Pyro closure


Pyrotechnics are not part of my Celtic experience.  For others, it is an important part.  So much so, that it will not be inhibited by Health & Safety rules or the club being fined.

I cannot say how valid the Health & Safety concerns are, but I have one friend with lung disease who tells me this issue presents a real danger.  Two months ago, a woman and child were injured by a pyro at the Livingston-Newco game.  The same week, a Paranaense fan lost his hand when lighting a device in Brazil.  I expect the rule is in place for valid reasons.

After more than a dozen fines from Uefa, Celtic have closed part of the standing section for Thursday’s Rennes game in connection with the on-going pattern of pyrotechnic use at European games.

The problem with pyrotechnic use at football games comes about because those who bring them – as long as they do not blow their hands off or suffer lung disease – are usually immune to the consequences of their actions.  There is no personal financial, health or reputational damage, those consequences fall on the club.

I have not asked Celtic about yesterday’s action but I know what the view will be, “I will be the one held criminally liable if there is an incident I do nothing to prevent” – was a previous comment on a different matter.

Celtic have held discussions with supporters’ groups, but a supporters’ group can merely influence, not control, what their own members and others do.  Individual fans cannot impose behaviour on other people.

I expect those who insist on setting pyrotechnics off at Celtic games will be fortified by the club’s actions, they are now a cause célèbre.  Don’t expect an introspective reflection on whether or not their actions are beyond reproach.  Place your bets on what happens next, my money is on more of all of this.

Really annoyed at Dave King for abdicating on a day we have Celtic business to prioritise.  Pretty distraught at the news too, we will miss him more than you will ever believe, he has been wonderful.  I doubt the Treble Treble would be possible without him.  Pick up on this tomorrow.

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  1. I had one of the Pyro Bhoys into to see me the Tuesday after the Lazio game. To say he regretted his actions was reinforced by me after an ear bashing.


    He lit a flare in Rome and badly burned his dominant hand and I’m talking serious burns 🥵


    A hard lesson to learn but we have all done stupid things in our youth, me as much if not more than anybody else.

  2. https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/news/liam-gallagher-fan-fire-flare-burn-stacey-andrew-sheffield-a9211606.html



    5 days ago



    Liam Gallagher fan ‘set on fire’ by flare at Sheffield concert



    A fan at a Liam Gallagher concert in Sheffield was “seriously burnt” after she was hit in the chest by a flare.


    Stacey Andrew, 27, was at the Fly DSA Arena on Monday (18 November) when she was set on fire.


    “The flare hit my head and fell down my top,” Andrew told BBC News. “At first I didn’t realise what had happened until people shouted.


    “It looks like someone let a firework off on my chest.”


    Andrew, whose first ever gig was the Gallagher concert, added: “I didn’t realise what had happened then people started patting me. My shirt was in flames and a man ripped it off. People were shouting, ‘She’s on fire.’”


    “It was so embarrassing, I was just in my bra,” she said. “The Red Cross saw us, but their tap wasn’t running so they had to find water. The on-site nurse was good and covered my dignity as best as she could.


    “I’m scared I’m going to be scarred for life.”


    Fly DSA Arena’s head of entertainment and events Dominic Stokes said: “The irresponsible behaviour of the concert goer who threw the flare, along with any other people within their party who were aware of the possibility of their actions, cannot be condoned and they should be held accountable for their actions.”


    Stokes also said the use of smoke bombs and flares was a “new but increasing challenge” for all arenas and said security at the Fly DSA Arena was in line with National Arena Association guidelines, adding that its procedures will be reviewed.


    South Yorkshire Police is investigating the incident.


    Gallagher, who has just begun a UK-wide tour, wrote on Twitter: “I’m sorry to hear what happened to Stacey Andrew in Sheffield the other night it’s not cool people need to chill the f*** out with the flares can someone from her family get in contact with us thanx LG x.”

  3. ‘Pyrotechnics are not part of my Celtic experience.’








    And a Celtic Board that endorses the same club narrative isn’t part of mine.

  4. If BRTH is correct, that the pyro related closure is a squirrel, is Paul67 in on it? (clearly I’m paraphrasing the great man)



    For the record, I am against pyro usage at football, where it is in breach of regulations.



    However, I believe we have greater issues to discuss ahead of our AGM.



    What’s the difference between lazy journalism and lazy blogging?

  5. Any chance of jabba going too? Also, some of the blazers at the SFA , sevco stenographers masquerading as sports journalists and the cabal of referees?

  6. ” I expect the rule is in place for valid reasons. ”



    Wonder if there are other rules that are in place for valid reasons that have been broken ?



    Hello anybody out there ?

  7. Uefa ordering us to play behind closed doors would also probably resolve the pyro situation, and I suspect until that happens we will continue to see pyro parties at Celtic Park.

  8. UNCLE JIMMY on 26TH NOVEMBER 2019 11:54 AM


    If BRTH is correct, that the pyro related closure is a squirrel, is Paul67 in on it? (clearly I’m paraphrasing the great man)





    Call it a squirrel if you want… but its clearly dangerous.

  9. My guess is that Celtic knew King was standing down today hence the decision to shove out a statement late last night. It’s not inconceivable that both Celtic and Rangers are colluding to further their business interests.

  10. DAVID17 on 26TH NOVEMBER 2019 12:55 PM


    My guess is that Celtic knew King was standing down today hence the decision to shove out a statement late last night. It’s not inconceivable that both Celtic and Rangers are colluding to further their business interests.





    Why would they do that?

  11. eddieinkirkmichael on

    Make those that want to use Pyros pay extra to sit in a separate area from other less well off fans, it works for drink which is also ‘banned’ In Stadia.

  12. Paul67



    Celtic’s unanimous condemnation of pyrotechnics is as inevitable, as widespread resentment of ‘a Celtic’ who remain to appear to other fans, as impotent on issues that affect our club, on a permanent basis.



    Falling foul of UEFA is all too easy, and should be avoided, whist war is waged against our domestic governing body, who ‘sit on’ Res12, remain firmly behind the same club myth, and are every ready and complicitly poised to help bring an end to Celtic’s total domination, of the game in Scotland.



    The Green Brigade four horsemen et all, should redirect any angst, maybe then will we see real ‘fireworks’ about 2012, which could now soon be braced for arrival of the, the, the Rainjurz.

  13. ” ERNIE LYNCH on 26TH NOVEMBER 2019 11:54 AM


    ‘Pyrotechnics are not part of my Celtic experience.’




    And a Celtic Board that endorses the same club narrative isn’t part of mine.”



    So true. The pyro`s are an insignificant matter compared to the Board`s behaviour re same club and Res 12 issues.



    ( and before anyone says anything, then of course, injuries caused by pyro`s are important but that is not what I am talking about).

  14. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    And it`s conceivable that they`re not colluding .



    To my mind its inconceivable that are colluding .



    But then , I trust the Celtic FC ethos.


    If I didn`t , I couldn`t support Celtic.

  15. HOT SMOKED on 26TH NOVEMBER 2019 1:06 PM



    If injuries caused by pyro are important then preventing them from happening is too.

  16. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Just watching the State Broadcaster Opinion forming half hour, or “News” as they call it. Has anyone ever seen SPFhelL Chief Exec, Neil Dungcaster and Tory MP James Brokenshire in the same room?


    Whilst we are on the subject, is there a better surname for a Tory MP than Brokenshire?



  17. Timaloy29



    I am also against pyro in football stadia. Apologies if I wasn’t clear on that.



    However if, as has been suggested, the timing of the closure is to distract from any other issue then this action is disingenuous. I would have been happy for punitive action to have been taken against the pyro pirates before now.



    Talking of pyro today and a promised piece on the pantomime villain that is Dave King tomorrow? Are these really the topics of the day? Before our AGM? Really?



    I’m uncomfortable when the narrative appears to be being managed.

  18. UNCLE JIMMY on 26TH NOVEMBER 2019 1:17 PM



    In my opinion, the timing of the ban is due to recent events with pyro.



    Just over a week ago a girl went up in flames at a concert.


    3:20 SedgefieldFull Result







    Maxed Out King (IRE)









    Roxyfet (FR)









    Benarty Hill (IRE)




    Winning Trainer:Mrs S J Smith


    Winning Jockey:Danny Cook


    Runners:10 ran




    Unpl.Fav:Jolie Crickette (FR) 10/3 F

  20. Timaloy29



    We agree that pyro has no place on the stands or the terraces



    We’ll agree to disagree on the timing and any underlying reason.



    I await a lead article which addresses some of the major issues we could be discussing.



    This site used to be unparalleled when it came to holding power to account.



    Good to chat, sir.

  21. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Rockets and bangers everywhere.



    ‘We can set aff flares ‘n’ stuff ‘cos of Res 12’.



    Where do you begin with logic like that?



    Took my 10 year old to the Motherwell game and was treated to ‘ you can stick yer f****ing poppies up yer a&&se’.






    These people should not be welcome at Celtic Park.

  22. Turning attention to Thursday, I hope Lenny goes as strong as possible. Or let me re-phrase that, I hope he keeps changes to a minimum.


    There’s obviously Bauer to come in at right-back. Also a possible start for Ntcham.



    I would go with the following, on proviso everyone is fit :






    Bauer Jullien Ajer Greg Taylor



    —————-Brown Ntcham—————————



    —Forrest Christie El Yannoussi —







    Give McGregor a rest.

  23. Is King not by far the biggest newco shareholder? If so, is his announcement today of any real significance? I recall people on here saying that if the SFA had found him not fit and proper to be chairman, it would make no difference. He’d still have the same control.

  24. UNCLE JIMMY on 26TH NOVEMBER 2019 1:29 PM



    To be frank, I don’t think the pyro issue is a ‘squirrel’ because the board will know fine well that the dedicated Res12ters aren’t going anywhere.



    It would be naïve of the board to think they could get through the AGM without any questions on Res12.



    Paul’s silence on the issue is a question for himself.



    However, I don’t think an article about an outgoing Newco chairman or a Celtic stadium closure would go without comment at any time or any situation.

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