Spartak sack manager Emeri after derby defeat


Spartak Moscow today sacked manager Unai Emeri after a 1-5 home league defeat against eight placed Dinamo Moscow.  Spartak are confirmed as bottom of Celtic’s Champions League group before they head to Celtic Park for the final game on 5 December.

Emeri has been increasingly unpopular since taking over earlier this year when his spell at Valencia ended, while rumours of dissent in the dressing room were never far away.  I had hoped he would remain in place for the visit to Glasgow but there will be a new man in charge by then.

A group of around 200 supporters demonstrated after the game, many chanting for the foreign players to ‘Go home’.

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  1. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Podium …..HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa



    You made me laugh, Tom…..”and whatever you think of him (David Murray), he has always fought his corner.” …….. How much did sell his club for ?



    And, make no mistake, if it wasn’t for RTC etc, the club which has shamed Scotland, and Scottish Football, would not have been liquidated ….. ‘they’ would have found some way of protecting the unprotectable…….. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED BY THE INTERNET BAMPOTS, Tom ……. And it’s not finished yet ………greengo has only one interest, his own pocket / pension, and this share issue, once it has recovered the running cost etc deficit, will provide him with a parting gift (which keeps on giving) ………. SPORT HAS TRIUMPHED OVER ARROGANCE……

  2. Awe Naw – met your brother at book launch last night, he was in good form, what happened to you in the looks dept, you were dealt an unfair (poor) hand there;-))



    Re English



    I have sat in a room and listened when he praised RTC on his work, indeed hailed him as the exception of all Internet bampots – hindsight is a wonderful thing.







  3. It’ll take more than a few weeks for the new man to get Spartak up and running, that is if he is in place by then, all good news for Celtic, taking off the green tinted glasses the leagus does look very competative with the majority of teams having something to pay for, long may it continue but I do feel Celtic, under the guidance of NFL will prevail. HH


    Am I a medal contender?


    “chanting for the foreign players to ‘Go home’.”.



    I’d love Aidan to do just that.

  5. Who am I ?



    This time last year I KNEW that the appointment of Neil Francis Lennon, a 40 year old with no management experience was a big mistake.



    I KNEW it, so I posted it with all the righteous indignation I could muster.




    Two months later I BECAME Neil Lennon.



    I even changed my user-name to show the world how committed I was to our brave & defiant young boss, as he was abused & vilified by all sections of Scotia Nostra.


    Whatever they did to NFL, …they did it also to ME.



    He went on to win a title that had seemed to be a forlorn hope & subsequently gave us away wins in Europe & a victory over the best team on Planet Earth.



    I KNEW he was the right man for the job & I posted it loudly & often.





    It has now become clear to me that Neil Lennon hasn’t got a clue what he is doing, or what he is trying to do.


    Those successes were just a flash in the pan.


    He has no guile, no motivational skills, no class.


    I can see it clearly now , so I will post it with the same certainty that I always do when I KNOW something.


    I am not a man to shrink from giving my opinion.





    OK then ,..Who am I ?


    I am any one of the opinionated, constantly shape-changing lizards who make up Chamelion Quick News.


    If you don’t like their opinion, that’s OK. It doesn’t matter.


    They will give you a completely different one tomorrow.



    Altogether now, ………………










  6. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    British is a hired hand. A poor hack. As much back bone as a jelly fish. Nobody on CQN has ridiculed him as much as me but his article today has its merits is all that I am saying.



    My brother is an incredibly handsome adonis like figure and some spectacle wearers do make the same mistake that you have just made



    Do you wear glasses ? ;-)





    Eurochamps67. Re Chuckles silence.



    Think it might be as simple as his “take” on the Deid club, would emphasise their demise.

  8. There’s something fishy about the Elfin postponement. In this day and age its the kind of mistake that’s almost impossible to make.

  9. SonsofErin


    ” The result is engineered to ensure an upper tier verdict is required, and hence precendent set. Why else add all that otherwise pontless commentary from the minority judge.”



    Far from pointless, to you especially my friend.



    That is why the FTT was a majority verdict, so that those views, of the panel, may be expressed, in a determination, and lay out ever so clearly, to HMRC, their grounds for appeal. por cierto

  10. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    Spartak and Celtic might have new guys in place by the time we meet.



    Wee Neilly isney very happy.

  11. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    Re. the manky mob and their use of EBT’s.



    Their behaviour has been at best questionable and at worst morally reprehensible ( So what’s new?)



    They got off on a technicality and I fully expect the decision to be overturned at appeal .

  12. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    Just back from mass to discover you’ve been calling me names.



    And on a Sunday too!




  13. Re religiously aggravated offences



    number has increased towards 900 per year – previously around 600 for past 5 years.



    These figures are not for the most part about attacks on Catholics. Most of the offences are against police officers.


    It’s likely Catholic haters who are drunk , when arrested are calling the police officers FB – taigs would be a racist hate crime not religiously aggravated.



    It shows that there a few hundred offences against religious groups 2/3 rds towards those of catholic background one third on those from a protestant background.



    In my view ONE is too many no matter which denomination!

  14. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    Some more Spartak Moscow info. They play Zenit before they come to Glasgow and then Rubin Kazan after our match. Priorities???

  15. Philbhoy



    Hehee l must apologise. I too am just back from mass.


    l can assure you Fr Paul backs NFL



    Hail Hail




  16. Those wanting to see the return of Aiden may not be considering the fact that Aiden would have to take a massive cut in wages for him to fit into Celtic’s current wage structure.



    Also isn’t he the wonder kid of Russian football,who is coveted by all of Russia’s mega rich clubs,the EPL mega clubs ,the uber rich Bundeslia giants,Seria A gods,and La Liga’s finest.



    For Aiden to comeback nobody of any consequence would have to want him.



    It is only a few short weeks ago he was quoted ( I know) as saying that Celtic weren’t good enough for the CL.For the snipers out there I am paraphrasing.




  17. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    No harm done!



    My Saturday night postings are normally produced through an alcoholic haze, so sorry if I upset you.



    No harm meant.

  18. The Spirit of Arthur Lee



    Think all the players will be playing for their jobs, and that will


    be their priority.

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