Same old refs, unwelcoming Aberdeen


Scottish Premiership football returned to form last night with a Newco handball inside their box passing without punishment.  Straight back into the same old Scotland, a society drunk on a lack of oversight or accountability.

Not that the outcome was ever open, our lead at the top of the table was cut to six points ahead of the trip to Pittodrie tomorrow.

Fresh from the sunshine in Sydney, Portugal and for some, Qatar, the North Sea will blow through the Celtic players tomorrow.  It will be an as unwelcoming environment as you could face as you try to re-establish the form of five weeks ago.  I hope we get the pre-match and halftime routines right.  First game back after a layoff in such a cold spell is hamstring injury heaven.

Jim Goodwin has Aberdeen back punching their weight after a few decades in the wilderness.  They are third in the table and one of only three clubs with a positive goal difference.  They have done a lot more cold-weather training than Celtic over the last month and fancy their chances.  On paper, this is one of our most difficult remaining games of the season.  A big performance, please, Celtic.

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  1. It’s the poor official that has to rewrite the handball rule twice every weekend that I feel sorry for…

  2. Why is the Celtic board happy to let wholesale cheating against the club, as we’ve seen with Res 12 and now VAR, to go ahead without as much as one single voice raised in anger. Is it part of the Five Way Hoodwink to allow endless cheating week in and week out. How long are we going to stand for this blatant in-our-face double standards by officials without uttering a word?

  3. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    .Straight back into old firmery. Who would have guessed!


    If the attitude is right (which I expect it will be) then we should have nothing to fear from the likes of Aberdeen or any other domestic opponent.


    Would like to see our clean sheet record improve a bit. Think it’s two in sixteen. Has to be better than that going forward.

  4. Play your strongest team. They’ll be disrupted with the absence of mainstay Scales at the same time.





    Ralston > CCV > Starfelt > Taylor


    Hatate > McGregor > O’Riley


    Jota > Kyogo > Haksa



    3-0 to the good guys. Brown brogues hitting tellies all over Ayrshire by 2.30pm Saturday…




  5. Celtic Football Club








    🔝 HAKSA! 🔝



    #CelticFC’s Sead Hakšabanović has been named the #cinchPrem Player of the Month for November! 🇲🇪🍀

  6. rangers youth coach refereeing and east end zombie on VAR. Crawford Allan going all out to help the Ibrox club. Aided and abetted by Mason Maxwell.



    Time for Celtic to come out and directly attack SFA —- who gives a monkeys what the reaction is. UEFA know its a cesspit— we are seeing the evidence weekly.



    its decades of cheating and it needs to be dealt with head on.

  7. I agree with the article, this is a tough game tomorrow, Goodwin will set him team up to defend deep and try for a set piece goal or a handball penalty , punting it forward and the first opportunity, pace movement endeavour for the full match is essential, I hope the surface is even as Aberdeen have been training on it all week.

  8. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Echo lucky Cody’s sentiment



    Who cares what the reaction is.



    There is possibly a (legitimate) train of thought inside the Celtic Park hierarchy that escalating this publicly would ultimately be counterproductive to first team outcomes


    (Dog barks but caravan moves in)



    They might be right …



    … but our fans are hacked off with this.



    IMHO …



    As long as any escalation is handled at board level supported by the club’s standard communication channels?



    Ange could simply slap down journalists at pressers and incubate the team from noise

  9. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    BTW – to Paul’s comment about our venue tomorrow and conditions expected?



    Any fan who watched the video of our Bhoys training outside in the freezing cold this week ….



    … and defaulted to the usual “We need an indoor pitch at Lennoxtown” response?



    Even if that facility was available….



    … Ange would STILL have had them outside.

  10. It’s no surprise nor comfort to see VAR operating in Scotland exactly as (some of us) expected, the handball decision last night defies belief and any normal application of logic. Can you imagine words such as “If there is any club in world football that will benefit from the introduction of Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology, it is Celtic” being written in a lead article today?



    Instead what we’ve witnessed is the entirely predictable and depressing display of referees and officials as they no longer have to battle the internal bias of awarding a decision against sevco, because they now believe they have someone else to make that tough decision for them.



    What this means in practice is the referee on the field deciding not to award a decision because VAR will surely correct him if he’s wrong, and VAR refusing to award the decision because the referee on the field has ruled. Each is deferring the decision to the other, which in a mangled application of logic for the SFA somehow maintains the purpose and process of VAR.



    SNAFU, as it’s known in the military.

  11. If our CEO Nicholson is as big a Celtic fan as I have heard he must obviously see the anti Celtic bias being shown by VAR operators



    Question is will he be allowed to do anything about it

  12. bournesouprecipe on

    Giving already established as controversial technology to huns in Scotland was always going to verge on the ridiculous. Only Celtic supporters or a neutral ( if you can find one ) is talking about VAR.



    It’s not what it captures, but as widely predicted by many, it’s what it doesn’t review or how it’s not used when there is clear videoed evidence, that it should be.



    Nine point gaps are needed

  13. Porteous was fouled as he shot last night, at 1-0 up,not even looked at, blatant cheating, Aberdeen got a penalty against us a couple of seasons ago, winger crossed it,and Izzy caught him,right on the bye line,penalty awarded.

  14. We ALL know about the cheating, decades old. Now with VAR out to help the scum I do not understand why other clubs keep so bloody quiet. What IS IT they are frightened of exactly, they rally have nothing to fear.


    What I’d love to see and never will, is for all SPL clubs, except the scum of course, lobbying the powers that be to force their orange hands, it would work.




  15. Weebobbycollins on

    “None of the clubs have any time for Celtic or the support, none.”


    Exactly! We’re just greetin’ faced fenians to them…

  16. Urgent help required.



    Italinan visitor to th eoffice, she wants to buy him whisky from scotland for his chrimbo, only knows he likes a single malt from a sherry cask.



    between £40-£80



    advice anyone ?



    even is it just as good value to buy at airport tomorrow ?

  17. KingLubo – Regardless of VAR the other clubs know they’re in a different fight to Celtic and sevco, they’re battling for the positions from 3rd down. For better or worse, they probably know of the inconsistencies with refereeing Celtic and sevco games, but from their perspective the effect is evenly applied across themselves and their perceived rivals.



    No, we’ll get no help there. Instead after 2 months of operating VAR, I feel it would be entirely reasonable for a club like Celtic to ask for an independent review undertaken by a footballing authority who has extensive experience of the implementation and monitoring of VAR across multiple associations. Such review to assess the operation of VAR in it’s initial phases, illustrate what has worked and what hasn’t, where decision processes could be improved etc. with a view to implementing any proposed changes. This could be maintained as an annual “temperature check” on the operation of VAR for ongoing/continuous improvement. I’d suggest the perfect organisation to undertake such a review would be UEFA, for the benefit of all Scottish football.

  18. SAINT STIVS on 16TH DECEMBER 2022 2:32 PM



    Airport should be cheaper and they usually have a broad selection.


    The sales folks there can advise on sherry cask options within that price range.


    They usually try to sell me stuff!









  19. Might I remind those condemning the Celtic board for their silence in the wake of last night’s non-penalty at Ibrox — Rangers were at home to Hibernian.



    Celtic don’t play until tomorrow.

  20. The Star above The Crest on

    St Stivs



    Laphroig 10 Year Old Sherry Cask should do the job. I had a look at Glasgow Airports Duty Free and couldn’t see it there. I think you’ll pay about £60 according to the whisky shop website.

  21. ST STIVS


    I take Glenmorangie in a sherry cask back for my colleagues in Oslo



    They love it

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