Socially distanced defensive structure


One of the frustrating things is, you and I watch teams play the way we needed to play last night more than any other type of football.  Against vastly more resourceful teams, create a tight defensive unit.  Do not allow an opponent space inside the box or in a central position outside the box.

That way, if an attacker drops the shoulder, there is always another body in the way to block him.  For reasons that need proper consideration, Celtic’s penalty area was socially distanced.  Atletico were able to find dangerous space and make attempts at goal without pressure.

The opening minutes gave us a glimpse of what might have been.  Celtic were comfortable in possession and continued the good work from two weeks ago.  Then, Callum McGregor dropped deep to head the ball into an empty space he would normally occupy.  The shot took a deflection, but we conceded a good chance to Atletico’s top striker very cheaply.

Until 42 minutes we looked able to get into the dressing room still technically in the game, then something changed.  The second goal was preceded by Celtic’s disintegration, Atletico could easily have scored twice in added time at the end of the first half.

Did we run out of energy inside the first half?  There is certainly an energy deficit compared to other Champions League teams, but before halftime?  That’s a worry.  The contest was over by the break, the only question remaining was how bad the score would be.

Brendan Rodgers is entitled to take chances with the game gone.  He chose to leave the back four as it was, but none of the six who started in midfield or forward positions finished the game.  With five subs and one red card, we looked like a Celtic Select team, assembled for a testimonial.  Whenever Oh managed to take control of a clearance, he was surrounded by defenders (and still 40 yards from goal).

Manager’s often moan about individual errors costing their team defeat.  There were precious few individual errors from Celtic last night, in fact, Joe Hart and his defence all came through the game remarkably well in that respect, considering the scoreline.  The problem was one of structure.

They tell us it can be more difficult to play against 10 men than 11.  That’s because the 10 drop deep, deny space and stop trying to compete up field.  ‘They’ don’t watch Celtic.  We have a skilful squad full of potential, but we can be a soft touch.

You could convince me Daizen Maeda’s red card was an Atletico objective.  There was no injury, no weight or even stiffness behind Daizen’s leg as he went to block.  Atletico know all the dark arts; when an opponent blocks, leave your leg there.  It’s sure to result in a great photo op.

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  1. Bada Bing 100% correct


    Our youth set up is garbage ;


    Route it out from the bottom up


    If you are not on the radar at 18 ,move them on .


    Get in young foreign coaches with no personal involvements


    Young coaches who want to advance not happy to settle for a cushy job HH

  2. FC Copenhagens wage bill is £15m per annum. Elyounoussi is on 22k per week.



    Celtics wage bill is £22M per annum. Figures from what seems a reputable site.



    I haven’t verified annual reports but no reason to doubt.



    The difference seems to plethora of projects who are more or less hangers on.



    It all points to a a failed recruitment strategy with no results in the last 3 transfer windows. Hit rate is 1/10 ie 1 for every 10 players signed.



    Roll on the January window—- cant wait to see how many projects we bring in

  3. BRRB



    BIG JIMMY and I developed our swivel hips dodging the


    screwtaps flying down from the back of the Celtic end 🕺




    Aother decision based on a still frame photo.




    A sobering thought.


    H H. Mick

  4. Bada Bing


    If I was recommending a young lad at the start of his career ,I would tell him not to sign for Celtic


    The pathway to the first team seems insurmountable .


    Why .?


    Robertson released.


    Hickey released.


    why ?


    Who are the coaches that decide that ?


    Who are the better left sided players kept on ?


    Tierney ,who else 🤷‍♂️

  5. Fan- I get we have lost guys like Doak and Morrison recently, if there was a throughput of young players getting a chance,maybe they would have stayed? Although money usually wins,but it’s worth questioning, is Lennoxtown worth the money we put into it?

  6. Fanad Patriot



    Andy Robertson was released at age 15- he had 4 years to develop at Queen’s Park, one year at Dundee United and 3 years at Hull before Liverpool bought him at 23. We made a mistake there but at age 15 was he the best prospect we had?? Without the benefit of hindsight??



    Aaron Hickey was taken from Hearts to the Celtic Youth System at age 12 and stayed with us till he was 16. He was not released- he chose to go back to Hearts and that decision proved good for him. But Celtic did not reject him- we even got a 30% of transfer clause put in because we rated him.



    Doak, Morrison, and probably soon, Vata- all chose or will choose to go even though both Doak and Vata did get some game time- it was not enough to persuade them to stay.



    Without a bridge team between 5th tier and 1st tier football in Scotland this is going to remain a problem.



    When Hickey and others look at the reception given to Scottish players like Forrest, Mikey Johnston, Greg Taylor and Tony Ralston (even Calmac in his post Notts County first two seasons)- they might think twice too about whether staying at Celtic is a good idea.

  7. CELTIC MAC on 8TH NOVEMBER 2023 11:25 PM


    tontine tim



    What becomes of the broken hearted?



    *we’re all still here and as Tommy Burns once said we always will be

  8. Melbourne Mick on

    “ They’re there and they’re always there “ 💚


    Nice one Tontine 👍


    H H. Mick

  9. Good Morning Fholks – Another Grand Day To Be A Tim…






    The point is Lennoxtown was never used for the purpose it was intended.



    Around 2003 Barrowfield needed to be re-developed as a first class, first team facility and we had a very advanced blueprint for an out of town state of the art football academy.



    Based on the French, Barca etc model over two phases



    Lennoxtown was repurposed* around the time of the share issue to pay for it.



    It was used as a first team facility as Barrowfield was seen as a bit of an embarrassment while trying to entice player to Celtic.



    The youths stayed at Barrowfield.



    This temporary set-up is still in place



    Lennoxtown not fit for purpose as a firstvteam base



    Barrowfield not fit for purpose as a modern youth academy



    We have badly fallen on our a$$ between two stools.



    *Rehashed maybe more appropriate



    Have A Great Day



    Aff oot



    Hail Hail

  10. Good morning all from another damp, dark day in the Garngad, Temp 9degrees. Brrrrrr.


    Get into CL get the cash and get out.


    Buy a mix of youth with Experienced players for our League campaign.



    Same as it ever was. Talking head’s style.



    Win the League get back in CL get the cash get out….repeat.



    Leagues, cups, trebles untill the football landscape changes.



    The danger to the above is our board and the Lawells.


    At no time shoukd we be allwoing our board to ban a fans group. Dialogue, dialogue, dialogue.



    D :)

  11. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    “Elyounoussi is on 22k per week”.



    Just shows you how stupid the world has become.

  12. Lennoxtown



    Lennoxtown is many things.



    It’s not a great academy centre as it is in the middle of nowhere, very exposed and bloody freezing most of the time.



    It needs a fully size indoor surface and better weather protected outside space.



    It is 100% not good for skill development for about 75% of the year.

  13. I think the main takeaway from the seasons CL for all teams has to be how easy it is to be shown a red card. I would be brow beating every player that if you are stretching for a tackle don’t bother. Rather lose a single goal than lose a player.Teams can’t look like a bear who has been stung for stealing honey…you’ve seen which way the wind is blowing, ECL is pretty much a non contact sport. Deal with it.



    Since becoming Man Utd manager, Erik Ten Hag has bought 7 players for a combined £372m (plus Eriksson on a free).


    An average cost of £53m per purchase.


    Tonight his team sit bottom of the group.






    And can you imagine the eye watering wages these players are on?!!





    Another excellent post . Unfortunately, it will have little or no effect on those who only see the negatives in our team/club.

  16. As for Lennoxtown Training Ground it should be kept open ,I think one of the problems is the scouts that are employed to watch and recommend players to Celtic ,just look at over the years to the present how many have been very good and not cheap either,then you have managers and there assistants who are all involved in coaching,fitness and more important players who like them ,but back to Lennoxtown it’s more private we’re players are able to train in quiet surroundings,can you imagine what like it would be if the players we’re training at Barrowfield (when it’s up and running)and just along the road to Celtic Park ,no keep Lennoxtown,but the scouting system really needs to be addressed.

  17. TIMBHOY163 on 9TH NOVEMBER 2023 10:28 AM




    That day out with the Shipbank crew has done you a power of good. Much more positive. Have another pint :-))

  18. bigrailroadblues on

    Hot Smoked


    Don’t think Timbhoy163 was with us J. He is welcome to any meeting. A real Celt. And he’s buying cos I’m skint.

  19. I should add that just because I think too many posters are far too negative doe NOT mean I doubt their love of Celtic. Maybe just the opposite,

  20. bigrailroadblues on

    Hot Smoked


    Auldheid was our latest recruit. And a welcome one. He managed to explain Res 12 to a bunch of shallow, pished Tims. Well that’s me anyway.

  21. Eff me….what a read back. Mediocrity laid bare.



    The ole board have done a number on the many in here. 20 years of European embarassment, pleading poverty but poor ole Celtic still paid its CEO a going rate that would shame the Big 5 leagues. No rainy day fund for ole Peter but lower your ambitions fans.



    Just spunked £20m on more deadwood, to add to those still stinking the place out previously. From competing with Atletico to ‘woe is me’ in 2 weeks.



    Comfort returns for the weekend warriors. Our enormous financial advantage will be conveniently ignored as we become again the flat track bullies in our own wee corner of Europe.



    -Prioritise the team.


    -Back the manager.


    -Compete. For the hard of reading, that just means turning the corner on some laughable stats for the last 20 years.


    -See if performance merits 2nd last at the table. How’s that for ambition.



    Or we continue on the endless loop of keeping der hun close enough for the sponsors delight in a perpetual ‘not the old firm’ live on sky at midday starter…



    Show some ambition csc




  22. TIMFORLIFE on 9TH NOVEMBER 2023 10:49 AM






    Try a different word like fart,pash or fake


    Youv been testin for quite some time.



    Where are you from?goin to see Celtic?


    Yup tryin to inspire a sentence

  23. I am no fan of the board at all, but let’s just say for example they give Brendan £70 million to spend. Does he buy a donkey such as Harry McGuire for that , how much would that help us, not too much I reckon. Forget wages as well, but what really could we get for £70 milllions.. Maybe we could get 2 points in the Champions League, that’s about it i think, not much more.


    we urgently need to have a clear out of players in the squad who never feature, nor it seems, ever will so get rid and get a few bob in the coffers.



    Still very sad at our trajectory at the moment though.



    Remember, we, the fans are ALAWYS there, ALWAYS




  24. Prestonpans bhoys on




    I get the point you are making about the risk of recruitment but that’s always existed. They’ll have infrastructure plans marked against the surplus; some winter recruitment; safety surplus for unexpected events.



    How much would that bite into the £70 surplus £5/10/15/20/30m. Its not good business practice to have an excessive surplus. If they want to maintain this heavy surplus then reward the fans. Pay for the CL tickets next year that will get rid of £8m (current prices) 🙂

  25. As for the Shipbank ,I might pay a visit ,I don’t drink as much as I used to ,but I’m shy in buying a few rounds,it would be good for me to meet a few of the bhoys who contribute on here ,when is the next one .

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