Passing greats, breath-taking negative news placement


If you haven’t had a chance to listen to the podcast I did with the LostBhoys on Celtic in the 1950s (superb production quality, you should check out what they are doing), I took the opportunity to mention the Hibs team of the late forties and early fifties, including the celebrated Famous Five forwards.

They won three league titles and narrowly missed out on another two as they unequivocally dominated Scottish football.  They were probably the best team in Europe at that stage, only the lack of a formal European competition denied them recognition.  Celtic battened down the hatches against Hibs in the 1953 Coronation Cup final but nothing would be the same again for the Edinburgh club, although reputation got them an invitation to the inaugural European Cup, in which they reached the semi-final in 1956.

We learned today that the last surviving member of the Famous Five, Lawrie Reilly, died, aged 84.  Their achievement should be suitably acknowledged (this is not an endorsement of Willie Ormond’s later work, obviously).

The news that Hibs have today bid £200k for a striker is significant.  £200k doesn’t buy you much in English football but it is a substantial investment for any club, apart from Celtic.  Maybe Hibs long period in the wilderness is coming to an end.

I only caught up today on the Scottish Sun’s online coverage of the arson attack in Salsburgh (alas, not unique in the bus industry), complete with photographs of Celtic supporters and Neil Lennon (all of whom were four hundred miles from the incident).  I remember reading a story on rape, robbery and assault in London in The Sun back in the 80s, accompanied by inner-city photos featuring exclusively Afro-Caribbean-Londoners going about their business.  Real subtle.

Remember the email Charlotte Fakes produced on negative news stories against ‘other’ clubs being planted?  Utterly breath-taking.  Scottish football, as it was, and for some, still is, is inherently an unstable influence on Scottish society.  We need to take our business elsewhere and I don’t believe any of our top-flight colleagues would object.
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  1. I’m putting the feelers out re the outcome of the UTTT, anyone else got any inroads as to how this is panning out.



    Saw my first Sevco shirt down here in leafy Lytham St. Annes yesterday. Podgy, Mid 60’s guy, stuck out erse walk that only they do and a cracking comb-over.



    Made me smile.

  2. From previous…….







    12:18 on 22 July, 2013



    Kev Jungle



    hope u got the balls to feel ashamed and taken in by the MSM?










    Hi M8 hope you and yer circle are well.



    Taken in ? Hmmm



    Ye see – the way that I see it is – the world is full of suckers.


    The problems begin when folk think that their not being suckered. imo


    Only saying


    Hail Hail

  3. Continue to refrain from buying the rags..


    I know nothing about sevco until I speak to my dad who goes into a rage about papers and tv..


    Ignore them is the simple answer. Too old to be stressing about the serial liars. .

  4. Green Edge, agree.



    LiviBhoy, readers empower newspapers.



    Celtic_First, our options are legally limited to a country we share a boundary with. European football is regionalising and a British region would be most welcomed by Uefa, I believe.

  5. Green Edge


    12:24 on


    22 July, 2013


    Paul67 been saying the same for years, we gotta get out of this place, the corruption and dirty tricks are stifling us.






    You could have added – “If it’s the last thing we ever do!”




  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on




    Just wondering if you reckon some of the money that has came in in the last year or two might be getting “squirreled away” incase a move to a new league might happen?

  7. One man’s “wee tyrant” is another man’s “strong leader”.



    We needed a strong leader when Fergus came in. He did the business. Would the others have been able preserve our history?

  8. Afore I go Off oot



    I’d like to ask my old / not so old Amigo BlantyreTim – how his leg is and when will ye be in the 1st team again ?



  9. blantyretim



    The club should not make them welcome. If they do want to come to Paradise and report on the game make them pay their way.


    The stories they put in their rags about our coach, players, staff and fans are inflammatory to see the least and border on dangerous at times.


    The stoke the flames of hatred and then condemn any violence when it does happen. They are vermin. Celtic should take a stronger line with the press.




  10. .



    McCann on the attack over Celtic criticism



    3rd Oct 2000 The Telegraph..



    FERGUS McCANN, who has kept his counsel since stepping down last year as Celtic’s chief executive, last night hit out at his critics inside and outside Parkhead.



    The Bermuda-based businessman has been credited even by his sternest detractors of his regime as having been instrumental in saving Celtic from bankruptcy and restoring them to financial health by supervising the most successful share issue in British football. In the year ending June 1999 he managed to increase turnover by 22 per cent and turned a £5.09 million profit in 1998 into a £6.75 million the following season, as well as transforming Parkhead into one of the most imposing stadiums in Europe.


    He was implacably imposed to any involvement by Kenny Dalglish in the club, a policy which was overturned by the current chief executive, Allan MacDonald with consequences which have generally been perceived as damaging to the club. Dalglish was sacked in the summer after the disastrous managerial reign of his protege John Barnes and is now threatening court action.


    McCann has been the subject of criticism in the Celtic View, the club’s official mouthpiece and this, in particular, appears to have stung him.


    He broke his silence to issue a statement last night which read: “I have had my family’s privacy invaded and have had them endure false and damaging attacks on my reputation in the form of articles, interviews and other publications by various individuals connected with, or claiming to be supportive of Celtic.



    “They have sought to take advantage of my absence and silence to advance their own agendas or indeed shift blame for their own failings.


    “I am particularly disappointed that the club’s own publications have been used on occasion for this purpose, although I have received apologies for this from the Celtic board and assurances that this will not recur.


    “My position is that, at this time, I shall continue to refrain from publicly responding to or dealing with the above as I feel it would not be in Celtic’s best overall interests.


    “This is consistent with my practice during my time in Scotland where my reputation was at times distorted or even damaged while I took difficult decisions that were made for Celtic’s benefit.”




  11. South Of Tunis on

    KevJungle .



    Comparing The Bunnet to Mad Vlad is utterly laughable .



    The Bunnet did what he said he would do . Did the necessary , took his profit and left . .



    Mad Vlad sold pipe dreams to Hearts whilst ” lending ” Hearts the money to buy those pipe dreams .

  12. darwinsbeautifulidea on

    Not sure why a celtic website is going on about a team from scotlands second city,whose fans mostly despise us,much better to ask where all the money from C L / WANYAMA /POSSIBLY HOOPER IS,we have heard lennon wittering on about signings and their imminent arrival but after the first two or three nobodies nothing ,the deadline for the next qualifying round is close and our usual brinkmanship is in evidence wright know i’d make the swedes who are halfway through their season firm favourites to get through,we should have bought the majority of our signings long ago ,looks like europa league and then next season we will have even less to spend

  13. South Of Tunis



    It’s similar to the rags comparing Fergus to Saddam Hussein!




  14. Kev.


    Nearly crutchless o)) on the mend thanks..couple if weeks and back to work I hope..





    Celticplc will contunue to tske money from them in sponsership and probably are contracted to as part of the league rules..(maybe)


    The support have no such obligation and can choose not to buy..

  15. Afternoon all.



    Long time no post but back for the forseeable I hope!



    Paul, I don’t think our Club could possibly pick a worse environment to operate in than the one we are currently stuck with. The old maxim “better the devil you know” does not, I believe apply in this case.



    Please God let us escape….anywhere!

  16. LiviBhoy



    12:32 on 22 July, 2013




    When you say – ” Celtic should take a stronger line with the press.”



    Who do you mean ?



    The bored ?



    Lawwell ?



  17. celticrollercoaster on

    kev J



    better being in a circle than a Square….boom boom. Good this side and hoop ur 2?



    Everybody to their own view, but see when your off oot do a wee bit of research on Dempsey.







  18. South Of Tunis



    12:33 on 22 July, 2013




    Yer right M8 – cap doffed big riddy etc :)



    BT – that’s grand son – guid for you M8.


    I hope all yer family is well too.


    God Bless – Off oot.

  19. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    12:20 on 22 July, 2013



    The creditors….no level of corruption changes that…..

  20. celticrollercoaster



    12:39 on 22 July, 2013




    OK – will do M8


    Take Care n God Bless


    Off oot this time.

  21. weeminger,



    Was thinking more Craig B. ;)



    Elfsborg will be at least 3/1 IMO.



    We have an excellent team that is being developed nicely, IMO ofc.

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