SFA unsure of own rules


Celtic Quick News readers have assumed SFA rules apply to all clubs, including Rangers.  It is therefore, a surprise to read the BBC report today that the associations lawyers are “unsure” if Articles of Association rule 10.2, which prohibits someone (in this case, Paul Murray) becoming a director of a club if they have previously been a club director “within the five-year period preceding such club having undergone an insolvency event”, which includes administration and liquidation, should it arise.

The SFA are “unsure”.  Heaven help us.

The rules are clear, those who have been directors of Rangers during the past five years are not eligible to be a director of a Scottish club without appeal to the SFA board for discretionary dispensation.  It is preposterous for the association to be unsure on this matter.

If they are asked to consider Paul Murray as a Fit and Proper person, his record as director of Rangers should be examined.  As we explained on Saturday, Murray was director in the spring of 2010 when Rangers were issued with a £24m tax demand plus £12m interest.

Instead of curtailing budget the following season by selling players to mitigate the threat to the club’s survival, the board Murray served on authorised a £4m spend on Nikica Jelavic in August 2010.  If they had taken the responsible long-term view, they could have cut budget, realised significant levels of cash, prepared for the outcome of the tax tribunal and seen off any asset-stripping takeover.

The SFA really need to get a grip of their own rules. They appear intent on pretending Scottish football is not in crisis.

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Former Celtic defender and current Livingston manager, John Hughes, will join me in speaking after the meal.

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  1. Paul,



    As you may recall I was making the point re Ogilvie and his fellow directors around 2 months ago. One of my last posts in fact. I’m glad you and others are forcing the issue, it is a much more important message than we might first appreciate.


    As ever, there will be a tendency to go over the top and frame this in the context of those board member being in collusion with Murray (grp) over tax avoidance. I’m happy to accept that wasn’t the case. However, ignorance and good intentions are no protection under the law – if it happened under your watch then you pay the price. You’re not an innocent by stander when you are a company director or secretary, you have a specific role to act in the best interests of your organisation and you are responsible for it’s actions.


    As I said some time ago, regardless of intent, each and every member of the Ranger board(s) who brought them to this point should be barred from ever holding a position within Scottish football again. Not because they are criminals, so much as clearly incapable.


    I don’t hear it framed that way often enough. Stop asking if they are colluding against us and simply start and keep asking if they are capable.



    That said, it is worth reminding everyone that the SFA/SPL can make their own call on who is fit and proper – there is room for interpretation within these rules. It is our ball, and we can decide who gets to play. That, by the way, is not an insignificant fact. It would be a shame if we pretended that Rangers transgressions were important enough that a higher authority might step in. They won’t.

  2. Wee Joe at 12:10,


    its a kindle fire, got it from usa via the net, its a colour one. The wife uses is it for everything like facebook, amazon, twitter downloading apps etc. She even watches all free to air Tv on it.



  3. johann murdoch on

    Did the SFA ever receive compensation from Dignity FC when Wattie returned to poundland?

  4. If the Mint knew, then the Og knew, if the Og knew then the other Mint knew and if the wee Mint knew, then the Myth knew and if the Myth knew then the Sorcerers Apprentice Boy knew, what a heady brew to all be drinking…

  5. starry plough on 13 March, 2012 at 11:18 said:


    A message from Dons Supporters Together….



    I take a measure of comfort from the DST statement in so far as they recognize the issues in Govan. Having said that though, Celtic appear to get lumped in by association, and the piece has a feel of “let’s get ours now” while there is weakness at the top. It’s not our fault that we are the biggest and the best. Celtic have played within the rules and have suffered for this along with the other clubs. The “gang of 10” are being opportunistic in their stance, and I don’t feel that the greater good of Scottish football is at the top of their agenda.



    Hail Hail!

  6. Paul67:



    Sounds to me that that the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing as per usual.



    Or they have hedged their bets on any ambiguiy in the rules that could be challenged by rfc newco.



    Or that it is their get of jail card when Murray is announced as the prefered bidder i.e. he gets to appeal for special dispensation.



    What ever the reason, nothing will surprise me if Murray is allowed to take up the reins should the case arise.



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  7. South Of Tunis on

    philvis —–



    Old Snake Oil New Bottles .



    Spivs and charlatans.



    Fondly remember the fabulous Robert Maxwell being interviewed on Radio 4 boasting about how he was instilling the entrepreneurial spirit into his sons and opining that, when he retired, he had no doubt that Ian and Kevin ” would keep their old Dad’s ship afloat ” Boom Boom.

  8. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    alex thomson ‏ @alextomo Antwort Retweeten Favorisieren · Öffnen


    RT @bendepear: @alextomo Rangers situation v depressing- my more local QPR saved by Flavio & co- any chance Italian help?



    MMmhhhhh… isn´t Master Thomson au fait with the FTB brigado ?



    Hail Hail

  9. ajaxbhoy on 13 March, 2012 at 12:56 said:



    Any statement I have seen from other supporters always lumps us in with the orcs, I am guessing that they hate “the old firm” jointly that just something we have to deal with.



    I take it as a positive that the Aberdeen support won’t stand by and watch their board vote in a manner which will help the huns..



    This stink won’t go away no matter how much the mainstream media wish it would and certainly not because Duff and Duffer release a load of media spin every day telling us how planet orc is now orbiting a new mineral rich moon..




  10. A question that no…………..1 seems 2 be asking.



















  11. Thanks VMHAN , see it’s not yet available here. Using granddaughter’s iPad and really liking it but only need the browser and maybe Kindle app. Thought I’d look at the Kindle alternative.

  12. Anyone any idea how the Blue Knights Fairytale ends?



    My suggestion:



    The Knights could not rescue the damsel in distress (by no measure was she a fair maiden – more a crabbit old crone) and so she died at the hands of Hector the Dragon. The Knights, sad, dejected and oh so alone then do battle with the Whyte Wizard, a quest which takes many months and attempt to resurrect the deceased damsel.



    Things are never quite the same, even if they look a bit like it. The Damsel and the Knights struggle on for years in a dysfuntional relationship, the damsel demanding that the Knights lavish on her gifts of the value she had become used to and she does not take kindly to the suggestion that such gifts were her downfall before. And so, reluctantly accepting this they limp on in disharmony and without success to brighten their journey.



    But everyone else lives happily ever after.



    The End

  13. Auld Neil Lennon heid on

    I see JT has finally cottoned on to the fact that s Div 3 start would actually be to Ramgers benefit .


    It does so on 2 counts.


    1 players wages will be a lot less giving a Newco time to stabalise whilst winning.


    2. It is the right thing to do and by accepting this Rangers start to recover some of the dignity tbey are so proud of and have lost.


    If they were to go one step further and apologise to Scottish football for the damage done to it then total acceptance becomes possible not just of them by those wronged but within themselves by knowing their true nature and working to change it.


    If they are forced there kicking and screaming “what about?” they will have learned nothing.

  14. PLEASE, PLEASE tell me why we would ever want an Independent Scotland when we have places that are described as an ‘Orange Town’ by a leading QC.






    The Neil Lennon bomb plot trial has heard one of the accused was from a loyalist Rangers-supporting background and lived in an “orange town”.



    Trevor Muirhead’s daughter, Gemma, 18, told the High Court in Glasgow he had been a member of the Apprentice Boys of Derry and of the Orange Order.



    Mr Muirhead, 43, and Neil McKenzie, 42, are accused of conspiring to murder Celtic manager Neil Lennon, former MSP Trish Godman and the late Paul McBride.



    Both deny the charges against them.



    The trial previously heard how Mr Muirhead’s son, Paul Millan, bought bottles of peroxide for him last year.



    Mr Millan told the court he believed the purchase was on behalf of his half-sister Gemma.



    ‘Orange town’



    Giving evidence on Tuesday, Ms Muirhead denied that she had asked her father or her brother Mr Millan to get peroxide for her, saying she was allergic to it.



    She said she had previously left a hairdressing job because she was “allergic to the chemicals they were using” including peroxide.



    Ms Muirhead said peroxide made her throat swell up, leaving her unable to speak and agreed that she had never touched it since.



    She also agreed with Gordon Jackson QC, who is defending her father, that her home town, Kilwinning, was a “Rangers, orange town”.



    Ms Muirhead agreed with Mr Jackson that a Rangers-supporting, loyalist background was “very common” in the North Ayrshire town.

  15. Rangers Tax Case dishing it up now too…




    1m Rangers Tax-Case ‏ @rangerstaxcase Reply Retweet Favorite · Open


    Remember: RFC directors were advised years ago that their use of EBT was illegal, but continued anyway.




  16. Big Joe



    I am on Quevega and Hurricane Fly……not long odds, but i think they are very hard to oppose!



    WITS suggested “The Package ” in the 3rd race and he tend to be right!!



    good luck

  17. Starry.


    I have a feeling, not only did they all know. They were all being paid via EBT/2 contracts.

  18. Big Joe 1302



    Delaney’s donkey






    Im away oot tae buy the album!

  19. RTC is a good read today.



    reply to Alex Thomson c4 from @TonyMcKelvie



    @alextomo Between 2003-05 Ogilvie filed contracts with SFA for players who received £21M of EBT payments. He was also SFA Treasurer at time.



    AND also a piece about The Duffers being improperly registered as hun admin men….trying to backdate their registration !



    Laff a minute stuff. Beautiful incompetence.



    The Channel 4 guy’s not going to go away especially after the SFA call him “pigheaded” and hang up the phone. (maybe it was Ogilvie who answered it ?)



    It just gets bigger and funnier.




  20. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Here I stand head in hand


    Turn my face to the wall


    If she’s gone I can’t go on


    Feelin’ two-foot small



    Everywhere peeple stare


    Each and every day


    I can see them laugh at me


    And I hear them say



    Hey you’ve got to hide your Ogilvie


    Hey you’ve got to hide your Ogilvie



    How can I even try


    I can never win


    Hearing them, seeing them


    In the state I’m in



    How could he say to me


    Truth will find a way


    Gather round all you clowns


    Let me hear you say



    Hey you’ve got to hide your Ogilvie


    Hey you’ve got to hide your Ogilvie



    HAil Hail

  21. The Rule



    They couldn’t remember what was the rule?


    Thinking everyone is just so easy to fool


    Saying ‘we’re not really sure what they mean’


    As spinning a line is just becoming routine



    Fluster and bluster is the way that they rule


    Thinking everyone is just so easy to fool


    Forgetting that we’re now in the internet age


    We read every line and scan every page



    So next time they are unsure of a rule


    Thinking everyone is just so easy to fool


    Drop us a post here at the CQN blog


    We’ll explain it to you and clear up the fog

  22. Two for today 1.30 Cheltenham Steps for freedom win bet and each way Dancing Tornado in the 4.00

  23. asonofdan


    calling a town an orange town ,


    we are not independant if we where


    we could change this remember


    the tory wont neither will labour lib dems


    they where in power for many years and


    done nothing



  24. new government legislation says you can wipe out your debt by up to 70 percent……..or reduce monthly payments by up tp 90 percent……betcha craig t whyte knows about this………….SFA unclear about paul murray gees oh ….must have reading difficulties

  25. Paul67 et al



    This whole Rangers/SPL/SFA saga is beginning to remind me of the News International scandal. Brewing for years, discounted by all and sundry as insignificant, until the Guardian takes a serious look at it, and before you know the highest ranking police officers in the Met have resigned, people start and continue to get arrested, the NOTW is shut down, and the whole story begins to unravel. I stated yesterday that if the SFA and the SPL did the right thing now, UEFA would side with them, but the above article tells all of us, that is not going to happen anytime soon. It is obvious that the SPL and the SFA, far from even considering sanctions against Rangers should their own investigations uncover a labyrinth of broken rules (not to mention David Murray’s broken dreams), they are preparing to accept whatever masonic manifestation former directors can come up with. Meantime, in the real world, the world away from Granpa Broon’s funny handshakes, and Jim Traynor’s succulent lamb, the walls are coming tumbling down. And you know something, they still don’t see it!

  26. Auldheid



    Interesting that you use the expression ‘the right thing’. I’ve begun to wonder when ‘Rangers’ (in inverted comma’s because I don’t know who or what they are now) will just do the decent thing. Did Juve not ultimately take their medicine with a degree of dignity? That is, they fessed up and I’m pretty sure proactively accepted relegation and penalties. It was the right thing to do and it allowed everyone to move on, to a degree at least.


    Rangers are at that point, and tactically I think it would allow them draw a line under previous regimes, possibly shift attitudes and win some friends back – rightly or wrongly.


    It is extremely undignified to hear people talking about ‘deals’ being done to reduce the burden, in a hope that this might save them. At this stage it seems strange that one of the dignified denizens on the south side hasn’t done the decent thing and owned up, said how sorry they are, and acknowledged that to win back the trust of the league, the members and the supporters they will accede to all demands and expectations. Such an approach might well begin to soften attitudes, even amongst Celtic fans and crucially our board.


    Perhaps the failure to apologise and seek forgiveness reflects the attitude so many revile, perhaps it reflects the arrogance and stupidity so blatantly displayed and perhaps it’s because there is no leader.


    Whatever, someone needs to say sorry at some stage. Even if it hurts to apologise to Celtic fans, we are due, and so is everyone who has an interest or investment in Scottish football.

  27. Paul@Taggysbhoy



    I am having trouble with my email account at this time , and would like to attend the Evening ‘doo’ at the Golf Day in August, I have also texted DBBIA to tell him the date as you know he goes off CQN for Lent and hope to travel through with him for same





    Please email me (hopefully account will be up shortly with any further requirements for the day payment etc



    Thank you in anticipation

  28. So. According to Spew Pishypants the SPL 10 met on Friday and are to meet Hun FC PLC (in administration) administrators this week to negotiate a 2/3 majority SPL vote. I’m wondering what they are willing to offer in return for their 2/3 majority SPL vote?



    If this is the case I will from that point forward call

























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