bhoyjoebelfast on



    As I have said before,it is not who they are…But what they are.Remember the slogan on a Belfast wall’NO POPE HERE’ and someone scribbled underneath lucky Pope.They are a nasty outfit and I know them well enough to make such a claim.It is not the working class in their ranks that display such bigotry it is right across the board.Bad people deserve bad press….Won’t hold my breath though.They are vile and disgusting.

  19. Auld Tam on 6th January 2017 1:25 pm



    You’re better getting a taxi, cheap and the driver will either wait for you or come back when you tell him.


    The train and bus goes along the coast road but you still have a walk uphill through woods to get to the stadium

  20. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    A SENSATIONAL swoop by Chinese side Shanghai SIPG has seen local Carfin 5-a-side CQN player Davie Simpleton swap his Tuesday night astro league for the bright lights of Shanghai.



    Davie’s inability to strike a football has proven no deterrent for the Chinese side who are keen to add big money buys from abroad to their ranks, meaning the overweight Waterford man will join the likes of Oscar, Jon Obi Mikel, Carlos Tevez and Jackson Martinez in China.



    “It’s always been a dream of mine to play for… what’s their name again,” Davie shared with sports reporters as he packed his kit bag with deep heat and an old pair of shin guards before jetting off to the Chinese Super League.



    Davie is in line to earn an eye watering €15 million a year, which is a far cry from the weekly subs of €6 he paid to Tim Hamilton, the 5-a-side with which he spent 4 utterly disappointing years.



    “We wish him the best, but we won’t miss him ‘cos he’s shite,” explained teammate Paul Brennan, who said Dynamo would likely spend some of Davie’s €40 million transfer fee on new knees and a hip.



    “The old ones have holes in them and they don´t hold me up any more, this 5-a-side team was crying out for some investment. But to be honest, we’re just concentrating on next Tuesday’s game against Terry Mackem Hauliers & Co Celtic,” Brennan added.



    The investment in foreign players by China’s Super League is showing no signs of slowing with rumours of a €100 million big tabled for Coltness centre half Arthur Lee


    “We all remember the days when someone talking about putting in a £20m offer for a Celtic player would be held in a locked room until a deal was signed.”



    PAUL67,nae offence,I must have missed that. Which player was involved?

  22. RayWinstone,I believe that line could still be used,I must be the same ages as you, because I remember the rail tracks at Bridgeton, railway station,not the blue line , Which if I remember went to Helensburgh,the other won split,going to Dalmarnock,the other went up to Whitby Street, which had a railway station, wouldn’t be great if that line was opened up again,but I’m sure it would cost millions,





    On occasion,I like to remind my hun mates back home that they hate each other more than they hate us.



    Hence the banner beside The Rex. Crossing from UVF to UDA territory.



    It’s why they lost,and why they will never win.

  24. Coolmore Mafia on

    Is the blog fixed now? Haven’t been bombarded with adverts. Had given up on CQN because of them. First world problems eh

  25. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles



    Hello Honky Tonks how are you ?



    Dick Emery 100 years old same day my bhoy is 22




  26. Auld Tam-my two brother in laws, me and my stepson got a taxi from the cruise ship up to the stadium and he waited for twenty mins.We got to go up the tunnel onto the park.Great day

  27. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    A Greenock man is down the Celtic social club on a Friday night and buy’s a raffle ticket.



    Lo and behold, he scoops first prize, and the prize is a camel……..



    “Whit the hell am I gonnie dae with a camel?” he asked his pal.



    “camels are rerr hings mate, they eat aw yir grass and shite on yir plants, you’ll never need to do any gardening again!”



    So, the guy finishes his beer and starts to think how he can explain this camel to his wife. He chucks a rope around the camels neck and walks off to the bus stop to wait on the Braeside bus.



    The bus pulls up and the driver points to a big sign ‘NO PETS ALLOWED’



    Brainwave: “I’ll just ride it up the road” he says to himself.



    So while he’s heading up the road, he gets to Barr’s Cottage and thinks to himself that he can get last orders in.



    So he jumps off his camel and ties it to the railings and goes upstairs at Barr’s Cottage for a couple of swift halfs.



    He comes out later and the camel’s away.



    ”Some wee skank fae the Bow Road must hae stole it” he thinks to himself.



    So he phones the Polis and after the usual half hour wait they arrive.



    “Right pal, geez a description o’ this camel, wis it a Sahara Desert wan?” asks the big Polis.



    “nae idea said the guy, am a welder in Kincaids, av no got a clue aboot camels”



    So the Polis asks’, “many humps did it huv on its back then?”



    So the wee guy replies, ” Telt you big yin, av nae ideas aboot they camel hings, the only thing I know is that the camel wis female.”



    The Polis then asks him to explain how he knew it was a female.



    “Well when i wis riding it up the road I passed a bus stop and I heard a bloke sayin tae his mate, “check oot the fanny on that camel”

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