Recruiting players of CCV and Jota quality


Last summer Celtic concluded the permanent transfers of Cameron Carter-Vickers and Jota, both previously on loan at the club, early in the summer, as did free agent Aaron Mooy.  We did not need to contend with selling clubs for any of these deals, as options had already been signed with Tottenham and Benfica.

The only other new contracted player who made any impression on the season was Sead Haksabanovic, he arrived in the final week of the window.

Two years ago, during Ange Postecoglou’s first window, Liel Abada arrived early, Kyogo and Carl Starfelt (only just) joined for the start of the league campaign, and Joe Hart arrived a few days later.  Those we paid transfer fees for that summer came from peripheral markets, not dissimilar to the business we have done this year.

The business carried out in the last two summers was exceptional and exactly what the club needed.  Much of the important work, specifically brining Carter-Vickers and Jota to the club, had to wait until deadline day.

You, me, Brendan, the board and the ballboys know there are gaps in the squad.  Filling them with players of Carter-Vickers and Jota quality is difficult, but that is what Celtic are trying to do right now.  If work like this was easy, others would do it and we would not win so many trophies.

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  1. so,



    with nothing much else to talk about,



    the rangers tifo last night, it is meant to be William Poole, you know the Bowery Boys leader, fictionalised in the gangs of new your film.



    Now, if I could ask you what might the fellow be famous for ?

  2. We signed players to suit Ange’s style of football. Time will tell if they can adapt to Brendans game plan.


    Problem is, we don’t really have time.

  3. Pleased to hear it Paul67. Building a decent trading model that allows us to buy into the £6-£7m bracket (which is hardly bank-busting) gives us a boxers’ chance of doing something in Europe.



    Our bloated squad is filled with players who we know won’t make that grade or we will have to wait, but it won’t be this year. Too many punts at 500-2m that aren’t working out. Is it scouting or risk aversion or both ?



    We do this well over time and we can have more CCVs in the team. Ergo better equipped for the elite level.



    PSV had 2 young midfielders in the 5-7m bracket last night that were everything we need at this moment – Veerman and Sangare. Is going for these profiles too risky for our club and we’d prefer to go and get 1m punts from Asia Pac instead in the hope one lands down the line ?



    Fingers crossed csc




  4. Prestonpans bhoys on

    From the James Forrest blog



    William Poole is essentially the anti-Irish, anti-immigrant bigot portrayed by Daniel Day Lewis in the Scorsese movie The Gangs Of New York. Now you tell me … an anti-Catholic, razor carrying street gang boss who ran his local community rackets and spread fear amongst immigrants all across the city. Does that sound like somebody else or is it just me?

  5. P67


    ‘ Filling them with players of Carter-Vickers and Jota quality is difficult, but that is what Celtic are trying to do right now.’




    Especially as the board won’t pay the going rate for the quality required.


    Rodgers admitted as much to Stephen McGowan.


    The problem the board have is that everyone knows there is money to pay for these players and fans won’t accept being shafted.




  6. I don’t believe we will sign 3 players in the 5-10, million bracket….so hopefully 2 and a decent loan or 2 …..but I’ll not hold my breathe

  7. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    The huns looked worryingly strong last night. The played much better than I thought they were capable of. I’m very concerned about taking our depleted team to Ibrox. I fear for the outcome. Even top class signings won’t help us at this stage. Too late to bed in before that game. In any case, I’m not sure we’ll bring much in.



    I also fear we’ll sell Hatate in this window. I don’t think the club can do any more to keep him, but it looks like he wants to go.



    If the last two years were an uninterrupted party this feels like the hangover.



    We’re unprepared.

  8. Ideguchi, Iwata, Kobayashi, Kwon are certainly not successes. Admittedly this could change in the months ahead but there’s little basis to be confident.



    Yang and Oh look promising but more time is needed for assessment.



    Loads of talk about value for money in Asia but for me, Kyogo and Hatate are the only stand out successes. Maeda is very hit and miss.



    Asia is not the land of milk and honey our scouts seem to think it is. We’ve had mixed results there, certainly not exceptional by any means.



    I suspect BR wants players with European experience in through the door.

  9. William Poole is could be said is no stand in for Billy Fullerton.


    He is described on FF as “one of our own”



    He was the original “native american party leader” (irony bypass) WASP leader who stood on a far right nationalist rabble rousing anti-catholic, anti irish, anti Jewish, anti german, anti polish, anti italian, anti all migrants except pure protestant ones.



    I read an article one time that went along the lines of how did Daniel Day Lewis square his own politics with playing such a man, and he said it is just a challenge as an actor, but if anything, Billy the Butcher in the film was less violent than the real man.



    Anyways, FF and RM are in open warfare, like the gangs at the five points.



    The bigots say there is nothing in it, it is just a film character, and anyways he was played by a roman catholic left fitter (another derogatory reference) so how can they say it is sectarian, ………



    and Surrender or you will die, is not really sinister, it is just a line from a protestant anthem Derrys Walls.



    but then lets look at what Billy the Butcher actually said in the movie



    “Now may the Christian lord guide my hand against your Roman Popery”.



    I feel FARE/UEFA will be involved at some point.

  10. The huns looked worryingly strong last night






    I think with the injuries we have, they’ll certainly cause us problems with the high press.



    CalMac has been poor so far and our midfield could very well lose the battle to them once again.



    I’d take a draw right now. Over the course of the season, the huns won’t create a while lot. We’d need to significantly under perform for them to win this league.

  11. bournesouprecipe on

    Climate change .



    There was no euphoria just surprise and a tacit acceptance that ‘the best man for the job,’ got it. Celtic divisions took over, and now body language experts have already started waving red flags as the ‘non Brendan’ signings, roll out at Lennoxtown. We’ve gone from



    Rodgers has revealed the process will be very much a team effort.



    ” I will work with the club on that. Mark Lawwell, who heads up the recruitment team here, has done a fantastic job,” the former Leicester boss added.






    “ We need quality signings “



    It was nice of Brendan to publicly endorse the system he’d previously signed up to in his “ no brainer ” summer acceptance of a second shot at managing Celtic. Players with suitors that want to leave will be placed in the revolving door and so they should, unsigned Celtic contract extensions go in the bin, maybe our timing is out or shouldn’t offer them in the first place?



    Brendan Rodgers knows the system he said was working well, till shortly before we lost a cup tie, the same system he apparently left first time round when he was fed up, he can’t have it both ways, not twice surely? Poor Brendan will have to knuckle down and get his world class coaching cloak on, he doesn’t seem to bring signing targets with him, it’s not his bag, and he’s certainly proved he’s no bargain hawk. What price quality rummaging in the Premier League reduced Jim Whyte SKY deadline bargain bin?



    Time will tell, very soon for the ego that’s landed, with shut slamming September fast approaching he doesn’t have his troubles to seek with injuries fixture lists or rebels, since he returned to follow the principles of the Ajax, Benfica, Dortmund, Leipzig models.



    Let’s wait and see.

  12. Reo Hatate is a good player but easily replaceable.



    If we could replace him with a better athlete, we’d bring Callum back up a level or two as well.



    Can’t say I’d be terribly dewy-eyed about losing any of our midfielders. Same can’t be said about losing CCV or Kyogo.



    We’ve been hanging around so long since Jota left that he’s gone through a full cycle and now a free agent again…




  13. We know it’s not easy to buy good players but then don’t sell Starfelt till you have an experienced replacement. Instead we buy two young players who are not ready for the CL. But as I said when Jota left, our board is not interested in CL success.


    I think someone said recently that we have a squad of about 40 players. If true, this is madness. Celtic is a job creation scheme and a player trading organisation. I want to support a football club.

  14. Paul, You are older than me and yet you still buy into this message. We are not a club that can build for the future because we lose players every time they do anything of note. Hence, why players like Haksabanovic for example has no pursuers.



    I accept that we shopped in a market that was otherwise untouched but to starts this nonsense again about waiting until 1155pm on the 31st August to secure “quality” is garbage. We’ve had this line peddled for decades.



    We are not PL teams that take 3, 4 or 5 years to assemble a team capable of winning the league. It can be done much quicker and has to be because players want to leave every summer. We may hang on to Hatate this summer but he will leave as well. Relying on under achievers like Turnbull won’t fill that gap.



    We are in a bad place at the moment due to injuries BUT middle to forward we need a MUCH better standard of player to add to the 7 or 8 quality players we have.



    A GK and LB of higher standard would all of a sudden see our back five (And back up) look much stronger. Our midfield needs a first xi player of presence and up front we need help for Kyogo and experience in either number 10 or inside left or right. Five players.



    And then try and get rid of the 7, 8 or 9 players doing nothing.



    BR also needs to work out a system so that we don’t get humiliated in the extremely difficult CL.

  15. Tom McLaughlin on

    Podence wants to come to Celtic. Clubs negotiating fee, add-ons, sell-on etc.



    Get it done Celtic.

  16. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Acquiring a “project” is easier than acquiring a “more Experienced’ player


    We have done very well with the Projects and I am sure 2, 3 or even 4 of this crop will develop into first team regulars


    But for experienced players there are a few more shoppers in the market so they are more difficult to acquire



    Some wild “made up” (as eTims would say) nonsense



    Is there a deal Hatate one way Dier the other ???? possibly money involved


    Will Arsenal allow KT to go on loan I sense KT would come back tomorrow


    Are Wolves struggling to get £12m for their winger


    Jota return surely no way !!!!!!!



    I have no idea what’s going on behind the scene, but I bet there is a lot going on




  17. Last post from last thread.



    Burnley 11.36




    It would appear that the PSV MANAGER is unable to suggest a centre half for his team ,when he is aware of the budget and briefed by experts on who is available .




    It doesn’t make sense that you expect fans to make sensible suggestions without that information.




    This is a fans blog .




    Not a management team meeting of club employees .



    Hired as full time experts ,and paid as such ,to come up with the solutions to our problems .




    I had a Lettings manager called Phil Gilfeather .



    When I employed him he was a seasoned pro.




    Whenever staff went to him ,to advise me of problems .



    Phil would quote me to them .




    “ I don’t mind you coming to me with a problem ,but before you do .



    Please think of some potential solutions .



    Then I can consider them before I make a decision .”




    I read your comment about your dad the other day ,and smiled.




    I have employed the same mantra for decades .



    It was passed to me by my boss and mentor Donald McLellan .




    So I understand your frustrations,at fans complaining ,with no solution in mind .




    But this is a blog where fans are able to do that .



    Not a management meeting of so called expert employees .





  18. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Are we really likely to make any significant signings before we know for sure that partner club are in the CL group stages?

  19. A name that was well-used as our ideal LB a few yrs ago was Birger Meling ex-Rosenborg


    Just went to Kopenhavn for 2mill (couple of weeks back) – a smashing player as I recall. Did we keep tabs ?


    Another name mentioned in midfield grafter terms was the lad Alan Campbell now a reg starter at Luton; market value 2.5mill.



    We can find semi-proven performers and now we have the ideal fella for coaching them to his required style.



    I’d surmise we’re busy behind the scenes right enuff.




  20. “The zombies looked worryingly strong last night”



    “I fear for what will happen”



    This happens every year in the run up to the first game at the sht pit, bed wetters start proclaiming the end is nigh.



    The only thing to fear is brethren skullduggery.



    Geez peace.

  21. Within knowing exactly the real situation, an injury to a celtic player must be measured as impactful in games coming up – unlikely to make ibrox, going to miss the champions league first round, wont make it until after christmas ………..



    and so on and so forth.



    if it can be coupled up with a reference to training regime at lennoxtown, then that is a double result.



    that celtic supportes believe any of it and then discuss it on a blog well ………..




  22. I watched a chunk of the huns game last night. They defended very well against a good team going forwards. The breaks they had were down to pace in their midfield and forwards which is their main advantage over us right now.



    On the other hand, PSV were a bit of a defensive mess which allowed the breaks and the errors at the back.


    The rookie LB was caught in the headlights and shat it from the chasing down/press. The line at the hun second goal was shaky but almost worked for the offside.



    when they tired and brought subs on, the huns gave the ball away constantly; i think Danilo did it 3 times in a row.



    There will be a high energy start at Snake Mountain but if we keep a decent shape, it will peter out.



    For me, it has to be 4231 from us





    Ralston, Nawrocki(if fit), Lagerbielke, Taylor


    O’Reilly, McGregor


    Abada, Turnbull, Maeda





    For this Sat, I would deliver the ‘kick up the arse’ and play





    Ralston, Scales , Lagerbielke, Bernabei


    O’Reilly, McGregor, Turnbull


    Forrest, Kyogo, Haksabanovic

  23. PS I enjoyed the ref ignoring the Souttar dive last night. CH diving in both boxes is a bit of a hun tactic.

  24. Tom McLaughlin on




    I always remember my late father on the supporters bus back in the 80s when David Hay was manager and Celtic were struggling. He said he thought it was time for a change of manager. One guy said — So who would you replace him with?



    My dad replied — If I go into a restaurant and am served crap food and I tell the owner he needs to sack his chef, I wouldn’t expect him to ask me who he should replace him with.

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