Perspective on Europe is a worry


Football is overwhelmingly a results business and results in football drive emotions to a level seldom seen in other areas of sport or business. All that emotion makes perspective elusively difficult. For example, how do you muster anything other than an emotional response to the 1-3 home defeat to Bodo/Glimt, coming, as it did, on the same day Newco won 2-4 in Dortmund.

The result was humiliating, another comfortable defeat in the return leg offered no consolation. Perspective was difficult to find. We laughed earlier in the season when Bodo battered Jose Mourinho’s Roma 6-1. After a poor qualifying campaign that saw them lose home and away to Legia Warsaw, before edging Kosovan and Lithuanian opponents by a single goal to reach the Conference League, Bodo found form.  But still, they were preseason when they faced Celtic.

They reached the quarter finals and again got the better of Roma at home, before a collapse at the Olympic Stadium. Roma disposed of Leicester City and are favourites to win the trophy in Tirana tonight, although Feyenoord have form overturning favourites in European finals.

The trauma of our European exit seems a distant memory; a league title win and the sun is shining on Celtic Park. Just as defeat makes perspective difficult, try telling an elated fan that they had better not get too carried away…..  Don’t get too carried away, we face existential risks next season.

Considering how Bodo/Glimt pushed Roma so hard, a win for Mourinho’s side would make me feel better about our season. Maybe I’m still trying to find some perspective for that awful 5-1 aggregate defeat in February. Not sure any result tonight will help.  Some end of season perspective has me shaken.

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  1. Aipple



    Soz for not replying yesterday re your kentucky longshore,well done you at 80/1,just thought 300/1 like that punchestown was unusual.



    All adds to the seeing Celtic fund eh 🤣👍




  2. AT



    True story, yes. Had $20 to show and another wee bet for W/P/S.



    I usually do a wee exacta box with a couple of the favourites and a few longshots. Been lucky over the years.




  3. Was at the funeral of the late Father Andrew Colman, R.I.P. As I left the church grounds, someone said to me, “No need to ask where you were fifty years ago today.” It was only then I remembered that today was the 25th May. How could I have forgotten the greatest day in Celtic history?



    I can still remember every moment of that day from rising to going to bed the next morning in the hotel in Estoril. That morning was to prove a great one as well. As I have stated on here before, Charlie Gallagher got permission for my friend and I to go to Big Jock’s bedroom and not only see the Big Cup, but also to hold it in my hands. A never to be forgotten moment.



    The day also included meeting Bertie Auld and Willie Wallace outside a hotel and having the opportunity to speak to the late and great Celt of all time, Jimmy McGrory. There are Celtic moments in all of our supporting lives never to be forgotten.

  4. “GREENPINATA on 25TH MAY 2022 12:52 PM


    My friends in Celtic,


    The board must play their part and make funds available to slash the prices for our newly focused European journey.


    Slash the costs and fill the park. ”



    By how much would you recommend `slashing the prices` ? The park will be full regardless so I am not sure how you would make sure that a portion of the tickets went, at a reduced price, to those who cannot afford them at the current prices. There are many things in life many of us cannot afford. I don`t see how it is Celtic`s job to attempt to remedy this in solation.

  5. Matt Stewart on

    The greatest day in Celtic ‘s history was not the 25th May 1967…..It was the 6th November 1887



    Pedantic I know



    Hail Hail





  6. QUADROPHENIAN on 25TH MAY 2022 12:42 PM





    It was me who asked for any insights to A and J leagues and would there be any upcoming talent that would be in Anges thoughts.



    Ta for the names posted, will watch with interest.

  7. park the bus 442 on

    Paul 67 realises that because Ange izny cute enough to realise that if he dizny {park the bus} in CL then he and Celtic will be in for a series of tankings.


    Brendan tried the idealist, simple Simon, Celtic Way, naive nonsense, and was brutally handed his ass.


    Ange izny at Brendan’s level of management, indeed it was after Brendan left Celtic that he learned to {park the bus} although he would be in a better place by doing it more often.


    BTM {parked the bus} as Hibs manager skelping MON’s Celtic and McLeish’s EBT-Huns, then BTM went to WBA and didn’t {park the bus} and got relegated then walked straight into the Celtic job, didn’t {park the bus} at all and quickly became a punch bag.


    Ange performed dismally in Europe last season which was surprising from a manager of whom we’re endlessly told about his wealth of experience.


    Eye we ur.


    No amount of simple Simon’s waving their hands in the air can dispute that the huns European run of not just last year but since Stevie G arrived has been stuff that we would’ve been selling t-shirts, DVD’s, etc, for.


    Eye we would.


    Common sense tells us that a degree of managerial cynicism is necessary for a club of Celtic’s {present} status ie the club that all other clubs will be rubbing their hands in the hope that Celtic will be in their group and an easy 6 points will be had.


    If Ange doesn’t realise that then disaster is looming.


    Paul 67 already knows that Ange will be found out in the CL because Ange will be of the frame of mind that Celtic MUST try to win every game.


    Oh yes he will.


    if Ange says….




    ….then you’ll realize why Ange is at Celtic and not at a serious club.


    Tic, toc….

  8. Hot Smoked,



    Filling the park for glamour ties is not in doubt. It is about keeping faith with fans who are suffering the biggest loss of disposable income in generations.



    Do we really want only well healed or corporate fans. ?An abundance of Prawn sandwiches at extortionate prices.



    I realise we have to make a profit, but we should be mindful of our our roots and give back to the fans when it is prudent to do so. Additionally Celtic will not be addressing the economic crisis in isolation.



    I would wager there will be lots of football clubs helping out with various cost effective initiatives. like Asda, Iceland, Sainsburys, Showcase, Nandos and Morrisons to name but a few. Loads of pubs are already offering loyalty discounts.



    Rest assured Celtic will not be in isolation for offering cut price initiatives, on the contrary they may be in isolation if they do nothing to help working class supporters.



    Cheers and HH.

  9. PARK THE BUS 442 on 25TH MAY 2022 5:51 PM




    If only Ange knew as much about football as you do, sigh.

  10. May 25th 1967. Turned 18 two weeks beforehand. Had been refused leave at NSB, which I had just joined the previous January. Watched the game at home, with my family, and then joined the celebrations in Heraghty’s Bar, Gorbals for the rest of the night.




  11. “GREENPINATA on 25TH MAY 2022 5:57 PM



    Filling the park for glamour ties is not in doubt. It is about keeping faith with fans who are suffering the biggest loss of disposable income in generations.


    Do we really want only well healed or corporate fans. ?An abundance of Prawn sandwiches at extortionate prices.”



    Thanks for your polite reply. I have to say though, that, as a pensioner, I belong to neither of the two groups you mention above but by living my life according to my means, I am able to attend all Celtic`s European games. I would guess that anyone who cannot afford the present prices, wouldn`t be able to afford tickets at half the price either. I would also guess that very few attendees fall into that category.


    Cheerio for now.

  12. Re Europe.



    I have high hopes that a long summer break, no early qualifiers, friendlies instead of competative games in July, League starts in August, CL in september, that we will be a very different proposition than last several years.

  13. Paul67


    I think we all know what an existential threat is, but you mention “Don’t get too carried away, we face existential risks next season”


    Any chance you could enlighten this ejit on what you are hinting at ?






    We had a couple of bad games in europe, we also had a couple of good games, we also ended up with more points from the group that one of the europa finalists, aye Ange has a bit to learn, but I will wager now that he has and things will be vastly different in the coming season, faith my friend, faith.

  14. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Aha, ha,ha,ha,ha,ha, 😂😂😂😂😂



    Sorry, Bada’s post set me off again.



    A week ago tonight.



    Time flies and all that.



    Aha,hahahahhahaha 😂😂😂😂

  15. BELMONTBRIAN on 25TH MAY 2022 7:13 PM


    Evening all.







    A very enjoyable watch of ‘The Lions’ celebrating their 20th anniversary at Seamill Hydro.



















    Could be a definition of Legends and Legendary ………….



    when your anniversaries have anniversaries of their own.




  16. Matt Stewart on 25th May 2022 5:10 pm



    The greatest day in Celtic ‘s history was not the 25th May 1967…..It was the 6th November 1887



    Pedantic I know



    Hail Hail








    Good point, but without the 25 May, would Celtic be as famous as they are today?






  17. SAINT STIVS on 25TH MAY 2022 7:22 PM



    Thanks for your reply.



    Sadly SAINT STIVS we will never see their likes again, however their memories will live for ever.

  18. In the Foggy Dew before heading to The Mission gig in Dublin



    I hope CCV is a Tower Of Strength next season and Ibrox is a Wasteland

  19. Watching the start of the Europa conference league final between Feyenoord and Roma.



    Great atmosphere great setting and hopefully a great game.



    Not a hint of inferiority.



    A European trophy is valued and desired, we should remember that going forward.




  20. Neils team are on a qualification route that could see them meet the embra purple huns.

  21. IniquitousIV on



    Wouldn’t that be something, if Neil ended up taking his team to Gorgie Road?


    5-4 on penalties after a 0-0 finish. I’ll try to trace some pics of Neil celebrating later.

  22. Amy Gallacher




    · 5h


    Delighted to sign for @CelticFCWomen can’t wait to get started, thanks to @HibernianWomen for my last 5 years📝🍀…

  23. St Tams,



    Might be wrong,but did Juranovic not play in our European games last season?.



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