Movement of front 3 sets Celtic loose


Jablonec are not a great team, but we faced a few who fall into that category since our last away win in February without scoring four goals and creating enough chances to easily double that.  Ange Postecoglou continues to learn about his squad and unlike away to Mitjylland a week earlier, we were well prepared.

Yesterday I asked to “see more of [Liel Abada’s] timed runs into the box”.  The evidence continues to arrive; Liel is a player who will score and create goals at a rate we have missed in recent seasons.  This knack of arriving in the box and the right time, in the right place, before a cross arrives is golden.  Think Alan Thompson at his lethal best.

Kyogo Furuhashi made the most of his full debut.  The movement of the front three caused Joblonec problems and it was Kyogo’s movement that created the goal opportunity.  Nir Bitton picked him out with a 30-yard pass, a pristine first touch and the deftest dink did the rest.  As I heard from a teenager at the time, “That goal is a solid 9 out of 10”.

As anyone who watched the game, or caught John Hartson’s remarkable reaction, will know, the defence is still not right.  We lost two dreadful goals.  You will have noticed Carl Starfelt was the closest defender to both goalscorers when the ball went into the net.  He did not start that way when the key forward passes were made.

For the first, Bitton was on his heels, body shape was wrong and Starfelt was left the impossible task of making up ground.  The second goal was more of a structural problem.

Starfelt and Bitton were both marking strikers in the middle of the field and the full backs were in advanced positions when Celtic lost the ball.  Ismaila Soro has covering duties but he was ball watching when the scorer made a run from deep.

We cannot leave two at the back against two attackers or we will see a lot more damage from similar deep runs.  Although we can blame Soro for ball watching, we need to shape the team to accommodate what will inevitably happen during a game.  Ismaila’s starting position was all wrong, he cannot get drawn into the role of supporting the player in possession at the cost of loitering deep.

It was great to see Joe Hart between the sticks and John Hartson was right, if a little hysterical, we still need defenders.  Perhaps a few.

Would we have won so comfortably if Odsonne Edouard started?  I’m not convinced.

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  1. CONEYBHOY on 6TH AUGUST 2021 3:44 PM


    AN DÚN on 6TH AUGUST 2021 3:13 PM





    CONEYBHOY on 6TH AUGUST 2021 12:02 PM





    Sevco will pay their senior staff in shares to avoid the ban on bonuses










    I’d prefer Weimar Republic currency 😂












    that’s a cracker, laughed out loud there😎



    Absolutely superb.

  2. ERNIE LYNCH on 6TH AUGUST 2021 4:42 PM







    ‘If Ernie ‘the bigot’ Lynch is riled, then I know I’m on the right track!’
















    That’s just pathetic. Seriously. Grow up.



    Ha ha ha ha,oh,so soon Lynch.


    You don’t do Irony do you.


    Thought I might have to wait a while.

  3. While it was great to see an away victory last night, it has to be borne in mind that our TEAM gave away 2 poor goals. Nir Bitton isn’t a centre half but he is the best passer of a ball among our defenders,witness the pass he made for the goal.Imo, that’s why the manager picks him. Again, imo, Soro and Turnbull were poor. Hopefully, McCarthy can provide much needed cover for our defenders.

  4. Rolling_Stone on

    @ LAXALT on 6TH AUGUST 2021 4:47 PM



    Just to clarify, made an arse of what? Signing him in the first place?

  5. We briefly discussed pertinent chatter in a Celtic pub the other night.


    I watched the game last night in a Celtic minded boozer..


    All the punters seemed to agree with BBJ. His passion for the club was clear to see



    If someone could kindly point out where he was incorrect in what he said, I will re- evaluate.







  6. Did Eddie Howe get a job yet?


    Is Moralas going to Porto for 20 million?


    Is Ryan kent bound for Leeds for 15 million?

  7. New players being given time before being criticised , as is Anje and whoever is our scout .



    Time will tell if I’m being overly harsh .


    I am known for it .



    Hart came too far off his line for one of the goals.



    Starfelt is not a natural defender .


    Lacks the instinct of the best defenders and is not powerful or good in the air .



    Kyogo and Liel may get bullied in the Scottish game.



    Anje’s fantasy football dream concerns me .



    We are far too open to the counter attack .



    Might be worth keeping an eye on Callum Davidson .


    ( even though he looks like someone just put a bucket of ice , down the inside of his shirt )



    Dermot needs to regain his desire for Celtic to be the top dogs on the park .



    I expect the Huns to come qualify for the CL money .I expect the Huns to skelp us at Ayebrokes.



    They will strengthen further if they do .



    Still lots to be done .




  8. Green piñata.



    BBJ was 100% correct .



    He was frustrated by our obvious failings , not being addressed.



    His passionate desire for Celtic to improve was clear to see.



    His criticism is a sign of his Celtic heart .




  9. Motherwell FC








    We want to give you a free season ticket if you’re unemployed or on a low income.



    We want everyone to feel part of our club, and enjoy the excitement and community spirit football brings.



    Come and join us at Fir Park.

  10. Go tell the Spartim on

    Starfelt getting pelters already (few games in) notice where he was at the second goal, yes the right side of the box, that’s our left sided centre half having to get cross from his side, where was Bitton? If your gonna give him stick, rightly for a fresh air swipe then ask yourself why did he need to come across, at least look at the whole picture.

  11. It will likely no surprise anyone on here that I have no clue what any of our players will and will not do now or in the future. Hell I barely know what I will do from one day to the next.



    I would like to thank all the contributors on here who apparently can read people/ players minds. Eddie will apparently wait for his contract to end so he can make a few extra pounds. If players worked like that there would be no transfers ever, these decisions are much more complex, although I dont profess to know anything

  12. Rolling_Stone on

    @ GREENPINATA on 6TH AUGUST 2021 5:46 PM



    I think the push back against BBJ stems from the fact that Ange’s reign is in its infancy and he is relying upon a dilapidated squad. 3 of our back 4 are Taylor, Bitton and Ralston. An unimaginable situation a few years ago.



    Not only that, but we are going with these guys for the whole qualifying campaign seemingly.



    Against that context, seems very harsh of BBJ, even if what he is saying has elements of truth.



    Secondly, was BBJ this quick to criticise or forthright during Neil’s reign?

  13. RS…. Like evertyhing else I say on here, it’s only my opinion.


    I love Eddie and I’m obviously glad we signed him but here’s where I think we made an arse of it…


    His agent asked Celtic what price would buy him last summer…..We said nobody was leaving because of 10 in a row. Edouard had given us more than VVD, Wanyama and maybe even KT- In short he deserved his life changing move… For me, he won us games and cups (and imo the 9th title).


    He’s staying in a foreign country on his own during a lockdown and he’s 22yo.


    The window was open until October (?) and we could all see something wasn’t right up to then so why did we not let him go. We had Ivan Toney as a cheaper replacement lined-up as Odsonne’s form was falling off a cliff.


    I think it’s unacceptable as well that the new manager has inherited the problem.

  14. Go tell the Spartim on

    How far away are we from Ange being content with his starting 11, miles I’d guess, so a lot of the whining is a moot point, as we’re likely still to see the loss of similar goals, though hopefully less frequently, with the current personnel.



    Starfelt whilst not setting the heather on fire doesn’t look that bad, those expecting him to be like Bobo in the air just haven’t been paying attention prior to his signing,



    We’ve a lot of work to do, the important thing is Ange knows it too

  15. Steph,


    what we learned from the sage like wisdom on here



    Eduord is not trying because he is engineering to leave on a bosman in 5 months time.


    Christie however is trying because he wants to imprsee a futre employer.


    B\itton should not be in the team ever.


    Taylor isnt celtic class.


    Turnbull is going backwards.


    Forrest remains rubbish.


    Juiien was faking the bad back and he didnt slam into the post.


    All the old coaches are still a problem, they made the players play worser.


    Woods canny coach the goalkeeprs anymore.


    Peter Lawwell still does the transfers


    Scouts are rubbish, just cos we had record fees in and out means nothing.


    Covid is no excuse for anything.


    CQN is just a front for board-think.


    I want back in , get open, take everybody in governemnts and council to task.


    We are back in but the seat i am getting is rubbish.



    and on, and on, and on.

  16. TURKEYBHOY on 6TH AUGUST 2021 5:08 PM



    would either of them be pulled all over the box like a couple of novices that they are , naw don’t think so.

  17. TURKEYBHOY on 6TH AUGUST 2021 5:08 PM



    both would be doing what they get paid for, defend.

  18. Meant to add… The most annoying thing is though that we have totally lost control of the situation.


    We’re now in the position that OE and his agent will decide if we have £20m more for a rebuild or an unhappy player and no rebuild.


    I hope I’m wrong but my money is on him seeing out his contract as our 3rd choice striker.

  19. GREENPINATA on 6TH AUGUST 2021 5:46 PM




    ‘If someone could kindly point out where he was incorrect in what he said, I will re- evaluate.’






    He isn’t being criticised because what he said was incorrect. He is being criticised because what he said was correct.



    That’s why the criticism was nothing more than vulgar, personalised abuse, rather than an attempt to refute what he had to say.



    It’s indicative of a crypto fascist mindset, unquestioning, intolerant and authoritarian, involving a slavish devotion to a cause or institution.



    Shouldn’t be too harsh on them though, they can’t help being thick.

  20. SAINT STIVS on 6TH AUGUST 2021 6:36 PM


    WITS and CORK CELT you about.







    Careful now!



    We haven’t entirely got over the Shane Duffy episode yet.

  21. TINYTIM on 6TH AUGUST 2021 5:54 PM




    ‘Dermot needs to regain his desire for Celtic to be the top dogs on the park .’







    I’m not convinced that desire, if it existed at all, wasn’t only because it suited his business plan at the time.

  22. The only person to make an ar*e of the Odsonne Edouard situation in shirley Odsonne Edouard where Celtic supporters witnessed, a ghost of the player, he was for more than a year.



    He’ll be sold when the English transfer market hots up (if not sooner) and the middle to bottom EPL clubs get twitchy with their SKY tv monopoly money and £20M is peanuts (see Danny Ings £25M)



    note Because SMSM say so, Celtic will only get £1M because of their biscuit tin mentality and PL’s screwing up, and the sell on money all goes to PSG.



    Yawn CSC

  23. fairhill bhoy on

    2hrs in a queue at Celtic ticket office today.


    See familiar faces on Thursday


    416 it’s been a while 🍀

  24. FB,



    2 hours in the queue, was it still as big when you got out the office ?



    the backing of the fans really is something incredible.

  25. FAIRHILL BHOY on 6TH AUGUST 2021 7:29 PM


    2hrs in a queue at Celtic ticket office today.





    See familiar faces on Thursday





    416 it’s been a while 🍀








    That’s devotion right there pal …….💚✔👍

  26. I don’t think either Welsh or Murray would have stood like a statue at the first goal last night, like Bitton did.



    The 40yard pass . Someone has been on the raki.

  27. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Let’s be honest, if Eddy was sold last summer, we would have been up there with torches and pitchforks….

  28. It’s indicative of a crypto fascist mindset, unquestioning, intolerant and authoritarian, involving a slavish devotion to a cause or institution.



    reminds me of the war crim.


    i see keir wants Tonys legacy admired in yesterdays FT.whatever happened to core labour,guess the middle class are the go to demographic.sad eh.




  29. !!Bada Bing!! on

    TB- not sure if Turnbull has lost a bit of confidence, a couple of times in games, he’s hesitant to shoot, last year he would have hit it….well documented he fades after 65/70 minutes, not sure why.

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