Stick to what you’re good at Celtic


Spartak Moscow have appointed Valery Karpin as caretaker manager.  The former Russian international has had an active role in the club since 2008, variously as chief executive and manager.  He took control of the first team when he replaced Michael Laudrup in 2009 until Unai Emeri’s appointment this summer when Karpin returned to his executive role.

He is an experienced pair of hands who is likely to stabilise things after the spirit had been drained from the club.  Spartak are already out of Europe but will pose no less a threat than Inverness when they arrive at Celtic Park next midweek.

Neil Lennon will not be particularly concerned by the impact of Celtic’s defeat by Inverness on Saturday on the league table but the experience will still be arresting.  Celtic have won three of five away games in Europe this season, losing the other two by a single goal, but there is clearly still work to do when faced with a home challenge in the SPL.  Valery Karpin will be keen to prove he can exploit this.

Celtic have established credentials in three areas this season: they can defend adroitly when setup to do so, they are a major threat at set-pieces and they are an effective counter-attacking side.  Any other attributes remain a matter for conjecture.

The first instruction against Spartak should be ‘stick to what you’re good at’.

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    Quote fro Bill MCMurdo, a the rangers blogger. Record remains a the rangers fanzine.






    I am getting well brassed off by Jim Traynor now.



    If he keeps writing as he has been lately, he may well make the need for this blog obsolete.



    In his piece today he mows down all the usual suspects – discredited journos, Neil Lennon, the Green Brigade, the SRU, the SFA and even wee Elgin City.



    Who does he think he is? Me?



  2. son of gabriel



    12:40 on 26 November, 2012


    Stringer Bell





    So, why does his bog roll with script on it still get bought?






    A very good question. My guess is habit.



    I worked in a place with 15 Celtic fans, all manual grafters, all hoops daft, all thought the papers were out to get us.



    On any given day, there were 15 copies of the record or sun lying around. No one could ever explain why.



    Habit is the only conclusion.

  3. A lot of negativity surrounding the club at the moment, which is


    a bit bizarre.



    At the start of the season i would have bit your hand off to be



    Qualified for EL and have a very good chance of last 16 in CL


    and still be top of the league and on track for a treble.



    Celtic have made a huge impact on europe and beyond, manager,


    team and fans alike.



    Overall a good start to a season and more to come.

  4. If I wanted to know what Jabba said/wrote/thought I’d read the Record or listen to him on Shortbread.



    I don’t.



    Why indulge him and then moan about it?

  5. Zybyzek, apologies for not logging on this morning, it was rather early and I kept nodding off on the way to work :¬)



    I’m glad to report though, that I was using public transport at the time, therefore the only real danger was to my fellow passengers eardrums.




  6. ernie lynch,



    it gives us something to talk/ moan about. Also, for me it means I don’t have to buy the rags or listen to their purile shows, I get all my moaning material from my fellow CQN’ers.



    Let the people whinge CSC

  7. Playing a team that’s just had a change of manager is never good……….but we rarely stick to scripts.

  8. john anthony12:15 on26 November, 2012:




    Mercy buckets for your double-edged retort. I merely question the validity of ticket prices averaging £450 for over-the-hill rock ‘n’ rollers.


    I speak as someone who still buys Stones material….previously unreleased stuff, outtakes etc.,… someone who spent many many hours learning Keith Richard’s near unique guitar technique (he acquired it from mostly unsung black players) and passing that knowledge along to others…..for free.


    Also, the most influential of The Stones, Ian Stewart, died a long time ago. At that point, the band lost something invaluable. He was a silent partner in their enterprise, but he felt, being much older than the rest, that he would impede their image in the early days, but his musicianship was a huge driving influence behind them. And in Andrew Loog Oldham they had a very very astute manager, confidante, and Svengali-like mentor.


    Too, the influence of Brian Jones cannot be overplayed. Another tragic loss through excess.


    Their modern (1980 onwards) corporate mindset is at odds with everything they espoused, and I suppose I find myself disillusioned by that.


    Just like seeing Johnny Rotten flogging butter, and going on reality TV.


    I think I have high expectations of those I admire, and feel a part of me dies when they disappoint.


    After all, a cynic is just a failed romantic.


    Anyway, I don’t disparage anyone who would enjoy The Strolling Bones. That’s up to them.


    I saw Jeff Beck in a small venue earlier this year. A master of the craft, and a good friend of The Stones. Ticket price? £26:50. Go figure.


    As you can tell, you’ve hit a raw nerve. In a time of manufactured austerity, greed is shameful, and I’m afraid The Stones are guilty of just that.




    P.S. I found the YouTube link to their gig last night in the comments section of the review in The Guardian if you want more: there are 2 more vids, one of which has Jeff Beck playing with them.

  9. I’m very much in the each to their own camp —- but —– I truly don’t get why anybody would bother to read Jabba’s guff . .



    It’s like deliberately standing on a dog turd and then telling people – I stood on a dog turd — it was really, really smelly.

  10. No I don’t want to know, or need to know, what Jim Traynor is writing or speaking about. It’s like watching and old movie on the TV, one that you don’t like, over and over again, why would anyone do that? Just so you can say, “It’s ok, because I did not go to the cinema and pay to watch it” !! por cierto

  11. Traynor needs challenged. His stuff doesn’t even have the slightest appearence of being balanced. An utter bully (because he will not have a reasoned debate) and paid by the BBC license money. Really does remind me of N. I. as used to be. I’d love to see BTRH take him, or any one of a dozen posters on here. There is something odd going on in the background—a bleating lamb perhaps?

  12. Vmhan @12:53



    I tend to agree: More than that: can you imagine the sort of mayhem that guys like KevJungle would be likely to cause (when ‘off oot’ on one of his many walks), were they denied the opportunity to sound off on CQN … ?




  13. Apologies for the off topic post, but I would ask the indulgence of the blog for a wee personal matter.



    There is a charity in Airdrie called Hope for Autism. They do amazing work and give children with Autism and their families incredible help and support. I can vouch for this from personal experience.



    The reason I am posting this is I just received a newsletter from Hope. It says….





    HOPE costs nearly quarter of a million pounds to run every year and attracting funding is


    becoming increasingly hard. We continue to apply for funding through Trusts and Grants and


    to date we have had 6 applications rejected this year.



    We have submitted a three year funding application to the Big Lottery and will hear about


    whether we have been successful in the middle of December 2012.  If this application is


    unsuccessful, we only have a third of our funding secure for 2013/14. This is not good and willmean that we have to consider carefully what parts of the service we can continue to deliver.”



    It would be a tragedy – in the real sense of the word – if the group has to scale back or close.



    My request is this – the group are having a table top sale and tombola this Saturday in Airdire. If you are local, please donate some of the stuff lying about your house to the sale, or pop in to support the event.



    If there are any prize donations, please contact the group via the website below, or me (if Paul is OK to pass on my email address).



    The weans love this group. So do their parents. I hope those in the area might be able to help a wee bit.



    The group was started by parents for their fellow parents and kids. Many would be lost without it, particularly in those first hollow, horrible days after a diagnosis of Autism.



    Sorry for taking up space on the blog, felt compelled to post this. Please help if you can.




  14. Moonbeams WD. Kano 1000 \o/ Supporting Neil Lennon 100%. Champions. C’mon Wee Oscar.



    Totally, and in seasons to come, who knows.

  15. Cheers MWD



    I’m looking forward to Jonathan returning In March, two long years he’s been out there enjoying himself, I’ll bring him back down to earth with a bang.




  16. What do you do if there is a guy in the pub who talks offensive, bigoted & crass nonsense ?



    You either tell him to shut up or you stay well clear of him.



    Since we can’t tell Jabba to shut up…………

  17. “Top of league with game in hand and not even out of 2nd gear. What’s not to like!”



    I think that’s precisely what some some fans object to paying £500 for.

  18. Who cares what the laptop loyal are writing, none of us buy their rags because we know it is aimed at ‘the peepul’.



    Rather read CQN any day, we have our own jabba in kevjungle right enough…

  19. Raymac



    13:01 on 26 November, 2012




    The most effective way to deal with Jabba and his like is to ignore them.



    Reacting to the guff means they’ve won.



    It’s provocative because they want us to be provoked. Don’t give them the satisfaction.



    Falling circulation and listening figures is the way to go.

  20. GourockEmeraldBhoy on

    Aah, Christmas shopping in Glasgow, don’t you just love it. Now having lunch in waxys with a cold cider. Bring on the jam tarts…

  21. Lionel Messi has edged a step closer to surpassing Gerd Muller’s record goal haul in a calendar year, after the Argentine scored twice for Barcelona on Sunday evening.



    Messi is now only three goals behind Muller, who scored 85 times for Bayern Munich and West Germany in 1972, having netted his 25th and 26th Barcelona goals of the season during the defeat of Levante.




    I dont think he will be taking easy against Benfica…

  22. saw a suggestion that the liqiudators of the dead huns should sue HMRC to raise as much money for the creditors. Surely it would be easier to call in the EBT loans? Fat Sally, Cardihun, Sourness, Sir Minty Moonbeams and the rest should have no complaint about that

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