Movement of front 3 sets Celtic loose


Jablonec are not a great team, but we faced a few who fall into that category since our last away win in February without scoring four goals and creating enough chances to easily double that.  Ange Postecoglou continues to learn about his squad and unlike away to Mitjylland a week earlier, we were well prepared.

Yesterday I asked to “see more of [Liel Abada’s] timed runs into the box”.  The evidence continues to arrive; Liel is a player who will score and create goals at a rate we have missed in recent seasons.  This knack of arriving in the box and the right time, in the right place, before a cross arrives is golden.  Think Alan Thompson at his lethal best.

Kyogo Furuhashi made the most of his full debut.  The movement of the front three caused Joblonec problems and it was Kyogo’s movement that created the goal opportunity.  Nir Bitton picked him out with a 30-yard pass, a pristine first touch and the deftest dink did the rest.  As I heard from a teenager at the time, “That goal is a solid 9 out of 10”.

As anyone who watched the game, or caught John Hartson’s remarkable reaction, will know, the defence is still not right.  We lost two dreadful goals.  You will have noticed Carl Starfelt was the closest defender to both goalscorers when the ball went into the net.  He did not start that way when the key forward passes were made.

For the first, Bitton was on his heels, body shape was wrong and Starfelt was left the impossible task of making up ground.  The second goal was more of a structural problem.

Starfelt and Bitton were both marking strikers in the middle of the field and the full backs were in advanced positions when Celtic lost the ball.  Ismaila Soro has covering duties but he was ball watching when the scorer made a run from deep.

We cannot leave two at the back against two attackers or we will see a lot more damage from similar deep runs.  Although we can blame Soro for ball watching, we need to shape the team to accommodate what will inevitably happen during a game.  Ismaila’s starting position was all wrong, he cannot get drawn into the role of supporting the player in possession at the cost of loitering deep.

It was great to see Joe Hart between the sticks and John Hartson was right, if a little hysterical, we still need defenders.  Perhaps a few.

Would we have won so comfortably if Odsonne Edouard started?  I’m not convinced.

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  1. fairhill bhoy on



    I think Sutton says plenty regarding them mate😉


    I just prefer honest opinion from people.






    False criticism is no good either.He knows we will be bringing in new defenders,so his rant about”Winning nothing with this team”,is bullshit.

  3. FB,


    I understand that.I was screaming at the defending.


    Thanks mate.Fine for now,but these fires won’t go away.Scary.

  4. So officially over 6m people in the UK have had Covid 19. The true figure will be much, much higher.



    Good to see swimmer Tom Dean win Gold. He has caught Covid 19 twice.


    Generally, Young, fit athletes probably need test results to know that they have the virus.

  5. Bada,



    Let’s see how DT performs on Sunday,and let’s hope it’s a wee temporary blip.You will be there I take it.

  6. fairhill bhoy on



    If we’re going to play this kind of fitba then there’s going to be a lot of screaming.



    Well just make sure you stay safe


    I need you to argue with ffs ya rocket 🍀

  7. To my mind it’s a strange mindset that applauds anyone, but an ex-celt in particular, for undermining a new signing at a particularly important time in his career at Celtic.



    It’s like any criticism of Celtic is welcomed.



    A funny old position to find ourselves in but here we are

  8. fairhill bhoy on

    Fred- I don’t know mate.


    But I’m sure Sutton or John weren’t involved in not ripping.


    The hun supporters/commentators toe the party line.


    I like that they 2dont 🤷🏽‍♂️

  9. Turkeybhoy,



    So you think the criticism was incorrect and false.?



    Sorry to disagree ( That is what blogs are for ) but I thought the criticism was justified as did everybody in the pub I was in.



    The comments were attribable to the players on the park, its impossible to comment on hypothetical new signings.



    Overall it was a pleasing night and a good win, but the negatives cannot and should not be ignored. I actually think it helps AP. It reminds everybody the hand he was dealt



    PS : Have heard similar comments on Celtic TV after poor, insipid performances.




  10. Go tell the Spartim on

    The first person to ask McCarthy why he turned his back on Scotland will be from the BBC.



    Regard John Hartson, his piece on the Dundee riot (I know ) should’ve burnt his bridges but I’m all for second chances (as contradictory that sounds ) he’s entitled to his opinion but a) he knows we will have a few more additions to the team, b) his biggest sin is that he went full tonto on the BBC (they’re already trying to plant the seed of doubt regards our new goalie) they wouldn’t be near any of the Celtic staff if I held the most shares.



    Moffat, Duncan and Watt are for the watching, they’ve been schooled by the chief bigot Wilson

  11. ROLLING_STONE on 6TH AUGUST 2021 2:58 PM



    Eddy coming in for a lot of hate now.





    Do you work for the Daily Record?

  12. James Mccarthy is one of 6 Scottish born players to play for Ireland.



    Over 90 players born in Engkand have played for Ireland. ( Including some absolute crackers )



    Where’s the story ?

  13. Spartim. Totally agree re bbc, the sports department would have been lapping it up. The huns watching would have loved it. As a Celtic man as I beleive the big man is, there was very little positives from him regarding the good bits. Was watching highlights of the game there Starfelt made a great block to prevent a good chance for the home side. He also won his fair share of headers. HH

  14. Lubo we need you on




    As a Share holder (and a fan) , there will be lots off hatred to him if he carries that out …. we paid 10 million for the dude . Hopefully he has a conscience…



    By the way if it was laxalt .. it would be free entry … hes pish



    LAXALT on 6TH AUGUST 2021 4:47 PM


    Edouard can sign pre contract with a good French team like Nice or Monaco in 20 weeks time.



    He’ll get £5m Euro in his hand.


    That’s why I think he’ll run his contract down.



    Rolling Stone… There’s no hatred for Edouard from Celtic fans- just a realisation that we as a club made a complete arse of it and it cost us dearly on and off the park.

  15. Good night my fellow Tims who post on here!



    And good night te the rest o’ ye!



    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Eddie won’t run his contract down. The lad wants out. The sooner this deal is concluded the better.

  17. As someone who thinks Eduoard will sit it out and leave on Bosman, can I explain my thinking,



    1. Eduoard wished to leave last summer, He was promised as much by Celtic when we signed him from PSG there was a route into the EPL Forrest, kayal, Ki, Forster, Wanyama, Van Dijk, Armstrong, Tierney and Dembele to Lyon


    2, As stated by others, he has had covid and the isolation with the Pandemic lockdowns,


    3, His agent and himself has on a number of occasions stated that he is happy to stay


    4. His Form dropped last season and has again dropped further this season till he no longer deserves a start


    5. N’tcham has managed to get his contract paid up and is now a free agent


    6. If he leaves on a free then he will make many millions more than his transfer fee cut and signing on fee



    I do not know this for sure but, I feel there is sufficient evidence that the club will take a financial blow after all he is our record signing at a reported £9m,



    Time will tell

  18. SAINTSTIVS @8:32



    How did this howler typo get into the Old Glasgow Pubs publication, I wonder?



    Hood, who played for Celtic, Scotland and Rangers in the 70s, put £750,000 into renovating the Angels Hotel.

  19. !!BADA BING!! on 6TH AUGUST 2021 9:57 PM


    TB- 0/4 ballots so far….🙄






    I have 2 tickets that will be unused for Sunday. Club Celtic – let me know

  20. NAT TEARMAN , seriously m8, when will you own up to yir Agenda!!! 😉 !!! ps don’t ring up your usual RNAT groupies !!night Tommy!!!

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