Sinclair: no one has worked harder


I know you have heard a lot about Scott Sinclair’s form not matching his Player of the Year level of last season, but with 8 goals in the league (joint top) and 15 overall (top in Scottish football), you would be hard pushed to suggest this is anything other than a right good season for the winger.

What you have heard less about is the reaction from the player to his slower start to the season. He stayed behind on a programme of work to improve his game; doing exercises designed to improve fleet-of-foot, and perhaps confidence.

Celtic players are not machines (they just look like that when they are winning). Performances are a consequence of hundreds of preparatory hours, sacrifice and denial. Even those will little to prove, like Scott, feel like they have everything to prove as they train for the next game. When they are struggling for the form they want, it is at the forefront of their minds when they wake in the morning, no matter how good results are.

The big moment in Scott’s season came three minutes from the end of what, for him, was a very hostile game at Fir Park, when he told Leigh Griffiths he would be hitting the penalty. Miss, the unbeaten record stops and you put yourself in the hole. Score, and you are the Pope of Fir Park.  Others would have stepped aside.

No one has worked harder to get to the top of the scoring charts.  He’s going to be a big player for the remainder of this month.


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  1. Myself and my son received the season ticket letter.



    They can stick it where the sun don’t shine.



    Whatever happened to “pay at the gate”. Is that no longer available at ANY ground? Partick Thistle, Morton, Queens Park…?



    If you give your season ticket to someone else, it it your responsibility to identify that person. Same as if someone else is driving your car and gets trapped by a speed camera. Either you prove who was driving it or you get penalised.

  2. Scott Sinclair is the kind of player we love at Celtic, skilful and dedicated to his craft of scoring goals and terrorising defences I see some games on the horizon where we will se just that.



    As Brendan says we’re lucky to have him at the club and would that we had four or five more of his calibre:))



    A model pro and I’m sure our young team will be learning a lot from him and his example..



    Mon the Scotty Bhoy!

  3. More transfer rumour from twitter



    Richard Wilson @timomouse


    £4m. Two players. One loaned back to their current club, one joining up at the start of the break. Celtic’s business starting early. Announcement possible before Xmas. Been told to expect to see one or both at the midweek game vs Thistle.


    Both surname begins with M, neither a centre half



    Morgan and McGinn?

  4. The season ticket letter looks like a box ticking exercise so they can tell the Stasi that they’ve reminded everyone of the Ts & Cs

  5. Supersutton



    Its not a responsibility, it’s a legal obligation regarding offences committed under the road traffic act,however on the the flip side someone can be driving your car, go out and commit a serious assault and the polis have no legal powers empowering them to require you identify the driver of your vehicle at that particular time

  6. 50 SHADES OF GREEN on 14TH DECEMBER 2017 12:25 PM


    Think the one back to his club plays for Mwell



    Can’t be Moult, he’s signed for Preston. Was thinking Lewis Morgan of St Mirren who they will sell in January if the buying team agrees to a loan back until the end of the season.

  7. 50 shades of green on

    Didn’t know about Moult going to Preston mate, ach well,



    McGinn is an interesting one, we seem to have a few midfielders at the moment, infact 3 of them played in defence last night.




  8. Where exactly would Mc Ginn play?.Drop Ntcham,Calmac,who are infinitely better footballers than him.Maybe drop Broony !!!!!!!!!!..I watched Mc ginn last night against the Huns and for most of the night,was like a headless chicken.Some of the things he does are very good,some terrible.A long way to go before he got near our midfield.Brendan said it all when he was being compared to Broony.”There is no comparison”.


    We dont need another midfielder,we need a CH.

  9. THETIMREAPER on 14TH DECEMBER 2017 12:44 PM


    If we move for McGinn it would be worthwhile sending Kouassi there on loan for 6 months.




    It would be worthwhile playing Kouassi in our own midfield,never mind sending him out on loan.I cannot see the point in spending 2 million on a player,no better than what we have.Ntcham is blossoming with games,why not Kouassi.

  10. James McLean played the full match at Anfield last night, can’t see WBA letting him go on the cheap. Not sure he’s a Brendan player anyway.

  11. After a good few years of being slated by the likes of Mickybhoy1888 for complaining about how supporters are treated, I got a strong sense of ironic pleasure from his wee complaint this morning.




    Not that I disagree with his reason for being upset as I 100% agree that the use of a ticket purchased by a supporter by giving to a friend or family member is 100% his and any other supporters right. Especially so if said supporter can rarely attend for family or financial reasons.




    How does that old poem go?




    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—



    Because I was not a Socialist.




    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—



    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.




    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—



    Because I was not a Jew.




    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.




  12. THETIMREAPER on 14TH DECEMBER 2017 12:48 PM


    Or it James McLean



    I know he is a mad Tim,but like,Mc Ginn,where would he play.Sinkys position.I dont really rate him that highly either.As a player I mean.As a man,wonderful.

  13. TURKEYBHOY on 14TH DECEMBER 2017 12:47 PM



    We need six midfielders competing for three places. Currently Brown, Ntcham, McGregor, Armstrong, Rogic and Kouassi. Perhaps Armstrong is moving on in January rather than the summer and McGinn is a straight replacement for him. Rogic also seems to have vanished from the squad in recent games (not sure if he’s injured).

  14. TTR



    Musonda signed a contract extension to 2022 last week. He’ll destined for loan deals across Europe for another 5 years.

  15. Heard a wee story about Rogic a few months back, that he was unsettled and unhappy with the fans getting on his back. It seemed far fetched at the time but not so much now.

  16. I wouldn’t worry too much about the letter as once we get the facial recognition cameras fitted you won’t need any ID.

  17. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Which eejits are slagging Rogic?


    The same as those moaning about the invincibles ?

  18. Praised Sinclair’s workrate and attitude in the last couple of months, the guy never hides and always looking for the ball, a top pro.

  19. The Battered Bunnet on

    Nicely done, Cathedral View :¬)



    Re season tickets: The club are probably looking at discouraging concession tickets being used by non-concessionaires. As a supporter with 3 tickets – one adult, one student, one +65 – I have absolutely nothing to worry about in that regard…



    Re SInclair: Nice to see him getting some goals to reward his work at training, but in terms of that position on the pitch and hard workers, Arjen Robben is the standard.







    Thanks for your update on yesterday’s underfoot conditions. GCC get a pass for their efforts which were nullified by later weather conditions. It was treacherous though. The arrangements at Dalmarnock station, though, need to be more flexible when conditions are like last night’s. To expect hundreds of fans to make their way down a steep incline which is like glass is very dangerous.

  21. MWD



    So glad you got a sense of pleasure from my post this morning but the letter wasn’t sent to me.


    However as a customer and a consumer of a product provided by Celtic FC It did irk with me somewhat that they dictate as to who may and who may not have use of that product and not allowing me to use my my own judgement and discretion as to who I may allow to use it.


    My own season ticket and one for the north east lower quarter,remained in the drawer last night, mainly because there wasn’t anyone that wanted the use of them or had no appetite for a midweek game in freezing conditions against Hamilton. If I had been able to get someone to take them I certainly wasn’t going to contact the ticket office to obtain their permission.


    As it is what was the point of the letters when they full well know that to police these instructions would be logistically impossible. If they were sent as an appeasement to other authorities then a simple statement that the conditions and ground regulations are sent to every season ticket holder at the start of the season would have sufficed. Total waste of money on postage.

  22. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Re: the Season Tickets T’s & C’s. I don’t see anything stating that someone else cannot use your season ticket. It’s not a permanent transfer of the ticket which is what Section 4 of the T’s & C’s refer to. Neither is there any clause that states you need photo ID to enter the stadium.



    I have 2 in my name, one of which my mate has been using for the last 3 seasons. Up until this season it actually had a business name on both tickets, not my name.



    This is a “box ticking exercise” in my opinion. It is unworkable and not required within the T’s & C’s of the Season Ticket – checking 60,000 people for a photo ID? I don’t think so!



    Apart from which, I don’t look anything like my photo ID which shows me clean shaven with long hair. I now have very short hair and a very long beard! A passport or driving licence could be almost 10 years old!







    Celtic have played 33 competitive games this season


    Aberdeen have played 24


    Hibs have played 25


    Sevco have played 23



    Be interesting to see how many different players each team has used so far, por cierto

  24. VFR800 IS NOW A MONSTER 821 on 14TH DECEMBER 2017 1:41 PM


    Re: the Season Tickets T’s & C’s. I don’t see anything stating that someone else cannot use your season ticket.



    But the old, well used, “management reserve the right etc” is the standard get out clause, por cierto

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