The ultimate box office manager


Roma finished the season sixth in Serie A, a point behind Roman rivals Lazio, but defended their early goal against Feyenoord last night to win the inaugural Uefa Conference League. Jose Mourinho is hard to love, but that’s his fifth European trophy at four different clubs. There’s a lot of amore for him this morning in the Eternal City.

He is intemperate, a year in Rome has brought multiple censures for behaviour towards referees, including outright accusing one of being sent by Juventus (stranger things have happened). His longest stint at a club has been three years, achieved in his first spell at Chelsea and at Real Madrid. Either his patience, or those of his employers, runs out by that mark. A notorious incident with the Chelsea club doctor in 2015 quite publicly marked him as someone you don’t really want as a neighbour.

You and I got to know the man and his methods before most of Europe. We were unimpressed. But still, he has talent. When Roma have had enough of his antics next year, or in 2024, there will be plenty of offers. He is the ultimate box office manager.

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  1. TURKEYBHOY on 26TH MAY 2022 9:26 PM



    Thanks for your post – I can’t imagine how much worse this will get.



    Haven’t posted since this disgusting event because this was just too much to process.



    More disgusting are the republicans who can’t say the words gun or bullet; they are certain it was only mental health that killed those innocents.



    There’s a level of self interest and selfishness in this country that I can’t relate to as a immigrant Scot.



    I’ll never understand it.

  2. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Bassey is 22,and has started 43 first team games…..£25 million ……aye ok….

  3. inquistouv



    And the Supreme Court and the politicians think this is covered by the 2nd amendment


    From about 230 years back.

  4. itscalledthemalvinas on

    Celtic Mac


    Was listening to the radio this morning. The 2nd amendment about the right to bear arms was drafted when muskets were the weapon of choice which could only fire one shot at a time and took a minute to reload. Not the automatic rifles which are with us now.

  5. itscalledthemalvinas



    Which part of “A well regulated Militia”, did the shooter form part of?

  6. Wait – penalty shoot out results to b factored into tonights 6 – 0 defeat.



    Sarcasism rules OK Ernie CSC

  7. Think the world saw the gun problem in America when Trump supporters rioted.The sight beforehand of the “Militias” hundreds of them walking around with automatic weapons,looking like John Rambo,was shockingThe problem is now too deep rooted.Pandoras Box will never have the lid put back on.Too many guns out there,that no change in legislation will .alter.

  8. In all those finals only one man has ever scored against Mourhino’s teams…..

  9. Good morning cqn from a lovely sunny morning in the Garngad.



    Melbourne Mick- Not seen you on for a while mate, hope you the family and young loones are all ok.



    This work malarkey is getting in the way of my drinking ambitions.😥😥😥



    D :)



    Raymond Allen Liotta was born in Newark, New Jersey, on December 18, 1954.[1] Having been abandoned at an orphanage, he was adopted at the age of six months by township clerk Mary (Edgar) and auto-parts store owner Alfred Liotta.[2][3][4][5] Alfred, the son of Italian immigrants, was a personnel director and president of a local Democratic Party club.[2] His adoptive parents each unsuccessfully ran for local political office; he recalled attending parades to hand out flyers for his father’s run.[6][7] Liotta had a sister, Linda, who was also adopted. He said that he knew he was adopted as a young child, and presented a show-and-tell report on it for kindergarten.[6] He hired a private detective to locate his biological mother in the 2000s, and subsequently learned from her that he was mostly of Scottish descent.[8][9] He had one biological sister, one biological half-brother, and five biological half-sisters.[6][10]



    Liotta grew up in a Roman Catholic household in Union, New Jersey,[11] although his family was not especially religious.[12] They attended church and he received first communion and was confirmed, but the family did not pray much. He occasionally used prayer in his daily life, telling an interviewer, “… if I’m in a fix I’ll pray … if I’m feeling uncomfortable about something I’ll say “Our Father’s” and “Hail Marys” to this day.”[12] In 1973, he graduated from Union High School;[8] he is in the Union High School Hall of Fame.[13] Liotta then graduated from the University of Miami, where he studied acting and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1978.[14] He performed in musicals such as Cabaret, Dames at Sea, Oklahoma, and Sound of Music during his time there.[15]

  11. Taurangabhoy on

    TexasTim I have a cousin in Minneapolis she is the same and can’t get some of the culture. She doesn’t hold back saying what she thinks, even when it means getting pulled up by her employer for in American ideas. Thoughts and prayers don’t cut it. Let’s hope sanity prevails one day in the future, and Cameron Carter Vickers signs up for Celtic . Hail Hail.

  12. Maybe worth considering that the USA is a lost cause so far as gun control is concerned.



    It’s also maybe worth considering that a good part of the reason the problem is so intractable is that they have a written constitution.

  13. TEXASTIM on 26TH MAY 2022 10:02 PM




    My Heart and Prayers are with those that have been lost, and to those that remain in Texas.



  14. The shooting of innocent primary aged children and their teachers is truly horrific and a stain on humanity..



    Are Americans now becoming desensitised to this slaughter. That statement is really horrific but is it true ?



    Bidon talkes about backbone. More mealy mouthed words with little action. Thoughts and prayers rhetoric is exhausted. Action is needed.



    But what can be done ? The stats on gun ownership and crime is staggering. But without new legislation existing gun control can be tightened up



    I’m no expert if it were easy it could be done, but here are my thoughts anyway:-



    Organise a mass protest movement and raise funds vigoursly. Children’s lives matter



    Sue the ass off certain individuals. If Bidons government can sue Texas over abortion then it can be done if there is a will.


    Make parents responsible for children under 25 year old. Consider removing citizenship as an option . ( This is possible, even for those born in the US. )



    The NRA is powerful but a mass movement like ” Children’s lives matter ” with political backing and a very large pot of cash could discredit their narrative.



    The 2nd ammendment is draconian; draconian measures will be needed to ammend it.



    Surely ordinary Americans cannot be content to sit and do nothing knowing the carnage will continue?



    Do the words of JFK still mean anything. Ask not what America can do for you etc, etc.



    I am not equating like with like, but factually it took NZ 28 days to ammend gun control.



    Like many others I remember where I was and the horror when he heard about the Dunblane massacre on the 13th March 1996.



    I wonder with a heavy heart, how many Americans will share the same thoughts after Texas. ?


    And that is so depressing



    HH my fellow Celts, let’s count our blessings.

  15. GREENPINATA on 27TH MAY 2022 10:13 AM



    Every such proposal will founder on the rock of the constitution.



    Even if there was sufficient public support for them, which there isn’t.



    The harsh reality is that American society just isn’t particularly civilised.

  16. McPhail Bhoy on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 27TH MAY 2022 9:23 AM


    Maybe worth considering that the USA is a lost cause so far as gun control is concerned.


    It’s also maybe worth considering that a good part of the reason the problem is so intractable is that they have a written constitution.





    While reluctantly agreeing with your first sentence I’m not sure I do with your second. Like all written constitutions they are open to amendments and scrutiny from the Supreme Court, the same as we have here in Ireland. My understanding is the ‘right to bear arms’ was not included in the original constitution but was added through the ‘Bill of Rights’. So what I’m saying is all constitutions can be amended/reinterpreted, here in Ireland through referenda and in the US by the Supreme Court. Not easy by any means but there are State and Federal laws which could be changed which wouldn’t necessarily ‘infringe’ that ‘right’ to have a gun. Just small, incremental and decisive action to change the availability etc. Although when I look around the Dáil here, the UK Parliament in London and the US Senate and the calibre of politicians we have I’m not holding up much hope.

  17. The growing US mentalism with guns.



    2015 story — working away and got pally with some American ex pats.


    Guy who is big in food processing / Mid West background tells a story of a birthday party.


    His mum’s 80th to be exact back where he grew up.



    She lives in sheltered accommodation and invites over the family for the celebration.


    Two of her grandsons — 25/30’ish — turn up packing two Dirty Harry style revolvers.


    Open carry with modern holsters — strutting their stuff in an Old Peoples Home.


    Yes — an Old People’s Home with family.



    Big family party with alcohol involved and these two Burton’s Commandos are giving it laldy on the dancefloor — absurdity on sticks.



    The state had just passed open carry legislation and the young team were just showing off.



    The big thing for my mate was that most of the family were openly engaging with the pair and reinforcing their decision to openly carry heavy duty firearms to a public / family event while he thought that his nephews were complete wallopers for getting involved with this sort of behaviour.



    They were the locals while he was the ex-pat coming home for a visit — the stranger in his own land.



    That is the nightmare of modern America — the coasts have connections to civilisation of sorts while the centre and the south are regressing towards tribalism and stand your ground anarchy.



    I’m waiting for neo slavery to make a comeback.


    Selective use of prison based labour schemes only goes so far.



    This is what happens when you give second rate pound-land aristocrats 2.5million square miles of productive country to play with — like a hungry dog with a bone they are not going to let go without a fight.

  18. GP @ 10.13



    The NRA were into gun control not so long ago.


    Late 60’s / early 70’s — when the Black Panthers started to organise.


    Organise as in square bashing / uniforms / big guns.


    Burton’s Commando’s — Men of colour style.



    Funny that.

  19. Watched, how the league was won , last night.



    As to be expected from BBC, absolute pish.


    Walter Smith dying and thems winning the Scottish Cup.


    WTF , has that got to do with us winning the league.

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