Scott Brown not the only one worried about manager


Scott Brown was not the only one was briefly worried about Neil Lennon’s position in recent months.  Neil has never particularly hidden his desire to work in England one day but when it became evident that there would be a few seats available in the English top flight, with the Everton job in particular becoming available, I am sure there were a few nervous twitches.

As and when Neil decides he is going to move on, Celtic will want to have a plan for succession in place, if not entirely executed.  In May, when Neil was fielding questions about moving on, I doubt any succession planning had taken place.  Some at the club would have been looking forward to a summer break and some player trading.  The prospect of finding a new manager, with all the inherent consequences for trading, preseason planning and Champions League qualification, would have caused mild panic.

Always be prepared.

How is your 1254125 work coming along?  Not started yet?  Today, Tom Conniffe completes his 125 mile walk along the Leeds-Liverpool canal.  Go look and see how well his fundraising has gone (and get involved if you can).

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  1. suttons volley on

    Evening gents



    Stones at Glasto? Passed their best before I was born but still put on a great show at Hampden a few years back, respect to the vinyl generation!!



    Gotta agree wi Kojo’s comment earlier, Lennon will only leave Celtic within the next 5 years if he is asked to.



    Been in Glasgow over a decade now, has roots here & hopefully the worst of the hate against him is in the past.



    On a more serious note I’m not a religious guy so I can’t offer prayers but to our CQN friends that are having a rough time your in my thoughts.



    Stick together. Support each other, laugh, cry & tell those near you how much ye love them.




  2. 16 roads – Neil Lennon walks on water.



    Kojo promotes the academy because he knows that is the only way to beat the corrupt system.



    He is a Capitalist and he knows how that all works, Capitalism is never the real problem though, Man and its sinful nature is the Problemo. It is obvious but a lot of people ARE Sheep, they like being in a group, a group that gives security.

  3. pedrocaravanachio67 on




    I know I’m probably alone here, but that was embarrassing….they really should retire……I don’t think mark Radcliffe was joking there….



    Loved the stones, but tonight not for me I’m afraid.

  4. I think they need to be playing to their own audience , this is just razamatazz . I agree probably best years are behind them but what an innings they have had, sorry that i’ve never seen them live thats all…

  5. paolosboots



    You need to bear with us old yins…………. first seen them live in Hyde Park 1969!

  6. Wow , i’m jealous that would have been some gig and in the sixties aswell! On tonights showing i’d have preferred ACDC.

  7. pedrocaravanachio67 on




    I bet they were great then and probably for 20 years thereafter…. It’s like watching great fitba players fae the 70’s havin a kick about now.

  8. 16 roads - Neil Lennon walks on water. on

    Petec – Kojo is very smart and i am delighted that he is a Celtic supporter.



    If God forbid the great mhan was a hun then we would have a major problem.



    He would be the first hun ever with a brain in his Jimmy Ned.

  9. pedrocaravanachio67



    Like watching; Celtic – Brazil – Barca……….. they’ve been a spine to music during my lifetime. Anytime I’ve seen them live (here and abroad) they’ve captivated the listener – no matter the age, colour, creed or social background of the audiences

  10. pedrocaravanachio67 on




    Like I said earlier, unsurpassed in their day(s)…..but poor tonight.


    Not for me, your obviously a fan and enjoyed it.

  11. stones were, are majic, but how do I explain to my 12 yr old about brown sugar n midnight gambler. Answer is I don’t just listen n go to bed he will wake uptomorrow n listen to example or something.

  12. As much as i commend Cliftonville for keeping the game at solitude, in years to come will they regret this decision? An extra 10,500 at an average of £25 when you add in ticket, programme, food on average thats £262,500 which would allow them a challenge every year to other teams in the league. They could attract the best talent not only in Northern Ireland but the south aswell and build their fanbase. I hope they don’t regret it when good celtic fans on both sides of the Irish sea would pay for the pleasure to see the match live!!! What do you think?

  13. 16 roads - Neil Lennon walks on water. on

    TCR – If i get a ticket you can have it chara.A few tickets are going on public sale at their ground next Saturday at one.I was told that you would need be there at about 9 in the morning.



    I know a lot of good Cville supporters,have asked them to see what they can do – but they are being hounded for tickets.



    It’s like a frenzy TCR.



    I should be able to get at least one though mate,and it’s yours if i do.

  14. pedrocaravanachio67



    No problem – nostalgia is hard to buy – like ’67. Certain types of music (football) set a marker for younger generations – I was fortunate to witness the 60’s & ’70’s!



    Listened to the Stripes tonight (support for the Artic Monkeys) – all of them aged about 16. If you get a chance to hear them – they’re doing stuff that the Stones and the Faces were doing 50 years ago.



    Most music is cyclical – add interpretation/ variation – I enjoy most stuff (apart from bubblegum crap).







  15. Tricoloured Ribbon on



    That’s mighty generous of you but if you get one you go to the game yourself buddy.


    The Belfast men could only have dreamed of this tie and you get yourself tae Solitude and enjoy.TV and a Swally will suffice for me.Thanks again mate.

  16. 16 roads - Neil Lennon walks on water. on

    Paolosboots – Windsor Park would be the only other option,and that is not an option to be honest.



    Linfield would demand their usual 15% of the gate reciepts for a start.Then paying for the damage – 12,500 Celtic & Cliftonville supporters at Windsor Park?



    The place would be wrecked,and the surrounding areas,and all those car showrooms on the Boucher Road.



    Both sets of supporters are the best behaved on the planet,but more than a few rogues could secure tickets and ruin the event.



    Only thing positive is the policing of that scenario would not cost money.The cops here police football games and OO marches free of charge.

  17. 16 roads - Neil Lennon walks on water. on

    TCR – I asked for ten tickets mate lol the Redman looked at me like i was mental.



    It’s like selling a motor.

  18. Paulsatim, nice one , but im confused as Souness & Smith were at other clubs while getting paid by Rangers. Michael Ball to Rangers and Boumsong to Newcastle are transfers from or to new clubs.

  19. 16 Roads , i know what you mean, but the money would consolidate Cliftonville well into the future, and maybe generate european football every year. Used to watch St Pats in dublin and euro football has been great for them. Cliftonville could even subsidise season tickets as income generated from food, programmes etc. Its a pity i’d like to see them up there more often and thought this would be a great opportunity particularly if peelers bills are being picked up by the HM .

  20. suttons volley on

    What are the rules regarding the walk in Glasgow?



    On my way home from a party a couple of years back I made a rather vocal protest when they were marching through Rutherglen Main St.



    As they finished a ditty and it went quiet my protest consisted of ‘get a life ya bunch of mutants’



    This resulted in 4/5 of the hangers on charging at me, wee polis wummin bout 5″5 stepped in and escorted me to the taxi rank.



    When I asked why I wasn’t allowed to continue my protest & why those who were obv intent on attacking me weren’t being questioned I was told – it was your own fault!!



    I suppose a bit of a bit of daft shouting is far worse than intimidating, provoking and marching past Mass.



    Backwards Scotland




  21. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    16 roads,


    You couldn’t do any damage to the pigsty that is Windsor Park.An utter midden.I was in the so called main stand at the Cup Final and it’s an absolute disgrace this pit passes as a so called National Stadium.Linfield as usual have signed at least 6 players so far in their arrogant attempt to reclaim the League when they should be using the money to make attempts to improve this dump.I wouldn’t let ma wee dug piss in it.

  22. I wonder what would happen if every time they marched those who don’t agree had a counter demonstration , like EDF & the anti fascist. Society might get sick of the policing costs and hassle that they might become less frequent. I generally don’t mind them, ive yet to see an intelligent one marching but i am concerned that they view themselves superior and this WATP on the new sevco bus plays to the lowest denominator.

  23. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    Why is Ogilvie still in office????



    Where are the good folk to remove him?



    Off to sleep now…

  24. shoulder2shoulder on

    lucky cody


    I don’t know where you think your getting your information from mo chara…NFL was NEVER interested in leaving Celtic for ANYONE…nevermind everton!!!!


    Neil has spoken about focusing on going after the treble and preparing early for CLQ ??!!? Like a fellow poster stated earlier…Neil F Lennon would only be leaving Celtic if was asked to!!!


    Keep the Faith !!

  25. 16 roads - Neil Lennon walks on water. on

    Paolosboots – You are a million % mate,no two ways about it.



    It will be a lot of trouble though mate,probably unecessary.



    Cville will do alright out of it.They are putting temporary seats in at the Waterworks part of the ground and i have been told that they have sorted out the old asbestos stand with new seats.



    Capacity could be up to 4k – Celtic want 1000 tickets,Celts should get at least 800.



    They are charging £30 into the old stand,£25 other seats.£15 concessions.



    It’s like their ultimate Christmas.



    And fair play to them mate,they would have choosen Celtic before any other team on earth.That wee club have been tortured over the years.



    They always used to say that God was def a hun,that day when Celtic was the draw – they changed their minds.

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