Pyro closure


Pyrotechnics are not part of my Celtic experience.  For others, it is an important part.  So much so, that it will not be inhibited by Health & Safety rules or the club being fined.

I cannot say how valid the Health & Safety concerns are, but I have one friend with lung disease who tells me this issue presents a real danger.  Two months ago, a woman and child were injured by a pyro at the Livingston-Newco game.  The same week, a Paranaense fan lost his hand when lighting a device in Brazil.  I expect the rule is in place for valid reasons.

After more than a dozen fines from Uefa, Celtic have closed part of the standing section for Thursday’s Rennes game in connection with the on-going pattern of pyrotechnic use at European games.

The problem with pyrotechnic use at football games comes about because those who bring them – as long as they do not blow their hands off or suffer lung disease – are usually immune to the consequences of their actions.  There is no personal financial, health or reputational damage, those consequences fall on the club.

I have not asked Celtic about yesterday’s action but I know what the view will be, “I will be the one held criminally liable if there is an incident I do nothing to prevent” – was a previous comment on a different matter.

Celtic have held discussions with supporters’ groups, but a supporters’ group can merely influence, not control, what their own members and others do.  Individual fans cannot impose behaviour on other people.

I expect those who insist on setting pyrotechnics off at Celtic games will be fortified by the club’s actions, they are now a cause célèbre.  Don’t expect an introspective reflection on whether or not their actions are beyond reproach.  Place your bets on what happens next, my money is on more of all of this.

Really annoyed at Dave King for abdicating on a day we have Celtic business to prioritise.  Pretty distraught at the news too, we will miss him more than you will ever believe, he has been wonderful.  I doubt the Treble Treble would be possible without him.  Pick up on this tomorrow.

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  1. prestonpans bhoys on

    Just saw King on the telly there, brilliant performance, clapping from the crowd. Gullible, gullibles😵😱

  2. Long time lurker, did I just hear right? Did Brian McLaughlin on the BBC news just now “*angers fans will see King as a saviour , who brought them BACK from the brink!!!” Unbelievable, back to lurking HH

  3. risk of drawing the ire of footballing authorities. There are varied views among the Celtic support on its use however it is undeniable that such displays of passion in the stands remain incredibly popular with significant swathes of Celtic supporters, 







  4. Re access to site. I put on Add Blocker years ago & have had no Add problems since. However I do regularly get logged off, sometimes I’m stopped from logging back on straight away & at times just have to leave it for a couple of hours,


    Obviously at that stage any post you intended making is most likely no longer relevant , so while I haven’t given up on site, I would say I am generally posting less because of that glitch.

  5. My bhoy has a ticket for Thursday night he has an assignment due for uni…anyone want his ticket contact me for pick up from him in Stirling 🍀🍀🍀

  6. Love the GB,love the displays,including Pyros,love the atmosphere they bring,new songs they bring.Love their stance on present day politics,eg,Palestine,Fascists,poverty,food banks,refugees.Loved some of the unforgettable Tifos, they spend a vast amount of time and effort on,and expense.Love their sheer passion for Celtic.


    Some on here,dear God”They will close section of the stadium”.No they won’t.We have done that for them.Roll over and get your tummy tickled.


    What we should have been doing is demanding from UEFA an explanation on why anti Fascist banners and chants are offensive,and to who exactly.Gutless.Why we allow twice a year,scum t occupy a part of our stadium,and spew filth the whole time.Why is this not”Offensive”.Again,too gutless to ban them.Much easier to ban our own.


    Just when we are hitting top gear,these blundering,gutless ,Board members throw a spanner in the works.,causing a split in the fantastic support.I hope they get Pelter’s tomorrow.

  7. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    Just clocked the vid of Glibby weeping and walking away, the tears running down his back.



    You would have to have a heart of stone not to pish yourself laughing.

  8. No matter what anyone says on here with their blinkers on Dave King has done an incredible job at Rangers.


    When he took over they were in financial turmoil and without a trophy or a sniff at the league title.


    Today they are now actually a ‘better team than Aberdeen’ and have become once again the second force in scottish football.


    They have only spent about 40-50 million a season[about 10 times the budget of Aberdeen] to do that.


    Incredible job.!!!

  9. Can’t believe some on here,siding with dictator like edicts of a body who could not give a fig for us.Who pander to the likes of Lazio.Big country,TV audience.Close section of their 60,000 seated stadium, their average gate is 16,000,which let’s their Fascist support just move along a bit.Big punishment for countless offences.


    Also side with our Board,who,when it suits them are bunch of fekin Tories,who constantly let us down.Will do anything to have a pop at the GB.



  10. ” all Green Brigade tickets for all upcoming fixtures are being withheld until further notice ”







    We’ll said.



    I would prefare the use of flares to be stopped until a safer way can be put in place.


    Surely the GB can see the sense in it.



    People should stand back and weigh up the pros and cons of the GB, we need to make sure we don’t give them hun monkeys a chink of light..

  12. The fine for the Lazio home game was for illicit chants and illicit banners, not pyro.


    A large section of our fans sang F@@@ Lazio, not just the Green Brigade.


    I’m genuinely surprised at how many seem ok, even happy with over 800 Celtic fans being denied access to the stadium.


    As Coventry Emerald CSC said, some of their members have tickets for that part of the stadium and have booked overnight accommodation.


    Celtic PLC have behaved poorly, for me.

  13. `Celtic PLC have behaved poorly, for me.`



    ….and for me.


    Also, 800 banned? The Green Brigade numbers about 150 does it not?





    PS Just watched a few minutes of the Spurs game. They scored a very fortunate goal. I fully expect them to score again.


    Cheerio for now.

  14. The Glib and Shameless King is dead(ish)…long live the King…lol…what a load of pish…he didn’t step down…he was forced to through his own actions…so another share issue to pay him off follow followed by cost cutting and the dream of another staunch sugar daddy…lol




  15. Asking for myself.



    I’m going to the AGM tomorrow for the first time ever. I am utterly disgusted at the board blocking RES 12- this matter needs to be addressed and ended with Board support. The SFA needs to be humbled. As a long standing shareholder I feel robbed and cheated, which is why I was a signatory supporting RES 12 this year. Meanwhile our Board sits and pretends not to see.



    So where do I sit or stand at the AMG -is there a section where the RES 12 rebels will congregate ?

  16. Cannae believe our board will be even more vindictive by possibly extending this ban.



    Then again, punishing our own has never been a problem for them :-(((

  17. WITS…disown the GB and stop profiting from merchandise in the shop…lol…this is a non-issue squirrel that I’m ashamed of




  18. “On the select occasions we opt to use pyro, we do so with total regard for safety and seek to limit risk as much as possible.”



    Seek to limit risk ??????


    Who the f*ck do you think you are ??


    People go to see a football match and you think you have the right to endanger them because you are limiting the risk ?.


    You have NO right to endanger peoples health, no matter what your goal is. No right.


    Chants, Banners are one thing and can be sorted one way or the other, but Pyros are a totally different matter..


    You have no right to endanger anybody at anytime.

  19. What is the Stars on

    Uefa says no Pyro.


    Celtic ignore UEFA


    The Pyro comes from a particular corner of the ground.


    Uefa says no Pyro and by the way that will be 15 grand thanks


    Celtic ignore UEFA


    The pyro comes from a particular corner of the ground


    Uefa says no Pyro and by the way that will be 20 grand thanks.


    Celtic ignore UEFA


    The Pyro comes from a particular corner of the ground.


    Uefa says no pyro and close that section.


    Celtic ignore UEFA and where does it end.

  20. I see this as very simple. UEFA doesn’t want Pyro at it’s matches. Celtic get fined for each occasion Home and away. We recognised this Group and held meetings to hear there opinions, the Club raised the issue and promises were given. Green Brigade and fellow travellers just do what they want.



    If they refuse to comply then they are banned and then we sell tickets to others.



    I was young and stood up the back of the Jungle and sang my heart out in the old days. I didn’t ask for or expect better treatment than any other fan. I was often tossed out at away games for singing Rebs.



    Green Brigade say until the last Rebel, well they are rebelling against the wrong target.

  21. QUESTION on 26TH NOVEMBER 2019 9:09 PM –


    I too am attending my first ever Celtic PLC AGM tomorrow and, like you, have no real idea of arrangements, protocol, etc. So you’ll not be the only one looking lost.

  22. Could anyone going to the agm tomorrow please ask why I can buy three wee potatoes for 27p from the coop and suddenly when fried at Celtic park they cost £2.70.



    Famine my arse.



    Hail hail




  23. When you purchase a ticket to watch an event you do so subject to the rules and regulations of the Company hosting the event. Failure to do so risks ejection from the event.


    Now everyone who purchases a ticket to watch a game at Celtic Park, whether it be a single ticket or a season ticket agrees to abide by the rules and regulations laid down by the Club. If you are not happy with that situation then simply don’t attend the games.


    For the avoidance of doubt:




  24. Please note it is an offence punishable by law for any person to enter or attempt to enter the Stadium:


    1. Whilst in possession of a prohibited container which is capable of containing liquid and which if thrown would be capable of causing injury to another person;


    2. Whilst in possession of alcohol;


    3. Whilst drunk;


    4. Whilst in possession of any article or substance whose main purpose is the emission of a flare for purposes of illuminating or signalling or the emission of smoke or a visible gas; or


    5. Whilst in possession of any article which is a firework, and all persons entering the Stadium may be searched by the Club and/or the Police.

  25. If done properly nothing much happens unexpectedly at an AGM.



    I’m sure some will want sparks to fly. Mibbe the Green Brigade will lob a metaphorical flare in for some edgy continental va-va-voom!

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