Rivals fall


It’s not often Newco are happy to do Celtic a favour but they obliged yesterday. Conceding an early penalty and red card was too much for St Mirren, our nearest challengers, as they slipped seven points behind the champions.

A resurgent Reo Hatate inspired Celtic to a comfortable win over Kilmarnock a day earlier, ensuring Celtic arrived at the October international break in an historically comfortable position.

Brendan Rodgers has plenty to consider over the next two weeks, in particular, how to better the gap between domestic and European results. That will take all of this experience.

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  1. Am I the only one who thought the penalty and red card decision at Love St should not have been made? I tried but have been unable to see a camera still taken in line with the players at the instant when the attacking player crossed the ball. Looking at the stills shown by Sky from an angle there seems to be two attacking players offside if not for the flying foot of a St Mirren defender who lunges toward the attacker to get a block in, but is obviously too late to arrive before the winger’s cross. Is there a VAR picture available, with lines drawn etc, or was the possibility of offside not considered?

  2. From previous post





    Shalom Greg, ignorance is no excuse but that is what it is. Armchair warriors who would piss their pants if they had to live their lives surrounded by people who want to kill them, in their ancestral home.



    Sounds like growing up in Govan (not Ibrox) after the 2nd world war

  3. Prestonpans bhoys on

    All I can say is:



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    So there, yur telt 🤣

  4. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Well if we consider St Mirren (or any domestic opponent) to be “rivals” the gap to European level will appear so big as to be unbridgeable. Time to reset to a higher baseline.


    Don’t think we are a million miles off. Performances have been there – fine margins to turn that into results. I think Abada has been a big miss – his style of play is ideally suited to take advantage of teams offering a bit more space.

  5. Melbourne Mick on




    How are you my old offshore warrior.


    Growing up in Govan or as I did in Kinning Park wasn’t a big deal


    We had a sort of mutual respect going, if they kicked feck out of


    us then we kicked more out of them.


    But seriously, there were so many Irish family’s and Celtic supporting


    people about those areas, it was unreal.


    I think it was all to do with the match day attendance at broken box


    Then you had the hunterlopers full of beer looking for victims.


    H H. Mick

  6. I don’t know what I find more offensive,



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    I refuse to read any more of this filth.

  7. spikeysauldman on



    ignorance ?


    armchair warrior ?


    their ancestral home ??????? who said ? Charlton Heston ?






    def pen and red card.



    well done and dammit Ginger ;)



    I didn’t even try Quad. oops!. Does that make it worse? I should have said in my post that the winger made a forward pass (cross)

  9. To reiterate my own thoughts on the GB Saturday.


    I am not qualified to offer advice on any ongoing conflict in the middle East. I have seen reports that ‘they’re just as bad’ and so on.


    My opinion here is very much from a Celtic perspective. Whether previous atrocities may have been perpetrated by Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, the US, Israel, Afghanistan, I’ve never seen a group of Celtic fans celebrate that.


    Yet on Saturday we were witness to some of the most brutal footage I have ever seen online. Bullet ridden pensioners, naked women, some of whom were mercifully dead, who had been victim to some hideous sexual assaults, children held hostage at gunpoint.


    Most right minded people may have closed their eyes and offered up a silent prayer.


    Not the plucky bedsheet brigada however. Nope, the narcissists within the green brigade decided the world needed to hear from them. They had to support the slaughter and attach a Celtic badge front and centre.


    I really hope they continue with their lateral movement. May i suggest about 2 miles to the left?




    ‘def pen and red card’.




    What evidence do you have?

  11. Re Europe Paul, you are only as strong as your weakest link.



    Going back ad far as MON days we have had the teams peppered with as much exceptional talent as we had with players who couldnt make the step up.



    Same is true today. Concentrate on acquiring the best 11 players we can for each position.



    in my view ,at our strongest , we are 3 first team starters off at the moment

  12. Ancestral Home rights ? Imagine answering the door of your home one day to an american and being told by them that you had a day to vacate your house. They were moving in because it use to be were their great, great grandfather lived before he sought a home in the States…



    Thankfully we all have citizenship and rights under the law to stop such nonsense, unfortunately it’s a different story in East Jerusalem…

  13. GINGERNUT – even accidental 1st spots are to be congratulated !



    Re the pen and red card, the Saints players’ reaction said a lot; a grumble but no defiant protest.



    I watched 75mins of their pretty turgid tie. How Saints are sitting so high is a mystery!!



    PS – watch for a late season rally by Hibs under Monty.







    Thanks for taking the trouble to post the link. I didn’t have a problem with the handball, and penalty decision. Not sure abour the ‘clear’ goal scoring opportunity though. But my question related to whether or not VAR offside camera stills should have been made available to viewers.




    DEF PEN & Red Card?


    I was only quoting previous poster and relating it to my experience in Govan after the war.


    Mostlly (as Melbourne Mick says) no problem until June/July neighbours window boxes start to sprout Orange Lilies to let you know you were different.


    Wouldn’t change it but definately better watching The Celtic now than what we had, even if it was Charles Patrick and Neily Mochan in the 50’s


    As for the Middle East clusterfcuk we can blame GB (not green brigade) and USA for that


    Yet on Saturday we were witness to some of the most brutal footage I have ever seen online. Bullet ridden pensioners, naked women, some of whom were mercifully dead, who had been victim to some hideous sexual assaults, children held hostage at gunpoint.



    What channel was that on ??????????????????????

  17. Glass 2/3 full



    Totally agree re Abada being missed in that regard.



    Not sure we will see him back any time soon fired up and motivated after this weeks events mind you.

  18. GREG on 9TH OCTOBER 2023 8:31 AM


    I write this as a daily lurker, a very occasional poster, and a Jewish Celtic fan.




    Israel, and the Jewish community around the world, is absolutely devastated by events in Israel. The biggest massacre of Jewish people. in one day since the holocaust. Our hearts break.




    To see Celtic “fans” decide that that moment, while countless Jewish people are being murdered, raped, and kidnapped – that that is the moment to raise a banner in support of the resistance, is profoundly depressing. They are a stain on their community and on Celtic. I’m used to Israel being treated completely differently by a section of the support and of the left in general, but this is the first time I’ve ever questioned my affiliation to Celtic. These soulless ghouls have descended so far in their humanity that even after it’s become clear about the nature of this horrific slaughter, they justify. They pillory Nir Bitton for objecting. As if any decent person would react otherwise to this provocation while his people are being heartlessly slaughtered.




    On other Celtic sites, with the odd voice of reason aside, the main discussion seems to be about whether the mass murder was “a PR mistake” by the Palestinians. I’m glad to see there is a more reasonable response by decent people on here who understand just how vile this has been and how it reflects on the club.




    I do hope the club makes a statement to disown these scumbags and their attempt to connect Celtic to this heartless message.






    The Green Brigade don’t speak for the majority of Celtic supporters, Greg. What happened in Israel on Saturday is appalling. I hope our Board finally do something that will prevent the Green Brigade dragging our club constantly into political arguments that the club does not wish to become involved in and constantly embroils us in adverse publicity and attracts unwanted fines.



    It seems that around 1200 people have died from both sides in the weekends events in Israel and Gaza. Every life lost is a tragedy.

  19. Dear Neil,


    I hope you’re well in these trying times for everyone. The reason for my email is the latest cut to the ticket allocation to Celtic Football Club by Heart of Midlothian Football Club. It is becoming increasingly frustrating for the Celtic Supporters who are trying to access tickets for away matches in Scotland, bearing in mind that Celtic have the biggest travelling support in Scotland, and maybe even in the UK, it makes no sense for some clubs who continually complain about lack of funds, to be denying tickets to visiting supporters when there are plenty of seats available within their stadium.



    I know you have said in the past that you don’t want to interfere in how clubs allocate their tickets, but something has to be done, to use “A reasonable amount” as the yardstick is absolutely ludicrous, and has to change, before it has a serious impact on Scottish Football, and not in a positive way, but the exact opposite. The powers that be in Scotland need to convene an emergency meeting of the SPL as a matter of urgency, before it’s too late to save some clubs.



    Just as UEFA impose supporter allocation on clubs participating In their tournaments, it’s high time for the SPFL to do the same. I don’t know of any Football Association in Europe that let the clubs decide such an important issue, and I include our nearest neighbours England in that. I believe in the English Premier League visiting clubs are allocated 3,000 tickets, or 10% if the stadium capacity is greater the 30,000, they also had a price cap for visiting supporters, but that’s an argument for a different day. Some people may think that stadia in England are all like Old Trafford or the Emirates, they’re not, for instance Fulham and Crystal Palace have capacity of around 25,000, Brentford has 17,000, Bournemouth has 11,000, and finally Luton {my favourite} has just over 10,000, hardly World Cup standard.



    I think in Scotland it would be difficult to use a percentage of the capacity for allocation purposes, we don’t really have a big problem at Perth or Livingston, but we do have at, Ibrox. Kilmarnock, St Mirren, and the latest allocation from Hearts of 576, is absolutely scandalous. How do Supporters Clubs run coaches to matches when they might have one ticket? Will we see coach companies going into liquidation because the cancellation of football coaches, probably one trip to an away match would pay the drivers wages for the whole week. We were allocated over 7,000 tickets for Livingston, and there were still supporters outside trying to buy tickets, so Livingston and St Johnstone maximise the allocation to help themselves, while we have Aberdeen, Kilmarnock, and St Mirren giving small allocations while their stadium is far from full, financial suicide.



    I would respectfully suggest a minimum allocation of 2,500 tickets for clubs who can sell the allocation to their own supporters, that would create a proper atmosphere, especially when the visitors were Celtic, Rangers, Aberdeen, and Hearts and Hibs. Aberdeen cut our allocation because seats were thrown at their supporters by visiting fans from another club, so why should Celtic Supporters be punished for the actions of other fans? Hearts have cut us continually over the last few seasons, we have went from a full stand, to 1,400, and now down to 576, are there no safety concerns for such a small number of visiting supporters? Celtic have been forced to decline tickets for Ibrox because the safety of our staff and supporters couldn’t be guaranteed, will we be forced to decline tickets from Hearts too? And the irony of it is, Hearts will give their most hated rivals Hibs, a full stand, which will be reciprocated. Are Celtic Football Club the only club in Scotland with a professional and successful Board of Directors? It certainly looks like it.


    Kind regards,


    Joe O’Rourke,


    General Secretary,


    Celtic Supporters Association.

  20. UNCLE JIMMY @ 12:53




    Thank you for that contribution – it says all that a reasonable human would say.



    The sooner the Green Babies with their infantile intellect and political agenda are ‘hunted’ from Celtic Park the better.



    The club have indulged them for far too long – they cost us hundreds of thousands in fines, besmirch our reputation home & away, and are more than an embarrassment now to 99% of the Celtic family – get them out now!



    GTO CSC Hail Hail.

  21. Some of the people in Sderot Southern Israel were filmed a number of years ago putting up deck chairs on the hillside so they could watch Gaza being pummelled. They ate popcorn, drank wine and cheered every explosion. Now a number of years later, Hamas have taken the barbarity of violence literally into Sderot. It’s certainly nothing to cheer.



    The international community have a duty to ensure the occupation of the west bank comes to and end and that Palestinians are given their State and that those Palestinians left in Israel are guaranteed their legal rights.



    Sadly, we’ll be nowhere closer to a peaceful settlement in ten years because Israel has taken the same decision that Thatcher did in the North of Ireland. They’re trying to impose a ‘security solution’ whilst completely ignoring the human rights violations that give rise to violence.



    May all those killed on Saturday rest in peace. May those currently living under a military siege also find solace, strength and safety.

  22. Which first pick players ( I know that is not easy but you can do it !) do we have out at the moment and when are they preicted to come back?

  23. Reckon we are in for another first, another record.


    We’ll have the league won by Xmas.



    You heard it here first







    GiNGERNUT – even accidental 1st spots are to be congratulated !



    Thanks Q. I’ll take that. It’s not very often I get 1st.




    AN DÚN on 9TH OCTOBER 2023 3:24 PM


    Well said!

  25. Violence & murder should be condemned full stop.


    Keeping Millions of people in camps for decades should also be condemned.


    As I read somewhere today, if you are neutral or wash your hands in a conflict between The Powerful and the Powerless, you are on the side of the Powerful.

  26. GINGERNUT on 9TH OCTOBER 2023 12:05 PM


    you are 100% correct



    how anyone could hand on heart say that it was a deliberate hand ball to stop a goalscoring opportunity ( not more so to stop the ball going into the net ) from the tv coverage must be some sort of super hero with magical eyes.

  27. RC on 9TH OCTOBER 2023 5:25 PM


    just saw the video , pen and red card.





    James ‘Tavpen’ Tavernier likes this message.




  28. Celtic statement



    Banners displayed in a section of Celtic Park prior to Saturday’s game do not represent the views of Celtic Football Club and we disassociate ourselves from them. We condemn the display of such messages at Celtic Park.



    Celtic is a football club and not a political organisation. One of our core values from inception is to be open to all regardless of race, colour, politics or creed. That is why the Club has always made clear that political messages and banners are not welcome at Celtic Park, or any match involving Celtic. At a time of loss and suffering for many, it is entirely inappropriate for any group of individuals to use Celtic Park as a vehicle for such messages.



    We call on all supporters, regardless of their personal views, to unite in backing our players and the Club while respecting the rights and beliefs of others; particularly those whose lives are affected by violence and hatred.

  29. TIMBHOY163 on 8TH OCTOBER 2023 11:03 PM



    So it’s ok to support the Green Brigade and Palestine who are no shrinking violets ,young Israel’s out enjoying themselves only to be kidnapped by thugs and probably being assassinated,and that’s ok for The Green Brigade to support terrorists,well after all the belt out pro I R A songs in every ground they attend,



    *do you know the history of the place, during WWI, the Sinai and Palestine campaign of the Allies led to the partitioning of the Ottoman Empire. Britain was granted control of the region by a League of Nations mandate, in what became known as Mandatory Palestine.



    The British government publicly committed itself to the creation of a Jewish homeland, Arab nationalism opposed this design, asserting Arab rights over the former Ottoman territories and seeking to prevent Jewish migration, as a result, Arab–Jewish tensions grew in the succeeding decades of British administration, nae surprise then that the brits were once again the aggressors and for what Arab oil.



    I had 2 Palestinian lassies workin for me, one cum over when she was 18 months old and never goes back now, although she has Canadian citizenship and an accompanying passport she had tae travel with an Israel one and only on El All so she disnae bother anymore the other although born here lived in Jordan for 18 month when a very young teenager, another who wont go near the place and seemingly Jordan is one of the saftest tae, oh and both lassies are ben afflecks so really have no skin in the game.

  30. leave your politics at the front door, we dont need any of that there free speech



    siad the tories in the box

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