O Captain! My Captain! For you the flag is flung


Apologies to Hamilton Accies, I was clearly disrespectful to their chances of taking something last night.  They were as strong a domestic opponent as we have seen at Celtic Park this season.  Not only were they well organised in defence, they got forward with purpose and drew a stunning save from Fraser Forster minutes before their equaliser.  They will not be relegated.

Having taken an early lead, Celtic lacked their usual incision and failed to add a second goal before Scott Brown’s 92nd minute response to Accies 90th minute equaliser.  The closing 15 minutes of the game saw Celtic pushed ever-farther back, with Accies enjoying regular possession in the final third.  The goal from Ogboe, when it came, was not a surprise and no one grudged the Lanarkshire team what looked like a point.

Celtic wasted no time feeling sorry for themselves.  Scott Brown’s winner was not the thunderous last-minute effort he denied Kilmarnock with last season.  This time, he resisted an early shot, moved wide left, before finding the far corner from a tighter angle.  For once, energy deserted the Hamilton defence, which was unable to close space down, perhaps thinking their job was done.  The job is never done against a Celtic team that specialises in last minute winners.

We often think back to that Scott Brown goal in Kilmarnock as pivotal to the 8-in-a-row title.  As we left Celtic Park last night and news filtered through of results elsewhere, it felt like an equally pivotal moment.  “O Captain! My Captain….for you the flag is flung”.  W.W.


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  1. South Of Tunis on

    Ntcham .



    Some Italian fly a kite stuff re Roma being interested . Some add Valencia and Sporting Lisbon .



    Genoa had first dibs on him before he signed for Celtic . His loan period included a right to buy stipulation . They declined – stating that 4.5 million euros was a lot of money for a player who, in their experience, was reliably unreliable .

  2. Ntcham is good to bring on in the last 20 mins of a game when we are already two or three goals up and he has time on the ball there is space to pick passes



    I think he would have been sold in the summer but when the Turnbull deal didnt go through that probably put the breaks on that

  3. I think Ntcham is a great player. When Broony was out I thought he, along with Callum, Tom and Ryan were doing very well. His problem so far this year is that he’s not getting regular games and it’s hard to impress when you’re just a tad off the pace. Look at Julien, he was not looking too sharp in his first few games but has come through just fine after he built up match fitness and a good understanding of the players around him.



    Oli’s one weakness for me is his lack of dig when it’s needed. He needs a Wanyama beside him :)

  4. The `laggard`overtaken by Usain Forster did not look anywhere near as enthused as did the rest of the team. Was it Bauer?

  5. We have to assume guys like Ntcham & Simunovic will be Celtic players for the foreseeable.



    This changes if we see genuine interest from clubs.



    At the end of January the squad will look pretty much the same. Maybe we will offload some no-hopers on loans like Kouassi or Hendry.



    Maybe we will bring in a backup striker. Short-term measures. It’s just the way things are unless you are buying from a team offseason like Russia or Sweden.

  6. Btw wee Griffiths’ touch from the sky last night to set up the winning goal was exquisite



    He looked trim too



    Hopefully whatever else it is he needs to do he does it



    We will need him

  7. Didn’t get to see much of the game last for technical reasons, (it wasn’t on Amazon was it) so thanks to those who posted links or clips, especially that of the winning goal. Though not at our best, that goal showed us at our very best, sheer determination, the quick movement of Griffith and Johnson, the recycle of the ball when it was defended briefly and the brilliant finish by our very own Di Broonie, and all with the knowledge that there was no time left. As important a goal as we have scored this season.

  8. ……


    Camerado,I give you my hand


    I give you my love more precious than money


    I give you myself before preaching or law


    Will you give me yourself. Will you travel with me?


    Shall we stick by each other as long as we live?




  9. Asupporterwhogotlucky on

    Relevant to todays header. I said it back then and i take the utmost pleasure in reminding just a few of the doubters today, if Sevco EVER needed a lift, the biggest one we could give them on our way to 10IAR would be for us to be without our captain.



    From not so long ago



    Sadly Broonie is in the twilight of his career and should be allowed to head off to an Australian sunset.




    SB is finished , done, whatever way you want to put it.




    Broony is a legend, but time for him to go




    Broony- thanks for the service but time to empty your locker




    Brown – no longer able to dominate the midfield and crucially run the game (do not renew contract)





    You know who you are.




  10. Gerrard bemoaned the lack of leaders in his team last night



    Well we have the supreme leader in our team who won us the game




  11. “ For once, energy deserted the Hamilton defence, ”



    Do you think their exuberant celebrations may have contributed to that as much as having to defend for 95% of the game?

  12. HOT SMOKED on 5TH DECEMBER 2019 2:11 PM



    Correct. And I agree that he didn’t seem that ‘enthused’. However, he is on loan and not played much. I thought last night he was struggling most of the match without a right-winger to play off/with, but when Jamesy switched to the right later on I thought he perked up a bit.



    Just LOVED to see (nearly) the whole team swarm over Broony. Wonder when was the last time A Big Wall moved so far, so fast?

  13. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/5031106/rangers-celtic-charlie-miller-old-firm/



    Renowned football guru Charlie Miller picks his cup final 11 players from the Celtic and “Rangers” squads.



    4 Celtic players make his cut.



    Sorry Chris Julien – you’re no match for Conner Goldson.



    Sorry Callum McGregor – your’re no match for Steven Davis



    Sorry Odsonne Edouard – you’re no match for Alfredo Morelos



    I hope that a magnified image of this is pinned up in our changing room.

  14. glendalystonsils on

    !!BADA BING!!



    That should save our defenders from a few injuries . The guy is a battering ram.

  15. Hrvatski Jim


    I love those balanced opinions.


    We had the media mania before the Ibrox game.


    Some Hun churnalist had them winning 4-0.


    No need for Neil’s pre game talk.

  16. Maybe it’s just my imagination but big Tam Rogic is due a big game.



    I reckon it could come against Sevco Scotland Ltd.

  17. ‘Charlie Miller football guru’



    Wrong,incorrect.erred.. Meejah self analsiss



    Doyen of the boolinkkklub cirkit more like




  18. CELTIC MAC on 5TH DECEMBER 2019 2:52 PM


    Dear God, that just hit me,


    Sent it to my partner,




    Hail hail,


    C’mon the hoops



  19. It would not be the first time that a team well down in the League placings push more vaunted opponents to the limits of an upset. It tends to happen more in football than in high scoring sports and sure enough Hamilton were on the verge of a shock result last night. Certainly we’ve seen it happen at Celtic Park in the past but nothing compares with the euphoria when your team snatches victory in the dying seconds of a sporting event like last night particularly after hearing the result from Aberdeen. The strive for the title is well on track.

  20. Hankray,


    Before and during the game, we want a victory by as many goals as possible. Had we won 6-0 last night, for instance, we would have been well satisfied. We would not, though, have experienced the unbounded joy we all shared after Broonie`s last minute winner. Personally, the euphoria remains with me yet and offers a fine example of what if feels like to be a Celtic supporter ( and, in fairness, how it feels for the supporters of most teams).




    PS I wonder how those people who leave early felt last night ( and I KNOW some have no choice) ?

  21. Greetings from Munich and its Christmas Markets. I missed the game last night and as the plane touched down I swiftly switched on my phone to ‘Broony saves the day” but totally unaware of what had happened or that the huns had dropped two points as well. It didn’t take me long to find out. I’d rather we got our bad performance out against Hamilton than sevco.


    Still to have my first Glühwein but that won’t be much longer. Having a quick G&T in the room before me and Mrs PMTYH hit the City again.


    Ps, belated birthday wishes to Bada Bing.

  22. Pog



    ” I’d rather we got our bad performance out against Hamilton than sevco.”



    I partially agree with that sentiment but, IMO, it was a reasonable performance which, I am sure, would now be seen in a much more positive light had we taken some seemingly very easy chances.

  23. Bada`s Birthday?


    A very Happy Birthday , Bada and what a fine present given to you by Broonie.


    FRENCH pension £24k a year .people out protesting because GOV want to make some changes.



    british pension £8k people queue up to vote BREXIT.

  25. I see the bookies make us favourites on Sunday at around 1/1.


    Sevco are just over 2/1.


    Last minute winners are brilliant.


    I loved leaving the ground as the stadium announcer gave us the result from the Ewe Camp.




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