Ordinary men and women defeated a wilfully blind government


With an understatement of historic proportions, Scottish Government minister Annabelle Ewing said should would “respect the will of [the Scottish]parliament” and set in motion the process to repeal the discredited Offensive Behaviour at Football Act.  This is a new approach from a government which has ignored the will of the Scottish Parliament on each occasion on this very issue – despite acting like wounded fawns when others do the same.

The Act was the brainchild of Alex Salmond, who exploited a Celtic-Rangers match which saw two Rangers players ordered off and a brief but angry shouting match between Neil Lennon and Ally McCoist. The game, however, was remarkably free from crowd trouble.

For years Rangers fans were being arrested for offenses of a sectarian nature. Celtic fans had rid themselves of ‘offensive chanting’ but things changed when SNP Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill sat through a Celtic-Rangers cup final deafened by chanting of ‘The Billy Boys’, he congratulated spectators on their behaviour. This saw the return of political chanting from the Celtic support.

SNP minister Christine Grahame made clear the intentions of Salmond’s Bill when she told Justice Committee meeting this Act would allow police to “equalise” arrest figures between Celtic fans and Rangers fans.

It was an appalling piece of governance and sectarian in nature.

61 SNP MSPs voted to retain the act yesterday, as Holyrood heard the most ridiculous nonsense in attempts to justify its place, citing sectarian comments made well away from the football environment. The SNP seem to know there is a sectarian problem, but are blind to any of their own shortcomings.

Credit for this reversal goes in considerable volume to the Fans Against Criminalisation action group, and to James Kelly MSP (Lab), who sponsored yesterday’s vote. Ordinary men and women defeated a wilfully blind, Peronist, government.

We can only be grateful that government does not enjoy a majority in parliament. Its authoritarian tendencies are clear, they did not look at the evidence and reverse their view, they simply didn’t have the votes necessary to continue to ignore all the evidence.

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  1. Right now you can hardly turn the tele on here, CNN or MSNBC, and not hear the word collusion.



    As far as I’m concerned they don’t have a copyright on it as it’s been going on in Scottish Football for years and more so since bader’s been around. As soon as the distress sign went up regarding European money we all saw the lengths they would go to, unfortunately chauncey was such a breest of a manager they managed tae screw that up.



    Recently, ovis aries mcsleekit has said that winning the Scottish Cup would cement his side’s place as one of the best in the club’s history, he also intimated that we were unstoppable in the quest for the 2018 League title so why bother there, while I agree with the latter as far as being one of the clubs historical best, aye if he wisnae in charge, as we used tae say when I was in primary “and that band played believe it if you like”.



    If/should they have taken full points off of sevco this season they would only be two points behind us and still have to play us twice, that is if they make the split and I’m not jesting here. Is it really conceivable that they are willing to concede their aspirations of a 5th title to appease the craft.



    They were once a proud club who also won the ECWC, against the Galácticos FGS, and didnae get presented with it in a lavvy. Unfortunately a succession of poor management choices, including former “jobs for the boys” have seen them win only 1 trophy, and not a major one at that (LC) in the past 12 years, our latest ambassador big Roy of the Rovers was in charge then, fellow ex-Celt Jim Duffy was in the other dugout that day.



    I was very much of the opinion, based on how they’ve always operated, that mcsleekit was going to manage his boyhood heroes and milne would sanction this to oblige the britherhood in return for construction/planning related favours and made that clear on here. As such I was “astounded of forehead” when it didn’t occur.



    I was ready for eating humble pie until once the dust had settled and milne then admitted that he would not have stood in mcinnes’s way, now why would he say that if not to curt favour with the scourge of the country.



    It seems that there are only 2 Europa places up for grabs in Scotland and there are some out there hell bent on sevco getting one of them, it’s not as if they will go very far in the tournament, it’s all about season books and merchandising.



    I am now more than ever convinced that a deal has been done where the sheep are in collusion with the huns to allow them one of the places even if it means they miss out themselves.



    Let’s face it they got their erses felt in the 2nd qualifying round by a Cypriot team this season after scraping by against a Bosnian team in the first one, no money spinning ties either and possibly cost them money. So the cup seems to be their priority this season, hot and cold balls will ensure they don’t meet us or sevco enroute.



    I also believe that derek kai johansen mcinnes will conveniently get the sugar lump before the season ends, meaning nae compensation for him, and show up at edmiston drive in the summer once durty murty has been unceremoniously dispatched, he’s another mcmullet and look where he ended up, the third tier in england.



    Meanwhile, tomorrow we have a former player, captain and manager bringing a team to Parkheid. He’ll have them fired up and rightly so, he’s a professional not a sycophant.

  2. FergusSTB


    ” The only solution I can see is for us to get out of scottish football ,only then will we rid ourselves of the ghost of bigotry and the bigoted £”


    If we call them out, by them I mean the sfa, we will be out of scottish football within the year, the football world couldn’t be seen to condone cheating and corruption at the level that has gone down, when real media people get involved the powers that be would do everything in their power to deflect the scandal, their would be footy associations bending over backwards to see us right, we are box office.


    Just my opinion.



  3. fergusslayedtheblues on

    PETEC on 26TH JANUARY 2018 10:02 PM


    Indeed .


    I think the money men at the club may factor in the chance we will be knocked out in the pricing so look to put some extra on the price .


    If this is the case then maybe the club should give a discount on the ticket for the next round if we progres


    say £25 ,thus giving an average of £30 over the 2 rounds .


    I am sure most fans would be happier with that ,otherwise it would just be the case of the bean counters pricing high in case we lose



  4. TT…..



    I have no idea why but a Scouse work m8 said to me that there are Masons in EVERY Boardroom in Scotland. His lad was not given a chance @ D.Utd.

  5. What is the Stars on

    Gold Eliza is the name of the horse.


    Trained by Damien English.


    His horses are worth following now. Especially at Dundalk.


    Red Avenger was 2nd tonight


    Bluesbreaker won and Alfirak (having his first run for the yard was 5th)


    The trouble with Gold Eliza is that it’s backed by connections every time it runs

  6. Hi Bhoys



    It really comes down to money like it or not. Celtic are a business. If the business has big aspirations eg european glory then we better get used to the huns hanging around for a while yet or at least till we get a move out of Scotland.



    If we are not aiming that high or the gap between us and the super rich clubs becomes to big then we should content ourselves with winning EVERYTHING in Scotland and using it to kill off the huns. So it could well be a case of what do you want european glory with huns alive or domestic dominance and the huns dead. I would settle for the latter.



    So win everything at domestic level and it will soon “empty the park” to qoute kevj.


    But it would empty their park not Celtic park. If we keep winning more and more of them will walk away leaving them with nothing to hope for. So don’t turn your back on Celtic if the huns don’t die this week or next. In fact do the opposite.



    I would say if like me you would rather they were dead then back the club and spend your cash with a season ticket or Celtic tv or on the official merchandise from the club stores etc.


    If we keep ploughing our hard earned cash into Celtic maybe we will get both eventually but at the moment I really don’t think we can do both together. Look to buy presents for family and friends from Celtic remember the more money into the club the more chance we have of getting rid of the huns.



    Please don’t see this post as supporting the board it’s just the way I feel we can keep moving forward and pushing them back.






    PARK ROAD 67



    It’s nearly February love to u2 from us3




  7. WITS,



    A mixed bag from you tonight, but keep them coming. They are closer than what I’ve bet all week. Thanks for pointing out the name, Gold Eliza. It has not run since November when it was last of 14 at 25/1.






    P.S. I hope you enjoyed the cinema.

  8. fergusslayedtheblues on

    THE EXILED TIM on 26TH JANUARY 2018 11:11 PM


    I would rather we had an alternative league set up to go to first TBO


    FIFA ,UEFA are not strangers to scandal and they are still in business .



    What I am trying to say is ,whilst we reside in the Scottish football set up we are hamstrung in what revenue we can generate .I for one am fond of CP and the plans for improving the so called triangle .



    Forget all the bull about ,we don’t do walking away .that is exactly what they would do if they had to admit they were not the the club that never signed catholics .Thousands would disappear (you would have to pre book a round of golf ,or game of bowls 6 months in advance ,such would be the new members take up )



    I want Celtic football club to grow and be in pole position when access to a new league set up comes along


    Then we will have outgrown all the petty parochial claptrap we have had to endure and norman bates fc would have to evolve or be left playing the banjo to one man and his dug



  9. What is the Stars on



    I think Ex Patriot is a Crazy Price tomorrow at Cheltenham 335


    33/1 is worth a shilling each way.


    But Beer Goggles winning would be a great story (trainer aged 40 died suddenly last week)

  10. CATMAN on 26TH JANUARY 2018 10:40 PM


    It looks like Musonda will be the man for us









    Holy smokes.

  11. Just in from a family night out.


    Surprised to learn that the Dundee lad Hendry was put through his paces at St Ninians and Lennoxtown before being released by us. I hadn’t heard that before.


    Doesn’t quite tally with BR stating he’ll only be bringing in quality signings -not just numbers.

  12. Celtic Squad v Hibernian


    03 Games 0 Shut Outs Craig Gordon


    21 Games 2 Goals Scott Brown


    12 Games 3 Goals James Forrest


    08 Games 4 Goals Mikael Lustig


    03 Games 2 Goals Moussa Dembele


    03 Games 2 Goals Callum McGregor


    03 Games 2 Goals Scott Sinclair


    03 Games 0 Goals Nir Bitton


    03 Games 0 Goals Dedryck Boyata


    03 Games 0 Goals Tom Rogic


    03 Games 0 Goals Kieran Tierney


    02 Games 0 Goals Stuart Armstrong


    02 Games 0 Goals Odsonne Edouard


    02 Games 0 Goals Leigh Griffiths


    02 Games 0 Goals Jonny Hayes


    02 Games 0 Goals Olivier Ntcham


    02 Games 0 Goals Patrick Roberts


    01 Games 0 Goals Jozo Simunovic .

  13. thetimreaper,



    I have been meaning to ask you…Third person. James Forrest?



    Moved seats and 1 of the diehards……. goes everwhere. he isnae liking JF whatsoever.



    I reckon Jamesie has the potential to Own the Best def in Europe.




  14. PETEC on 27TH JANUARY 2018 12:27 AM





    Jamesy is doing great, I prefer him on the left. He should have been swapped wings against the Huns last month. He is a key player like Sinclair. Hard to fit them all in.

  15. Not mad about taking guys on loan , when we have no chance of signing them, but we could do with a bit of a lift attacking wise.

  16. As mentioned earlier, the big signing of this window is…….



    Celtic were closing in on an 18-month loan deal for Chelsea playmaker Charly Musonda on Friday.



    The Parkhead club hope to have the 21-year-old attacking midfielder in Glasgow early next week despite late competition for his signature from Spanish club Leganes.



    Musonda made a rare first-team appearance for the Stamford Bridge club in last weekend’s 4-0 victory over Brighton, coming off the bench with nine minutes remaining to lay on the fourth goal.

  17. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    If Moussa starts against Hibs then I’ll be delighted ~ let the boy play! (….and Griff).

  18. Sorry Ghuys if this is a double post , YOGI HUGHES not normally a horsey man , but sitting with this fella the other night, and had to prize it from him he told me name of horse , as a was pashed could not remember name . Mrs Babbitty remembers part of it . Will try to catch up with him on last two days of holiday to confirm, however got the feeling horse is running in next couple of weeks so look out for it. Thanks for replying, GFTB you are correct mate play the griff smiley face mate

  19. WITS , thanks for that mate , would normally never post about horses as not got a clue. The fella seemed genuine that’s why I posted. If it gets one of us a turn it’s well worth it , any way football bets my thing 2-0 the griff tomorrow, but any win will do