Our redoubtable former manager


No one on Celtic Quick News ever doubted Gordon Strachan, did they?

It’s been a long 8 years since that dark week but our former manager demonstrated enormous resilience to win three consecutive league titles and twice qualify for the knockout stages of the Champions League.  He is perfect for the Scotland role, although, to be frank, I didn’t think his squad had last night’s result in them.  Well done to all.

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  1. Great result yesterday evening, it is hugely important Scotland go from strength. To strength.



    We also need Aberdeen &/or Hibs &/or Dundee United &/or another to challenge for domestic trophies and do well Europe.



    So we can see Scottish Football is in rude health and nail the Scotland need a strong Rangers myth.

  2. The Boy Jinky on




    In any civilised and lawful country. .. the contents of those e mails would bring ogilvie and reagan their p45s



    Wont hold my breath though

  3. masty is neil lennon on

    the boy jinky



    I find them truly shocking,the contempt these people have for authority (or lack of) is incredible.i can only think we (celtic fc) feel they are a goner, I can think of no other reason we have kept stum.

  4. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Pressure has to be applied on Ogilvie, Regan, et al to get them removed from their positions. The problem is, they will be replaced with likeminded individuals. But should they be removed because of fan group pressure, there is more chance of transparency in the future.



    That pressure has to come from supporters organisations all over Scotland. How that is co-ordinated, I have no idea.



    The media are not interested – Charlotte Fakes has simply underlined how compliant they are regarding the cancerous clubs from Ibrox and the corrupt bodies who are supposed to run our game fairly.



    As a few people have already remarked – the joke isn’t funny anymore.

  5. Gene's a Bhoy's name on

    Surely the whole charlotte stuff is unsubstantiated -if not why is none of the msm (including england) or any of the authorities picking up on it.




  6. masty is neil lennon on

    Gene’s a Bhoy’s name



    how can the main player talking on tape be unsubstantiated?.there are machine that read voice levels and variations that would easily stand up in any court..

  7. masty is neil lennon on

    as jinky just posted, anywere alse in the world this cesspit would be a car park by now.

  8. I am finding myself with those who find Charlotte’s revelations no longer amusing. It is way way beyond a joke that the 2 folk who “run” Scottish football seem to be acting on the orders of the deady bears. Surely, someone has to call them to book? Surely, someone has to demand their resignations? There must be some mechanism to bring about the end of corrupt activity that is in the public domain.

  9. Gene's a Bhoy's name on



    But no one is running with it let alone the courts being involved

  10. masty is neil lennon on

    Gene’s a Bhoy’s name




    17:43 on 8 June, 2013






    But no one is running with it let alone the courts being involved




    and therin lies our problem,it has to give at some point, the evidence is getting heavier and heavier, maybe posting this stuff on other clubs message boards would help us take the fight to them.

  11. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    masty, parhead cum Salford et al


    shurely we aren’t going to stand by idly while the likes of keevins and jacko decide what is happening next



    we all hear there is only one show in town



    well there must be a way for that “show” to have a voice



    or we can just sit tamely at the back of the bus

  12. The Comfortable Collective on

    The voice recording I want hear is the reaction from Craig White when the final whistle went in their Champions League qualifier last season.



    I’m sure it would have been along the lines of;


    “For fn@#s sake McCoist”.

  13. Some people talk on here as if we had no influence whatsoever on the SFA. Well the facys of the matter is that we do. I am concerned the club are not asking publicly for a full enquiry into the Sevco putsch . Clearly the Charlotte stuff is kosher . Nobody could make up stuff like that its far too detailed. Time for action Celtic.

  14. Can some post a link to the latest Charlotte audio release please





    When’s the second coat going on?

  15. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Whatever else people may say about Craig Whyte – he is a better judge of a football manager than most of the Zombies and their apologists are.



    In fact, his summaries of McCoist, Jardine, Moonbeams, Murray Lite, the dimwits who support the Huns and the Scottish media have all been spot on.

  16. The big guy at the back....of Neil Lennon on

    Fergus proved in the past that the only club capable of bringing the SFA to book, over their blatant cheating, is Celtic.



    In comparison to their behaviour toward the dead club over the past couple of years, the Cadete affair was a mere triviality.



    And yet we see absolutely no evidence of Celtic acting to protect the interests of their fans, who, quite rightly, demand open and fair competition, overseen by a transparent and in-corrupt national association.



    Why is that?



    In my view, this is because Celtic PLC do not share all of the same interests as their fans.



    The majority of those interests will be common to both but for me, Celtic’s continued apparent inaction leads me to conclude that, unlike me and the majority of Celtic supporters, they want Sevco back in the SPL as soon as possible and their inaction is designed to support that outcome.



    We can debate all night whether Celtic’s inaction is absence of evidence or evidence of absence but for me it’s the latter and its the single reason that I will not contribute a single penny to these corrupt competitions.



    People are free to make their own decisions and If they choose to continue buy tickets for these competitions and accept the corruption, no matter what, then that’s a matter for them.



    I can’t and won’t.




  17. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    bennet mcmenemy Quinn somers and Hamilton


    exactly! if we are the only show in town then its time that the hangers on who make a living out of our club and fans heard what we had to say about this



    are we stand alone while Ogilvie tells us what to do?


    are we to remain silent while keevins and Jackson act as if nothing has happened


    are we to lie down like good little croppy bhoys while regan and ogilivie and Longmuir collude like a masonic ring



    ive never done any of them and im not for starting now


    ive stood by the club and their strategy of not speaking out on this issue


    I think its time for a change NOW

  18. masty is neil lennon on




    my conclusion on the clubs silence, is that we have all the evidence charlotte is drip feeding us and as such know there will be an eventuality sevco will die , thus no need to be seen as part of their demise.only my take though

  19. The Boy Jinky on




    I blooming well hope your blooming right…. cos im getting blooming angry now ;)

  20. Paul67 et al



    So, Craig was there, Stuart was there, Ali (Russell, not McCoist) was there, and Campbell was there, only one question to be addressed. Where was Jim Traynor?

  21. Remember as a kid ( must have been around 1978 World Cup time) pestering ma faither for a Scotland strip.What do u want one of them for ? he asked.Cant remember what my reply but I could sense a general unwillingness from ma Da.



    Anyway , I probably harped on for ages at him before he eventually caved in.



    Took me to a Sports shop in Dunfermline and was served by the owner who happened to be an SFA official .



    This guy made a big fuss over me, asking if I played for a team? What position I played ? Etc……



    This guy entire demeanour changed when I answered his question about what team I supported.He bacame very dismissive and it was like he couldn’t get us out the shop quick enough.



    Guess it was then I realised why my Faither questioned my choice of fitba strip.



    Guess what?



    Never asked for another Scotland strip again.



    Been the hoops every time since and the same for Burghbhoy junior.



    We receive no encouragement to follow the Scotland team.



    To hell with them !

  22. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on



    I hope you are right too becos if you are not the huns will be reborn


    (or continuing) depending on what source we take our info from



    its too big a risk for me following the disappointment of LNS, HMRC etc and the blatant collusion between the huns newco and the fitba authorities



    If the media wont take account of the charlotte releases, they will take account of PL


    you can be sure that the fans of the other Scottish clubs will know less about this than us

  23. The Boy Jinky on

    Had a wee squint on zombie media to observe their take on Charlotte



    They think its edited and fake…




    They really do win the ostrich prize

  24. masty is neil lennon on





    I am a bit older than your good self and as such could not understand why the Scotland fans would boo when my idol, wee jinky would take to the pitch,as I got a little older and even littler(is that a word?)wiser I sussed it was because the wee man was taking the place of a certain willie Henderson…and when I say boo I mean BOOOO…lol.

  25. Steinreignedsupreme on

    The Comfortable Collective 17:51 on 8 June, 2013



    “The voice recording I want hear is the reaction from Craig White when the final whistle went in their Champions League qualifier last season.



    “I’m sure it would have been along the lines of;


    “For fn@#s sake McCoist”.”






    Whyte’s been pretty scathing of Ally Absolutely in the stuff we have heard so far.



    Whyte: “He cost us a fortune getting knocked out of all the cups so early. No European revenue. We wouldn’t have won the league anyway.”


    Whyte: “He’s on £750,000 a year – I wouldn’t pay him £75 grand.”




    Imran: “What did McCoist do? (when Jelavic downed tools, because he wanted to join Everton)


    Whyte: “Nothing. He just said ‘sell him’.”



    Whyte: “He’s useless – totally f*#!ing useless”




    Listening to the tapes is like that scene in True Romance when the cops have the guy wired up – “I love this f*#!ing guy…”

  26. masty is neil lennon on

    The Boy Jinky




    18:29 on 8 June, 2013




    Had a wee squint on zombie media to observe their take on Charlotte



    They think its edited and fake…



    They really do win the ostrich prize




    the hun forums are keeping this going with their blind faith…when they eventually die AGAIN it will be the why us syndrome again.

  27. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on



    your average zombie is willing to clutch at any straw


    the fact that the msm ostriches ignore the story gives them the new huns a basis that they need to hold on to that straw



    the same old new huns never accepted that they were going to fold until the DR published it last valentines day

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