Sinclair: experience, continuity, attitude. Why contract was extended


Retaining Scott Sinclair for next season was always going to be a big decision for Celtic.  He is the top earner at the club and will therefore consume a significant portion of the next permanent manager’s wage budget.  Neil Lennon and Brendan Rodgers both dropped the player at various stages over the last 18 months.  We all wondered, would Scott be retained, or would the cash be freed up for a fresh start?

The problem is the size of the fresh start required.  The squad needs a significant overhaul.  A right back (even if Lustig is retained), replacements for Boyata and Benkovic.   Up front we need to – at least – replace Dembele, and we have yet to learn how the latest chapter in the Leigh Griffiths story ends.

My expectation is that the new manager, Neil or other, will also look long and hard at central mid.  A Petrov-type player is required.  Then there is the possibility that another want-away, like Dembele or Boyata, may occur in August.

While an overhaul is badly needed, some experience, continuity and winning attitude will also come in handy.  Scotts Brown and Sinclair have bucket loads of all three.

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  1. Don’t understand why we would extend SS another year unless it is a ploy to get a transfer fee for him. I would have that those wages would be better spent on a new face. Scotty has done great for us but it’s time for him and us to move on.

  2. Neustadt Braw



    Sorry to hear about your brother and his fight against that horrible disease, thoughts and condolences.

  3. Bada Bing



    Willing to bet no one buys Sinclair.



    As for filling our team with Perez, Gutman, Morgan etc.


    They’ll be no 9 in a row, never mind 10, we need quality, money will have to be spent, no more cheap project punts.



    On the positive side, I’ve had a feeling all week we’re destined for a big party on Saturday, going to milk the celebrations on this one ???

  4. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    ‘Kieran Tierney: Celtic defender set to miss Scotland games’ bbc ffs

  5. big packy 1 on

    A TRUE STORY, my father is from a mining family from croy dumbartonshire parish of holy cross,.now his elder brother my uncle terry had heard of good pay and conditions at a fairly new pit in valleyfield, he applied and got the job there was also miners houses available in Dunfermline, for which he was grateful because of the trek from croy to valleyfield, now while living there he had 2 sons and 2 daughters born there, my cousins, now growing up from primary school to secondary school james and eddie were obviously big celtic fans until about 65, I think that’s when Dunfermline won the cup, james would have been about 15 when suddenly he started going to east end park, no explanation only most of his pals were pars fans and he was really into it, with the Dunfermline scarf and flags even when we won the big one in 67 it was still Dunfermline for him, then cue 30th april 1968 a day I will never forget, now when we played Dunfermline at east end park we would drive up there and park outside my uncle terrys house, it was only about a mile from the ground we got there fairly early only to discover no parking spaces, even outside my uncle terrys house, he did not drive but all along the street cars bumper tp bumper, we had to park in a field next to my uncle terrys house,, but that was not the biggest surprise that day not by a long chalk, we parked the car and walked up to my uncle terrys gate and even to this day I can remember it so well, eddie is standing there with his scarf and tricolour, but behind him there is james with celtic scarf celtic tammy, james I said you turncoat laughing loudly, he explained he was fed up going to Dunfermline games and hearing the words feck the pope and fenian bassa, he had had a belly full, so we all marched up to east end park and could not believe what we were seeing, people on the roof of the stands people perched on the floodlight pylons, anyway we won the game, so that’s why ill never forget the 30th of april 1968.hh.

  6. Hrvatski Jim on




    You say that your brother was a character and known to many people. I am sure that they will be sharing in your loss as he must have been a part of their lives also. I hope this brings a little comfort to you and your family.

  7. bluegrass celt on

    N.B so sorry for your loss.



    My wee mammy Jean bowed out at 3:30 this morning. I guess my Da spending the last eight months in heaven without her were too much for her to handle.


    Just like to thank you guys for the kind thoughts you all shared. I’ve lurked here for the last 7 years and never met any of you but regardless of differences of opinions, the empathy shown on here at times like this make this blog so special. Thanks again




    Hail hail

  8. Rangers penalty theory blown apart as the Hun support are now saying that the have been awarded ALL those Pens this Season because they Attack more, which is more Utter Crap from that Ugly Mob, especially when you remember Tommy Burn’s Attacking Celtic side , that had Attackers like Di Canio, Pierre and Cadette


    Can the Rangers fans who claim they are being awarded more penalties on the basis they attack more, explain how the expansive Celtic side under Tommy Burns were awarded just ONE penalty over 36 league games in the 1995/96 season?”


    IF I remember correctly…Big Pierre MISSED that One League Penalty that Season ?



  9. NB


    Condolences pal, Thought you mentioned a couple of days ago that you were hame for yer pals funeral – and now your brother…..Jeezo.


    I’ll say a wee prayer for you all.


    God bless.


    Gerald YNWA.

  10. Neustadt-Braw



    Condolences on the loss of your brother. May he RIP.



    bluegrass celt



    Again, sorry to hear of the loss of your mother. May she RIP

  11. The ole CQN ’ drive them to the airport myself ‘ list





























    De Vries









    “ Here “ for Ten in a row CSC

  12. Friesdorfer on

    VVD was certainly caught out at Barca’s first 2 goals. He has history. Still, he is the EPL player of the year.



  13. Friesdorfer



    Couldn’t agree more. Even the best defenders can end up standing back a wee bit …. shock more than just admiration.



    Bluegrass Celt – prayers for you Mum my Fhriend.



    HH jg

  14. I would love to see the Sacked Tory Defence minister Gavin Williamson take The feckin Tory Government and PM May to an Industrial Tribunal, and Win…after all he is pleading his innocence as says its a Stitch Up etc, by PM Mays kangaroo Court……


    That Tribunal would be ALMOST as good as watching Hun fighting Hun !



    Its yet another sign of “One Law for one etc”…IF Wiiliamson is GUILTY of the charges, then why has the Tories NOT called in the Cops…Others in the past have faced Court/Criminal charges for Breaching The Official Secrets Act…for apparently leaking LESS info than Williamson has been sacked for .






    Very sad to hear of your loss. May your brother Rest In Peace



    Hail Hail

  16. NEUSTADT-BRAW on 2ND MAY 2019 2:14 PM


    With a heavy heart ……my big brother Gerald passed away this morning …..he fought his cancer to the bitter end …he was a character known to thousands …may you rest in peace Gerald…..



    You never walked alone …






    Condolences to you and yours .

  17. Fool Time Whistle on

    Bluegrass Celt



    Condolences on the loss your Mum



    No One Walks Alone

  18. MADMITCH @ 3:04 PM




    Too many on here can’t handle the Ajax TV money number.



    I put up a similar number from the same source and the response was silence.




    The figure of £10m for Ajax from TV is true. I questioned you about its accuracy but, failing to get a reply, I researched it myself.



    This article explains how Ajax and other Dutch clubs in Europe actually do earn more from their £70m deal but they have an agreement to redistribute the money they have earned towards all other Eeredivisie clubs, retaining only £10m which is still, 3 times more than we earn from TV. In return that get agreements about not having clubs change their grass pitches to plastic amongst other things



    AJax’ deal to re-distribute their money




    Overall, the free TV money is only part of the package. Bayern, for example, do not get a great amount from TV but are the 3rd ranked club in terms of unearned income, behind only Real and Man U, because of commercial sponsorship deals with Adidas, Audi and Allianz. La Liga has the greatest inequity between top clubs and minnows. English Premiership has astounding free sums going to all clubs. The poorest rewarded team, from TV revenues, in the big 5 leagues is Ajaccio in France with £13m, more than Ajax and more than 4 times what we get, but Ajaccio will not be asked to perform in Europe. When we look at the top 8 teams in each of the big 5 leagues, we range from Barca & Real’s £140m, Liverpool’s £117m, Juve’s £94m and PSG’s £44m (topped up with free Arab money), to Betis- Spain £30m, Newcastle- England £92m, Mainz £29m, Torino £35m and Rennes £24m (a factor of 8 times more than we get- how’s that for excuses?)



    The bottom clubs in each league will not have European competition to face but “earn” these free amounts Almeira – Spain – £18m, Cardiff _ England?? £74m, Braunschweig – Germany £18m, Sassuolo- Italy £18m and Ajaccio- France- £13m.



    The amount of free TV money and better funded commercial deals for being in a league with a huge population base and hyper-interest in football makes a difference, no matter how often you refer to it as an excuse.



    TV money in big 5 leagues

  19. NB & BG



    Condolences to both of you on your very sad loss, stay strong bhoys.




  20. Neustadt Braw & Bluegrass Celt


    Sorry to hear about your sad losses. Remember the good times.


    Thoughts and prayers with both families

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