St Mirren 0-2 Celtic


Celtic collected all three points from St Mirren Park at lunchtime today but were under the cosh for most of the game.  James Forrest opened the scoring in the 71st minute before Scott Brown secured the points two minutes from time to secure Celtic’s 11th consecutive SPL win.

Marc McAusland forced an early save from Fraser Forster on the goal line as a notice of intent on how the first half traffic was going to flow before Gary Hooper made Celtic’s only attempt on goal in the first half, a hooked shot from 35 yards.  After 15 minutes a Mulgrew corner was headed towards his own goal by Steven Thompson, who was fortunate the ball struck his own player on the line.  Five minutes alter Thompson tested Forster with a header at the other end which was saved well.  Graham Carey had a good chance late in the first half but shot wide from a tight angle.

The second half started in much the same patter with St Mirren flowing forward at every opportunity and Celtic looking out of sorts.  Paul McGowan setup Dougie Imrie on his St Mirren debut but Forster saved well again.  The home team’s best chance of the game came when a Van Zanten shot from just outside the box was flicked towards the opposite post by McGowan but Forster somehow managed to twist his body and flick the ball safe.

Neil Lennon realised his formation wasn’t working and withdrew Samaras and Ki for Stokes and Commons, the addition of the latter proving crucial.  Commons set pieces, intelligent use of his body and possession troubled St Mirren.  On 59 minutes his corner was met by Rogne, whose goal-bound header struck McAusland on the raised arm, although the defender knew little about it.

On 71 minutes a Commons free kick was punched clear by Samson by Scott Brown met it at the edge of the area before rolling the ball in front of James Forrest.  The Celtic wide player shot first-time from 19 yards and found the inside of the post to open the scoring.

St Mirren continued to push forward and McAusland forced yet another save by Forster.  Hooper played a one-two with Stokes before shooting narrowly wide but a minute later Imrie came just as close to drawing St Mirren level.

An 88th minute short corner by Commons to Scott Brown caught St Mirren sleeping.  The Celtic captain slipped a left foot shot inside the far post, a carbon copy of his Scottish Cup goal against Rangers last season.

A minute from time a Commons free kick was headed in off the post by Thomas Rogne but the assistant referee incorrectly flagged for offside despite the Celtic defender being four yards onside.  The game poor advert for the SFA officials with a bizarre collection of mistakes made over which team knocked the ball out of play at corners and throw–ins.

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  1. Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon says:


    21 January, 2012 at 15:29



    Surely some mistake or optical illusion as the “best finisher in Scotland” surely wouldn’t miss…

  2. Eyes Wide Open on

    Tom McLaughlin says:


    21 January, 2012 at 15:20



    they dont appear to be as vocal anymore from what I can see or hear.



    in my own opinion there are games we need Scott Brown, games like today, against Hearts, Peterhead and games which have a bit of bite. In an ideal world id prefer a version of Scott Brown who was a better passer of the ball – but nevertheless if you list the players in order of who you would like us to replace hes a lot closer to the top than the bottom thats for damned sure.

  3. weeron says:



    21 January, 2012 at 15:09



    Motherwell were able to come out of administration by firing players and reducing costs and paying off their creditors. I cannot remember if this was a pence in the pound pay off agreed by the creditors (probably was). However in Rangers case HMRC their biggest creditor if they get the FTT decision are unlikely to settle for anything but full whack and will want their pound of flesh and serve a winding up order.



    Their problem though is that CW is first in line to get any cash from liquidisation so HMRC might come to an agreement (very exceptionally to get paid over as short a period as the business under administration can manage (years of nae money to spend on the quality of players like Davis and McGregor, Jelavic etc) but this scenario is thought unlikely because the perceived wisdom is that HMRC do not do deals and that Rangers will fold and start again as new Rangers with HMRC getting nothing.



    I am not so sure and would not rule out adminstration with some years to pay. The argument by HMRC will be that it gets them their money and protects an industry very important to Scotland from which HMRC also get tax revenue. It also saves Scottish football having to face a very difficult decision about the integrity of the game if a New rangers were to apply to join the SPL.



    I’m not bothered either way. f it is ongoing administarion I am ok with a chastened Rangers with a tax millstone around their neck for the next three/four years as long as there is thorough independent review of the licencing process at the SFA that allowed the situation to happen.



    if it is newco the integrity of the game has to be paramount. In either case an independent review of the SFA licensing process and how it allowed Rangers to carry on unchecked for years is a must. BRTH did an excellent piece on it in the latest NTV and it will be online somewhere.



    To other CQNers, apololgies for going away from the fitbaw but weeron did ask :)

  4. Belated New Year Best Wishes to all…………



    Good three points today in very difficult and trying conditions.



    Been out of commission………..



    Little in the way of contact with the outside world; back on line after five weeks of storms, rain, etc., no big deal, all things considered.



    Anyway, plan to to be in Pollok/Larkhall/Parkhead start of February. Hope I don’t jinx the recent good run from the Tic.



    More importantly, was reading about the wee lassie Vanessa visiting Lennoxtown and thought at the time, great to take the time etc., but these well paid guys should really put their hands in their pockets and make a significant contribution towards the fund. They did. Faith restored. Well done Scott Brown et al.



    Aye, the three points are welcome but hey perspective!



    Regards & Hail Hail



  5. Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon says:


    21 January, 2012 at 15:29



    Is he still there? I thought he would have been snapped up by some high flying EPL team by now..



    Wonders will never cease!!

  6. Dont know why people are bitching about performance today, two great goals and 3 points.



    Would you rather have results like the Killie one?

  7. Ten Men Won The League on




    Large scale disorder outside Ibrox tube station after a large group of Aberdeen casuals somehow made it outside there without detection.



    Strathclyde Police too busy dragging 16 year old boys from their bedrooms to get to the scene

  8. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    Craigan in continues his good goal scoring run.



    Thats his second og in two games.

  9. Good battling win today, well done big Frazer and my MoM, Scott Brown.



    For me the officials where incompetent, Not cheating.



    I can see why young Rogne’s goal was given offside, Joe was in an offside position and then went to win the ball, it could easily have looked to the linesman that Joe had headed it. Somebody else mentioned the corner we never got ? I think we also need to remember the other official gave an even worse corner decision against st mirren.



    On the ‘penalty’ if you have sky plus you can clearly see Thomas push the st mirren defender before they both jump, and then Thomas head the ball on to the st mirren defender’s arm, to my mind the arm would not have been up if thomas had not pushed him. I think sometimes we over do the dishonesty claims.

  10. the hooped crusader on

    Hard fought and great three points today, some great individual performances from Scott Brown and big Fraser.


    I would like to see a forward brought in this window but I would rather if we had to spend the money on getting


    big Fraser tied down to a permanent deal. The premiership are not awash with great keepers, they”ll be looking


    at the big yin and I think we might have found a replacement for the Holy Goalie.


    Get him signed Peter!!!!!!!!

  11. i like scott brown in the team but only when he plays right mid. i don’t like him playing in the center of mid. we are a far more solid team when we start with only one natural wide man and we can always change it if things are not going well, like today.. if we start with two wide men and things are not going right i feel we have no where to go. very good substitutions today and we did not wait until the 80th min to do them. i think it was the 55th min.. very happy with the tree points

  12. Snake Plissken on

    Kevin thomson formerly of the filth of Glasgow sent off inside 40 minutes for two tackles he wouldn’t even have been booked for in Scotland for Middlesboro

  13. SonofDan – thought it was a sound performance albeit we needed a good solid goalkeeper to help us win it. I thought the Bhoys looked confident throughout. There was no hiding as there was earlier in the season. There was no panic stations. Tough game, st mirren worked really hard and played quite well. Our better players did what their hard working players couldn’t and made two good quality goals from very little opportunity.



    Like you say, hard to believe anyone is disappointed with that.



    This time next week the record will show St Mirren 0- Celtic 2, 3 more points and no one will be talking about the game but about ’12 wins on the trot.



    Let them vent for a while. Does them good. The complainers haven’t had much to complain about lately they need to vent.

  14. When Lenny was reaching the end of his playing days I looked around for a player who would bring to the team what Lenny had/has in abundance – attitude.



    The one guy whom I thought had that was Scott Brown and I was happy he was signed. He has not quite fulfilled what I thought he was caapable of in footballing terms, in fact is poor at times, but he has attitude in spades and that is why he is played when available.



    Like likes like.



    As I recall Roy Aitken was not the most gifted but he had additude in spades. Champions need it.

  15. This squad is maturing.


    Scott Brown raises the tempo/energy of the team. A must in most games



    Will the “owner Mr Whyte be backing Hectors Choice Ascot 3.45 ?

  16. RobertTressel, very true.



    bhuns are struggling, I cant see Aberdeen coping for the full 90 minutes right enough.

  17. Ten Men – well, at least those Aberdeen Casuals weren’t singing ‘illicit’ songs about Ireland. Imagine the pandemonium they would have caused. The real threat to the fabric of scottish society is the non-violent Green Brigade with their pesky non-sectarian songs. Those plucky rangers and aberdeen youngsters just letting off a bit of steam with a friendly game of ‘bulldog’ or such like (or Chase the Sheep as they call it in Aberdeenshireland, slaughter the taig as the orcs like to call it) will hopefully get a friendly cuff around the neck and a stern telling off.



    Good to know plod has his eye on the ball.

  18. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    A good 3 points today ST.Mirren gave a good account of themselves and there was a stage when big Fraser Foster kept it at 0-0 but we eventualy ran out 0-2 worthy winners.I would certainly never knock Broonie he gives us everything hes got and never hides the player that flatters to decieve is Ki the bhoy just doesnt do it for me he plays across the park and not from the middle to the front.I would give man of the match to big Fraser.H.H.

  19. Chick Young declaring decision made to deduct rangers 8 points. Where the hell did he get that from?



    laptop loyal are beyond laughable…

  20. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    Greensideup is also Neil Lennon



    He should be advertising the health lottery with that Barnet



    Thug Thomson sent off for Middlesborough

  21. P67,That’s Scottish Hun bizziness for you.


    A tale of two cities; grand wizard theatrics.


    Where one with impunity can it’s miscreant citizens grant apres video absolution attacks on Catholic managers.


    And another, whose Tim excoriated off-site bomb and bullet sent threats amid online death threats in a series of bigoted intimidatory PR media tamed hunlines are soft soaped enough to slip round in degrees enough the slanted foreheads of them in numbers who make up the arse count of ibunx.

  22. .






    I Just cant Understand Posters who Don’t Understand why Lenny Changes the Team Around for Places Like Paisley Ect..IMO He got it Spot on Today..



    Dropping Stokes Switching Sammi Etc..What it Does Change is We Don’t Lose Silly Goals..Bringing on Stokes and Commons at the Exact time when St Mirren are starting to Tire..



    Lenny has Learnt from his Mistakes..



    If He would have Went with that Set Up Away to Inverness Last April we Would have WON THE LEAGUE..






    My MOTM..Neil Lennon..

  23. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    I see Wigan are getting pumped again and imo look favourites for the drop.



    Have they yet to unleash the mighty Sean on the EPL?

  24. pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON on




    I also thought this made it 12 wins in a row.



    Brown – I thought at times he was very poor today but when you analyse his contribution – one assist and one great goal – its then a MOTM performance. I’d give that to Forster today, also thought cha played well too. So glad to have commons back, arguably our most effective player.



    The trouble at ibrokes must, must must have been Neil lennons fault, that guy just brings it on himself

  25. Tom McLaughlin on

    wycombebhoy –



    Thanks for that.



    I don’t know if you are a referee but you sure sound like one.



    Not a criticism.



    I for one like to hear an alternative viewpoint from someone who really does know the rules.



    Many thanks and all the best mate.

  26. ASonOfDan says:


    21 January, 2012 at 15:46



    Was he not talking about hearts due to the late payment of wages? I admit I might have heard incorrectly…

  27. theweegreenman on




    I would be inclined to agree with you but for the fact that


    VW conceded a penalty against fartz for less than that and the


    Huns only last week were awarded a goal when 3 of them


    were offside and 1 was blocking the goal keepers view.



    It’s bias. Not incompetence.

  28. Devils advocate here but I was thinking about the type of striker we need. Most think we are after a big Hartson/ Sutton type.



    BUT would that lead to days like today ending up in long balls from back to front when we have shown regularly that we can make chances and score by playing football on the ground? Is a big target man too much of a blunt instrument when guile might be the difference between us and the rest?



    What say you all?

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