The ultimate box office manager


Roma finished the season sixth in Serie A, a point behind Roman rivals Lazio, but defended their early goal against Feyenoord last night to win the inaugural Uefa Conference League. Jose Mourinho is hard to love, but that’s his fifth European trophy at four different clubs. There’s a lot of amore for him this morning in the Eternal City.

He is intemperate, a year in Rome has brought multiple censures for behaviour towards referees, including outright accusing one of being sent by Juventus (stranger things have happened). His longest stint at a club has been three years, achieved in his first spell at Chelsea and at Real Madrid. Either his patience, or those of his employers, runs out by that mark. A notorious incident with the Chelsea club doctor in 2015 quite publicly marked him as someone you don’t really want as a neighbour.

You and I got to know the man and his methods before most of Europe. We were unimpressed. But still, he has talent. When Roma have had enough of his antics next year, or in 2024, there will be plenty of offers. He is the ultimate box office manager.

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  1. GP @ 10.47



    Put even more simplistically …



    They will have a higher T/O for the season just past.


    They will have a higher wage bill..


    They have better facilities.


    They have better coaching..



    At the moment we are relying on our better manager to deliver success.


    He is at the moment a one man band with good contacts to his last league.


    We are in a good position going forward with our CL ticket / qualification.


    However we need to work / work / work over the summer.



    Converting two loans to permanent transfers does not make us any better on the field.


    Losing TR and NB means we have less creativity and a weaker squad.



    At least our issues in the MF are now getting discussed.


    The issue is that CMcG as the captain means that improvement is more complicated.



    What will be our starting MF next season / what should it be?



    1) CMcG / RH / MO’R?


    2) CMcG / RH / New Guy?


    3) RH / New Guy / New Guy?



    Get the MF right and we will make huge steps forward.


    Get in a starter CB and a starter LB and we will be a much more complete team.


    Get in better coaches and then we will see the shadow of PL lift over P/head.

  2. Sláinte Ange on

    HOT SMOKED on 26TH MAY 2022 11:29 AM



    Article was in the Times, if that helps



  3. TURKEYBHOY on 26TH MAY 2022 12:04 PM


    Celtic 40 Me,@11.43,







    Yep,I agree.Basically,although,better put,what I said a bit earlier..



    TURKEYBHOY on 26TH MAY 2022 12:08 PM


    Ah,Ernie,you never fail.Not a word about the behaviour of Boris,just some dredged up news from your SNP archives.Which I might add,seem extensive on first reading,until you discover it’s just same news re-hashed.





    Pip Pip.

  4. C40M @ 11.50’ish



    I fear that you are over thinking the whole situation regarding Europe.



    If we put more effort into a better playing squad / tactics / preparation then better results will happen. If better results happen at the right time then we will make progress towards a final.



    Do it often enough then we will reach a final.



    The SPL is not a Top 5 league — the quality of the squad and our attitude / appetite should allow us to be able to work the SPL and make progress in Europe.



    If VR can do it then so can we.

  5. MADMITCH on 26TH MAY 2022 12:10 PM


    C40M @ 11.50’ish



    I fear that you are over thinking the whole situation regarding Europe.



    You’re under thinking it, which is always dangerous

  6. I know,I know,but looking at the boy MMaee,I would think myself,that is the type of player we could do damage in Europe with.Strong,skillful,direct,can score,assist.Direct, being very useful.Most defenders hate this.Get pulled out,pulled wide,have to commit.Looks a perfect foil to play alongside our guys.


    CHs don’t like it up em,Captain.

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  8. I see we are messing up our relationship with the Lowland League clubs- I hope we have an alternative option available or we will lose more youngsters.



    Lowland League is not the long term answer (neither are thoughts of Juniors or University leagues) but it was the only offer we had.



    Lining up with the Ibrox and Tynecastle clubs to issue ultimatums is a bad, bad look.

  9. TB @ 12.10



    You seem to love Scotland so much that you live in a Asia Minor and pontificate on the attitude of the Imperial establishments actions in Ireland while saying very little or nothing at all about the actions of another Imperial establishment in Armenia / Greek speaking Anatolia — funny that.



    If that is how your conscious works =– sunshine / cheap beer counts for more than genocide — then you are welcome to it.



    But please don’t inflict your value system on others.

  10. Talking of players.Met a guy on the beach this morning,not seen for a while,blethering,when I remembered he was a Stoke fan,bless him.Asked him about Bellis,the CH,he said “Yeh,good,hoping we could get him for another year”.The best bit was ,he said,”Tell you what,a lot better than dumpling you have got,CCV.He was absolutely useless at Stoke.Could not get rid of him quick enough.When I said he was great for us,and looked like we were signing him,he said the old usual”Well anyone would look good up there”


    Ah, the arrogance of Englandshire people who support teams like Stoke.

  11. SFTB,



    C,mon,you missed the,”I’D walk a million miles,for one of your goals”.


    Should be signed for that alone.

  12. What is the Lowland League?



    10 years approximately in the making — huge range in quality / talent / ambition between the top and the bottom.



    The B team route offers more publicity / better players / more competition — if the Lowland League want it to continue without them then they are setting themselves up to be second to the Highland League.



    That is not sport it is a social club with a football team attached,.

  13. Slainte Ange



    Wit.Thats his name.Another M and it would have been a belter.Looks a very good player.Big Ange has him under the microscope,according to reports.Pass that salt so I can have a pinch.

  14. TB @ 12.23



    Our defensive record in the EuL vs our defensive record in the SPL would suggest that your Stoke pal is correct.



    CCV is a limited footballer who is a good defender.


    CS is a limited defender who is a good footballer.



    CCV + CS vs 2016 vintage DB + JS — discuss?



    If we managed to get in two better CBs that we have at the moment then it would be a huge step forward.

  15. SFTBs,



    I used to in the Banks Club,Coatbridge,under the name of Norseman Lager.

  16. You have to have some respect for Mourinho and how smart he is. He has taken a club that finished 7th last season and lost in the semis of the Europa, spent £100m in Transfer fees and finished 6th and won a pretty inconsequential cup.



    He raised five fingers on the final whistle to show the world how many European tournaments he has won



    Roma have serious aspirations – their fans, their owners see themselves as a European super league club. He’s managed to sell the jobby European cup as one of the greatest achievements of their history while also making it all about him.



    I did t understand the hysteria that accompanied his arrival in Rome until I spoke to an Italian, Lazio-supporting friend. Even after his achievements at inter I didn’t get why they were so excited about a manager who’s best years were clearly behind him and was a cup team manager and was unlikely to win a league title in a major league ever again. He’d pump and dump, spend loads of money, fall out with everyone and leave a mess behind



    My friend told me that Italian football, after years of losing their best coaches and players to other leagues, and failing to attract any stars to their own league for such a long time felt like they were getting a big nane again. They were willing to ignore what he had achieved since he’d left Milan because of his star quality and his charisma. He laughed at how small-time it was, they were in the champions league semi final a couple of years ago now they were looking like a love struck teenager at someone who was going to fail



    He’s done them up like a kipper. They’re massively in debt. They need champions league football and to sell some players, but he’ll point to a cup that brought them a pittance in real terms and the fans will agree.

  17. MM,


    Nope,not having that about CCV till we have seen him settled into whatever team Ange puts out this year.


    We could not afford better.IMHO.

  18. Why is Sevco ahead of us ,all things Training Ground were the built a mini stand for about 500 hundred Supporters to watch reserves and ladies football team ,all full size indoor pitch,a ticket office,a newly built Musuem etc .What has happened to the Hotel ,Ticket Office , Musuem Barrowfield etc

  19. !!Bada Bing!! on

    setting free the bears for Res. 12 & Oscar Knox on 26th May 2022 12:33 pm



    Would you drink beer made from urine?



    McUrines lager back in the day,used to sponsor Oldco

  20. MM



    The Lowland League is the best offer we have. It is not quite good enough to prepare for a jump to Premier league level. Our promising B players need a higher interim level and that is only achieved by loaning out (to Scottish Premiership clubs or English League One outfits). It is not an ultimate test, because the loan clubs are often unwilling to play them, but we need a better standard than Lowland. There is a graded difference between Lowland and League Two and a further grade jump to League One and Championship obviously.



    We saw Callum McGregor benefit from a League One club and Ryan Christie benefit from Aberdeen loan.



    But we have also seen players like Ewan Henderson (and his brother), Shaw, Afolabi, Montgomery, Connell, Coffey, McInroy etc; fail to shine sufficiently at their loan club.



    And in between, we have the likes of our goalies, Doohan and Hazard, Uroghide, and the midfielder, Robertson, who have been moderately successful but may not yet be able to challenge for a squad place.



    We need two things mainly.



    1) A competitive environment for young players that stretches and develops them- the best level they can cope with- winning it is not important.



    & 2) Loan clubs who are willing to play our players. We need to use coaches who may be sympathetic to us- Scott Brown at Fleetwood, Neil Lennon at Omonia and maybe Shaun Maloney- if he gets another gig

  21. MAD ONE,



    When have I ever tried to inflict my”Value system”on anyone,you walloper.Maybe you should stand outside the Airports,with a placard,and harangue the millions of tourists that flock here every year from the UK,about their “Value system”.


    I can talk about Scotland as much as anyone else.I actually have a house there.One of the reasons I don’t,is the country seems to be overrun with numpties like you at present.

  22. sftb



    Maybe wee Shaun Maloney would do well to start again in the Lowland League….


    And work his way up North

  23. Timbhoy 163



    Regards Hun training facilities.I think it was built with Grants from someone like The Sports Council,that it could be used by the community.Hence the extras.Something like that.Someone will know better.

  24. garygillespieshamstring on




    I am very efficient at turning beer into urine.



    I have to confess that Mrs GGH isn’t particularly impressed by this, particularly as I rarely sleep all through the night now after a session on the bevvy.

  25. SFTB @ 12.49



    B team football and the Lowland League — It will stretch our players.


    Just a case of what players do we put in the B team?



    U20’s vs U18’s



    B team — Spanish style as in allow promotion.


    Is the SCh a good enough level for our B team @ U22 or U20 age groups?



    Loans / successes — there have been some but not enough.


    Loans / failures — far too many so what is going wrong?


    Players who have made our first team struggle to get regular football at lower levels.


    What does that say about our standards and their desire to make it?



    If we are loaning out players then surely we have down our homework regarding the other team’s style / coaching / opportunities available and we have prep’ed the player regarding what he needs to do and what we hope to achieve?



    Our loan out pathway has been a shambles recently — black hole where “talent” disappears.


    Some fairly big names with good NT visibility have went out on loan and stagnated.



    We need to build a reserve team of talent coming through the various channels / pathways.


    Full team of younger players ready to step up into the first team squad if we have injuries / suspensions.



    Take the example of RB — who comes after JJ / AR?


    Take the example of CB — who comes after SW in the pecking order?



    We seem to have a bloated first team squad full of stiffs — AA / BBG VB / CJ — and then no structure regarding the B team / Youths just a huge list of names with no structure or hierarchy.

  26. Chuffed to see the Jota and CCV signing being close along with a few others, but the signing I want to see is Ange on a 3 or4 year contract, that wouod be fantastic



    Love to all Celts everywhere





  27. TIMBHOY163 on 26TH MAY 2022 12:44 PM


    Why is Sevco ahead of us ,all things Training Ground were the built a mini stand for about 500 hundred Supporters to watch reserves and ladies football team ,all full size indoor pitch,a ticket office,a newly built Musuem etc .What has happened to the Hotel ,Ticket Office , Musuem Barrowfield etc






    Think one of the fans investment groups built the stand.



    They don’t have a full-size indoor pitch as far as I remember, they do have a small indoor pitch I.e 6 a side, kinda like celtic at Lennoxtown.



    Dont know about museums and ticket offices at poundland. you would need to look at the detail of what is built and at what cost, and from who’s pocket.



    I do agree about lack of progress from celtic when it comes to these things. But up the celtic way, that looks nice, OK lads that us done for a decade or 2




  28. Turkeybhoy,Seemingly that was the rumour for Barrowfield for the community to have access to some of the facilities that’s on offer ,and Turkeybhoy don’t you it’s strange that the ladies team having to play there away games at the Penny Car Stadium in Airdrie when at present Barrowfield and Lennoxtown are available,I just can’t get my head round that.

  29. TURKEYBHOY on 26TH MAY 2022 12:10 PM






    ‘Ah,Ernie,you never fail.Not a word about the behaviour of Boris’






    It’s obviously front page news in Turkey, the country where you chose to live.



    I don’t recall the GB, or Celtic fans, or any Scottish football fans having anything to say about Johnson last season.



    Not so in England where Leeds fans chanted ‘Boris Johnson he’s a ladies front bottom’ or word to that effect.



    So, following your reasoning Celtic fans (and all Scottish football fans) must be supporters of Boris Johnson.

  30. Bhoyjoebelfast on



    Yes we have our fair amount of ‘english’ club loving individuals that also mock Celtic and Scottish football,over here in Ireland.When I asked if they would ‘support’ England in world and European tournaments,’No you gotta be joking”,comes their reply,but I say-so it’s OK to cheer on an english team in european and probably world club glory but not the national side,”Ah that is different”, is the answer.Just one of many reasons that I hope Real Madrid win on Saturday.

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