St Mirren 0-2 Celtic


Celtic collected all three points from St Mirren Park at lunchtime today but were under the cosh for most of the game.  James Forrest opened the scoring in the 71st minute before Scott Brown secured the points two minutes from time to secure Celtic’s 11th consecutive SPL win.

Marc McAusland forced an early save from Fraser Forster on the goal line as a notice of intent on how the first half traffic was going to flow before Gary Hooper made Celtic’s only attempt on goal in the first half, a hooked shot from 35 yards.  After 15 minutes a Mulgrew corner was headed towards his own goal by Steven Thompson, who was fortunate the ball struck his own player on the line.  Five minutes alter Thompson tested Forster with a header at the other end which was saved well.  Graham Carey had a good chance late in the first half but shot wide from a tight angle.

The second half started in much the same patter with St Mirren flowing forward at every opportunity and Celtic looking out of sorts.  Paul McGowan setup Dougie Imrie on his St Mirren debut but Forster saved well again.  The home team’s best chance of the game came when a Van Zanten shot from just outside the box was flicked towards the opposite post by McGowan but Forster somehow managed to twist his body and flick the ball safe.

Neil Lennon realised his formation wasn’t working and withdrew Samaras and Ki for Stokes and Commons, the addition of the latter proving crucial.  Commons set pieces, intelligent use of his body and possession troubled St Mirren.  On 59 minutes his corner was met by Rogne, whose goal-bound header struck McAusland on the raised arm, although the defender knew little about it.

On 71 minutes a Commons free kick was punched clear by Samson by Scott Brown met it at the edge of the area before rolling the ball in front of James Forrest.  The Celtic wide player shot first-time from 19 yards and found the inside of the post to open the scoring.

St Mirren continued to push forward and McAusland forced yet another save by Forster.  Hooper played a one-two with Stokes before shooting narrowly wide but a minute later Imrie came just as close to drawing St Mirren level.

An 88th minute short corner by Commons to Scott Brown caught St Mirren sleeping.  The Celtic captain slipped a left foot shot inside the far post, a carbon copy of his Scottish Cup goal against Rangers last season.

A minute from time a Commons free kick was headed in off the post by Thomas Rogne but the assistant referee incorrectly flagged for offside despite the Celtic defender being four yards onside.  The game poor advert for the SFA officials with a bizarre collection of mistakes made over which team knocked the ball out of play at corners and throw–ins.

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  1. The Singing Detective on

    Bringing in John Sutton would be a good move….has the attributes we need for this season.



    As a bonus,would give Vlad some much needed funds to keep them afloat..which would be nice…



    Could usher in a whole new era of Peace and Reconciliation with the Auld Jam Tarts



    Wouldnae like to lose them from our league….and can we have Dundee back in the SPL please ?



    Most likely our new striker will be straight out of leftfield,someone not previously considered on these pages…

  2. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!! Tick Tock !! on

    Radio Scotland pundits in a total panic / depression at half time……LOL….!!!!



    ” healey couldn’t hit a barn door”…..LOL….!!!….sounds like FF

  3. The Good Ship Celtica. on




    I don’t believe so. I think it was before administration rules were introduced (they may have been the reason). I remember the Partick Thistle chairman complaining that a club that couldn’t pay it’s debts was still signing players and offering them more per week in wages than some clubs who where living within their means.





    Sailing on….

  4. Just back in from Paisley and trying to heat.



    Had a quick look back and noticed people slagging tactics and individuals.



    36 points out of a possible 36 that’s championship winning form in any league. Aye there were negatives aplenty today but this bhoy will take the points every day of the week.

  5. Genuine question andnot trying to score points from anybody but it is now twelve staight wins, can anybody tell me how many of these games Scott Brown started in?

  6. John Sutton would be a Chris Killen style move except he has a hun-skelper surname. That type of player has no place in our system anymore, its a (better) version of Jelavic we need: bit of everything and an eye for a goal.

  7. Eyes Wide Open on

    thismancraig says:


    21 January, 2012 at 16:11



    I agree.



    We have plentiful quantity – its quality we need.



    Guys who will walk into the 1st team.

  8. Philbhoy – It’s just the beginning! says:


    21 January, 2012 at 16:11



    They were presenting weary dave with a leaving present and it took him an age to shuffle his zimmer off the park…

  9. Tom McLaughlin on

    antrimkev –



    You’re right. I thought you were talking about the final results.



    You were talking about the televideo.



    They come through chronologically.



    As the results come in…



    Again I ask you. Why would the BBC announce the Rangers score when they are losing, last of all?



    Does it change the score?



    Just wondering.

  10. HT,



    I watched the game on the ‘wireless’……..



    What was your view on the disallowed 3rd goal?

  11. Snake Plissken


    If you are around..



    I don’t think Pawel Brozek will go to Rangers. They need the player but want Trabzonspor to pay wages in full. Player has not bad offer from Poland.


    I don’t know if Brozek would consider a move to Rangers at all.



    On Jelavic



    They are waiting for Liverpool decision. They hope they will make the offer.

  12. The Good Ship Celtica. on

    Tom McLaughlin,



    It’s not the BBC reporting the score last. It’s the timing of half and full time whistles depending on their score. :-)





    Sailing on….

  13. The Singing Detective on

    Agree that we need to get FF signed now…if we had conceded first,could well have lost this game today.



    Spurs scout was in attendance today,and they have been credited with having an interest in bringing in FF as their No.2 . Hope this is not going to complicate matters for Celtic.

  14. Tom McLaughlin says:


    21 January, 2012 at 15:59



    antrim is speaking about when the results come through as the fulltime whistles are blown, not the classifieds. Implication is the huns, when needed, are afforded as much extra time as the MIB can squeeze, but when they’re winning the whistle for HT/FT gets blown as soon as possible after 45/90 mins have elapsed.



    He makes a fair point.


    RalphWaldoEllison-is Neil Lennon Season 2011-12 says:



    RWE,I hope you and your son had a marvellous wee weekend.



    We’ll have a blether on the nightshift when we have time.



    Fingers,toes and eyes crossed that good news wings it’s way towards you.

  16. Can I just also say, many of us have rightly been banging our respective drums about the need for a big, strong, bustling centre forward.



    It would be pointless unless we learn to clear the first man from crosses and corners. That’s not based on today’s evidence, the weather was too much of a contributory factor. It is clearly something that we need to work on.

  17. Tom McLaughlin says:



    i dont think you are getting this at all



    it dosent matter when its READ out, it always read out in alphabetical order




    its when it comes through on the vidiprinter on sky/bbc



    how would it effect the result……well if they are losing and its the last score to come through, it would mean that the ref is adding on a bit of time



    if they are winning, its quicker coming through because not so much injury time?




    i hope you are getting this now Tom

  18. I think its a 1st choice GK Spurs need since Friedel is 84 years old, they are after the excellent Krul.

  19. Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon says:


    21 January, 2012 at 16:17




    see Tom?



    Gordon j gets it as well

  20. rangers take a quick free kick 20 YARDS from foul!



    Rule for them, rule for everyone else…


    KevJungle – “No More Slagging The Board!” CSC says:


    21 January, 2012 at 16:05





    “If He would have Went with that Set Up Away to Inverness Last April we Would have WON THE LEAGUE..”




    Ghood point m8!



    Lennons Lions march on!



    Hail! Hail!









    Completely agree, M74…….I mean M8.







  22. BSR







    From where I was watchin’ it looked sweet to me!







    21 January, 2012 at 15:59


    Greensideup is also Neil Lennon






    Are you a Toffee man in disguise?



    If so, nowt wrong with that.



    Moyes has worked miracles at Goodison. Him and Kean are 2 good ghuys.






    Not really, I like Moyes and followed Stubbsy when he returned. I think Moyes has them playing good football. A few scouse mates but they’re Koppers




  24. Tom McLaughlin on

    The Singing Detective –



    Celtic and Newcastle have an agreement, bound by legal contract, that if Celtic want Forster, and he agrees to the contract on offer, they must sell him to Celtic for 2m.



    Even if Man U offer 12m, Celtic have the first option.



    Only if Forster says no to a Celtic offer can Newcastle listen to other offers.

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