Sarajevo recent European history


Celtic will face FK Sarajevo in the first Champions League qualification round.  Ties are subject to confirmation, but Celtic are scheduled to be home in the first leg, which is due to take place on 9 or 10 July, with the second leg a week later.

FK Sarajevo drew in Italy with Atalanta in last season’s Europa League before being humbled 0-8 in the second leg. They lost to Moldovans, Zaria Balti on penalties in 2017 but did not qualify for Europe in 2016.

Lech Poznan eliminated Sarajevo from the first round of the Champions League qualifiers in 2015,

In 2014 they reach the Europa League qualifiers where they eliminated Norwegians Haugesund and Greeks, Atromitos, losing both first legs at home before rescuing the tie on the road in the second leg.  Borussia Monchengladbach got the better of them in the play-off round.

The Bosnian season ended the same day as the Scottish Cup Final, so neither team should have a match fitness advantage.  We will have enough for Sarajevo, but they will be competitive games.

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  1. South of Tunis



    Notice you havn’t posted in a while, hope you are ok.


    Look forward to yer wee choons again




  2. eddieinkirkmichael on

    Did someone with inside info say Turnbull had agreed terms and it would be announced today or tomorrow?

  3. Looks like Turnbull will join a long list of boy wonders who achieve nothing in the game but get to buy a house and one for the mammy and be forgotten by everyone in Scotland .



    I’ll list them. Oh wait , i’ve forgotten

  4. Wouldn’t normally repost a post of my own but my last sentence in bold



    BOURNESOUPRECIPE on 16TH JUNE 2019 10:50 AM 



    A tale of two transfers 



    Ironic, this weekend whilst David Turnbull and his advisors consider his 19 year old weekly worth, Real Madrid are similarly agent hawking Gareth Bale who was ‘the best player in the world’, but unable to establish himself in Madrid. 
Under contract till 2022 Bayern Munich are the latest club likely to mibbees gamble, on his weekly worth in the fantasy land, where our club holds up the banner at the other end of the spectrum, of a well run football clubs.



     Provincial clubs in Scotland, and which Motherwell certainly are, have a basic wage, appearance, and win bonus, for players unlikely to go beyond four figures a week. David Turnbull on the apprentice scale is unlikely to even reach what a full time pro in Lanarkshire enjoys.



    Conservative, or even Daily Rancid estimates say Celtic have offered David Turnbull’s agents, £12,000 per week but the advisors appear to be holding out for £13,000 at Barnsley or any other dirty Northern town, that can bite the bullet, and buy SPL goods. 



    Reneging, on millionaire status by the time you are twenty one takes the balls of a true steel man, and I expect we’ll hear early in the week, we’ve moved on to Celtic targets. 

  5. listen bhoys, we are the Glasgow celtic, if you don’t want to play for us, feck off mr turnbull,hh,

  6. Rumour has it (I know, I know) that Norwich are in for Turnbull now.



    Others have said – and I agree with them – that Motherwell went public when our bid was accepted to try to flush out bids from England. It’s better for them if they get the cash and Turnbull goes to England rather than to us.

  7. new clubs cn put in a £2M bid.. Well will have to accept it..they are stuck with a player who wants away.. I had heard his parents didn’t want him to sign for Celtic…or THE Rangers for that matter

  8. Chavez – That only works if the clubs pay Motherwell more or they get into a bidding war. The issue at the moment seems not to favour them once the magic transfer figure is met. It’s all about money in Turnball (and his agent’s) pocket.



    Or am I missing something?

  9. I would never be classed as a board supporter, but on this occasion you are quite right to stand your ground Mr Lawwell, there is taking the piss and taking the piss, we only have so much to give away.


    Get the boy to eff and give our own the chance, you know it makes sense.

  10. Go tell the Spartim on

    First thing in the press will be how tight Celtic were it’s just a question of which rag will do it first



    I wish the boy no ill will but i doubt he’ll be remembered in a few years time



    Did someone with inside info say Turnbull had agreed terms and it would be announced today or tomorrow?



    Thats must make you feel good Eddie.

  12. Not that bothered one way or another about David Turnbull.


    However we cannot sustain playing our strongest team for every game. It seems Callum McGregor has played more minutes in 18/19 than any other player in top tier leagues.



    This is unsustainable.



    HH to all.

  13. Go tell the Spartim



    Guys like Eddie sicken me. They would much rather get there news from the DR then from a good Tim like Lennybhoy.


    The last time I posted during the last window I spent more time trying to justify the info rather than people taking it at face value.


    No one with any info gets it right every time but some like Lennybhoy have a decent strike rate.



    Sorry for the rant and to answer your question no snippets at the moment for Eddie to shoot at.




  14. What’s important I feel is that we have demonstrated that we will negotiate up to a limit and no matter the agent we will be prepared to walk away and not overpay. Other Clubs and agents will recognise this.


    We don’t need this particular player so it doesn’t matter much.


    It would be good if we were to keep quite about transfers until they are complete like we used to. I know it was Motherwell who started the leaks but we should insist negotiations are secret.


    Leaking stories to the Scottish media who twist them to suit their own agenda does not run well our club. This Turnball affair does not reflect well on the club nor the player and his agent.

  15. Have no idea which of Turnbull or Aribo is the better prospect, Turnbull is 19 with 32 Senior appearances but has clocked up a very impressive 15 goals. Aribo at 23 next month looks physically imposing has 81 Senior appearances but his goal tally is a modest 14.


    If the figures are to be believed Aribo on a 4 year deal to the Huns would cost them a very modest fee plus 4 million spread over 4 years whist Turnbull would have cost us 3,250 K including add ons plus 2 million spread over 4 years so Aribo is the cheaper option.

  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Guys post snippets on here in good faith,blogs are gossip shops……a lot of stuff on here which is true before the rags know…

  17. !!Bada Bing!! on


  18. Bada


    Thanks. I am still not 100% convinced but, regardless, this has been a strange affair.



  19. weebobbycollins on

    Apparently Turnbull was asked why he snubbed Celtic…


    He replied, “I blame Peter Lawwell…for dithering.”


    There you have it…straight from the bull’s bum…

  20. Moussa is not looking like a top class goal scorer tonight.


    Missed a pen and two chances he really should be scoring.



    Just doesn’t look clinical enough to play for a very top side.



    He may yet score ,but needing 4 chances to score 1 ,isn’t what the big clubs want.




  21. glendalystonsils on

    Has it not occurred to snipers that Lennybhoy may have been correct at the time of posting his info but that subsequent events took a different turn?



    Few on here (me included) will ever understand the murky world of transfer dealings but Lennybhoy has rightly earned a good reputation for his snippets over the years.

  22. For what it is we set a deadline tonight of 6:00 for the deal to be completed. They said yes and last minute they tried changing goalposts. Celtic said bye, we don’t want you.


    We move on, has Aribo signed for Sevco yet!


    Until we meet again…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  23. Almore, bit late but thanks for your reply last night. I’m really bad for posting only once drunk then going straight to bed. Which is probably what’s about to happen again!



    Unbelievably hot on lake Garda today, it was bearable at lakeside but when we came back into the hotel grounds it was 39 degrees in the shade. Lovely, but a bit much for the whitest boy on the beach…




  24. Lennybhoy has been a very good source of info over the years, as has Catman, I hope neither stop with the info because of a few entitled.


    Bottom line is it’s defenders we need, not prospects from Motherwell that may turn out to be decent, we need defenders now

  25. That’s over £12m we have offered 3 Scottish clubs for players in the last 11months and they or the player have said no… Fek them.

  26. Father Jack



    I agree.


    We also need. centre forward possibly 2 if Eddy goes.



    So why are we trying to buy a 19 year old midfielder?




  27. I wonder if a manager of Brendan Rogers pedigree would have swayed Turnbull to accept the offer

  28. David Turnball is not the messiah.



    Just a very naughty boy.



    Anyway, keep her lit Catman and Lennybhoy. We all recognise it ain’t over til it’s over when it comes toi transfers and I’ve appreciated your snippets down the years.

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