Season will be decided on the field, not in the courts


I received a text early evening on 18th August last year: “Gongalves starts”.  Former Hearts player, Jose Gongalves, was one of a handful of players FC Sion signed illegally in the summer 2011 transfer window and he had been named to start against Celtic in the Europa League qualifier, first leg.

As a contest, the tie was over.  There followed two matches with considerable effort and drama from both teams but the eventual outcome was, literally, never in doubt, the courts would have their way.  Sion would be expelled from the competition and Celtic would progress to the group stage.

Today Celtic’s only remaining competitor from the chasing pack for the SPL title is up in court to face the HM Revenue and Customs.  The courts will have their way again but although you may feel the outcome of Rangers tax case is inevitable (I do), the impact on this season’s league championship is less assured.  Should they lose, Rangers have the option to appeal, postponing any negative impact on the company until next season at the earliest.

If Rangers have, or can generate, enough cash to keep the lights on this season the league will be nip and tuck until the end of the season. The tax case will attract most attention but if you are looking for indications of how the season is likely to go, keep an eye open for cash related incidents.

Well done to Rangers’ broadcast partner, STV, for their story this morning on SPL discipline.  They report the Ibrox club have the worst disciplinary record in the league, having accumulated a total of 41 bookings, contrasting starkly with the cool class at Celtic Park who are best behaved in the league with only 20 bookings.

With Beram Kayal out for the season Ki Sung-Yeung is the Celtic player closest to a suspension, a further three yellow cards would put the Korean over the threshold.  Rangers have Lafferty one booking, Edu and Bocanegra two, with Goian, Broadfoot, Bartley and Whittaker all three away from a suspension.  Lee McCulloch has only been booked twice this season but shows enormous potential.

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  1. James Forrest is Lennon on

    Tricoloured Ribbon:



    I dont know why mate, but this line “We truly are the people…and I am a drunken person! No Surrender boys!” is just too funny to be real ….



    That HAS to be a Timposter lmao.

  2. TC



    Filled in the survey and happy that for a few more days I’m still in the 31-40 age bracket :-)

  3. Ploughing thru compilation songs


    at present, and came upon wee sheena orr.


    By god say what you like about her she could sing.


    and those eyes whooft.

  4. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    I know we have a massive task on our hands to reclaim this League but to read the mentality of these balloons on Rangers Media is worth a League title on its own.

  5. hamiltontim


    brain cells ?


    I.Q. ?







    (me too mate !, about 150days for me !)

  6. @tri


    at one of her concerts live during the dark times


    of thatcher she dedicated a song TO BOBBY








    i wouldnt beg for water

  7. @top


    Seen that beautiful bright eyed wean on the news


    lovely family are you dealing with the appeal???

  8. Drambowiecelt


    yeh boss


    she’s a star !


    but no me dealin with it


    usually BRTH deals with it on here so far


    am just like the others sendin it on


    re-tweetin, spread the word etc


    from time to time




    a lot of cash, eh ?

  9. oh ok


    brth? will look him up


    Iwill talk to kimberly goodger at yorkhill


    all our money goes there. and as the wee one is well known to


    them i propose to transfer our funds to vanessa appeal

  10. TopCorner says:



    17 January, 2012 at 01:28



    folk done this CFC official survey ?












    There is a section in there about having a forum which is a key element of meeting one of the aims of a Membership Scheme, providing the capacity to have an informed debate between Celtic and the support. By informed I mean the ability to both get get information out there to explain why some things are so and even not so, but also pick up on the many good ideas that never take hold for lack of notice.



    For that reason I encourage everyone to do the survey and if they do not use the CFC web site much say a forum would make you a more regular visitor!

  11. Auld Neil Lennon heid


    evening boss




    totally agree, Auldheid


    here is a chance plain and simple whereby we can get our point straight thro via official channels


    i’m assuming the results / feedback will be heading straight up to boardroom level as i assume again that the survey was commissioned by the board


    they may just use it as a gimmick but on the other hand, its not much trouble to communicate our point of view



    here’s hopin its another step in progression toward better comms between all involved in the club, top to bottom, bottom to top – by better communcation, there will be better results



    can only try, i suppose



    off to bed



  12. Tom McLaughlin on

    Summa –



    My claim to fame.



    I used to babysit for wee Sheena in the 70s. Well my girlfriend did and I used to join her.



    Hail Hail.

  13. .


    Aye Right Sone..







    Aluko tips Rangers for SPL glory



    SONE ALUKO once again provided the creative spark as Rangers made it three wins on the spin at St Johnstone on Saturday.



    But the Nigeria winger insists the trigger for the Ibrox revival was the double whammy of losing to Celtic and surrendering the SPL lead.



    After the 22-year-old shouldered the playmaking responsibilities in Perth, he admitted a period of soul-searching in the aftermath of that painful 1-0 defeat at Parkhead last month was paying off.



    Despite being just in the door at Ibrox, Aluko is already well versed in the mantra of character, team spirit and the value of digging in.



    Those ingredients have served Gers so well in the past and Aluko is convinced they still have the mark of champions.



    He said, “The defeat at Parkhead wasn’t a good day as we lost the lead in the league.



    “Celtic are a good team but we had to show character to bounce back, that’s what Rangers are expected to do. We got together to talk about it and have started 2012 well.



    “You don’t need to tell anyone in our team about what’s required, the players have won leagues before so their experience means everyone knows it’s about digging in and getting results again.”



    The recruitment of new faces in the transfer window is a pressing concern but Aluko insists making signings isn’t critical to their championship chances.



    He said: “We don’t have a massive squad so it would help but if the manager doesn’t get more players in I’m quite happy with the squad we have. I’m confident we have enough to win the league.”






    Think we Have a New Nacho Aluko in the Making..




  14. .






    Yea went through School with her..She Dumped me for Beefy Steel (RIP) Big man..Then Prince..:O)






    Liberty Road..? What age was She..?




  15. .



    Wee Sheena..Has the 2 Worst Traits l Really Really don’t like in People..



    She Bagged Scotland after She Left (Within Months Ha)..And She left her Accent at Glasgow International Airport..




  16. @summa


    school days eh pfft.


    First met sheena and her band “man”?.


    Playing in bonnie tylers mans club in swansea.


    She was very young and beautiful. As we played


    downstairs del shannon was upstairs and then


    we swapped.gaynor “bonnie”was so jealous of sheena


    she made her change in the bog.

  17. Uch we are the worlds worst for


    putting down our own.










  18. .






    It wont Play..But l was Actually there Just Off stage to the Right..Didn’t even Know She was on Till l got there..I was Embarrassed what l remember..






    ManBand was that Big Sandy..?




  19. Aye sandy i dont think they were married yet.


    Wee morag was a card she was with them


    good family

  20. Wow to all who appreciate singers with a cry in their voice


    listen to demi lovato singing Skyscraper










  21. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    The title.


    Big Day: Sheena Easton gets pelted on return to Glasgow .

  22. Tom McLaughlin on

    Summa –



    Can’t remember the name of the street, but it was near Sacred Heart Chapel, not far from the Hattonrig.



    She was probably about 8 or 9 at the time.



    Deambowie Celt –



    I’m a product of Forgewood.



    Yes, she did sing to me. I would tell her jokes and she would sing and dance. She also used to sing at the Carousel in Motherwell of a Sunday afternoon as a 10 or 11 year-old. Sheena Orr was her name then.

  23. As the day grows closer and various tims


    awake from their slumber.


    please show your respect for the twilight zone


    NAE weather forecasts.


    the weather rap


    no jobo, no jobo, no snow no snow ye know.


    no jobo, no jobo ,no rain its cool ye know.


    ya wake up ya break up look out the windae so its so


    its raining complaining god bless escotiaohhhhh

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