On writing Celtic, or their manager, off


Sentiment this week is all so familiar from nine years ago, almost to the day.  15 October 2011 was when Kilmarnock established a three goal lead over Celtic, only for Anthony Stokes (2) and Charlie Mulgrew to save the blushes with a draw.

When an opportunity arose that week I felt I had to tell a ‘senior source at the club’ that his manager was not up to the task and that Rangers were on their way to winning four-in-a-row.  The response included “get a hold of yourself”, “Emilio will be back shortly” and “we’re going to win the league”.

I was wrong about Neil Lennon and the league, it was a lesson.  We have made mistakes every season since, as has Neil, including several this season, but some perspective, Odsonne, Ryan, James, and Christopher will return, as will Hatem, Nir and Mikey, whle Albian and Leigh will reach full fitness.

What you saw at the weekend is not the team who are going for their fourth consecutive treble, or who topped a difficult Europa League group a year ago.  We will improve significantly and I’ve no appetite to be told to get a hold of myself again.  There will be no need for a towel retrieval service.  If you write this Celtic team off – including the manager – you have not been paying attention.

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  1. onenightinlisbon on

    I would take some of Phil’s stuff with a huge pinch of salt. Huns going bust every week according to his blog. And it’s shocking if this is out in the open assuming it happened. Almost as if we don’t want the ten…

  2. My friends in Celtic,



    What a few days this has been on CQN. Tremendous and invigorating debate. The best of CQN and easily equal to its past days.



    Nothing stays the same, the blog has evolved and recent entries have really stimulated discussion.



    We remember our past contributors fondly but this is now and that was then.



    Mirrors the current Celtic dilemma I would suggest.



    HH to all.

  3. Very quickly, any action taken Yet against the columbian, for both slapping out at Broonie or kicking out at Duffy ????



    Now Brendan left Celtic, and took


    Chris Davies, an assistant Brendan had through Liverpool. – replaced by John Kennedy ( who was already on the first team coaching staff)


    Kolo Toure – Damian Duff, ( already part of our coaching staff) and now Gavin Strachan.


    For me huge difference in experience for both rolls ??



    Who has replaced


    Glenn O’Driscoll


    Jack Lyons ????




    Exactly my point. If Phil really does have “sources”, I wonder how they’d feel about him putting such sensitive information on Twitter.



    Either it’s BS or the leaks are deeper than we imagined.

  5. The Phil piece has a message that has to get out there as a board PR piece


    Don’t panic we know there’s a management issue and he’s on a warning



    Whether it’s true or not is anyone’s guess.

  6. We sacked a cleaner and security staff to eradicate leaks. ( The Drumchapel Two )



    Did we unfairly sack them or is our operation just like a sieve. ?



    Personally I don’t think the team leak on Saturday made the slightest bit of different.




  7. In amongst all of this…I’m now watching Barcelona v Ferencvaros with a heavy heart.



    0-0 mins gone.

  8. No goals in my coverage of Barcelona v Ferencvaros with 23 minutes gone but the Hungarians have just battered one off the bar.



    My son’s pal is the wee brother of RBLeipzig’s manager – Jesse Marsh.



    RB are 2-0 up against Istanbul Basaksehir after 25 minutes.

  9. Cornelius – a familiar name at LB for the Turks – Mr Bolingoli.



    Pretty ironic in that he helps to mess up Celtic’s chances in the competition and he gets to play in it anyway.

  10. INIQUITOUSIV on 20TH OCTOBER 2020 8:29 PM



    1-0 Barcelona, penalty on 27 mins by Messi after he was fouled inside the box.

  11. PETETHEBEAT on 20TH OCTOBER 2020 8:31 PM


    Cornelius – a familiar name at LB for the Turks – Mr Bolingoli.


    Pretty ironic in that he helps to mess up Celtic’s chances in the competition and he gets to play in it anyway.





    I didn’t see that until you said.


    He’s got a yellow already too.


    Will he see out the 90 mins…

  12. THEBHOYFROMU.N.C.L.E on 20TH OCTOBER 2020 8:38 PM


    He might go away on holiday at half time.




    But nobody would know till he came back…

  13. Gene 8:05 pm, that’s the way I see it. Our absentee landlord is making it clear that he’s no MIA after all.

  14. I hope Boli plays well. Want him sold for a half-decent fee. Otherwise, we’ll see him back in the summer.

  15. GEEBEE1978 on 20TH OCTOBER 2020 8:53 PM



    I think he’ll never darken the door again.



    He’ll be told to stay away & his agent can work out another loan till his contracts up.

  16. I’ve had a senior moment or is it a CRAFT moment now.



    The team managed by my son’s pal’s brother is RB Salzburg not Leipzig.



    They play tomorrow against Locomotiv Moscow.



    Getting a head shake/eye roll from Mrs Cornelius.

  17. As some of the guys have pointed out, the idea that Desmond wouldn’t want his actions to be known about is pretty daft. Think he’d prefer the idea that the ship is sailing, rudderless, towards the rocks? I think not.



    As to the idea that the Absentee Landlord doesn’t care … ha!



    I was one of the first people to call him that on a blog … but I’ll tell you this, even an absentee landlord will not let the tenants burn down the house.




  18. JAMES FORREST on 20TH OCTOBER 2020 9:12 PM


    ‘As some of the guys have pointed out, the idea that Desmond wouldn’t want his actions to be known about is pretty daft. Think he’d prefer the idea that the ship is sailing, rudderless, towards the rocks? I think not.’







    No he’d prefer the world to think that the details of a personal and confidential meeting he has had with the CEO and manager are leaked by a no mark online hack. Does wonders for his credibility.

  19. A no mark hack online?



    You’re referring to the writer of three books, two stage plays, an NUJ card carrier who broke the Dallas story, knew the bailiffs were turning up at Ibrox before most of the MSM, who was the first guy in the country to write about EBT’s and Rangers’ use of them and one of only a handful of people including the guy who runs this site, to say, definitively, that Rangers were in financial trouble four years before the walls fell down?



    Yeah, remind me again what your own accomplishments in this sphere are? Other than making an arse of yourself with snide comments on this blog?

  20. Effervescent come back by Accies.



    4-0 down just over half way through the first half when in response, almost accidentally, Hamilton players stared at each other, giggled and then collapsed in a hugging heap as the ball nestled in the Aberdeen net.



    And so it remained until half time and the home team’s financial director was able to turn the floodlights to a peep and cover any potential win bonus.



    As the second forty five progressed, the Dons seemed to sink into a ‘we’ve got it won’ torpor , just watching, scratching and occasionally bursting into a quick walk.


    But the ‘boys from the plastic stuff’ have seen it, done it, and will no doubt see it a gain and maybe even do it again in the future.



    “Aff the deck’ was the tactics extraordinaire and so they reverted to long balls, high balls, battered balls and blootered balls. Lo and behold the subtlety paid off and with a penalty reducing the deficit to a mere 2 goals……the seagulls shat themselves.



    Still if there’s one thing you can be sure of when it comes to a Derek McInnes outfit, the lessons learned from communal watching of televised cage-fighting paid greater dividends than Desmond’s yearly transfer to his ‘allegedly’ Caribbean tax haven.



    And so Hamilton visibly crumbled under the assault of studs, heids, knees and boompsadaisies, presumably preferring to drop three points versus dropping two goolies.



    With the final scoreline reading 4-2, the gulls wiped their erses, and chatted about the weekend’s up and coming extravaganza. All Scotland was surely waiting in anticipation of the meeting of giants.



    Aye St Mirren v Hamilton….what a prospect.



    Of course on Sunday, the Grampian Grunters are going to get banjoed by Glasgow’s green and white band of laughing minstrels while some bunch of charlatans get their wallets dipped by Livi.



    You can take that to the bank.




  21. Lazio, who we beat home and away last season are giving Dortmund a doing in the CL.



    Is there still anyone out there who doesn’t think we’ve gone backward?

  22. GEEBEE1978


    Lazio are 15th in the Italian league, gubbing Dortmund and Haaland. Juventus are 5th, and won 2-0 away at Dynamo Kiev. We are playing AC Milan, who are guess where in the table?