Sinclair: experience, continuity, attitude. Why contract was extended


Retaining Scott Sinclair for next season was always going to be a big decision for Celtic.  He is the top earner at the club and will therefore consume a significant portion of the next permanent manager’s wage budget.  Neil Lennon and Brendan Rodgers both dropped the player at various stages over the last 18 months.  We all wondered, would Scott be retained, or would the cash be freed up for a fresh start?

The problem is the size of the fresh start required.  The squad needs a significant overhaul.  A right back (even if Lustig is retained), replacements for Boyata and Benkovic.   Up front we need to – at least – replace Dembele, and we have yet to learn how the latest chapter in the Leigh Griffiths story ends.

My expectation is that the new manager, Neil or other, will also look long and hard at central mid.  A Petrov-type player is required.  Then there is the possibility that another want-away, like Dembele or Boyata, may occur in August.

While an overhaul is badly needed, some experience, continuity and winning attitude will also come in handy.  Scotts Brown and Sinclair have bucket loads of all three.

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  1. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on




    Sorry to hear of the sad loss of your brother Gerald.



    Thoughts and prayers with you and your family.

  2. NEUSTADT-BRAW on 2ND MAY 2019 2:14 PM


    With a heavy heart ……my big brother Gerald passed away this morning …..he fought his cancer to the bitter end …he was a character known to thousands …may you rest in peace Gerald…..





    You never walked alone …





    So sorry for Your loss.


    R.I.P. Gerald.



  3. Like no other on

    I’m not sorry to see Sinclair here for another year. Potential there waiting to be tapped again by a good manager.



    HH. AnyonebutMoyes ;))))))) CSC

  4. Slabhoy - on the road to 10 on

    Glad to see Sinclair retained. Real professional and a real threat when on form…

  5. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    NEUSTADT-BRAW on 2ND MAY 2019 2:14 PM



    With a heavy heart ……my big brother Gerald passed away this morning …..he fought his cancer to the bitter end …he was a character known to thousands …may you rest in peace Gerald…..



    You never walked alone …






    Sorry to hear that NEUSTADT-BRAW – our thoughts with you, your family and – of course – your brother’s family.



    HH and all our love from BGFC & Wee BGFC



    Not braw ;-((

  6. NB


    My condolences to you and your family on the passing of Gerald, may he rest in peace.

  7. Fool Time Whistle on




    Very sorry to hear of the loss of your brother.


    Condolences to you, his family & friends.


    No One Wallks Alone

  8. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on

    I haven’t made it in to Celtic Park to look at the tributes left for Billy and Stevie but I believe they are very powerful.



    My wife was at the Glasgow Cup Final with her school (all school kids only as fans I believe) and she sent me some pictures.



    A great outpouring of love and respect for both legends.




    I’m so sorry to hear your news my Fhriend.


    May your brother rest in peace.



    HH jg




    Thoughts and prayers with your brother Gerald, yourself, the family and friends at this sad time.

  11. BSR @ 1.21



    Too many on here can’t handle the Ajax TV money number.


    I put up a similar number from the same source and the response was silence.



    We need to dry our eyes and get our thinking caps on to work out what we can do to get to the next level.



    Being half a step ahead of the TFOD2.1 is not enough.


    We need to rise above the local bragging rights nonsense.

  12. ScS — extending his contract?



    No, not for me.


    A case of thanks for the memories but we have to move on.



    He is not going to get better at CP.


    His head is sparkled and he needs a new challenge.



    Hugely talented player but he needs a new start.

  13. Friesdorfer on

    Neustadt Braw


    Sincere condolences on the sad loss of your brother Gerald. May he Rest in Peace. YNWA

  14. weebobbycollins on

    Neustadt-Braw….that is a sore one for you. My sincere condolences to you and all of Gerald’s family…RIP

  15. Hunderbirds are Gone on



    Sorry to hear about your brother. Condolences to his family and loved ones.



  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    P67- you will be writing an article in August, thanking Sinclair for his outstanding contribution IMO.The only reason he was signed up,was to secure a transfer fee, rather than him going for nothing,he will be moved on, good business.

  17. !!Bada Bing!! on

    IMO the reasons Defoe never got done was


    A) violent conduct is a 2 game ban,and he will miss the Celtic game


    B) Sevco don’t trust El Duffalo,his transfer fee has been reduced enough, thanks to Broonie


    Traynor would have been busy Sunday night, ensuring he never got done.

  18. big packy 1 on

    NEUSTADT-BRAW,.condolences on the loss of your brother, may he rest in peace.

  19. jinkyredstar on

    NEUSTADT-BRAW – thoughts with you and your family at this sad time. Fond memories are what is left but they are precious

  20. Fool Time Whistle on

    Scott Sinclair has not delivered for some time.



    His pace is his greatest asset & I don’t think that it’s been used properly. We saw it in his very first appearance for Celtic at Hearts when he outran everyone to get on the end of Griff’s cross. When else have we tried to exploit that speed in a counter attack?



    Wide on the left and cutting in onto his right is his only other trick but if he doesn’t get his shot (usually curling to far post) off within 2 paces, he seems to freeze on what other options to choose, so the move invariably breaks down.



    He doesn’t lift his head when he has possession, probably because he’s running so fast that he has to concentrate totally on keeping the ball under control. But, it means that he misses out on laying the ball to teammates who ar ebtter placed.



    If he was called James Forrest he’d be getting pelters from fans for not showing up.



    Which brings me back to the Players of the Year award – James Forrest was a contender this year whereas Scott Sinclair won both Players Player AND fans Player of the Year in 2017.



    Where did that Scott Sinclair go?



    So yes I’m all for continuity, but not just because he’s a familiar face around the place. I really hope that he has a real role to play, perhaps in helping to bring on Lewis Morgan or Manny Perez or Andrew Gutman or Maryan Shved.



    Until then, use his pace through the middle to scare the daylights out of the SPFL centre backs.




  21. Hunderbirds are Gone on



    I agree. I watched some of the Barca game last night, and their ability to break at great pace from Liverpool’s corners was impressive, and obviously well practiced. This is a tactic that would suit us well with the pace our forwards have. I reckon we could score a lot of goals from that. If nothing else, it would discourage teams from pushing everybody forward at corners against us.



  22. Disappointed with the Sinclair decision.



    I have high hopes for Mickey Johnston and Marian Shved. Sinky is in the way.

  23. MadMitch @ ages ago



    I agree, we’ve copied them since Tommy Burns went to study their training back in the day.



    Maybe Peter should go again, disco lights are not enough.

  24. Bateen Bhoy on



    Very Sad news about your big Brother.


    Thoughts and prayers to all whose lives have been touched by Gerald, especially his Family.



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