Spartak sack manager Emeri after derby defeat


Spartak Moscow today sacked manager Unai Emeri after a 1-5 home league defeat against eight placed Dinamo Moscow.  Spartak are confirmed as bottom of Celtic’s Champions League group before they head to Celtic Park for the final game on 5 December.

Emeri has been increasingly unpopular since taking over earlier this year when his spell at Valencia ended, while rumours of dissent in the dressing room were never far away.  I had hoped he would remain in place for the visit to Glasgow but there will be a new man in charge by then.

A group of around 200 supporters demonstrated after the game, many chanting for the foreign players to ‘Go home’.

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  1. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    Question. Was the finding of the First Tier Tribunal not merely round 2 of rankers tax case, HMRC having found them guilty in the first instance?


    If so that makes it one all, and if as looks likely HMRC will appeal, then surely in football terms this is now down to a replay to decide the winner.

  2. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Is Campbell Ogilvie now back at work or officially on gardening leave still ?




  3. Bt



    Was gonna go…. Went into work for an hour…. Ended up three… So kirkhill for thrills :)

  4. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    the moon bhoys



    16:29 on


    25 November, 2012



    We’re you sleeping on the Moon…….? ….LOL……. in Benfica beat Barca, doesn’t matter what we do ……l keep up with us …hahahahahahahahaha

  5. Celtic Football Club ‏@celticfc


    Atajic swung the corner in and with a glancing header Joe Chalmers bulleted the ball into the net. The Hoops take the lead again.

  6. I got SkySports to watch Celtic in The CL…..faith, y’see? But hey, I’ve got all these other games now. La Liga? Excellent. The epl? I’d rather watch Celtic on an off day.

  7. The Moon Bhoys



    I’d like to think I am behind Neil Lennon too but I am in no Blind Faith camp. That phrase carries overtones of unthinking support and a suspension of critical faculties.



    My support for Neil Lennon is based on a proven and tangible record of achievement. It is evidence based and can be demonstrated. It is not just based on an opinion to be granted equal validity to the “Lenny is crap” school of thought.

  8. nephew played in goal first half today for Scotland youth FA national against Queensland Australia national..



    final score 11.0 to Scotland



    think its time the bhoys put another shrimp on the barbie..


    toodaloo….good call…

  9. European Champions v English Champions. Boring. Greatest league in the world my erchie!! Give me Bundesliga or La Liga any day.

  10. jinky on my own…


    not another soul in the club,


    footie one tv; grand prix on the other…

  11. charles kickham on

    Can someone enlighten me



    Why are Chelsea fans holding up banners saying rafa out and we don’t forget



    What did he do ?

  12. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    setting free the bears



    16:43 on 25 November, 2012


    The Moon Bhoys



    NEIL for me …..Win, lose or draw ….. He is a fantastic manager and,with our full support, will take us to new heights….

  13. AWE NAW —



    Ogilvie has been in Swizerland recently .. His SFA gig earns him a gig on one of UEFA’ s many jobs for the boys / lots of meetings / lots of expenses but never actually do anything things.

  14. 67Heaven … I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors



    hadn’t thought of that…maybe it wasn’t such a good lie in after all, anyway, all we can do is beat Spartak and see what happens in Spain. I’d settle for a win and accept what happens after that either way.

  15. Bt



    Im sure rafa made a few derisory comments when liverpool knocked chelski out the big cup



    On your own at the ksc … I coulda had free beer ?

  16. Kikinthenakas



    Recently taken over by a german company ….. Their accountant visited us last week. His name … Helmut

  17. just watchin celtic v liverpool in the dubai cup here…we could do with another mick mccarthy HARD AS NAILS