Safe Standing, great, but let’s get it right


Delighted for everyone involved in making Celtic the first club in Britain to be given permission to install Safe Standing facilities.  There’s time for a seat but going to the football in Scotland was largely a standing undertaking for a century, for good reason.

Standing enables the creation of football’s now too scarce atmosphere, it allows people to shuffle in the cold and sing with projection.  It’s also safer across more scenarios than sitting.

I have one (significant) problem with the plans……..

Celtic intend to install Safe Standing at the corner of the lower North and Lisbon Lions stands, including the Green Brigade’s area.  The Green Brigade pitched up at this part of the ground one League Cup game several years ago, the area was no more or less appropriate for as a singing section than any other part of the ground.

The North Stand upper is the proper place for a Safe Standing section, front and centre of the stadium.  It’s where the Jungle was, and if we’re going to come anywhere close to recreating the unique atmosphere of the Jungle in a modern stadium, we must select the appropriate area.

The Safe Standing section will have unique properties.  The ability to stand all game, bounce around and generally be more active, will ensure it sells out, but it’s unlikely to attract the infirm, and it will never be part of the family section.  It’s also not going to attract corporate business.

The decision where to locate this section is unlikely to be reversed until there is a major stadium renovation, and that’s likely to be decades away.  A couple of decades out, there will be more demand for family and infirm sections, more demand for corporate and lounge facilities.

Football spent years failing to notice how people grew fond of comfort, shelter, safe and clean facilities.  The trend is not over.  Thousands will want to stand, but perhaps more will want access to lounges, video games for the kids and shops selling all sorts.

Celtic Park is magnificent building of its time but it’s not a 21st century stadium.  The Celtic Way is genuinely stunning, but if we want to cater for fans in the decades to come we’ll need proper cafes, fan zones, bars, better toilets and a museum.  We’ll need to make use of all that land we’ve acquired, but which largely lies undeveloped.

Real estate in the lower stands will be more of a premium in the future, we should plan for it now, make the Safe Standing section the New Jungle.

Sports Direct is not a travel agents – for the avoidance of doubt.

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  1. Elbows is a Wigan Athletic ‘legned’ according to the local press down there.







  2. The Green Man


    12:52 on


    10 June, 2015


    Mr Pasty



    Listen…im clever enough not to give any credence to your ideological absurdity.


    And wise enough to understand bullshit when I hear it.


    And im not bad at contempt either.





    Oh Yes! but incapable, so it seems. to answer any point with a counter, other than a lot of personal drivel.



    What you are really saying is that no matter what the substance of any discussion, you will reply with all that you know – i.e. insults.

  3. Saint Stivs


    13:19 on


    10 June, 2015


    the trifiles ………… hahahahhahahhahahahahahah



    we are on a roll now.





    The Khyber Trifles?????? – I am in The Curlers at this precise moment – there are other pubs on Byres Road.

  4. prestonpans bhoys on



    13:24 on


    10 June, 2015



    Celtic end; Rangers end; very 1970’s – 1980’s talk :)

  5. They’ll all want in on this shortly :-)))



    West Ham chief praises Celtic for taking a stand


    WEST HAM UNITED’S joint chairman David Gold has praised Celtic for winning the right to allow their fans to return to standing on the terraces.


    Wednesday 10/06/2015


    The Parkhead club have been given the green light to install a safe standing area, which will initially accommodate 2600 people, from the start of season 2016-17.



    Celtic have been lobbying Glasgow City Council over the issue for several years and Gold took to Twitter yesterday to hail their victory.



    “Congratulations Celtic for being the first club to introduce a safe standing area I am confident that this is just the beginning,” he wrote. “Purpose built safe standing areas are considerably safer than the illegal and anti social standing we have at present.”

  6. Aye Tiny Tim, you stick to playing Snookers at Pool :-)



    Were you referring to the Jock Stein Stand and Lisbon Lions Stand, and which one first did you say :-)))



    Hail Hail Bhud

  7. Here’s another Labour problem. They campaigned against the In/Out Euro referendum in the GE Yes?



    How did they vote in parliament last night? They voted for it.



    What’s the point in that. If somebody voted for them on that basis, they’re unlikely to again I’d have thought.

  8. Another fine gesture :-) PR getting better




    CELTIC FC Foundation is delighted today to announce that it has once again made a substantial donation to the Glasgow Taxis´ Outing Fund for Sick Children.


    Former Celtic Captain Tom Boyd presented a cheque for £7,000 to fund the trip for 500 deserving kids, bringing the contribution by the Club to the Glasgow Taxis Outing Fund to £130,000 over the last 17 years.


    One of Glasgow’s best-known charities, the Glasgow Taxis´ Outing Fund, established in 1945, aims to provide a day of excitement and fun for children with special needs.


    The colourful convoy of 250 black cabs will depart from the West End of Glasgow and once again travel to Troon in Ayrshire where the children will enjoy a fun-packed day including a disco, games, lunch and a street party. This year’s event takes place on Wednesday, June 17, 2015.


    Celtic Chief Executive Peter Lawwell said: “We are absolutely delighted to continue our support of the outing to Troon for another year. This is an outstanding annual occasion which brings so much joy to so many deserving children and we are pleased to have enjoyed an association with this event for almost two decades.


    “The taxi drivers involved of course deserve huge praise for their commitment to such a wonderful cause, particularly in this 70th anniversary year. The money Celtic has donated and the effort and hard work of so many people, has meant thousands of children and their families receiving much-needed support.


    “Celtic was formed in 1888 to help to help people in need and we are pleased that today, the objective of making a positive difference to the lives of others remains such an important part of our ethos. We hope everyone involved in next week’s event has a great day out.”


    Celtic FC Foundation CEO, Tony Hamilton, added: “Celtic FC Foundation has supported the Glasgow Taxis Outing Fund for many years and we are proud to continue and develop this relationship in 2015.


    “The annual trip to Troon next week for sick and disadvantaged children from our local communities aligns perfectly with the charitable principles of our football club and the work we continue to deliver today, under the four key themes of Health, Equality, Learning and Poverty.


    “It’s an honour to be involved and I hope all of the children and the taxi drivers have a wonderful time.”

  9. Parkheadcumsalford


    13:43 on


    10 June, 2015



    Plus it will improve our prospects for getting into the CL while not making a remarkable difference to our progress to the later stages

  10. lubo of the lamp on

    The Green Man – 12:48



    “Ive only got this to say to those pontification any party line….FOOD BANKS.”



    Since foodbanks are global and are on all continents apart from Antartica, including in the wealthiest countries such as Germany and US, is it global party lines you are anti-pontification?




  11. Yesterday evening someone posted this link to a podcast of Graham Hunter interviewing Kevin Bridges.




    I listened to it last night and it’s absolutely outstanding.


    I recommend taking a wee hour and listen.


    Two football fans frankly expressing their joy of football.


    2 thumbs up.

  12. ThompsonTwin on



    13:34 on


    10 June, 2015


    Here’s another Labour problem. They campaigned against the In/Out Euro referendum in the GE Yes?



    How did they vote in parliament last night? They voted for it.



    What’s the point in that. If somebody voted for them on that basis, they’re unlikely to again I’d have thought.





    I assume that if they (Labour) had won the GE, there would be no EU Referendum.



    However with a Tory majority, and a firm policy in their manifesto, there will be a Referendum.



    So surely, rather than argue against it in principle, why not support the will of the British people who want a say, and focus all efforts on a vote to stay in – that seems to me the best way to proceed.



    I believe in the good sense of the British electorate to say Yes to stay in, just as I placed my faith in the Scottish people to say NO to independence.



    Democracy means not only providing the means, but respecting and implementing the outcome – if that means changing a belief, or, a position, it should be welcome – otherwise democracy mans nothing!

  13. Well done to Celtic on their continued support for the annual Glasgow Taxi Outing to Troon.



    I first experienced it in 1962, the year we moved to Troon from Greenock.



    It brings a lot of joy to many kids, and their parents.



    If you have never witnessed it I would suggest that you do.




  14. ThompsonTwin


    14:01 on


    10 June, 2015



    With the Try majority it was going to pass anyway. So Labour could at least have had a free vote.



    They were either against it or not. If they were against it at campaigning time, then they should at least maintain that come the debate. Or were they not really against it at campaigning time but thought it might be a vote winner? Either way it doesn’t look great imo.

  15. Paul67



    Don’t take this personally Paul, but you’ve mixed up your uppers and downers.


    It’s an easy mistake to make, trust me.

  16. Mon The Hoops! on

    I’ve read with interest the ‘clickbait’ from Inside Futbol this morning about VVD. Almost instantly the MSM including the Herald Evening Express, STV, Sunderland Echo etc have taken that ‘translation’ and jumped on the bandwagon, furthermore, even embellishing the Inside Futbol tract themselves, hey, what’s new…



    Here is a source translation of the available ‘Freeview’ articles http://www.vi.nl/nieuws/van-dijk-ik-ga-het-de-bondscoach-zo-lastig-mogelijk-maken.htm (and a further link below) The gist of the piece is about his desire to play for the Netherlands, not a move away.



    CELTIC QUICK NEWS : not lazy journalism



    Virgil van Dijk again, does not belong in the squad of Dutch team, but the 23-year-old Celtic player remains hopeful of taking part in the European Championships next year in France.



    Virgil van Dijk: “I want to be there in France”



    In Scotland, they speak of a world class defender, his club Celtic has a price tag of ten million pounds hung around his neck. Yet there are still doubts in the Netherlands to the qualities of Virgil van Dijk (23). “I’ve learned more here in Scotland than when I was two years in the Netherlands.”



    Will this be the summer of Virgil van Dijk?



    ‘I hope so. It surely is starting to be time. ”



    “It’s a dream and a goal. I already can smell Orange”says Van Dijk, who already was part of the selection of national team coach Guus Hiddink, in conversation with Voetbal International. “Like I said before, I keep setting goals. I’m going to try to make the coach’s job as difficult as possible for the next final tournament in France. Then I have to go for it. That can only happen if I perform well in a club. ”



    “If you play in the Premier League, you are more into the picture,” continued Van Dijk. ‘That is obvious. Whether that is correct, I leave to others. I’m not going to judge colleagues.


    There are several people who have advised me to leave from Scotland. This was mainly to make a step higher, but also ‘the Oranjie’ plays a role. Keep your feet in a major European competition, then the probability of selection is greater. Whether the [Dutch] coach feels the same way about it? I don’t know. “



    In the new edition of Voetbal International http://www.vi.nl/premium/virgil-van-dijk-ik-wil-erbij-zijn-in-frankrijk.htm , Van Dijk speaks at length. (subscription only)

  17. Stop it Celtic……not another good news story!!!






    CELTIC Football Club is delighted today to announce that it has become the first Scottish football club ever to be awarded the prestigious National Club Licensing Platinum Award by the Scottish Football Association.


    The Scottish FA’s Club Licensing system encompasses a National and UEFA regulatory system, which sets standards and procedures by which clubs will be assessed as a basis for continuous improvement of many aspects of football, including:


    Stadium facilities


    First-team football


    Youth football


    Legal, administration and finance practices


    Clubs are graded from entry level, Bronze, Silver and Gold and only in exceptional cases will the Platinum Award be granted.


    Celtic Chief Executive Peter Lawwell said: “We are delighted to be the first Scottish club to receive the Platinum Award.


    “Celtic aims at all times to be a world-class football club in everything we do and this award is recognition of the high standards of governance across many areas, which the club has met for some time.”


    “I would like to thank and applaud everyone at the club for their efforts in achieving such continuous improvement across these areas and of course for their high standards of professionalism.


    “I know everyone is committed to maintaining these levels and ensuring that Celtic continues to be an example of best practice.”




  18. By a lonely prison wall


    I heard a young girl calling


    Micheal they are taking you away


    For you stole Trevelyn’s corn flakes


    So the young might see the morn.


    Now a prison ship lies waiting in the bay.

  19. skyisalandfill on




    The SFAX failed to mention that is truly exceptional circumstances they can award a club crimpolene award for exceptional performance in the following areas







    Failing to learn a single thing


    Services to gardening


    Nice brougues

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