St Mirren benefit from recency bias


Celtic comprehensively destroyed St Mirren on 2 January, our last impressive performance against an SPFL club.  Since then, St Mirren have won three of their four games, conceding only once (to Newco).  Their last two wins, 0-3 at Easter Road and 2-0 home to Dundee, put them nine points ahead of their two city rivals and comfortably in fifth place in the table.

We should be aware of recency bias, though.  Before the winter break, St Mirren lost seven in nine games.  One of their wins since then was 1-0 at home to third tier Queen of the South in the last round of the Scottish Cup.  While Hibs were a close match for Celtic on Wednesday, their capitulation to St Mirren told more about their fragility than the victors.

Celtic’s loanee Kwon Hyeok-kyu has picked up a lot of the credit for St Mirren’s current form.  I am split between wanting to see how he performs against a top side and hoping his deal means he will be sitting in the stand tomorrow.

A few eyebrows were raised (including by me) when we signed the midfielder from the Korean second tier.  Although Brendan has yet to offer Kwon any gametime, I hear he thinks the player is a prospect.

Stephen Robinson had Saints press at Celtic Park earlier in the season.  After two wins, I expect nothing less on Sunday.  It should be an entertaining cup tie.

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    Bertie Auld in his biography commented on Hugh Maxwell:



    “Any player who didn’t match up to his [Jock Stein’s] expectation levels soon found themselves plying their trade elsewhere. Take Hugh Maxwell, for instance. He had been bought by Jimmy McGrory from Falkirk for £15,000 in November 1964. He was an old-fashioned inside-right with a nice touch, but, to be honest, he was a bit on the frail side. Jock played him twice and, unfortunately for Hugh, Celtic lost both games – 4-2 to Hibs at Parkhead and 5-1 to Dunfermline at East End Park. That was the end of his Celtic career. He was on his bike to St Johnstone for £10,000 in the summer.”






    Hail, Hail, the Celts are here!

  2. garygillespieshamstring on




    I think compushare is the company that manages the Celtic shares but not 100% certain.



    I bought mine in the first issue and have never done anything with them.

  3. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Dessybhoy – cheers



    GGH – I’m in same situation as you.



    I get a cheque from Celtic every August which I don’t cash more often than not.



    If the dividend reinvestment scheme was still active – I’d prefer a few more shares than the dough.



    Computashare? I’ll check it out.



    I have a letter from them from decades ago …. somewhere.



    If I start looking for it now?



    I’m bound to find it in the next couple of years.




  4. Q. How do I buy and sell shares on the market?


    Our Registrar, Computershare, offers internet, postal and telephone dealing services.



    More information on the Computershare service, including costs and contact details, can be found at




    Investors can also use a stockbroker, bank or building society to buy or sell shares in the secondary market. The commissions charged for buying and selling shares vary between the different organisations. If you do not know a stockbroker you can contact The Association of Private Client Investment Managers and Stockbrokers (APCIMS) on +44 (0)20 7247 7080. Or you can obtain details of stockbrokers all over the UK who deal with private investors on their website at You should always use a stockbroker authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.



    It is the responsibility of the shareholder to seek independent legal and/or financial advice in relation to the purchase or sale of shares.

  5. Celtic plc’s current issued share capital (as at 31 October 2023) is as follows:



    94,610,328 Ordinary Shares of 1p each (“Ordinary Shares”)


    12,693,052 Convertible Preferred Ordinary Shares of 100p each (“CPO Shares”)


    15,794,724 Convertible Cumulative Preference Shares of 60p each (“CCP Shares”)


    680,486,554 Deferred Shares of 1p each (“Deferred Shares”)



    CCP Shares do not carry voting rights. Deferred Shares are not listed, are not transferable and carry no voting rights or substantive economic rights.



    As of 31 October 2023, the Company was aware or had been notified that the following individuals or organisations held 3% or more of the classes of shares comprised in the Company’s listed issued capital:






    Line Nominees Limited


    32,772,073 | 34.64%


    Bank of New York Nominees Limited


    16,907,139| 17.78%


    Christopher D Trainer


    10,424,194 | 11.02%


    James Mark Keane


    5,909,847 | 6.25%


    Tom Allison


    3,357,505 | 3.55%






    – Tickets for this match are now sold out –

  8. Brighton have agreed a £16m deal to sign Ghanaian winger Ibrahim Osman from Danish team FC Nordsjalland.



    The 19-year-old will join the club when the transfer window opens later this year, on a contract that runs until June 2029.



    Technical director David Weir said he was “a young and exciting prospect”.



    He added: “For now it’s important that we give him the space to focus fully on Nordsjalland, where he is enjoying a good season.”



    Osman has four goals and five assists for his club from 29 appearances this season.

  9. bournesouprecipe on

    SAINT STIVS on 10TH FEBRUARY 2024 1:22 PM









    – Tickets for this match are now sold out –






    Ah yes, that’ll be the internet ‘Sack the board’ game some have referred to. I think there was an estimated 7,000 of us at the original game in 1994.



    Plus the fox 🦊

  10. Scullybhoy,



    Thanks for that post on the”Immaterial”Hugh Maxwell.



    On your second post,it shows you how different sets of fans behave.Brighton sign ” A project” for,£ 16 million,and not a wink from Brighton support.We sign Holm,voted the best midfielder in that league,for £ 3.5 million,and uproar.I am absolutely baffled by the mindset of our support.We have signed a boy,who,could go on to be a great.Signs are there.Not good enough.” We want bling.Top players”


    Just what ” Top players”are we going to sign?.Fantasy,which they now believe.We did sign our version of “Top class” when we got,Bernardo,Palma,Khun,,Holm,and a few prospects.


    Anyone think we can get better,entering the realms of fantasy.They will deny it,but,fantasists do.

  11. why don’t we want to play wide down the wings anymore, we have fullbacks that want or told to go inside , we have a multitude of wingers that want to or told to go inside , can we not change it now and again to allow them to go outside more often.

  12. [13:54, 2/10/2024] Alex Moody: Watching man City v Everton. 60mins City haven’t had a shot on goal, although playing really well. You know what? Their wingers are doing what ours do passing the ball back and starting again. Everything is relative, we struggle breaking things down, Man City have quality as do Everton, who are playing the same way as most teams do v us.



    Perhaps we are too critical of what we have, but, more importantly, what we are trying do.



    Guardiola has made change on 55mins. Not a winger but FB Walker and De Bruyne. Imagine starting a game and now they score HARLANwithout him, tho, they do have a CL game mid-week so were probably hoping to save and again, City players not seeing the runs of Foden from mid-field!!! Where have we seen that before and now they score, Harland, from a second ball from a corner, :)) por cierto

  13. Why can you not back the team but want back office changes.



    Are people that thick?



    I wholeheartedly back the team and will be in my seat next week and if anyone fancy’s a pint before it, I will be in the kerrydale about 12:30 and we can have a chat about my views and yours but I bet we agree on a lot, our support of Celtic as a Club, the Team etc.






    D. :)

  14. Last 2 games,we came to life and created more space when we had Idah and Kyogo on the park,Brendan needs to be more flexible in formation, getting very little from the wings,and would start Maeda up with them

  15. Alan Morrison made some very good points on the latest hudddle breakdown pod.



    The Huns aren’t very good despite the narrative that we’re in free fall and they’re a juggernaut.



    I’ve watched their last couple of games and as bad as we’ve been, their style is truly dire.



    It’s all about results now and booing the side off after a one goal win has happened against Ross County is completely counter productive. There should be no repeats of this nonsense.

  16. Just listening to the Rugby crowd version of Flower Of Scotland,compared to the Football one.The Rugby piper starts on the right key for the fans.The SFA piper,after umpteen attempts,still has the crowd screeching to reach the high notes.


    Small thing,but sounds ridiculous.Could someone not say,start an Octave lower.Or is that against Masonic law.

  17. line up will be interesting again I think:



    what I’d like; 4-4-2, beat stand up to them in midfield, more direct passes, less wing play. Get 2-0 up and take off Holm for Kuhn or Palma and go back to 4-3-3 as they tire and we notch a third





    Ralston Lagerbielke Nawrocki Scales


    O’Reilly Holm McGregor Bernardo


    Idah Kyogo



    What I expect; 4-3-3, make good openings on the wing but St Mirren drive through our midfield. We finally take 1st half chances and get 2-0 with Hart excelling. Like for like swaps after 60 mins and 3-0 win

  18. My comments on Flower Of Scotland,were a dig at the SFA.Simple thing,they can’t get right.Scotland doing OK at HT.


    I love Rugby.After 4 seasons playing Scrum Half in Oman in the 90s.,all the injuries now coming back to haunt me.And the football ones.Still,great memories.

  19. Anyone still think Maeda is a footballer.If he is,its only through the middle,even then,not sure.The” He runs about a lot” surely worn off by now.


    Some vsaying,against the Scum,Tavernier is terrified of him.If that’s the case it must have been someone else crossing balls into our box regularly,while Maeda was posted missing.


    An imposter.The King with no clothes.So many taken in with it.

  20. TURKEYBHOY on 10TH FEBRUARY 2024 2:24 PM



    Just listening to the Rugby crowd version of Flower Of Scotland,compared to the Football one.The Rugby piper starts on the right key for the fans.The SFA piper,after umpteen attempts,still has the crowd screeching to reach the high notes.


    Small thing,but sounds ridiculous.Could someone not say,start an Octave lower.Or is that against Masonic law.



    *I despise that dirge, they should be singing the bonnie bonnie banks a true Jacobite song

  21. 99.9 chance it was a try,but because the Ref called it No Try,without being able to see it,no try given.If the Ref can’t see it,why favour on the side of improbable.Ridiculous decision.


    A nonsense.

  22. Tontine Tim,



    I agree,but you see what I am saying,if they cannot sort out a small problem like this,which makes the support at Hampden,sound ridiculous,WTF chance to do anything right.

  23. We are screaming out for a player to play No 10.To link midfield to attack.In the absence of Hatate,is it too much of a gamble to try Palma there.For 90 minutes.Something different for Gods sake Brendan.


    Sunday,I expect to be ,same old,same old.

  24. Blog broke?.


    Load of Kak being spoken pre Scum game”.This winning streak”the manager has put together”.What’s that,5 games?.Beale had more than double that !!!!!!!.Vlad The Impaler,has risen !!!!!!


    My arsse.