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  1. antipodean red on




    I used to go to the games with Pat, still keep in touch with him despite being in Oz for nearly 20 years, catch up with him every time I’m back for a good few beers. A full-on Tim, we used to love giving it to the huns in Browns, especially during the John Greig years, rode my luck a few times.



    Happy Days

  2. What is the Stars on

    Easter approaches


    Glad to see HT will make Dublin



    Anyone who can access RTE ( Irish National TV station) should try and watch “Insurrection” which is being shown in 8 half hour instalments starting next Friday the 18th and continuing nightly until the 25th.


    Originally made in 1966 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the rising.It was very popular then but has never been shown since ( conspiracy theorists would say because it was too pro republican)



    Anyway its be digitally re mastered and will be shown again starting next Friday


    I watched it all those years ago as a 5 year old and am really looking forward to seeing it again now that I am 21.



    Also I have been told to back Captain of the Fleet tomorrow at Cork 4.35 ( 8/1 at the moment)

  3. Many years ago when I was studying I would work each summer on building sites in London. I’d spend many Sunday afternoons in Camden and was a regular visitor to The Irish Book Shop.



    I accumulated a vast and varied selection of literature from the anger of Brendan Behan to the intricacy Oscar Wilde’s plays.



    My most treasured possessions though were original copies of A Day in my Life and the Diary, both written by Bobby Sands.



    Sadly, I leant the diary to a hod carrier from Athenrye and never got it back.


    My most

  4. Cheers pal.



    I was there that day. Overwhelming would be an understatement.



    Bik gave me a signed copy of his CD.



    More importantly, he brought a few of us on a tour of the prison, including the hospital.



    He was a terrorist you see:-)



    Oiche mhaith



    Árd Macha

  5. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Bobby murdoch, Madden gave it against Adam in a game against Dundee Utd . None of the united players claimed and one of them made his way to take the corner.



    Fraser saved the penalty. Unfortunately, Craig has got nowhere near any penalties we have conceded . Fraser was the best keeper we have had with regard to saving penalties.



    Good night all and sleep well.



    Gerry, enjoy your day off tomorrow.

  6. minx1888 praying to Wee Oscar on

    TBJ thanks for your kind words on Mother’s Day!



    JimmynotPaul I remember that well! L had a ball!!



    ArdMacha – Thank You! We should never ever tire of hearing his story! Thank you for sharing it every year!



    DD congrats to your godson and his pals!



    Finally thanks to MF we are all off to Dublin in the green!!

  7. Larsson and McStay 13th March 2016 7:47 pm



    Great post.



    I got home not long before the end of the game today. Macky made all the Family proud today. He may have moved to wee St Michaels but he will always be a wee St Peters player, to me anyway. ;))



    You are so right in what you say. Jim worked his bollocks off to achieve what he has achieved and it is tremendous to see him doing so well. His auld fella did indeed go to everyone of his games, as far as I know. That was a thing that really annoyed me that my work forced me to go to work in Portsmouth for 4 weeks – so many fellow workers just lied to get out of it. My auld fella he had 5 mouths to feed so he never got to watch me play much. I’ve made sure I watch every game my own son plays and the auld yin, I know, respects me for that.



    Chris is in very good hands and I look forward to seeing him make his mark in the game.



    I believe

  8. What is the Stars on




    Probably not going to the saturday night function but hope to meet up with a few over the weekend


    I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that my local soccer club St Kevins Boys ( Liam Brady and many others started their careers there) have an annual schoolboy academy tournament over the Easter weekend


    Celtic,West Brom,Barcelona,Lyons and Deportivo take part.


    St Kevins play Celtic on Friday morning at 10 am ( probably too early for many) but that afternoon at 4pm Barcelona play Celtic


    Anyone who wants to go I will collect from the Skylon Hotel in Drumcondra ( I know a few are staying there) and drop them up the road to the venue.To be honest its probably a 20 minute walk but it could be worth seeing

  9. Saint Stivs says SACK THE BOARD on

    Ard macha.



    You keep doing what you do. Said it often in the past the bobby posts bring back so much vivid memories of 81.



    The raven.


    The same.





    Wish I was going . jealous so a am.





    God bless the grandsons. The bankie time.


    Yours and old jacks.



    Keep it lit.

  10. Wits



    We’re booked into Jurey’s and the only definite is the CQN and the parade on the Sunday so far.

  11. Melbourne Mick on




    The wee mhan will always be a diehard, him and his Celtic


    mates are always fending off the diddyclub insults from


    their EPL supporting team mates they have all the facts


    and figures, first British team to win the big cup, biggest


    cup final crowds, Coronation cup etc. etc. and they shut


    them up always, it’s actually an education listening to them






    Restraint is not my normal practise but my faith and hope


    that the board would respond and demolish the deceit


    accusations were to no avail.


    And as a lad who grew up with the Kelly’s and Whites this


    is far worse imo.




    Kudos to you for all the good work you do over there.


    H.H Mick

  12. What is the Stars on




    which Jurys ?


    Custom House




    Parnell St


    Croke park



    All fairly central

  13. Did anybody see the ” penalty ” Friday night, reading v palace. Red card also.



    Again technically a penalty, but it’s turning football into a total non contact sport.





  14. Melbourne Mick on




    Looking forward to its arrival, a bit of luck it will be here


    for our easter weekend bash which will be attended by


    the legend Willie Wallace.


    Thanks again.


    H.H Mick

  15. SFTB.



    All politicians flash them signals, well, all influential ones.



    I said that America will get the Leader they deserve.



    God will get Everyones attention soon enough.




  16. WHiTS


    My flight from Edinburgh is due into Dublin at 3.15, would hope to be at the Skylon for 4


    How far away is the Celtic v Barca youth game ? Could try to get there first ?




    The Sunday night after the parade (5pm) I’ve booked to go and see Erin go Bragh, who are being supported by a young busker called Connor Quinn, on at the Abbey Hotel


    You can get tickets through – dublin1916society@gmail.com


    I know a few others going to Charlie and the Bhoys who are on at the Temple Bar


    I will forward some of the details of events as circulated by Clogher


    Melbourne Mick


    Great to see your still a rebel :-)))



    Hail Hail





    Erin Go Bragh are also down to play Hanlons on N Circular Road that night.



    Very confusing…

  18. Just watching Stuart McCall and thinking of the night I met him with his UVF ring wearing mates in a Glasgow pub :-)

  19. Brandon Flowers fae The Killers on Sportscene,fair play to Shortbread for a bit of diversity.

  20. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on

    Sport end presenter and pundits should be wearing Aberdeen scarfs….

  21. BMCuWP


    Just checked tickets


    It says Peader Kearney’s, Dame Street, 5 till late :-)

  22. Cowiebhoy



    I watched Charlie many Saturday’s when they played in various bars around the Calton :-)



    I’ll give them a miss and try another band.

  23. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    Some brilliant reading on the blog tonight, it has to be said.



    Love this song, Christ’s version is outstanding also… But here, the Gary Og recording is the definitive, in my humble opinion:







  24. What is the Stars on




    St Kevins ground is on Shanowen Road in Santry which is just off what dubliners would refer to as “the old airport road” .Offically called Swords Road but as you might probably guess was the old road to the airport before the new M1 motorway was built ( new ? its at least 30 years old)


    So the pitch is on the way into town from the Airport before you reach Drumcondra.


    I would suggest going to straight from Airport to the ground if you wanted to catch the match,If your flight isnt delayed of course.(Santry is very close to the airport)

  25. Saint Stivs says SACK THE BOARD on




    Kinsealy pet shop is the centre of my old airport road knowledhe

  26. —-



    ernie lynch on 13th March 2016 7:17 pm




    JIMCON on 13TH MARCH 2016 6:01 PM


    ‘If I want to read about the Irish struggle I`ll log on to a different website’







    If you want to read solely about Celtic I suggest that you DO log on to a different website.



    And good luck with finding one, because I don’t know of any.








    Oh Dear….



    JIMCON mistakes CQN for a Celtic blog…



    Rather than a SpeakEasy for Poundshop Cultural Marxists….



    And the South Lanarkshire edition of CountryFile….



    And the Can’t-Cook-Won’t-Cook recipe exchange….



    And the continuing cartoon-strip adventures of Blantyre’s own ‘Jack & Victor’…..




    Still…..Good to see Ol’ Ernie posting again….



    I was worried that the Croydon Posse might have cornered their man….!? ;-)










  27. Melbourne Mick on




    Remember the flags you were talking about well, those days


    everybody seemed to have a banner the more different it was


    the better, me and the mates thought long and hard about ours


    and how we would make it, nobody had much money so we


    found a large piece of green baize cloth from a recovered snooker


    table and used wallpaper cuttings of Batman and if any of the old


    guys remember the worded captions like baaang, kerpow, zonk,


    we glued them on around him with the headline Celticman.


    Sounds crazy now but at the time we thought it was brilliant we


    gave it its first airing at a match in Dundee and needless to say it


    was pouring, it soon turned to mush marching up towards Dens


    park much to the amusement of our fellow supporters, ah well


    we tried.


    H.H Mick