Referee Mallenco scouted ahead of Celtic game


The Guardian did an excellent piece on Wednesday on how referees in various European territories would view the penalty box wrestling of the Juventus players.  In short, there is a variance in how these offences are punished.  Who knew?

Juventus knew.  I hear they watched four videos of referee Alberto Undiano Mallenco ahead of the Celtic game.

You have to admire their thoroughness.  They had a plan to combat Celtic and needed to know if the referee would let them away with it.  Gone are the days when someone at Juve would simply pick up the phone and ‘ask’.  The danger from Celtic was known, illegal holding would nullify this danger and watching a few videos established what players would get away with.

It’s no longer sufficient to scout your opponents, if you want an edge in this game, scout the referee too.

Every day’s a school day.

I hear from a good contact that a journalist who recently departed the media for a job in the lower leagues once wanted to be a bit of a Jungle Jim. Apparently he was keen to ditch his industry for a job at Celtic back in the 90s. What an escape!

On Friday 1 March the Lisbon Lions will be at the Kerrydale Suite providing commentary and answering questions on their magnificent European Cup final win in 1967. This has never happened in 46 years since that game, to say it is a unique opportunity fails to tell the whole story.

The event is part of our 125 4 125 campaign – central to reinvigorating the charitable spirit which is part of the club we love. It will be a family occasions, tickets are available at £10 for adults and £5 for children. The night has been organised by several fans working in conjunction with the people at Celtic Charity, so please do your best to support this great occasion. Individual tickets or tables are available, details here.
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  1. I made the mistake of watching the repeat of QT……what a bunch of egoistic puffed up self-regarding pompous out of touch ninnnies. (I’ll except GW coz he , at least , put the verbal boot in on them)


    I really did notice that the question on tax evasion was completely excised.


    Censorship is alive and sick in The ConDemNation 2013.

  2. Bourne posted an amazing picture from a corner kick v Juve,it showed 4 Celtic players being impeded at the same time,might be a World Record…..

  3. I see Roddy Forsyth is the latest to have a dig at Sevco.



    Hmmm… there is a definite change in attitude towards Chuckles

  4. Philvis



    I’ve not been on these esteemed pages much myself lately but it’s sure good to see you back.



    Even in a runners up role ;-)

  5. Paul67



    The fact Uefa will not charge Neil Lennon about his comments says it all. They do not want to bring anymore attention to his display the other night.

  6. Who’d a thunk it?



    The Voice of a Football….





    Refused entry at the hallowed gates…………Hallelujah!



    …might explain his bitterness?

  7. Hamiltontim – Thank you, kind sir.



    You are an honourable winner and we, who are about to give you a big Celtic thumbs up, salute you. (thumbsup)

  8. 31003…….from yesterday’s question.



    I used to have head problems but bought a Giro Phase last year.



    It, er…fits like a hand in glove.





  9. philvisreturns returns.



    Good to see you back old bean, I was getting worried about you.






    Some people will go to any lengths to corrupt what is good.



    Football is a Great game and Celtic play that game in the correct spirit. All we can do is keep improving and keep on doing the right things, our rewards will surely come.

  10. Prince Albert_Kidd of Hamilton on

    On that note, who is tomorrows ref? What can we get away with?






    nah, didnae think so.




  11. Aye Paul67, I think if we want to get anywhere in Europe. We need to get ‘cute’ like our continental cousins. They’ve been at it for decades, we’ll just have to get with the program.



    Jabba ‘prostituting’ himself to anyone and everyone – ugh. Thank god he wasn’t successful in joining us.

  12. Paul,



    If true about a certain journalist, is it also true that Dallas threw his hat into the ring?



    If so, then truly, “Hell hath no fury,etc.”

  13. Paul67



    Interesting article. I commented on the way home from the game on Tuesday that u believe we can learn from the whole experience and use it advantageously in future.



    That included examining how individual referees have handled (or man handled) previous games.

  14. That will be the Roddy Forsyth who got stiffed as a Shareholder in Oldco………….balanced media strikes again…

  15. ………forget the The Tribute Act cast of patsies………….



    the star of this production is duckin’ the houselights………..

  16. Hamiltontim



    I think you either change your tactic on corners. Take them short so the ball is in play when the pushing goes on or fight fire with fire and put the big men on the bullies. Didn’t see many players push Ambrose or Wanyama.


    It’s all gone now but the 2nd leg will be interesting.




  17. I think the bottom line is we have always been too honest in European football.We don’t timewaste,try to get opposition players booked,don’t play on guys on a yellow card etc etc.If that’s the way we have to play to progress…?? I’m not sure a lot of guys would sign up to see that.

  18. If true that Juventus watched the ref performance for 4 games and picked this out as a weakness in his decision making, the opposite must be true for the Referee supervisor, who marked him up for the same thing!.



    This is a last 16 match in the Champions league, only the top 16 referees, based on revues would have been used surely.


    Also if this guy had a chance of refereeing one of the later rounds then he would not have got one of the better teams, e.g. he would not ref R Madrid v Man U then get them again in one of the further rounds.

  19. I’m shocked reading this. For a team like Juventus to plan to cheat like that is really low. A clubs of huge stature and history too. They should be ashamed.


    Don’t get me wrong, see if celtic had gone 1-up or 2 up, they would never have employed such tactics. It would have been a different Juventus team altogether. They would have rarley gone to ground, and if they did they would be up like a shot and taking a short free kick etc. it would have been all runners off the ball and wee dinks with the outside of the foot etc. no arguing with the ref it would have been 100 mile an hour stuff, they would have had us pegged back for long spells. In other words, now after reading this article I can see that cheating pays.

  20. Paul 67


    If that is the case that Juventus knew who the ref would be, the question must be who told them and when?


    We only knew 48hrs before the game

  21. Philvisreturns



    You appear short of match sharpness.


    Remember what you once told me; second is nowhere!



    Glad your back, albeit with a slower internet connection.




  22. philvis…



    Ben tornato!



    That means ‘welcome back’ in Italian – but of course you knew that!













  23. tictaewin



    Shocked that Juventus were happy to cheat and take advantage of any situation they could?


    They are as clever as it gets in that area.




  24. LiviBhoy



    Agree, sure Efe had a free header at one point. Had Victor been in that position, it would have been 1-1 and with us on the front foot.




  25. petec – Thank you my friend in Celtic.



    Thanks to a fortuitous colliding meteorite I have finally escaped from the Phantom Zone, which appears to be some sort of spinny, floaty double glazed window in space, no doubt engineered by the skunkworks department at CR Smith.



    So far I have been unable to locate the son of Jor-El, but it is only a matter of time. (thumbsup)



    ASonOfDan – I am here to chew bubblegum and thumbs up. And I’m all out of bubblegum. (thumbsup)

  26. Bada Bing,



    Im of that opinion too. Apart form a bit of time wasting I think you’ve highlighted some of the more reprehensible practices there.



    However doing homework on the match the officials is a pretty clever move in my opinion. I don’t that would be a practice that would tug at our consciences.

  27. LiviBhoy




    12:30 on



    15 February, 2013



    Our tactics at corners on Tuesday confused me.



    I can see the logic in letting Commons take them to allow Mulgrew to add extra height in the area. However, Kris continually dropped the ball into a similar area with practically no success.



    Was he lacking accuracy or were our players not attacking the areas that they had been instructed to?



    I agree incidentally, use short corners, draw them out and then play the ball between the keeper and defenders. Mulgrew has been particularly adept at this in the past.

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