SFA prepare to suspend Rangers


Scottish FA chief executive, Stewart Regan, this evening announced that the Association would not appeal against the Court of Session decision to rule in Rangers favour over the 12 month player registration ban imposed by a Judicial Panel for not paying social taxes between May 2011 and February 2012.  Rangers didn’t pay social taxes in the period since February 2012, the period during which they launched their appeal.

I hear Rangers today served the ruling on the SFA and that the SFA have responded by informing the club that, under Fifa auspices, fresh proceedings will be raised against them for taking a civil court action, which will lead to a minimum punishment of Rangers being suspended from the Association.

The initial case will be referred back to the SFA Appellate Tribunal.  Regan reminded us that Rangers appeal to the civil courts broke two SFA Articles and five Fifa statues.  The tone and content of his statement demonstrated the frustration at the behaviour of the errant club.  He suggested the SFA would tell clubs [Rangers] that they must accept and abide by the Articles of Association at next week’s AGM.

While it appears the Association is about to get tough, they are in the middle of a problem of the making of the SFA and, in particular, Mr Doncaster of the SPL.  Here is the problem…

Rangers believe they are needed.  This belief is absolute and has been reinforced by the people running our game, the very same people who have been rag-dolled by Rangers in recent weeks.

The SPL waited almost three months for Rangers to respond to their demand for information into what is allegedly the biggest scam in British sporting history.  Despite this, throughout that time, the SPL chief executive campaigned vigorously for a Newco-Rangers to become the first club in Scottish football history to be parachuted into the top league.

It took the SPL 11 weeks to set a deadline.  No wonder Clark, Whitehouse and Green think they can play hardball.

During this time the SFA, who are the only body competent to investigate if Rangers illegally registered players across all domestic competitions, have taken no action.  The SFA president, who was an executive director of Rangers when they introduced the controversial EBTs and who received and EBT himself, has remained in position throughout.

Time for strong leadership, Mr Regan.  Mr Doncaster, there’s always a career in the law.

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  1. Northbhoy,



    Rattling, mostly at the weekends!



    Doncaster cannot comment on the probability of a CVA succeeding and effectively said as much when pressed. And he was pressed.



    Whether or not you want Doncaster’s remit changed is irrelevant – his remit is set by the member clubs, not him. He plays no part in the decision making. He just oversees application of the rules.



    Where I concede that he should have been pressed more was on his recent statements regarding CVA versus Newco, but again the interviewer did question his suggestion that the two things were the same.



    In a tight slot on a short program like Newsnight you have the hit the board, and yer man did on multiple points.



    I’m happy for you to point to any interview with Doncaster (or Regan) that addressed the issues that were questioned tonight.



    As for the vouchers, where can I get them?

  2. malceye on 1 June, 2012 at 00:05 said:


    A lot has been said about Lord Glennie’s decision. However, I share with you a moment before his Lordship some 6 years ago now.


    In a case before Lord G, I was cross-examining a witness, Joe Craig (Celtic 77-78). The case had nothing to do with football and JC’s previous life as a pro footballer had not cropped up in evidence. At the end of my cross, I asked Lord G to allow me one small indulgence. He sat somewhat bemused as I asked Mr Craig how many times he scored against Rangers. He replied “None. But I was never lost a game against them!”


    “Thankyou, I have no more questions My Lord.”






    surely not true.



    Joe Craig scored a swivelled edge of the box thunderbolt 1-0 at ibrox, wed night, in the title winning76/77 season

  3. Malceye,



    Surely JC said “once”?



    He scored a stunning postage stamp curler at the Broomloan Road end on a Wednesday nighty against RFC(Before Admin).



    An iconic image.

  4. ¡ǝsoɥ ǝɥʇ ǝɯ ssɐd ‘sʞɔıʞ ʎןɟ ɥbnouǝ (o) /o\ z ʍoɹ on

    It doesn’t matter if the original SFA sanction gets agreed or suspension or expulsion because the sinner (RFC (IA) 1872) will cease to exist. In fact, for the sting punishment is now to be encouraged because…………….



    Newco will be innocent, unpunishable, untouchable.



    Ignore 1872, it’s gone ………….. and guess what……………. they don’t care.



    Only survival and 2012 matters because they all live, ipox lives…………



    Keep your eyes on the newco not the oldco. Keep your eyes on the SPL..



    Keep your eyes on the floating charge………



    Watch out for Craigy………… he’s hiding……….. but then again………. he’s not.




  5. Reilly1926,



    Regan had nothing to do with the transfer embargo sanction whatsoever.



    Absolutely nothing.



    Paul McBride made sure of that last year when he set the new wheels in motion.

  6. thomthethim CQN (genuine) Badge Wearer on

    Joe Craig should be charged with perjury.



    As St. Stivs said, he scored a cracker at Ibrox.



    I can still see his turn and shot ad the ball bulging thr net.

  7. I thought JC goal was at Copeland rd…..Great goal though…..Same night Greig broke wee Bobby’s leg….

  8. Was at that game when Joe Craig scored a belter. Was that the night Bobby Lennox broke his leg? Or should I ask, was that the night John Greig (Rangers `greatest` player, wtf) broke Bobby`s leg?

  9. Kilbowie Kelt on

    malceye on 1 June, 2012 at 00:05 said: ……………



    I wouldn’t want to argue with Joe Craig, but his memory might have let him down during his court case.


    I think he scored the only goal of the game in his first game against THEMS in November 1976.

  10. Burnley78 on 1 June, 2012 at 00:35 said:




    I thought JC goal was at Copeland rd…..Great goal though…..Same night Greig broke wee Bobby’s leg…






  11. Sabre67 on 1 June, 2012 at 00:30 said:




    Not on an official capacity, however, I can see a situation where the original panel comes out and says to him that they have decided to suspend them or worse. On an off the record kind of way he would give them guidance on what might be a more pragmatic punishment. I think it’s naive to suggest that Regan didn’t have some sort of input to the original panels decision.

  12. Bobby R


    How funny……I do recall the linesman was a salesman who visited my dads business to flog radiators…….he never got another order after that night….. Not bitter CSC

  13. Cant fathom out whats the advantage rangers going to court . They knew the consequences , there man on the inside would have informed them of that . looks like an act of suicide to me . But knowing them they will re appear smelling of roses .





  14. Sydney Tim @21:54.



    I’m not sure if the SFA have broken the FIFA rules by sending the latest ruling back to the Appeals Tribunal.



    However,Celtic should stir themselves into action now.



    They should immediately seek reassurance directly from UEFA that R*nkers most recent legal manoeuvers do not place in jeopardy the participation of Scottish clubs in this year’s UEFA competitions.



    This should put some extra pressure on the SFA and UEFA to resolve the situation. Time is of the essence.



    Jordan Rhodes ? Another two goals for the Scotland Under-21s this week.


    Imagine his goal haul this season if he overcame his most appealing natural modesty and took the penalty kicks for his club,rather than leaving them for his less talented colleagues.



    Go Get Him,Lennie …..!!!!



    Now those two top-notch CH we lack……






    Big Boys’ Talk On Here Tonight…



    Behave Yourself…



    I only mentioned Arthur Herman..because he was the author of the book on Scotland.



    If you are looking for a book on this Great Man written by a normal person….rather than by a mildly malodorous Leftie History Professor..who thought about coming across to join the guys who wear the White Hats…only to get cold feet…



    “Blacklisted by History:The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America’s Enemies” (2007) by M.Stanton Evans.


    A rather weighty tome,but most comprehensive….



    Otherwise,”Treason: Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terrorism”(1994) by the Ravishing Ann Coulter…



    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you..




  15. Just in from a night out to read this.



    I hate this country, I hate the Peepil, I hate those that try to accommodate a sectarian, threatening club.



    News for you. We are everywhere in this society and guess what.



    We are more clever, more articulate and more humane than you will ever be.



    Burn in hell rangers.

  16. BobbyRussell on 1 June, 2012 at 00:36 said:






    You are spot on , i remember it well , i was in the area which is now the govan stand , we had half that area that night , took your life in your hands going for a pee .scary stuff .




  17. P67 – you have perhaps never written a more enticing headline to an article!



    The very notion that the Scottish football authorities would seek to suspend Rangers FC (IA) is something that I struggle to embrace. I want to; it’s just in my DNA to query this. Let me explain why:



    Like the vast majority of us, I come from a family steeped in Celtic. My Gran was there when John Thompson gave his life, she stood amongst a record crowd at a British cup tie, her son, my Uncle (and frequent lurker!) attended the 7-1 game, the 65 Cup Final, Lisbon….. Nine in a row…. the baton was passed to me and the history continues….it is now a source of enormous pride that I have sons of my own to continue this wonderful tradition….the main point is that for generations, Celtic families like mine have grown up knowing that when it comes to authority we would be “up against it”. This is not paranoia; it’s just an analysis framed from watching our team over generations. The prospect that the SFA would suspend RFC (IA) would, until very recently, have been untenable…the events of recent weeks / months suggest it may be probable.



    My Gran is in heaven now, my Uncle lurks on CQN, both will be smiling at the headline of your article.

  18. Mr McCoist spoke of people taking a kick at his cheating club whilst they were down could be interpreted in many ways …


    Winning the league?


    Lucrative friendliest against Real Madrid confined?


    Regeneration of the east end for the commonwealth games?



    Now with the laws being relaxed in regards to super casinos with Birmingham being rubber stamped in march 2012.


    Could Mr Desmondhave pulled a coup so great in the shape of a proposed super casino situated at the ‘gateway’ at London road in time for the games?



    Now THAT would be a boot in the@&£);

  19. Auld Neil Lennon heid on

    Listening to Doncaster






    I would say his explanation of why a 10 point deduction is applied at 4:58 in is flawed.



    He says that WHEN a club goes into administration it gains protection from bill paying that gives it a sporting advantage and that is what the 10 points deduction is intended to nullify.



    That may be so but the sporting advantage is unlikely to be gained during the time in administration although it might be maintained, the sporting advantage occurs BEFORE the administration and the administration itself is a result of a club spending what it cannot afford (or in Rangers case other people’s money which is worse) until its creditors or HMRC blow time up.



    The 10 points deduction came into being in England as a result of Leicester City entering administration to shed debt with no points deduction applied. Sheffield Utd under Neil Warnock (who else) complained about the sporting advantage City gained as a result of the debt they could not afford and were now dodging and the sucess that enabled to Utd’s disadvantage NOT because they gained advantage BY going into administartion as Doncaster implies in his interview.



    http://www.wsc.co.uk/content/view/2483/29/ (this is the link I found tonight but I have read others citing the Leicester case)



    Doncaster is misleading listeners with his explanation and this narrow interpretation is typical of Doncaster where the principles at play are either constrained by the failue of the language to embrace the principle fully or deliberately to apply a meaning that best suits Doncaster’s purpose.



    Whether it is ignorance of the princiles or deliberate the failure of this guy to apply principles renders him not fit for purpose of protecting the sporting integrity he says the SPL value..


    ESTADIO 0034



    Ya tease….



    I hope you have sufficient funds to “enable” the denouement……….

  21. Back from the pub, a wee bit drunk.


    Thank you all, for the congratulations. It has really been a magic day.


    The Holy Grail for all Celtic fans is the European Cup, no matter what it’s fleeting title. We kissed it once.


    Lifting the beautiful son of my son today surpassed it !!


    Anyway, as it stands der hun is in more serious trouble the I first thought.


    At the outset of his troubles I agreed with one of my Ulster comrades, either Ard Mhaca or Ant- Oglach, that the dangerous forces of the Orange Order or Masons would ultimately protect them.


    I forgot the GOLDEN RULE, as Kojo, (delighted to see him back) would say,


    “ALWAYS follow the money”.


    When le Merde hits le Fan, all bets are off.


    The thief thinks to himself, what have I too lose? what can I gain?


    There never was genuine courage or morality in rangers football club.


    There couldn’t be !


    Think about it. There beliefs are built on sectarianism, on racism, on fear….


    Their alleged strength is based on their on inadequacies.


    They are but a puff of smoke !


    However, the mentality of their followers, like all bigots, resorts to violence when the game is up.


    Paul67, I ask you to be extremely careful over the next few weeks.


    Oglach, Ard Mhaca and people who lived through the madness over the last 40 years know what I mean. These are dangerous people.


    A wee memory of the occasion when John Greig broke Bobby Lennox’s leg.



    Bobby would have been about 33 at the time,so,with a badly-broken leg at that age in those days,there were real fears for his future.






    Friday’s DR carried an interview with Bobby from his hospital bed.



    Reporter-When did you realise your leg was broken?



    Bobby L-When I saw JohnGreig coming over to tackle me!

  23. TSD



    Uncross your fingers.



    You have retreated from your last hero because he was too fair and now you are promoting, in his stead, The John Birch Society- The Buckfast of right-wing fortified wines.



    It’ll be Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck and Palin next at this rate.



    I’m off to snooze- you need to seriously raise your game.


    MADRUA RUA 0139



    Firstly,congratulations to all concerned on the birth of your grandchild.



    Secondly,I have been pointing out for some time-both privately and on here-that they will not accept this meekly. They will,indeed,be hurtin’ huns,and therefore dangerous and volatile.



    Even then,though,they will cross a line which will cause such revulsion amongst the general population that their shameful actions will fizzle out-by comparison.



    In Ulster,it was Holy Cross;here,who knows? Still,of little consolation for anyone caught in the early collateral damage their demise will cause.



    Anyone with any connections to Celtic or Catholicism should be careful,especially in Scotland and the Six Counties,IMO.

  25. RogueLeader on 31 May, 2012 at 22:16 said:




    Thanks for your good efforts…….unfortunately the beeb haven’t caught up yet and their sites won’t play on iPads…and that’s all I use these days.


    Not to worry,I will find a way!




    From the sun…..


    ::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::




    Muppet reckons sick Paul is fit to work!





    Published: 31st May 2012



    A STRICKEN dad kept alive only by a dialysis machine was told that he is fit for WORK.




    Paul Mickleburgh, who has had FOUR failed kidney transplants and FOURTEEN heart attacks, has been ordered to find a job.



    Department of Work and Pensions chiefs have put the 53-year-old in a “work-related activity group” — meaning he is expected to attend interviews in a bid to get off the dole.



    Even if he co-operates, he faces losing out on the new Employment and Support Allowance to be paid instead of incapity benefit. The DWP told him in a letter: “You must take part in work-focused interviews with a personal adviser to continue to receive the allowance in full.”



    Paul, of Aberdeen, said yesterday: “How ill do I need to be? Apart from being dead, I don’t know how I can get much worse.



    “I have been passed fit for work under new rules and must do everything possible to find work or lose my benefits.” Dad-of-three Paul, who has also battled cancer and pneumonia, will spend the rest of his life on dialysis, which he gets three days a week.



    The machine which cleans his blood is all that keeps him alive.



    His organs are failing and he has a twisted bowel, spontaneous internal bleeing, brittle bones, joint pain, chronic fatigue, an enlarged heart with has a prosthetic valve, a weak immune system and eye cataracts.



    He added: “It’s unrealistic to expect me to attend these meetings when there is no realistic prospect of my health improving. My wife Joyce and the children have all worked since leaving school.



    “We’re not a benefit family on the take.”



    His wife, Joyce, 50 — who runs her own dog grooming business — added: “I understand they’ve got to sort out the benefits, but there are better ways to go about it.”



    A DWP spokeswoman refused to comment on Paul’s case but said: “The assessment doesn’t focus on a particular diagnosis but on an individual’s abilities and whether that person could undertake suitable work.


    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::



    Beggars belief.



    BTW,same paper sugests Norwich want Neil Lennon.

  27. BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS on 1 June, 2012 at 01:54 said:




    You are right. The dying wasp always leaves a sting.


    They have neither the intelligence nor the moral courage to exam as to why and how they find themselves where they are.


    Far easier to strike out at imaginary foes.


    I have to go to bed now, work tomorrow.


    Ah Jayzus, I just realised, I’m sleeping with a granny !!!!!!!!!!!


    MADRUA RUA 0208



    Remember to say your prayers before bedtime,chief of which should be for that last line to be moderated before your better half finds out about it!



    Nice one,though……..

  29. knoxy2000 eating Jelly and Ice Cream and supporting Neil Lennon on 31 May, 2012 at 23:48 said:




    I did listen.


    If football didn’t exist I’d still want to know how your wee lad is getting on.


    For you & yours,he is more important than any game.


    It is brave of you to put his story out there for the whole world to see.


    There are many children who will never know that level of love,care and affection in this hard world. So,Oscar’s story has become emblematic of what is possible from people with goodness in their hearts.


    My best wishes to you all.





    Yer up late,I’m just heading into work!